$23 special PETRA JORDAN Tour جولة خاصة ب 23 دولار في البتراء الأردن

$23 special PETRA JORDAN Tour  جولة خاصة ب 23 دولار في البتراء الأردن

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Sabaho [Good morning]. Shukran, Shukran [Thank you]. So, I am here with my buddy, what's your name? Suleiman Nice to meet you, Suleiman. We got Suleiman, and we got Harry. It's a famous name. Yeah, Suleiman’s a very famous name. I love it. Thank you. It's like Slemani. So, we're gonna get some breakfast over here to start out the day, before we head into Petra. So, what do we got going on over here? We got chocolate croissants, we got bread, and then we got some coffee and tea. Perfect. Let's eat. So today, we're gonna start out with a little coffee here.

Suleiman hooked it up with the milk too. So we're— we're getting it going. Let's try it out. Oh yeah, just what we need when we're waking up at 6:30 a.m. And we got some chocolate croissants. You can never go wrong with some chocolate croissants. We got two of those, and we got a plain one.

So we're doing a light breakfast today, just a little something, something, a few carbs in there to give us some energy before we start the day. So let's try out this chocolate croissant. You feeling french? [Speaking French] Alright, nice little breakfast to get the day started here. And now we're gonna go take a quick 10 or no, probably only five

minute crui- 17-minute walk for us to get to the gates of Petra, where we will begin today's journey. We're a little bit later than started. It's almost 7 a.m. we wanted to get to the place by 6 a.m. but hey, better late than never, right. So, here's the Bugatti, the Nissan. Let's hop on in guys. Guys, this is so awkward. It's like 7 a.m. and like every time we do anything with the car, the alarm just goes off. Hello. Alright, let's just get out of here.

Alright, let's just try, and get out of here while the car alarm goes off. Here's our buddy out there. Oh, come on, come on. You gonna really gotta do this to us right now? Khalas, khalas Khaye [Stop it brother] It’s like we've got a siren, we're like police. Yeah. We could just arrest anyone. Yeah, we could.

Did I just fix it? I think I got it. Alright so, the key was guys, all I had to do was hit the unlock button. I think the car thought that since I opened it manually with the key, that someone was stealing it. Yeah, we just don't know what

we're doing. I’ll tell you that. Jk, jk, lol. Alright, let's see we're cutting a quick left here. Yeah. Sabaho [Good morning] Sabaho [Good morning] It means, good morning. Street sabaho, it means good morning,

street-- street good morning otherwise sabah al khair. We got Harry learning his Arabic. Yeah, the place is kinda quiet. It looks much different from last, yesterday's video, last night when we were exploring. There’s actually quite a few more buildings than I actually expected to be here. Alright, we just found a little parking spot for our sweet little Bugatti right here, the Nissan, Bugatti. She's— she's ready to just park up here, stay here for

the while, while we head into Petra. So here we go. We'll get her locked up, got her making some noise here. Oh I have so much energy bro after ripping down a tea, and a coffee. It’s great having energy in the morning, bro. Yeah. We're walking up to the gates here. Oh, we got some Jordanian traffic, a horse riding by. Sabaho [Good morning] Nope. No good morning from him. Yeah, he just took off when we said Sabaho.

He’s like probably like who are these tourists yelled, sabaho. Here it is. I heart Petra. Alright, we're entering in. It doesn't seem like there's anyone here. Sabaho [Good morning] Nope, no one there. Alright, we've got a couple markets. It’s pretty quiet here still. Yeah, morning time. Kifak [How are you?]

[Speaking Arabic] A little Arabic for you too. Alright, it's perfect. Nice people here. For one of these. Petra hats what do you charge? That one. One five? Five dinar. Oh, five dinar.

