$2 Delicious Doner in Istanbul

$2 Delicious Doner in Istanbul

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Brilliant. Oi! Hey. What are you doing? I'm about to go get a kebab. That's what I'm doing. I'm gonna go and get a kebab. Let's go get one.

Okay, brilliant. Oh my god. Kebab friends. -Kebab hunt. Let's try that place that we tried the last time but it was too packed. It had too many people.

It was too popular. That's a good sign. It was called Durumzade or something. Durumzade. You know it's good when it's too full to vlog in.

I think it's this one on the corner here. The red one. Looks a hell of a lot less busy than last time, so -Yeah.

we might be able to get a seat. There is no seats. They had tables outside the last time, right? -Yeah. Oh, look, it's shut. -Oh, no, it's shut. It's closed! Oh my god.

What is this? We just want the best kebab in all of Istanbul. No way. The kebab hunt continues. Yeah, another kebab hunt. Okay. Let's ask a local.

They've got a menu, there, with kebabs. Yeah, but you don't know if they're good or not. You're just rolling the dice. Just rolling the dice.

Okay, we see a doner right there. We dunno if it's gonna be good. Does that look good to you or not? It's not beef. It's only chicken. -All I know is, all I know is they've only got one table and it's roasting hot in the sun.

So, let's keep moving. We want the dual doner. We want kebab. We want chicken and we want beef. Oh, yeah, one of each. -So we have both options, you know? So, whichever place has that first...

Oh, they got churos. Oh, they look good. Okay, so we've ended up in the tourist trap area. Multiple choices. Who knows if any of these are gonna be good.

We're in the Taksim Square area. This one looks busy, I think. Is that a good sign? Look for locals. Look for people who look Turkish and see if they're eating there. -There's only tourists.

They're all tourists. I guess we'll go... These ones look like the biggest.

Isn't that a bad thing, right? Yeah, well I dunno, they might have had to replace them recently. Decisions, decisions. Have a look at the meat and look at the one that looks the tastiest, right? Every one looks tasty. Yeah, that one's glistening. Looks raw.

Yeah, that one kinda looks like matte and that one looks, kinda like, all shiny and stuff, so looks nice. Oh, and it smells good as well. You wanna get one first? Yeah, I'm gonna get beef. -Yeah, that one looks good. Okay. How much is it? He's got the menu. Brother.

Brother, my friend wants a doner. Which one do we want? So 'Et' is meat. Meat. This lamb or cow? Meat.

Meat? What kind of meat? Cow or lamb? -Meat, doner. Doner, doner. -Veal, veal, veal, veal. Veal. Veal? Veal? Ah, baby cow. Veal? Ah, okay.

I'm gonna get a good old beef kebab. Okay. You taste the chicken one, maybe, After you try, then I'll try. Can I get a...? One, one. One? -Yeah, just one.

Okay. -Thank you. Do I pay you? Pay? Pay you? $21,000,000 dollars. $21,000,000? -Yes. That is a bargain.

Oh, so this is it, here. This is the veal. Veal doner. Veal, veal, veal, veal. Turkish veal, nice. Glistening, glistening meat.

Look at that, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful meat. -Very beautiful, very nice. Turkish delight. Turkish delight kebab.

Wudnerbar. So all the ingredients are there. And it's like the shawarmas, They put the french fries in it as well. It's like the shawarmas you get in Dubai.

They stick some french fries in there. French fries, tomato or pickles. Okay, the lot. It's all going in there. Fast food. Oh. -Woahoho.

it gets toasted a little bit, as well. Very beautiful, very nice. Toasted. Food for Heraldo. Brilliant.

Okay, good. For me? -There you go, brother. Alright. Where we gonna eat? On the side? Yeah, let's...

It's too hot. We're getting burned from the sun and from the the doner grill. Alright. Want a cheeky look inside? All I can see is a pickle and a bit of meat but...

Well, I saw the meat before it went inside and it looked amazing. what do you reckon? Oh, the meat, is darn good. Yeah? The meat's nice. Spicy or like...?

