$295,000 1997 NAVIGATOR 5600 SUNDANCE Power Motor Yacht Tour / Liveaboard Boat

$295,000 1997 NAVIGATOR 5600 SUNDANCE Power Motor Yacht Tour / Liveaboard Boat

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- Hey guys, welcome to NautiStyles. We are back in Southern California in our neighborhood of Marina del Rey, and we found a really interesting possibility for our affordable liveaboard yacht series. (music playing) Welcome back! Make sure you stay all the way to the end for the outtakes.

Trust me, you don't want to miss it. If you are interested in learning more about liveaboard lifestyle, make sure to check us out on the Patreon, where we spend time and focusing on this specific subject. We discussed the pros, the cons, the costs, the possibilities. If you guys have any specific questions we're able to answer directly. So definitely check us out on the Patreon. This is a 1997, Navigator 56' Sundance. The reason we want to show you this one is because someone has spent a lot of time and money to do the right upgrades.

So it would make a great liveaboard. (music playing) Ready. Let's check it out. This is a great swim platform. Feels very solid.

It's a lot wider than I would expect it. - Yeah. I see the water inlet right there and the shore water inlet and a transom shower.

- It's nice that it has a railing here, it's definitely wide enough to put some chairs and do some fishing. - Oh, for sure. A hundred percent. - I like the rails everywhere just feels nice and safe.

- You could easily add some rod holders if you want to, just put them in. All the shore power inlets are over there as well as internet inlets, really good size cockpit. - Come on up. Look at these doors. It's looks very serious. Ah, this is kind of neat. Check this out, make a great little storage for, you know, stuff that you use and like maybe proper boxes for fishing.

You can put your tackle and stuff here. If you'd like it to look more clean and polished, you can actually put a little drop down and closure here. You know, like the white mesh that we see sometimes. - Sure and just cover it. - If you don't want to see it, but you can nicely organize yourself.

Is this the engine room? - That's the excess to the engine room. That's right. - Cool. Lazarette and the Engine Room. So we'll do that later, here are rod holders. - There are some rod holders mounted on the rails and here as well. - One on the Starboard side as well.

- What's different on this yacht that we cannot go forward. There's no walkway forward. - Yeah, you do have the rail here. You could probably walk on and then you can hold on above there. But yeah, you don't have the walkways on the sides, which gives you a lot larger salon because it's a full beam of the boat. - Absolutely.

But it is set up that way because there's a little step up here. - Yes - So you can go up here and you have a rail on top and rail here. So if you are brave, you can totally do that. So if you need to get to those places for whatever reason, you can definitely do that.

It's a good place to jump off of if you're at the island. - It's a completely open cockpit. So it's very versatile. You can put any kind of loose furniture.

You can put lounge furniture. We could put a dining table here, so it's a good size to entertain. - This non-skid paint looks brand new. That was definitely upgraded.

- Yep. - So what immediately stands out, which is so cool, if you thinking of it as a liveaboard, of course also as a weekender, but I'm looking at this as a really cool possibility for liveaboard. So that's how I'm gonna approach it, but of course, you guys don't have to live on it. Check out these door's here. I mean,

this is pretty neat to be able to have on the boat of this size, also this age of this style that it's completely open concept opens up so nicely here. Tiny little step. It's not too bad. - Oh yeah. That feels very open actually. - Cool. Huh? - Going inside. Yeah. - The windows are very large. You also have windows here.

So if you really want to have some beautiful light all around or on certain times of the day, like sunset, you can just open up these, if the sun sets behind you. I mean, how cool is that? Like, this really feels completely open. - So we got brand new furniture in the salon here, brand new carpeting. It really, really makes a difference.

- So what do we have here in a salon? We're going to do this a little different because we cannot go off to the flybridge immediately, you guys, you get to see the salon first, so.... - Walk us through - Okay storage right here. - Yes - And then we have this nice table here. This is not a

high-low, but I'm sure you could do one if you want, drawers here. This is neat. - Oh, is that a storage? - Yeah. - Oh, that's huge.