I think we got a bargain then, yeah. You got yourself a deal. Khaye Shukran [Brother thank you] Habibi, habibi. Another time. He wants us to buy something so badly, he's whipping us. Very

nice one, you see. It's a camel leather so- Indiana jones vibes. I think that's a bit too much for me. 15. How about we do 15 for this, and this and call it a deal? Yeah more-- you know it's always good I heard in another Arabic country, your first sale is always the best sale, yeah. Should I try this one?

Alright. Welcome my friend. United States and United Kingdom. What do you think? It fits? Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Alright, let's try this bad boy out. Oh, do we have one a little bigger? I got a big dome. You got something a little bigger? Yeah, you need bigger.

Let's see if I can rock this smaller one? Yeah, that's better. We’re gonna start calling you Slemani. Exactly, middle name Slemani. Alright, that'll have to do boss, and I saw that you accept MasterCard too. How about one dinar extra. Not for me, for company. Oh, man that's how you make the extra cash, smart man. Sabah al khair [Good morning] And your name? Ahmad. Nice to meet you. Pleasure to meet you.

Thank you for the sale. We're looking good now. Good day, enjoy it. Thank you very much. We will see you next time. Alright, our man's got us taken care of. Ahmed hooked it up, and we're ready to explore this place. So, we just gotta get out the Jordan pass.

Okay, we gotta go back, and change our tickets. Oh really, we're at— oh yeah, as you can see up there entrance fees, if you don't have the Jordan pass, 50 two days, 55. So, it saves you some serious cash, isn't that right Harry? Do you want to rent the electric car? Oh, that's actually kinda tempting. We'd go wild if we weren't cruising on one of those. I think, we'd probably like smash it Archaeological signs. Yeah. Sabaho [Good morning] Am I able to upgrade this to two days? For one day. Yeah, can I upgrade it to two days? Yes, pay for— So, I’d have to pay 50 tomorrow? Oh, dang. I’m definitely not coming tomorrow.

That is sad to hear. I don't think that I’ll pay 50, unless I’m absolutely blown away. I don't think I’m gonna pay 50 tomorrow, it's like 70 US dollars to come in here again. So that's an example of I should have gotten two days for the Jordan pass, I just assumed because it was 70 or 75 dinar for one or two days for the Jordanian pass that I’d be able to upgrade for like five. I thought it was just like a base fee of 50 but I guess that's how they get you so- Yeah. Bummer there. Harry’s got the two full days. Yeah the— the weird thing is, it's five JOD more for the

two consecutive day pass with Jordan pass, or it's 50 if you wanna buy another day. Yeah, even if you're not sure whether you wanna go to Petra for two days or one day, then just I would advise getting the two day pass. Yeah, definitely just to have that extra breathing room. We’ve got him. Shukran [Thank you] Ahmed

Well, that's a bit of a bummer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll love it so much, I’ll end up paying the amount of money but to pay 70 bucks tomorrow after I’ve already got the Jordan pass might be a hard one to sell myself. Sabah al khair [Good morning] Pretty good? Sabah al khair, better? For you easy. One question. So, I— I accidentally-- he got the two day. I accidentally bought one day but I thought it was a two day. Two days? Yeah. What’s the problem? I need to go tomorrow.

Do I have to pay again? I think, you can't ask the ticket office. Inshallah [God willing]. Shukran[Thank you] Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] He's almost got it down. And also the fact that they don't even use khaye here.

Yeah. You’re doing all that practice, so InshAllah [God willing] you go to Lebanon one day, InshAllah [God willing]. He’s got that one down. So, it looks like when we're walking, we got horses. How much are the horses? Ten dinar. If you know how to ride you can do it yourself. Does Harry know? Can we go galloping on them? We'll do that tomorrow when we'll come.

