山西悬崖上1600年古寺,竟住着一个吃肉喝酒的老和尚,上去吓得腿软!|Supports English subtitles and more languages

山西悬崖上1600年古寺,竟住着一个吃肉喝酒的老和尚,上去吓得腿软!|Supports English subtitles and more languages

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Travel all over the land of Sanjin to appreciate the loess customs You are polite, I am Fanfan Today I found a 1600-year-old building in Shanxi real hanging temple You see he's on the cliff behind us right here take a look at this building He has three floors, large and small, with dozens of rooms. Such a tall building, such a huge temple It was built on a cliff for more than 1600 years without falling down And he is completely supported by the pillars below. It's very dangerous to want to go up You have to hold on to a big chain slowly to climb up Because it is very high and it hangs in the air So if you are afraid of heights, stand on top Still relatively soft Inside this ancient temple It turns out to be an old monk who eats meat and drinks.

what's going on What is it like inside this ancient hanging temple? How dangerous is it to want to go up? Now everyone follows the lens of Fanfan Let's go up and have a look Come here to really understand What is a dangerous building that is a hundred feet high and the stars can be picked by hand The ancient temple in front of the locals is called Shengquan Temple Because it hangs high in the air So people call him the Hanging Temple He is located in the south of Guangling County, Shanxi Province It was built in the Taihe period of the Northern Wei Dynasty More than 1500 years of history The most peculiar thing about him is the three-story building on the cliff It's all built on smooth and straight cliffs A combination of adventure and ingenuity And inside these buildings are large and small caves Standing here and looking at the Hanging Temple from afar like a castle in the sky It's amazing wanna go up wanna go in You have to climb a big chain in this place Because it's too high So very few people dare to go up Speaking of Shengquan Temple But there is a very legendary story inside the temple There is an ancient spring that has been gushing for many years But it suddenly dried up ten years ago Not a drop of water That's why this temple is called Shengquan Temple That year happened to be a person in Shengquan Temple. The famous monk Liansheng passed away People say that after the old monk passed away This spring was also taken away by him. Everyone who comes here wants to enter the Hanging Ancient Temple You must first climb the 108 steps in front of you And every time I stand under the steps look up high There is always a hallucination I don't know if everyone feels this way I don't know if these steps are going up or down.

So why are these steps 108? In fact, he has a very good meaning In ancient times 108 represented a year Because there are 12 months, 24 solar terms, and 72 seasons in a year. what's the time Hours are the smallest solar terms, every five days is one Hours Five days for one waiting, three waiting for one breath 12 months, 24 solar terms, 72 weather They add up to exactly the number 108 exactly one year So to be able to cross these 108 steps He means that we can live in peace all year. step up Now we come to the front of the mountain gate of the temple Look at the middle of the mountain gate behind me There is a huge golden Buddha character Why does it look so dazzling Because the morning bells and evening drums in the temple Always alert those passers-by of fame and fortune in the world Sutras and Buddha names are often calling Those who are lost in the sea of ​​misery Decades of life have passed in the blink of an eye All fame and fortune are just passing by In the end, we can't take anything with us, only Buddhist karma is always with us cross the mountain gate We came to the bottom of the Hanging Temple everyone take a look on this steep cliff what a majestic building It's really spectacular Below is the cliff, in the middle is the pavilion, above is the sky cliff tower sky look high It's like a stair going straight up As if crossing him after climbing after him We ordinary people can also go to the Tiangong to have a look. look high He seems to be the keys of a piano that alternates between light and dark It seems to be playing a masterpiece But at this moment I feel like he's more like a building It seems that it could collapse at any time Standing under the Hanging Temple A shock that hits my heart savagely traps me here Deeply can not extricate themselves for a long time can not forget How much I admire our ancestors at this moment how daring their imaginations are how amazing their creativity This is how much effort Such a majestic building was built on the cliff The whole Hanging Temple has three floors up and down Completely embedded in the top of the cliff And the reason why he can hang in the air It has survived more than 1,500 years without falling down But there is a lot of wisdom and mystery hidden Look at the supporting pillars below They used the layer of rock above the cliff as a foil.

between wood and stone The very precise and precise tenon-and-mortise structure All the gravity is unloaded in the hard rock It is because of this superb use of force That created the grandeur before our eyes It can also be seen from this how imaginative our ancestors were creativity and perseverance Let's take a look first Below the Hanging Temple There is a huge cave See what this cave looks like Everyone is looking at the gate of the cave Written in four big characters, benevolent light shines It looks like this should be a Guanyin Cave The whole cave looks very square There are three statues in the center In the middle is Guanyin Bodhisattva On both sides are Manjushri Bodhisattva and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva Look at the walls around the cave It also retains the exquisite ancient murals of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Although it has been hundreds of years But the colors of these murals still look very bright After coming out of Guanyin Cave, we started to climb the Hanging Temple This is a very rough and narrow flight of steps Because of the steep slope of the steps You see, we have to hold on to the iron rope next to us Step by step to go up This is also the only way to enter the Hanging Temple. Looking at the steps in front of me, I suddenly understood a truth. In fact, there is no shortcut to this road in life Can only be down-to-earth step by step to walk up Although the mountain is high, as long as we work hard to climb must reach the top After a difficult climb, a cave suddenly appeared in front of me. He is called Nantianmen, also known as Yixiantian This is the most difficult place to climb the Hanging Temple The special narrowness inside can only allow one person to pass through And the slope is very large so inside We can only hold on to this big chain we can go up Now let's go up How can plum blossoms smell fragrant without going through the bone-chilling cold we're finally up No matter how tall the mountains are, the steepest cliffs It can't stop those who really dare to climb As long as we're on the road, there's no place we can't reach Climb up with a big chain We came to a huge cave A golden statue of Maitreya smiling Open your belly and sit in front of us A big belly can accommodate the unbearable things in the world Laugh at the ridiculous people in the world After a difficult journey In the end, there was a happy smile It seems that only experienced wind and rain To see the most beautiful rainbow Come out of this temple, let's keep going Look at the stone steps under our feet It was completely carved out of the mountain And this step is more than a thousand years old.