Not really. Tastes meaty? -Yeah. Yeah. -Very salty. Ah. -That's what I've noticed with all the

kebabs here. -Yeah. The meat is like very salty, I'm not sure if there's chips in there, though. Yeah, yeah, he threw some in. Threw a few in. Threw a few of everything in.

Might have to get into the depths Oh. There we are. Yeah. Pretty good.

Oh, you not into pickles? -No. Too salt... Maybe that was why they were salty. Ah, right. Only got one in there. -You can probably ask for it... Maybe I'll ask for mine without any pickles then. -Yeah.

I'll trust your taste. -Now I'm at the good stuff. Yeah, chips and meat. The meat and chips. Much better. Good, uh? Oh, man, you're making light work of that.

That's like, 60 seconds. When a man wants his kebab. It goes down quickly. I haven't spilled any though. Yeah, you're doing well.

It's all in my mouth. Well, I'm gonna hand the camera to you when I get my one, and I'm gonna... It's gonna be on the floor. -No. no. no, no. I'm not gonna drop anything.

You'll see. You'll see, I'm not gonna spill anything. -Alright. Well let's see what really happens. What's the full YouTube video gonna show? Are you gonna edit it all out? -No cuts, no cuts.

No suspicious cuts. Yeah, so this place, it's called Taksim Doner, so that's the one to get. We looked at all of them and the Taksim Doner one, it looks like the nicest meat, right? It's all glistening and stuff. -Yeah, this is tasty. Yeah. -Oh. Oh, you dropped a bit. Oh. -It's starting to break apart.

Big talk, big talk. Good, uh? Alright. Do you want to be camera man for me? -Yeah.

Okay, camera man Luke. Okay, should I get the chicken one just for variety? I feel like the lamb one or the veal one. I feel like the veal one but I should get the chicken one just for variety, right? -Exactly.

You gotta get both reviews, right? Yeah, okay. Let's go for the chicken one. Brother. Brother.

I want the chicken one. The chicken one of this. Chicken durum. Yeah. Ah, only 12 for the chicken? Oh, it's good. -Yes. Only 12 lira for the chicken one. Wow. -Yeah, chicken.

This is it here. Hello. Hello, how are you, my friend? I'm doing good. How are you? One chicken? Yeah, for my friend, there. -Yeah, one chicken for me. Okay, okay. No problem. -For the big Scotsman.

Yeah. Ohhh. -Oh, that looks juicy. Juicy, juicy meat. You wanna try? I'll get the bottom one.

Oh. No you wont. I'm spilling it already. -You dropped it. Oh.

It's the skin, it's the skin. Oh. This is number one. Oh. Number one.

It's all crispy and tasty and delicious. Mmm Here, I'll try a little bit too. Try it, try it. Oh, so hot. You didn't get the skin, though.

You didn't get the skin. Wow. That's so flavoursome. That's nice.

When you paid for it, who did you pay? I dunno, just one of the guys. Yes, 12,000,000 lira. 12,000,000? Yes. Then I want... If it's 12,000,000 then I want 1,000,000 kebabs.

And I'll eat them all as well. Yeah, it's these bits with the skin. Oh, that's what I got. -Good? Oh, man. Yeah, that bit looks so crispy there.

Yeah. Still, the bit that I got was, it was so flavoursome. Oh, this my one? Oh! He's like the ice cream men. You Turkish ice cream man? Okay. Thank you, brother, thank you. They all play the tricks here, they all play the tricks.

Thank you, brother. Okay, let's, let's go over here and try this. See you, bro. Oh, am I ruining someone's photo? Oh uh oh uh.

Okay, let's give it a go. So they press it against the grill, before they give it to you. Just to toast the durum wrap. It's just a tortilla, basically, right? It's just a tortilla.

Mmm Tasty? Man, it's the seasoning. It's the seasoning. -Yeah. It's tender meat. I haven't got into the crispy bit yet, like I tasted over there.

Ohhhhh no. It's because I did it wrong. You're supposed to keep it in the packet, right? It came out of the top, not the bottom. No, no, no. It came out the bottom.