- It's almost big enough for some CDJs. (Both Laughing) - Yeah, right? - Okay. We've a big TV here also definitely not 1997. - Nope.

- Okay, and then there's the old storage here. This is where the TV probably used to be back in the days, right? - Potentially. Yeah. That's probably also video, audio, visual equipment is.

- Storage, ice maker. How cool is that? And all of that behind is all storage and there's some big drawers right there. And you also have your sink here. So this truly is your bar here.

- A little bit wet bar, wet bar. Wet baa, Wet Baa... - And behind the door, it looks like we have an AC and, hey... - Sorry. I had to, I had to try out these brand new chairs.

- And what do you think? - They're very comfortable. They're really, really comfortable. I like them. - Get up, we still have a lot to see. - Oh, you think we should continue on filming? - Let's go. - Okay.

- So we have AC and heater. - Yes. Oh, that's all our... - Our AC control.

- Yeah, cooling and heating. - Yeah. Awesome. - So let's step up. - Yeah. Do not look at the galley yet. We're gonna to go straight up to the flybridge don't look, don't look. - Can I mention this here? Since we were already in front of us here? Go ahead.

Very conveniently located the electrical panel with all the high and low voltage breakers and switches. Everything is labeled pretty good position for it. And just looking at this above here, we do have a water maker onboard, Village Marine. - Hey let's go up to the flybridge.

Check it out. These are definitely new cushions. That's been upgraded. So your dinghy storage is right here. - You have a crane right here and then the dinghy cradles are actually extending out slightly over the end of the superstructure. It's kind of cool actually, it gives you a lot more space on the flybridge.

- Yeah, absolutely. - because a dinghy is not taking all the space away and it's a really heavy-duty cradle. So I wouldn't really be concerned putting the dinghy upon here. I think that's a great spot. - The way the space is laid out, you have these two nice seating areas here. Then you have your barbecue and the bar in this area, a drink fridge with an ice maker. Some of the things were not replaced to let the new owners have an option to put whatever stuff they want.

So the necessary upgrades were definitely done. And some of this stuff, it's really up to you, what you want to put in here. - Maybe you want to put a wine cooler in there or something.

- Exactly. Wow. - Access to the barbecue drainage and some storage. - Really nice access.

This area here could be easily enclosed if you want to extend your living space here and all of these have covers, I mean, you could see the snaps here. So yeah, that's pretty cool. Marco would not mind the stairs.

If you guys haven't seen our channel. That's our little dog. These are great. - Yeah, they're great. And then a brand new Bimini top. - Yes. We just replaced ours to white

and I really like it. I'm a fan of it now. It used to be like a darker kind of brown and now it's white and it looks pretty cool. - And that's us lots of seating up here as well. It looks brand new as well.

- It's a helm bench, not a helm seat. So two of us could sit here. - Yup. - I don't know if you'd like that. - And then, I mean, how about how high up we are.

- Super high, you guys. Let's compare this next to us is a Marquis '72 and we are taller. - We're definitely taller up here for sure, - than the Marquis. - Great for whale-watching and, and spotting, fish spotting. God. There's so many sea lions everywhere.

Look, there's another one right there. And another one right there. Look, look, look. - This is massive here. I mean, honestly like, look back, everything is totally open. You can communicate with each other. You can have a party for 15 people up here. No problem.

- It's a really good space. I agree. So we have a access/storage through these areas, right? - Both sides. So we still have, as it looks the original electronics on here, this looks like it was upgraded at some point the bow thruster remote, at least. So we have a bow thruster on board. Everything else looks original. All the shift

throttle controls, the Raytheon electronics. I have a little remote here, like a wire remote for the autopilot where you do plus minus one, plus minus 10 degrees, the Volvo engine monitors, or you know, indicators like, warning lights and then all analog gauges mounted here forward with, you know, RPMs, engine temperatures, volt, meters, and so on. - What would say to people that say like, well, why didn't they replace the electronics? - If I would be remodeling this boat, I would have not changed it either because that's something which you want to leave up to the next owner, because everybody has different preferences on their electronic packages. And you want to leave that up to the next person. - And if someone really buys it as a condo on a water and they not really planning to go far past like just Catalina and back or something.