We'll do tomorrow. Tomorrow when we'll come Khaye [Brother] Shukran[Thank you] We're gonna do it tomorrow. How's it included in the ticket? I am curious with your sales pitch. How is it included in the tickets, it is? I show you. Yeah he says-- he says it's included in the ticket. Yeah, I’ll show you. I’ll show you. Because the other guy said 10 JD. No, no. no, no, no. I’m gonna be honest with you. We

are walking just for tips. It’s coming from your kind, you know. I think we're gonna do it tomorrow, and when we come for day two. It's the first day your tickets you have to keep it. I gotta do this day two. You can see, and also tomorrow you can ask inside. Tomorrow we find you, InshAllah [God willing].

Today, today, tomorrow, another day my friend tomorrow. Thank you. I think the first few minutes has set the precedent as to how the day is gonna go. Yeah. The tour guides because you really don't want you to get away but you know. Especially, as we're holding up the cameras. Yeah. When I’m wearing all this tourist gear. It doesn't help when you're

like not sure whether to do something. Yeah, yeah. Because then they really like-- They’re gonna prey on you then, yeah but these guys are like much more chill than like some of the guys are around like the pyramids in Egypt. They're a bit more pushy. Yeah so, one thing I probably haven't told you guys in these vlogs yet,

is that Jordan is known for something very specific, and that thing is all of these landscapes. Since they have that Mars-like look to them, this is where they film a lot of movies. I don't know if it's necessarily specifically in Petra. I’m sure they definitely have filmed some movies here, but like generally speaking in Jordan because the landscapes are just so unique to this place. As you can see here, you have your natural look to it over there, and then you have your beautiful carvings here. We got like, it looks like a temple almost right there along with some sort of pyramid-like structures above it. So since Harry and I are going el solo on this mission. We

don't have a tour guide or anything. We can't necessarily give you guys the facts, but we can definitely give you the entertainment, as we walk through here. So we're about 10 minutes walking in, haven't seen too much just yet but this place is massive, that's why people will come here for so many days. Good news is if you're like us, and you've totally forgot to bring water with you, the place is quite commercialized. We've got shops all along the way where you can pick up some cold beverages on your way through the— the various landscapes here.

That’s definitely a relief. Alright, we're entering into the first part of the incredible landscapes here. It actually looks just like the narrows in Zion National Park. Alright, we're walking through. The

caves are really starting to get narrow here. It's stunning. It's funny, the further we walk in, the more it looks like Zion National Park. The only thing missing is, in Zion you're walking through a river but the formations look almost identical, especially because I also did that hike around maybe 7 a.m. So it had the similar golden hour vibes to it, but look at how high they tower up into the air. It’s stunning, stunning, stunning, and we're just getting started. Sabah al khair [Good morning] [Speaking Arabic] Oh you know, the secret passageway. Wow, wow.

And what do you charge for one of those secret passageways? This is like five minutes out. We'll charge you seven each Seven. I-- We would maybe consider four each, and we wanna-- we want the Bedouin price. I’m Jordanian. Welcome. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] Give me six each because on the top, there is a shop which charge one dinar. Well, I’m looking for my Jordanian price, because I’m Jordanian these days.

So we got the Jordanian price for me. I told you six each. Six each. Oh man, you guys think we're made out of money. I’m one of you brother. Khaye,Khaye [Brother]. Because up there we charge one dinar. One dinar, oh one, one That’s a good price one versus six. You know- you know, you charge one up on the top because there's a shop there, they charge you for a drink-- Oh, so you are drinking up there.

Yeah, you drink tea, water-- oh, that type of drink. I make ten for two and you pay two dinar for-- you pay. My man’s runs a hard bargain here. I told you 12. But then 10 with spending another two, still getting that in, it's like a deposit. We want the Jordanian price. You know, Kingdom of Jordan, yeah. Wallah wallah. We might just keep walking for now Khaye [Brother] Sabah al khair [Good morning] What's your best price? I make for you one one million.

One million. Oh, that's a bargain. You got yourself a deal. That’s a great deal. Happy hour. One million dinar right? Yeah. Alright, sweet. We’ll take it. If you can beat your last guy four dinar per person to bring us up.