Yeah, the meat's like, nice and tender, juicy, There's like a lovely seasoning in there as well. The tortilla wrap is nice and thin. It feels like a kinda healthy thing, right? It feels like a kinda... -I think so. Yeah, it's not like, It's not like eating a burger or something. It's like, it's just slices of chicken that's been grilled and some tortilla.

A little bit of spice. A little bit of seasoning. I'm surprised it made it into your mouth. You didn't try any of the veal, did you? You didn't get a bit? -Next. I think, honestly, the chicken one's more flavoursome.

Like, it has some really nice spices there. I'm getting the veal one next. Next? This is not gonna satisfy me, man.

This is not gonna satisfy me. Mmm That's a bargain. I know.

12 lira. Yeah. There's not been many things I've eaten so far, here, that's only 12 lira. Yeah, I was shocked at how much of a price difference, just the different meat.

Like that's 7... No, 9... 9? I can't do maths. Math is hard, yeah. -9, right? 9 lira difference. -Why did you leave school to be a travel vlogger?

You should have stayed in education. 9 lira, right? 9 lira, difference, yeah. -12 to 21. Yeah.

Alright, we go there in the end. Too good. -Too much traffic. Too good. It's the perfect portion size, 'cause it's like, less than half a meal, so you can have the chicken one and then the veal one. Which I'm definitely gonna do.

Now what are your thoughts on the pickles? Yeah, the pickle's nice. It adds, like, a little bit of tang. -Yeah? So I got to my first pickle, right in the middle, and it just, like, adds a little bit of tang to it. It's nice.

How about the guy? When he gave it to you, fully just dropped it, like the good old Turkish ice cream men, but with a kebab. All the tricks. I wasn't expecting it. -Neither did I.

At least with the ice cream men you're expecting it, right? -Yeah. You're not expecting it with these guys. Funny though, funny. Look, that's a Burger King on top, there. Why would you go to Burger King when you've got this, right here.

Why would you do it? Why would you do it Simon Wilson? Why would you do it? What YouTube channel? What YouTube channel? Luke Damant, Luke Damant. No, Dale Philip. He's more famous.

You want his channel or my channel? One minute. -He's famous. Where are you from? We're Turkey. You're from Turkey? From Istanbul? Yeah. Hang on, I'm gonna throw this away. -It's not working.

How do I get... How do I remove it? Dale, Oh no, that's an 'A'. Where's 'L'? L? I'm not used to this keyboard. Where's 'P'? What is it, a Turkish keyboard? There's like weird... Oh, there. Oh, there's 'Dale Philip Turkey' coming up in the suggestions.

That's him. Yeah. -Thank you. Oh, subscribed. -Thank you brother, thank you. Oh, he subscribed.

Okay, thank you. Three new subscribers. Or at least one.

One of them subscribed. Right. Doner kebab, veal.

Let's do it. We are back. Yes, back for more. So delicious, we came back for seconds.

Brother! Now I wan the et. The doner et. The delicious, delicious veal. -Number one. This one, yeah. -Veal, number one. 21 lira.

What's that, like $2.50? Less than $2.50. You can only imagine how hot they'd be, like I'm already sweating being here for 30 seconds. -Oh, yeah. I'm like a full

like metre and a half away and I'm, feel like I'm getting roasted. Oh, look, you can, you can get it in a kinda bread bun as well. Like a crusty, a crusty bread roll. A baguette.

It's like a baguette, isn't it? Kinda looks like a 'Bánh Mì' in Vietnam. -Yeah. What did you get? In the wrap again, right? Yeah, yeah, the durum. You ask for 'durum', it's in the... I think durum is the Turkish word for roll.

I think, wrap, basically. Look at this. Look at the glistening. He's just turned it around. That's it, yeah. -You can hear it. And it's sizzling.

Absolutely sizzling. Wow. Where are you from? I'm from Scotland and he's from Australia.

Australia? Yeah. Sydney? Yes, that's the one. G'day mate. -Nobody cares about Scotland.

