Яхти, колорит і собаки курортного містечка Ак'яка | Подорож по Туреччині на велосипедах (№165)

Яхти, колорит і собаки курортного містечка Ак'яка | Подорож по Туреччині на велосипедах (№165)

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Trek presents Traveling family Around the world on a bicycle Life on the road World cultures People and their stories Local colors Two-wheeled Сhronicles Akyaka, Turkey, December 2020 As soon as we saw these cozy streets, neat houses, charming shores of the bay and mighty rocks, we realized that we already love this town. Akyaka turned out to be one of the most pleasant places in our trip. It is said that Akyaka has not always been so attractive. A century ago, this village was unknown to anyone, and the flat shore of the bay was occupied by a giant malarial swamp. There was even a period when people almost completely left Akyaka due to the spread of malaria. However, a number of measures by the Ataturk government overcame malaria and the swamp was drained.

And Akyaka is known for its holistic architectural style, which immediately attracts attention. It was designed 50 years ago by architect Nail Chakirkhan, combining Ottoman, Aegean and modern styles in his vision and adapting it to the environment. Since then, new houses have been built here only in accordance with this style.

And now Akyaka, with its charming appearance, beautiful landscape, beautiful sea, mountains and river, is increasingly becoming a favorite and famous place on the entire Turkish Riviera on the southwest coast. Of course, the apart hotel where we stayed was also in the style of Akyaki architecture. Such a bright sun. It's magic. We stayed in the city of Akyaka for a few days. Volodya works here. Here is a hilly terrain. Houses and streets go up in cascades.

We settled on the penultimate street in front of the big mountain. Such a magical morning. And this banana palm is so beautiful. When we move into different hotels or apartments, for me it's a lot of work on myself. Because I belong to the category of people who feel disgusted by everything.

This means that if, for example, I see hair in bed, I feel uncomfortable. If somewhere is not perfectly clean, I am very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Therefore, only two options are suitable for me: either five-star hotels, where it is perfectly clean, or my own tent. Because I know that my tent is clean and tidy. There's my comfort. Yes, I probably lack comfort in all these other apartments.

Internal comfort. Interesting. Such the study of myself on the journey. But this was not the case five or ten years ago. Maybe it's old age? We are cooking an omelet today. Just like the Turks eat for breakfast. Scrambled eggs or omelet, or boiled egg.

Olives, rolls, yogurts, cheeses, greens. So we will have a Turkish breakfast. Although the British also eat similar breakfast. Yesterday, when we arrived in this town, the choice of hotels and apartments was great. But I prefer apartments. Here you can cook.

With an affordable price for us. We looked at several options. The apartment was very small. Then we found this option. Almost on the last street of this city. There is a bedroom, hall, kitchen, two balconies. And most importantly - a washing machine. When I saw her, I stopped at this option. Although previous apartments were cheaper - 90 Turkish lira per night.

This apartment costs 120 lira. The difference is not big. However, the washing machine is very important to me. And, of course, space. Guys do not like liquid egg yolk. So they need to be broken. In Akyaka, we live on this street.

Almost the last street of this town. Then begins the ascent and the road to the cities of Marmaris and Fethiye, where we will soon go. Now Marco and I are going to the supermarket. We usually buy products in Şok and A101 supermarkets. Marco asks me to buy him an album, because he has already painted his own.

We didn't find it in the Şok store, so we go to the A101 store. Marco, we only take coloring. Please see if it suits you. Fine. Is the coloring suitable? There are a lot of dogs in Turkey. In Akyaka as well.

Somewhere just like cats. Today is Saturday. Which means a tough weekend lockdown. But there are a lot of people on the street. Roads in Akyaka lead down to the sea or river. And we also go there. I want a cappuccino or a latte. And what about you?

This is a very cool coffee shop in Akyaka. There is cappuccino, latte, macchiato. Most other cafes have only Turkish coffee. And here are very tasty cheesecakes.

Dogs also attracted attention near this cafe. As it turned out, the owner of the cafe takes care of them. The man said he had more than 150 dogs to look after. He feeds them, takes them to the doctor if necessary. He also has a dog with epilepsy. He gives her medicine all the time and saves her.

And in general he is very cool, as it turned out. He said he lived in Southeast Asia and China. He is engaged in martial arts, meditates, knows oriental medicine. He is also a diving and freediving teacher.

He says, come next time, I'll show and tell you everything here, we'll meditate together. I will introduce you to oriental medicine. He also said that he had cancer and cured himself. This is one of my favorite streets because it's all green. And here cars pass occasionally. Not as often as on the main road. That's why Marco and I choose this path to the river and to the sea.

These streets are already native for Marco and me. Here we go to the river and the sea almost every day. Volo, meanwhile, edits a video at home, which you then watch on our YouTube channel Two-wheeled Chronicles.

When we go together, Volodya often asks where to go? And he says, oh, how cool here. Thank you, Marco. Marco likes to give me flowers. Akyaka is a very beautiful town. Cozy, quiet, slow, open.

Here is clean air. Beautiful buildings. Special aesthetics, architecture. It's green here. Palms, tangerines, oranges, lemons. It's January. And here it is so green. There is a sea, a river, geese. I would like to live here a little longer.

The beautiful harbor, beach and river have become our favorite places in Akyaka. The Azmak River is deep and with a strong current. Due to its rich fauna, it has become a popular tourist attraction of Akyaka. For Marco and me, this is a place of strength. We come here every day. We sit down, inhale the scent of these beautiful eucalyptus trees and watch the clear water of the flowing river, the geese and ducks. It is very special here.

And these are sightseeing boats that take tourists along the river. This is another attraction in Akyaka. We did not ride, but we saw how people rent every day and with them a boatman sails on the river. They look around, take pictures. We want to buy such a yacht.

Indeed? That's it. Yes. Because there is a table inside. Say hello. We need a yacht where we can all fit.

We go with Marco and choose a yacht for ourselves. Oh, we need that. Are you sure? Exactly? Maybe this one? Yes, so too. Look, there are lanterns outside as well. Oh, this little one.

We will not fit here. The beach behind is a very party place. In the evenings, many people come here to watch the sunset. But today is Saturday, a day off quarantine. And, as you can see, there is no one.

This is a real anchor. So. They have large ships. Here's one like this, or even bigger.

For example, like the one with the antenna. Yes, maybe like that. The anchor falls to the bottom, clings with these hooks to the ground, to the stones and holds the ship. Because he's on a rope. The rope from here goes to the ship and keeps the ship from sailing.

This is a real anchor. This simple little shuttle has no anchor. It does not need an anchor. You see, it's just tied with ropes. Evening of Akyaka. Peace, quiet, comfort.

We go to a popular street with restaurants. We want to have fish for dinner. In this restaurant I would take bread with mussels. This is a delicious local dish. And in that restaurant I would take fish. It is very tasty there.

In this restaurant we want to have Turkish pizza pide with cheese. I asked how long to wait. The guy says twenty minutes. Now I will show why. Due to the quarantine of the weekend, they receive such orders for delivery. Here are the order lists. Now they are fulfilling them.

And then they will take our order. Right now the guy is packing one of the orders. And will deliver. Or maybe people come themselves. I don't know how it works. We just come to a restaurant, order, wait, take it and then go eat. For example on the beach. While we wait for our ordered fish, drink Turkish tea.

It is very tasty, warming. There are many tables behind me. They are all empty, because you can't sit in a restaurant. And even tea we have to drink outside the restaurant. I think it's better exit the restaurant. The moped had just left. The men took one of the orders. It's only eight in the evening, but it looks like it's far past midnight.

The streets are completely empty. Music by Folknery

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