Khaye [Brother] Yalla bina [Lets go] Come on, nobody take you at this price. Wallah wallah. It's up to you-- Four dinar one coca-cola today. Exactly, he runs a hard bargain, doesn't he. You know, you gotta-- You gotta beat the last guy's negotiation offer which was four per person plus one dinar per person at the shop. We need four flat, you got yourself

a deal. Lost, trust me, we won't make you lost anymore. We will find you with this price. 24. 24. 24. He’s tripling the price on us. Man, oh man. You have to go now. As you guys can see, you got it-- you gotta be careful which

one you talked to. Lost is trying to hook us up with a proper deal here. He's a quadruple, the price of his last buddy. Hey kifak [How are you?] Hey, wallah. No problem. [Speaking Arabic] I'm speaking Arabic to them. Alright, guys we are walking into the gates

of Petra, the treasury; one of the most sought out destinations on the planet, one of the seven wonders in this beautiful world. And the real question is, did we arrive early enough where there's not a million people here, I think. Oh wow, and this is it. I think, I’d say we still got here

somewhat early enough to see this place, probably only what a solid tour group here, and then other than that, we've got the— the squad of Bedouins here. So this is what the whole place looks like, you got the treasury up front. You got camel rides right here if you'd like, and we've got a gift shop on this side. So, it's definitely a modernized version of what it once was. What's your name again? Muhammad, with the- Gold tooth, I am from Petra. Let's see the gold tooth. Yes. There is oh, that's a fresh looking one.

Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] That's where we'll find you. Habibi So you got us four dinar per person. This one, four dinar per person. This one, two dinar per person.This one famous one. I’d do four dinar for that one only, otherwise I’ll go to the other one. That’s okay then, I won't go. This one is--

This one- So, you are saying ten dinar per person get us tea. Yeah, yeah, with the tea. Ten dinar with a tea. Oh, you just changed the price. I got that on camera. You were just saying that one's 4 dinar. With tea, with tea its five dinar.

4 dinars and I pay one dinar for tea. Yeah, yeah. This one ten dinar. Alright, how about this? We'll make a deal. Two for 15. Do you wanna do two for 15 for this one? Who wants business two for 15, two for 15. Two for 15 final offer.

Wallah. I make this price for you. No, no, no, that's the price for everyone. The thing is— is, I’m Jordanian, so I’m— I’m back visiting. Here let's see where we're at. Oh, and we've got- I want the the Jordanian price.

Alright, so two for 15. American price is thirty dinar, no-- people 30 because I make same price. Okay so, 15 then yeah, 15 for two? Twenty for two this one. Fifteen for two? Five dinar don't make me rich and don't make you poor. Well I wanna get price though. I wanna hard bargain. I need a good price Khaye [Brother]

15, alright Yalla bina [Lets go]. Let's do it. We’ve got a successful deal here bro, two for 15. Your guide. Is that guide, yeah? Let's go. Oh, oh shu shu bro.

It’s really insane, though like it's perfectly carved out, and every part of it is still in such great condition. I mean look at right there, it almost looks like everything has been preserved perfectly on those areas. Beautiful. Oh we got a dog here. What’s your name brother? Sammy. Sammy. So Sammy, you're bringing us to the secret place, yeah. Only Sammy knows how to get us there. So this will be a interesting little adventure, and it's nice up here. We got zane [Good] tea?

zane [Good] chai. Yeah. Oh yeah, that's what we like. Oh, and whiskey. Sammy, the man. Alright, oh he's changing clothes. He went from Bedouin to handcuff guy. Alright. So, we're gonna yalabina up these stairs or what? Oh he's bringing water up too. Oh he's gonna get a solid workout in. Okay fair enough. Maybe we couldn't have

done this on our own. Yeah. Alright, we're going into the no man's land. Sammy style.