Let's put another doner on the barbeque. Another shrimp on the barbie? Another kebab on the stove. Oh, 1934. Yes. Oh, wow. So, wow, almost 90 years.

Oh, wow. Started by...? Who's the boss man? Big, big, big. Small, small, small.

Ah, okay, so started from great grandfather? Family, family? -Yes, family. Ah. Good. Generations.

Must have been Okay, brother. Oh! My god. -I need to start expecting it. Okay, thank you, brother. Okay. Anytime I get anything in Turkey, now, I'm gonna be expecting the tricks.

Oh, this is roasting hot. Toasted. Oh, smells amazing as well.

Okay. Let's get away from the crowds and... It's a bit hard on Covid 'Covid Cove'. Let's be 'rona safe.

Let's be 'rona safe and I dunno, stand over there somewhere. Oh, look, that's pretty 'rona safe as well. They're all wearing masks. Totally safe. Okay, time to try the veal.

Baby cow. It's lovely. The meat, it's all thinly sliced. Really thinly sliced. It's really easy to eat and yeah, it is spiced. It's seasoned with something, but it's not overpowering, so you get that lovely, natural, veal taste, which is lovely.

Mmm Mmm Which one's better though? Chicken or veal? It might be controvesial. I'm gonna say the chicken one. Oh, the chicken one. -The one that's 9 lira less. Maybe I enjoyed that more because I was hungry. And we've been walking around, getting all sweaty for half an hour, trying to find a a durum place that might actually be good. Initially we were trying to find a very local place, down the backstreets, thinking this is the main tourist area, like, it's not going to be authentic, it's not gonna be good. But, yeah, that guy said he's been operating since 1934.

You seen how the meat looked. I can tell you how the meat tastes. It's, Yeah, it's delicious. I'm glad we ended up in the tourist trap area. Taksim Square. Mmm Mmm Oh, it's good, man.

The difference between eating the kebabs here, the durums here in Istanbul. In the UK they give you tons of sauce and stuff. Here, they almost never give you sauce when you have any, kinda like, durum. Whatever it is in the durum, they hardly give you any... They usually give you no sauce. It's just,

you know, the moisture from the meat, and you know, the pickles and tomatoes and stuff, This is already tasty. It's already tasty, right? You don't need, like, to you know, have a ton of garlic mayonnaise or something on it. Yum yum. Mmm I dunno if it's the traditional way, that they stick french fries in it.

I dunno if that's the traditional way or not. But yeah, it's like when you get a shawarma in Dubai they do that. They stick french fries in it. I think it's better like that. With the french fries in, Instead of just having the meat and veg. -Just adds a little bit.

A texture of something else. It's like, you bite through it, you get a bit of pickle, then you get a bit of tomato. You take another bite, you get a bit of french fry.

Each bite's a little bit different. Mmm For me though, the best was that chicken skin. If you can get them to give you, specifically, a bit with lots of that chicken skin in it, the crispiness. Oh my god.

The bit tht the guy peeled off for me and then I tried it. Yeah, I should have had the other half, but I dropped it. Oh my god. -I didn't get to taste it. That chicken skin, really, like I want to just go back and ask for a durum just full of only chicken skin. I'll pay twice as much if I have to, man. It was...

Oh, it was so tasty. And this is tasty as well. How are you? I'm doing good. How are you? I am fine, bro. Have you been to Pakistan? Yes, I have.

I've seen your blogs in Karachi and Islamabad. Watched you there and then we thought that we might have seen you in Pakistan. Yeah, yeah, I went to Pakistan a few months ago now. Yeah.

Okay. My vlog just got interrupted by some Luke Damant fans. Let's see if I can continue on my own. One hand with the camera. One hand with the kebab.

Which is the way it should be when you're vlogging in Istanbul. Shouldn't it? Mmm Superb. Superb. Super. Yeah, super delicious.

You finished the kebab. Yeah. I had to finish the vlog on my own.