Technically they could just live with this, right? They don't need to spend the money. - They wouldn't care anyways. Yeah. - Oh, and in terms of actually taking this boat out and going out to some whale watching or just cruising to the island, the visibility on this boat is extremely well. You see everything. - Do you think this connects to the master head? Yeah maybe. - You know like in a hotel room...

- You have the toilet. - Toilet in the master head, but you never touch, never touch that thing. - I never touched it. - What's next? Check out how cool it looks up there.

- Yeah massive foredeck too. Let's go - Okay. - It's nice, that it drops you right into the galley. Don't look, you guys, we're going to go to the starboard side, out of this awesome sliding door. Rails everywhere.

This is tall. - This is comfy. - And you've got that little space there as well. You can go pretty far back actually. Oh yeah. You could easily come up here and even climb over here if.

- You had, so you have the side gate here to get out. - So you can open the door and just go that way. - All right, very comfortable walkway. - What do we think about this bow? - That's a good size bow. - Yeah. You can definitely add cushions right here.

This would be, I think the spot you can actually, cushion this whole thing. If you wanted to, again, it all depends how you would use your boat. So it is a bit of an expense if you want it to do it.

So that's your decision if you buy this. - You know what I would do? Just get a couple of beanbags. - Yeah, I think that would be cool. - That'll be really nice sitting in the front, having sundowners. - So easy and you just put them, just store them away. - Hedge to the VIP Cabin.

- Mhmm and the bow pulpit. - That's right. - The Titanic spot.

(humming) - Yep. - Okay. (whistling) - Let's go. - What? Let's go. You didn't say anything about this.

There's an Anchor right here. - Anchor right here, Windless right there and the foot remote switches for the anchor and a, it looks like a deck wash, maybe freshwater. Not sure. Let's go back inside? Which side? You wanna go on this site? (music playing) - This is a sunshade to go in the front of these massive windows here to create shade, to protect the glass. Great to have.

This is actually the type of mesh I was talking about that you could create a little enclosure there in the very back. - Keeps the boat cooler. - Yeah. So that that's brand new. You could see it. So that already exists. You don't have to spend money on it. It's something you absolutely should have on every boat, especially in California and Florida. - It's kinda like a pilothouse setup. Yeah,

because we definitely raised up a couple of steps, right? This is a massive settee. - Such a nice home office. It's huge. I would love to have the space. It's also great to be able to have dinner. I mean, for two or small family, you know, of one or two kids, it'd be great space.

- For sure. And everything again, completely open. I can see all the way to the back deck. I could see someone standing on the swim platform. I mean, it's really nice and open this entire boat. - And it's got that light color Navigator-Style wood, which we normally see on the Navigators. It feels bright and airy. I think it works. For sure.

So you did that. Then we have a brand new fridge. - Yeah. Amazing! So jealous! Freezer on top, fridge on the bottom. - That is massive, it's so much bigger than ours. How is it possible? Is it wider? - It's taller.

- And taller, and it's got a, still got a freezer. - That's a good size fridge. - Alright. Moving into the galley forward. Okay.

We have a three burner cooktop. There's a trash compactor. Again, you can decide, you can choose to keep it or lose it. Totally your choice. Tons of storage down here.

Let's look at these drawers here, those are great. Huge sink and actually a garbage disposal. That's cool. This cute little spice rack. - Yeah.

Okay. This here is more storage. It's not bad. It's pretty good here. Ginormous convection microwave oven. - Or you have another big storage actually underneath the table. - Yeah.

Oh, wow. - Yeah. - Oh, it's huge. And you'll have some underneath the Helm as well. If you want to use that for your galley. - And then again, that will be for maybe, you know, snacks or glassware potentially.