Now turns into some stairs. You gonna make it there, Harry bear. Alright, we're getting a solid workout in today, that's for sure. We’ve got ropes here. We're gonna be climbing up. Alright, as you can see guys, this is our own way to do it.

There we go. We’re doing some proper mountain climbing here bro. One wrong step. And we're going down.

Where, to this way? Now I’m leading the way. I’m showing Sammy how to get there. What do we think, this way? Sammy can't keep up now, although he's got the water. Oh this is full on climbing now.

Making good progress. How many times have you climbed this, 2000? No, Two times, three times? Three times per day. It’s full-on climbing bro. Hopefully he's got his climbing shoes on today. Alright, I’m leading the way again. Up here.

Oh, I could have been a Bedouin. Oh, we're going this way. I guess I’m not a Bedouin. We’re way up here. Oh,

getting some serious altitude. Alright, I’m out of breath. I know right. We missed out Guys, that's a solid workout, I must say.

If you're looking to burn off a couple manoushes, looking to burn off a couple shawarmas, this-- this path is the one, you wanna go. Oh I’m huffing, and puffing right now. That means I gotta do this more this mountain climbing, ASAP. It's good we started in the morning though. It's starting to heat up. Shu,

Kifak [How are you?] Sammy. Alright, we're arriving to the camp here, American flag flying up here. Alright, little dog chilling, and here we are.

There we go. Let’s see some views of The Treasury from up here. Sammy just got us the tea, he promised us. Here we go. Cheers bro, enjoy. Alright, not a bad place to be sipping tea, probably my favorite place I’ve sipped some tea here in Jordan with views of The Treasury.

Oh yeah, that is nice. Nice, and it's not too hot. This is the first time I think, I’ve had a tea where I didn't burn my tongue out. So our guys just camped up right up top there, and he's getting the best angles. As you can

see, this is what the final product looks like. A nice view of The Treasury, that's that picture-perfect Petra photo you've been looking for without a bunch of tourists in it. Even though there's probably like 500 right under there. Let’s get some good shots over here. Looking right over. And as you can see, when you come up here, you dodge all of those people that would normally be in your photo. So from this

angle, looks like nobody else is there. Had to get this reaction. He built it up. What’s the-- what's the most a tourist ever has paid to come up here? 15 each. 15, that's the highest. Oh okay. So we're getting a deal then two for 15. Alright, that's the Sammy deal,

If you come see Sammy, he'll take care of you. He's the king Bedouin, right? Good one, king, king. Yeah, the malak. [Speaking Arabic] Yeah, perfect. Perfect. Shukran my friend. Shukran, Shukran [Thank you]

This is a special skill, he's ripping the cig while getting the tea going. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Shukran, Shukran [Thank you]. What's your name? My name's Lost. Lost, you are Lost too. Everyone's Lost. Well, you are Lost no more. We found you. We found you in the Bedouin Mountains.

The malak [King] of Bedouins. Wallah, wallah, Khaye [Brother] Oh, yeah. We got the tea ust brewing up here. Alright, Sammy I think it's time to head out then, yeah. Thank you, Sammy. Alright, here we go.

Good boy. Come here boy. His name is Jamaica. He's got a Jamaican-- Yallah, yallah. Kifak khaye [How are you brother?] Perfect, perfect. Alright, guys so that was the secret tour done by Sammy, the malak of the mountains. It was a pretty nice tour overall. It

cost us about 15 JD, get some nice tea, some nice views, some really amazing photos better than the typical photos. Obviously, there's still a fair amount of tourists that get these photos but less than your typical one standing in front of it. So, enjoyable time checking this out. Make sure you check out the next video where we're gonna be exploring more of Petra, and take you through this massive set of mountains, and rock formations that are truly a wonder of this world. So if you wanna see more videos guys both here in Petra as well as Jordan, and all around the world, make sure to hit that subscribe button below. And if you enjoyed this one hit that like button, and I’ll see you guys next time. [Music]

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