What happened to my camera man? What happened? I had to go and talk to a couple of people. -Your fanboys. Loyal viewers. -Let me guess. Hey, brother. Let me guess where those guys are from by the clothes that they wear. Pakistan by any chance? Very obvious by their clothing attire. That's good that they wear their national dress while they're here.

I should wear a kilt. I should go around with my strong legs showing out the bottom of a kilt, rather than a pair of shorts. -What should I wear? Speedos and flip-flops? Yeah, man. Your surfer outfit.

Bruce. Not out here. What now? You up for dessert or what? Bit of Turkish ice cream. Oh, come on.

You love those Turkish ice cream guys, don't you? What else is there to get? -You love it. That's your favourite thing about Istanbul, right? The Turkish ice cream. -That's the only reason I'm still here. No, actually, -Have you figured out their tricks yet? I did find a nice waffle place. A waffle? It's the same place as the Turkish ice cream place, but they have good waffles. Okay, let's do that then.

Okay, back down the 'rona road. The 'rona road. Why do we call it the 'rona road? 'Cause we get rona from it. 'Cause if you don't have the bloody 'rona by the time you're at the start of the street, by the time you get to the bottom, down there, you've got a pretty good chance, I reckon. Or you get run over by a motorbike or a car. -It's alright, we've had our vaccines, haven't we Luke? You have.

This guy's not taking the bait. Go for it, go for it, go for it. Go for it. Oh! That's how it's done. This is your waffle place? This is the waffle place. We basically went the whole length of this street.

Almost. The street ends down there, right? Okay. Here, I have only had it once. It's an ice cream waffle or what? No, the ice cream's good but inside they have waffle with all kinds of flavours. -Like hot ones? Fresh?

This is a guy who doesn't trick you. He just gives you the ice cream cone. You gonna get ice cream or waffle? Yeah, well, if you're recommending the waffle, I'm getting the waffle.

Might get a bit messy though. It's the same lady. So I got... Yesterday, I just got good old banana... Oh, no. Strawberry, banana and chocolate. -Oh, you're healthy.

Strawberry, banana and chocolate, yeah? -Yeah, it's good. Okay, I'll go for number 2. The one with white chocolate, banana, strawberry, hazelnut, pistachio and dropped chocolate. What is 'dropped chocolate'? Is it, the chocolate drops, I think. -Takeaway or eat here? Eh, let's eat here.

Right here. We'll eat here. And also, one strawberry, banana and chocolate. Thank you. And we can have two waters? If you want, you can go up.

Oh, they have upstairs? Oh, okay, good. Ah, okay, the upstairs area. Do we go this way or what? Okay. They have an upstairs area.

A secret upstairs area. You want Coke Zero? Oh, I thought there was only water. Okay, put that water back.

Yer man's on the Coke Z. Yeah. Okay, good. Good spotting from me. Thank you, Luke. Okay.

They have two upstairs areas. Maybe that's a terrace. And they have this.

Is this an air conditioned room? Oh, the private VIP area. Do you think we can get them to turn this on? Yeah, we need it. Yeah, we do need it. For the VIPs.

Getting a view of the 'rona road, outside. Fantastic. It is a bit hot.

Yeah. I think there's a silver button on the, the front right. -This, here? Yeah. Okay? -Oh, he's...

Okay, fantastic. There's only... I could only switch it on or off, so... It says 22. He saw us. He saw us in the cameras, wandering around. -Ah, okay.

Oh, good. Look, a view of the 'rona road to go with our waffle and Coke Z. Fantastic. Oh, this is gonna be refreshing. Didn't have anything to drink with those kebabs. Oh, yeah, the black nectar.

That's what I call it. How's your water? Delicious, huh? Wonderful. Splendid. Doubt it, doubt it. Nice. -Oh, lovely. Perfect.

That's your strawberry, banana. Oh, fantastic. White chocolate.

Yes. -Thank you. Beautiful. Let's give it the taste test. Mmmm It's good? -Oh, it's good. Is the waffle hot or is it come out cold? No, it's cold.

Ah okay. Strawberries are delicious, man. You're eating healthy, you're eating healthy. Super healthy for, Fresh fruit. for me, today.