- Or just, you know, dishes and stuff, too. Whatever you want to put there. We just replaced our microwave.

We decided like we'd rather have a fancy toaster oven that we could use like an oven. So I'd probably do the same if I was buying it. - Or pizza oven. It's plenty of space here. So you can decide what you use. - I haven't had breakfast.

- You haven't had breakfast. That's why you're like not... - I'm totally hungry. - ...all there, you haven't had breakfast. Can tell. - Did you have breakfast? - Yeah.

- Okay. Brand new carpet underneath the dinette. Oh, what's this? - More storage. - Nice, I like it. - Let's go through the Helm.

So this is the lower Helm. Again it has a Helm bench. Pretty cool. - Nah this is redone! It has to be new - right? I'm like if this is original then it's incredible. - It's definitely must have been redone. It's totally - redone. A really good job. I actually like it.

It kind of goes with the style of the yacht. I couldn't even tell. And I was like, this is in perfect condition. There is no way.

This is definitely new. - Yeah. It has to be new! - Oh, that's cool. All right, what's with the Helm? - Similar to what we have seen up on the flybridge we have analog gauges or the engines, of course, our warning lights from the Volvo engines right there, throttle control, shift control and then we do have our bow thruster remote control right here and then the same, like on the upper helm, we have the Raytheon electronics, which look like they're came with a Baldwin that was brand new. And then here we have the trim tab remote control.

Forgot to mention..What the heck is that? - Hello, motto. It's a relic. Look it has a little antenna. Oh myyy... - Okay, so you got to...

You got it. Hey, Wow, wow. Peep, peep, peep, peep, peep Wow. No, it doesn't work. You got to pull up the antenna.

- Hello? Hello? Motto. - Can you hear me? - Oh, and I forgot to mention the VHF radios are here on the starboard sides. - It's a digital personal communicator, okay? Don't make fun of it. Rico, does this is have a stabilizer? - Yes, it does. It does have a stabilizer, which is not that common on boats that age and that size.

So really cool feature to have on this yacht. - That's amazing. - Yeah. I don't think there are many 56-footers build before in 2000 which have that. - That's pretty amazing. I mean,

I don't know if this was originally here. If somebody added it. I would think maybe somebody added it in 2000 or something, but what a great upgrade. - Yeah especially for pretty tall boat, you know, it might be a little more top-heavy than other models and with a stabilizer, you just get rid of the role. - They just opened up to a whole bunch of people. Maybe we're not considering this as a yacht.

So pretty awesome feature. I think it's worth a lot of money. - Let's check out the staterooms. - Okay. Don't have to ask me twice.

- What is here? Also, brand new carpet. - That's big. Oh, more storage. Interesting. And this has actually an outlet.

So you could move your microwave down here maybe, you know. - Or any other like kitchen equipment, which needs to be charged or whatever. - I don't know about like a coffee maker, but some kind of kitchen equipment, and you can actually have a proper oven here and put the microwave here and you could have both.

How cool is that? Let's keep going. This is neat. We get to go forward. This is a big cabin for a guest cabin. You guys keep in mind. It's a 56. It is pretty large. This bed here can easily sleep,

two people. Closet. Oh, no. Full washer and dryer, separate units. That is pretty special again. Great

liveaboard. This is cool because this is a pocket door. So you can nicely secure it, but you can leave it open to just kind of give you a little bit more space. If you're using this as your laundry room and stuff, you don't constantly have to open the door here. - Also very large hanging locker. - Good size closet.

There's a drawer down there. This is neat. Cool! What a great cabin. I like it. Okay. And then, then we go forward and this is not all master you guys. This is a VIP. This yacht has a three cabin layout.

So I'll master is AFT and it's completely separate and private, pretty cool. Queen size bed. At least. It's kind of got big wings there. - I think on the winglets it's king-size, but there's... It's big. It's kind of like if you average it out, it's like a large queen, I guess. - Huge closets everywhere. - Yeah.