It's really hard to imagine How did ancient people chisel So we must always have a grateful heart Without the predecessors blazing the trail When you cross the steps, you will see the pavilion of the Hanging Temple. He was perfectly embedded in the cliff Look at it, it's so majestic Go through the two gates in front of you We came to the corridor of the pavilion of the Hanging Temple. Standing here and overlooking Let's take a look at the scenery around us It is really the mountains arching around the sky and the earth this moment I really understood one sentence What is the tree born in the embrace The nine-story platform starts from the base of the earth The height of a hundred thousand begins with a single step Standing here if you are afraid of heights still feel scared Let's take a look at the cliffs below us His place is not only high but also suspended in the air This huge building with three floors relying entirely on those pillars we just saw Just below to give it a strong support Now let's go in and take a look What is it like in these temples? It's also a cave when you cross the door In the center of the cave are a few small statues Look at this statue in front of you do you know who he is He's a very legendary figure It is said to have lived a very long life at the age of 142 He is Song Sun Simiao, a famous Taoist in the Tang Dynasty. His writings have been passed down through the ages He even completed the world's first national pharmacopoeia Tangxin Materia Medica At this moment, many friends may ask Why is there a Taoist priest enshrined in the monastery? In fact, it's just people's concerns about longevity and health a beautiful prayer From Sun Simiao Hall Let's look at the cave next to it There are doors and windows inside, but there are no very large statues.

People say this is a monastery The place where the monks were closed Look at this cave is quite big As soon as you enter the door, there is a huge bed Speaking of closing, it's actually not easy. He's not much different from a prison It's just that one is passive and the other is active. If you decide to retreat, it must be a big decision Because the door outside is locked after closing. Inside the closed cave The real test is one's perseverance and perseverance I am emptying myself every day during the retreat let go, let go, let go life is like a cup If we always fill up with water and refill it, it will overflow If kept empty at any time We can keep adding water to ourselves when we truly emptied ourselves when we let go We can become a better carrier To accept new nutrition to achieve a better self Outside the first floor of Hanging Temple It is an air corridor more than 100 meters long.

Walking here is a little scary But he went up and down the Qashqai and went down I seem to feel like I'm flying through the clouds Every step is closer to the sky Farther and farther away from the mortal world behind move on We came to the hall on the first floor A black plaque hangs at the entrance of the main hall It is engraved with four large golden characters Yansai Weiguan Let's take a look inside the hall It's also a huge cave And on the surface of the cave is a small groove Inside the groove is a very small statue These statues are people from all directions sent here Let's go back to the center of the cave three relatively large statues In the middle is Sakyamuni, on both sides are Ananda and Kasyapa Access to the second floor of the Hanging Temple in this cave Look, there's a red staircase here Let's keep going up Go up the stairs and we're on the second floor As soon as I came up, I saw a lot of statues of Bodhisattva These statues are very small In the center of the second floor, there are mainly three large statues. They are the Three Saints of the West Amitabha Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Mahasattva Bodhisattva On the left hand side of the cave is the stairs to the third floor Let's keep going up walking here alone I really understood one sentence Only in this mountain, where the clouds are deep Exactly as the poem says If you didn't come here We have no idea where the road under our feet will lead I don't even know how far we're going Let's see how many statues there are on the third floor big and small Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism inside a cave There are so many figures of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism it's very rare So why here we can see So many people come together This is Shengquan Hanging Temple old and long history often historic places He is very inclusive behind him In fact, it is also a kind of management. A system of teamwork and solidarity It also means a beautiful and harmonious Datong world. We have finished watching the entire three-story Hanging Temple. walk here if you don't pay attention it will be difficult to find in a tiny corner There's even a tiny statue Look at him in tattered clothes He holds a fan in his right hand and seems to be talking in his mouth It can be seen from the appearance that he is the monk Jigong He was also when we started The old monk who eats meat and drinks Jigong's name was Li Xiuyuan, he was a famous eminent monk in the Southern Song Dynasty. He wears tattered clothes all year round He's crazy with a fan in his hand So everyone called him a mad monk The wine and meat passed through the intestines and passed through the Buddha's heart This is an impression many of us have on Jigong He is not bound by the precepts to eat meat and drink The behavior is especially crazy But he is an eminent monk who is knowledgeable and virtuous He is also the sixth patriarch of the Yangqi School, the fiftieth patriarch of Zen Buddhism.

He has done good deeds all his life Left a very good impression in people's minds Speaking of Hengshan Hanging Temple, many people are familiar with it. But speaking of this holy spring hanging temple but few people know In fact, he is more than Hengshan Hanging Temple Even taller and steeper We have finished watching this Hanging Temple. When we look back at him, a kind of hard travel The pride of finally reaching the destination arises spontaneously also makes me feel more The vastness and breadth of the integration of heaven, earth and man are endless This is simply human wisdom The crystallization of mutual fulfillment with the magic of nature No matter how hard the stone is, it is not as hard as one's imagination and determination No one in this world can be successful casually Today's video we see here This is the ancient and beautiful Shanxi I am Fanfan, I am waiting for you in Shanxi If you like my video please remember to subscribe and comment thank you

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