Oh, I have dark chocolate and white chocolate. There's a mix. And there's, like, chopped almonds, there's chocolate drops and then banana and strawberry.

Okay, let me get a slice of this. Try and get everything on one slice. Here we go. A bit of everything... Oh! You were laughing before I even dropped it.

I was like... 'Cause I knew what was gonna happen. No, no, no. You made me do it. I seen you laughing. I was about to say "You think I'm gonna drop it." and I did drop it before I could even say it.

Oh my god. I had it perfectly balanced. I knew exactly what was gonna happen. -Nah, nah. I'm not taking the blame for that.

That's you. That's you putting me off. I had... I had a bit of everything. I had a bit of everything, all balanced up there, ready to put in my mouth.

Big nasty garbage truck, coming past. Okay. Alright. -Let's try it again.

Re-do everything. Why are you laughing? You're just asking to drop it again by stacking it that high. -No. I'm trying...

I want to make my first bite special. You have your hand. You lift it up, -I don't just wanna eat a bit of banana and a bit of waffle. When you have, like, Parkinson's, you're, like, shivering like this. -Watch.

Perfect, right? Why you laughing? Perfect. Look, there's a bit of everything. Shut up. -It's good, it's good. Shut it! -Get it in your gob. Okay, okay, okay. There's a bit of everything on there.

Mmm, look, the strawberry, the chocolate drops, the white chocolate, the dark chocolate, the almonds, everything. Mmmm Oh! Mmm Those strawberries are super sweet. I know, I said that. -They're super fresh. Really dense flavour, on those strawberries. Mmm It's nice.

It could only be better if the waffle was hot and fresh. I think it's premade waffles they're putting them on, right? Mmm It's lovely, these strawberries. Mmm I think I'll eat your strawberry. You just ate that off the table? This is how you do it, Dale.

You get it all on the fork. So it's jabbed, so you can do whatever you want. Okay, big mouth. Stick it in your big mouth. Mmmmm It's a bit tough to, like, cut through.

Yeah, 'cause it's not fresh. That's the thing. It's 'cause it's a premade waffle. Mmmm What do you reckon, one mouthful or not? If you can make it into your mouth. You're a menace. You are a menace.

You're choking. Death by waffle. Mmmm What do you reckon, one bite? Yeah. No chance. No chance.

Pretty good waffle, though. It's alright. Well, the waffle not so much but I guess, every other part. -Yeah, it's the toppings. The toppings. The strawberries, especially.

They're like, as good a strawberry as you could possibly get. Fresh and as sweet and as juicy as you could possibly get. That's what makes it. Mmm That one you can get in your mouth in one go, I reckon. Nah, nah, nah.

Stop. You're, like, a bad influence, you. Terrible influence. Oh! Quarters? We gotta create entertaining vlogs, Dale. No, they like to see me eat with good manners.

That's why they watch my vlogs. They're like. Yeah, what, like the other place where we were eating kebabs, spilling everything everywhere.

You're spilling food all over the table. The want to see how a British person eats with silverware, so in case they ever get invited to dinner with Her Majesty The Queen, they know how to do it politely. Look, you sit down, you carve up your food and then... Mmm Like this. Yes, yes, Yes Your Majesty, yes, you're quite correct. Mmm, isn't it, isn't it now? Yes, isn't it? Mmm.

Mmm Good. Right, we done? Yup. -Fantastic. No smoking in here, Dale. 69 lira fine. That's nothing.

What's that? That's like $7 or $8 dollars? Maybe it's not 69 lira, maybe it's like the punishment is you have to, the boss. The boss lady or the boss guy, I dunno, which one. 71? Okay. Thank you, brother, thank you.

Okay. 71, so the... Yeah, the waffles cost more than the fine for smoking.

Unless the fine is that other thing that we thought it might be. Well, that was a sweet way to end today's dinner time vlog in Istanbul. Hopefully this little video brought a little bit of sweetness to your day and we'll see you on the next adventure.

2021-11-30 13:25

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