- I must say I'm a little bit jealous right now. A lot of this storage here. - Oh wow. That's huge. - Why didn't we buy a Navigator, Rico? We didn't see a layout like that. That's not very common, right? - No.

- We've seen some other Navigators when we were looking, which didn't seem to have nearly as much living space. - They had different layouts, somehow. - This is a good one.

This feels like an AFT cabin motor yacht. - It does, especially with the separate master. - And there's another storage all the way forward there.

There are two drawers down here. Massive! And drawers here. Little, and drawers here with little storage spaces.

This is a fabulous little guest cabin. And here we have an entrance to the shared head. I'll see you on the other side. Ok!

Hello! This head is shared between these two cabins. Got a pocket door to give you more space. Your head is right there. All of these are wow. This is impressive. Lots of storage! Yeah. Pretty cool.

You've got a porthole here. That you can open up. Great storage everywhere. And we have a good size shower. Yeah, it's nice. It's a good size. With a little bench. I want to see the master.

This is already pretty cool. - Let's go check it out. So we go all the way back through the salon and we come to our own private entrance. It's got a door, come on down. Oh wow!

Tada! Whaaat?! I'm going to call it. It is a king-size bed. - It is a king-size. - Wow. So there's a little step up here, but you can walk completely all the way around.

- That's massive. - Really nice. This looks brand new.

- Did I say massive already? - You said massive a few times. - I think I did. - It's unexpected. I don't expect to see this kind of size of a bed in here. And it's pretty tall.

I'm standing on this whole thing here and I can still fit. So if I'm down here, it's definitely tall you guys. - Definitely very good headroom for sure. - I'm five-seven. So what do you think?

Yeah! It's like six two... six something. This is super interesting the way they did this. Oh.

- Yeah, just close the door, I guess. - Check this out. Whoa. - Wow.

- Yeah. And even got shelves in there. - This is a huge closet. - Sweet, good space to put a safe and this TV here.

So you don't have to settle for small TV. It just slides over. So you have access to another... - Oh, that even extends further through the outboard side. - Yeah look at this - look how big it is. It goes all the way in there.

Has a Cedar lined closets have a whole bunch of space behind this TV. If you want to put some more AV stuff here, like your apple box or whatever, that'd be a good space for it. And underneath here is a huge closet again. - That's enough closet space for sure. - And there's drawers here, more drawers.

Wow. And that brings us to, oh, this is cute. A really good workspace. You could put a screen here and actually really work. If,

if you want a private space like you, if you have, you know, kids that are in school or something and then need to do their homework upstairs and you want to work, you can totally do this here. Great makeup area as well. Tons of drawers here and there's space here. Wow. And what is going on with our portholes? We have four portholes.

- Yes. So easily create some crossbreeds here, which is kind of cool. - So you're not really all the way Aft you kinda midship. You are midship. - So this is a good stable space. This is going to be a very comfortable cabin. For sure!

Ready to see the master head? - Yes. - Okay. Come on in! Wow. That totally feels really tall. It's an

illusion. Because of the mirrored ceiling?! For a minute, I was like, that's really tall, but I mean, it is tall. Yeah. Similar size head.

A little bit more room here. And you have all this storage here. Nice porthole. Wow. This is really screwing with me.

Storage here as well. - There's some more storage behind you. A medicine cabinet. - Wow, cool. And all of this too, great for towels. - Yeah.

And then I think it looks like similar size walk-in shower, like we saw - No no no, this is bigger. - Yeah, yeah for sure. - It's definitely bigger. Oh yeah, it is bigger. I mean, it's one size, one size shower. - It's a one-person shower. - It's a one person shower, but a very comfortable one.

- I think both of us could fit in there. - It is a one person shower. Get out. It's not bad you guys. I mean, we definitely fit.

All right. What are we going next? Engine room? - Lazarette and engine room. - Let's do it. The wood's in a pretty good condition. - Yeah.

- This would make a great condo on the water. A condo you can take out on the weekends for Harbor cruises. You can go to the islands. - Great living space for sure. - Yeah. This could be a lot of fun for, for a family. - Alright. Let me check out the Lazarette.

- Alright. Let's see it. I haven't seen the lazarette yet you guys. Wow.

This is bigger than I thought it would be. Hmm. Oh wow. Really? Yeah! Okay. - See you later. - Oh, I guess I watch it when I'll look after you, after you get out. - All right.

So here at the stern of the boat or hydraulic steering the rudder posts, really good accessibility. That's awesome. Then we have some fuel tanks here all the way AFT, one on each site. Recor filters for the fuel...fuel filters. What are you doing there? Just chilling? - This is so nice. Keep going Rico, Keep going!

- Moving forward. Here on the port side, we do have a generator, battery storage here on the Starboard side, just a blanket on top right now. Going further forward. That's a pretty comfortable engine room actually. I mean, I know you can't stand up in here, but it is really comfortable engine room.

So this boat comes with Volvo Penta TMAD 72's. Very clean bilge area. The whole engine room looks extremely clean. So step further forwards, like kind of mid-shift, there is a Village Marine Watermaker, and there are the fins, the stabilizer fins. Amazing. I mean,

that is really cool to have that on that size yacht. For sure. You got a couple of more battery's mounted there. This is a reservoir for the stabilizers. The hydraulic fluid, there is a hot water heater mounted right there. Fire suppression system.

Everything is super easy accessible here actually. I really like it. Got the sea-strainers right here. One is mounted here on the port side. The other one is here on the starboard side. Engines look very clean. That's a good, good engine room. - All right, you guys this complete out tour of...

- This Navigator. - This Navigator. - 56 Sundance. - Hey, you hijacking my outros - 56 Sundance.

- Make sure you stay for the outtakes. Don't leave yet. This was my idea to have them in the outro. Scratch that terrible idea. Go hold the camera. - And the outtakes in general, was my idea. Just FYI.

- That is very, very true. Alright you guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Please drop in the comments below what you thought about it. We really, really appreciate all your Likes, Comments, Double appreciate your Double Comments. A lot of you are saying you wish you could Double Like a video. Me too.

Please tell it to YouTube. You should be able to like it as many times as you want, right? Thank you for Subscribing. I recently checked. It was only 15% of you guys are actually have you Notification Bell on. So it's right there. It's a little bell right there.

Just click that and also check in your YouTube settings on your YouTube app on your phone that your notification thing is on as well. If you have both of those on you will never miss a new video. - Exactly.

- There's a reason I'm going sit here. Now I forgot what it was. See, forgot this yacht is for sale. If you guys are interested, all the contact information will be in the description underneath the video.

You can also reach out to us and we will put you in contact with the seller. Ciao! Enjoy the outtakes. - That's good. That's going to be the whole time I think. - Hey guys, welcome back to NautiStyle.

Hey guys. Welcome back... Why am I wearing this flip flops? I didn't want to wear them. - Why not? Don't go barefoot on the dock! There is sealions poop everywhere. - Hey guys. Welcome back to NautiStyles. - We're good on that one. Now do the rest.

- Sorry. Let me get something out of my eye here. Okay. It's tough. - It's like a long pole. Like a tripod. Walk away, have a coffee. - You're making me laugh. Stop it!

Do you mind man? Wow! - Cough like a human almost, so weird. It is too soon! Should we wait anyways? Should we wait...wait...should we wait a little bit. Let's just wait. - Oh, you know what? - Hello? Anybody there? Hello? No, no. Nobody there! It wasn't for you! - This one is actually a actually bllllaaahhh. - Really cool.

- Stop playing with the electronics. Sure. Alright. Oh, hang on. What? Hey buddy. How you doing? What's up? - He's just wondering when we leave so he can try to get on the swim platform.

It's like are you guys almost done. What for the outros? - How is it? I feel like we missed something the whole time. Something about this, something about this.

Something about this, we missed.

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