$45,000 BRING A TRAILER Challenge -- AFTER/DRIVE

$45,000 BRING A TRAILER Challenge -- AFTER/DRIVE

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Zach what should we call this show, bring, your trailer Jones it's, to bring a trailer challenge, today and after Drive. Welcome. To after Drive we're obsessed with bring a trailer we're on it every day Michael preach and Ella from classic car club Manhattan has bought cars on it I bought, cars on it Zack Mosley, from classic car club Manhattan has, bought cars on bring a trailer today we. Are taking our challenge. Yes, and moving it over to bring a trailer so it's 45 thousand, dollars all, of your automotive proclivities. Have, to be met on cars, that have sold on bring a trailer it's. Kind of the ones that got away I guess for us we did the last three months, yeah yeah, last, three months right last three months my. Math is right that was in November I think I might have screwed that October that's, oh, I'm, sorry find, monkey Pridgen Ella's heroes you can't go back like three years in the market was iffy no no no I. Don't know if I did like I definitely, tried to stay around 2017, I don't know if. That's. All right your your picks will, be. 18, feet long, they'll. Be underpowered. I mean horrible the market, hasn't moved. Remarkably. I mean it's okay it's gonna be a little bit of time let's get into it. For. A second though let's talk about yeah how different this was in our eBay, challenge that that I really, enjoyed the search it was like I kind of went back through everything I say even like oh man I should have bought that and like that it was and and, the, other thing I'll say is with. Where the market is gone in the past year on cars as I thought when he started selling like $45,000, for all my stuff and bring a trailer good, luck like everything everything was $45,000, or more on there but, I was amazed at the really cool stuff you can buy for great less than 10 grand or, less than five grand even there's some great cars right there I thought two things when I was going through it the first was like what a better way to do this because bring, a trailer is like a highly, edited version, of eBay. Motors well if you don't know well the trash in there yeah I mean you know good for anybody who doesn't know bring a trailer it started, out as a site that sort, of monitored, cool cars that were being sold around the internet and then they on Craigslist. Yeahyou Bay and, then, they became an auction, site so you can you know I mean this is a couple of years in so if you haven't been there definitely, go check it out and where have you been, by the way if you haven't checked out bring a trailer and it anyway so and it's a little different where like if the, time runs, out but if you're in a bidding war it'll keep on going on which was really good because I bought a car last month for. The Classic Car Club on it and just, got to the office late but it was in that like 1 minutes I was. Able to log on and then, I got into the war there yeah I was there yeah that's right. The. Other thing I learned going through it is like holy, we, should have like a car clip and buy all these great cars because it's good fun. The. Other important, difference to know opposite. EBay where, you, know bids are secret, and people are hidden and you know even, questions. Can be answered in secret, it's all public, every comment every bit is out there for everyone to see yeah and they engage in and that, really drives the, decision-making process, because there's such a good knowledge. Base in the community that sets, it up so yeah so it's it's been a really cool way to buy cars it also lets you bid on things that people, you hate want yeah, just. A spider, yes. Spike. You're not getting away with that for $35. Mellie, ok well alright so today we're doing $45,000. That we're sort of whoa wait just a recap - right yeah forty five grand okay with forty five thousand dollars we have to cover. All of our personal. Driving, requirements, just like eBay challenges yes right so if you're into driving on track near the track car or a race car you probably need something to get it around so. What. You need for all of your driving situations, right so you want me to go first yes let's critique you and your bad choices all right so I don't, know, how many pirates, is they have on everybody. Happy. Well what I did was I, set, some, guidelines for myself, no BMWs, no Porsches, no, Miatas, well you maybe they like a challenge, it was a challenge, challenge he did the art of restraint. Yeah. Well also yeah I wanted to stretch. My my. Searching, a little bit too I did the same thing cool. Alright so this is the first thing I did I, don't. Mean to interrupt well know a thing what was a new thing that happened which was there, were a lot of cars I wanted to buy but they didn't sell they didn't hit their reserve.

So. I eliminated, those because there's no real number on them, so. We all did that - yeah yeah yeah these are just cars that went through and were sold for this number well I will say I did the opposite of you guys like trying to break it I didn't, break out of my moles at all I actually searched all the stuff that had already been. Xed. Time I'll broaden my horizons, I feel. Alright. So what I did was I, sort. Of broke it up you, got to have a car that sounds. Good I wanted a car just, to start it all off that just sounds, amazing and with. That, $45,000. Number I could have gotten one alpha of the, era that I really. Wanted 374. Do you mean sounds good like when you start it or just saying interceptor. Like oh no oh no no good engine, sound yeah, good point, interceptor, it sounds nice but. Ya, know an engine that sounds, like, an attack basically it's an Italian car sure let's face it right right that, sounded as good as an old Alfa but wasn't an old, Alfa because that would have eaten up the entire budget. Except. That I saw I think. Not the oldest, output, I, picked, this. Basically. A teenage house how you pick the teenage out it's an 86 GT, v6 yeah, with, the busou v6, which is one of the best sounding, engines probably, I'm gonna go out on the limb best-sounding. V6. Ever. And it's because of those intake runners. I. Get a say it's the car - that can't be a good sounding v6 up top my yeah see I overlooked, but hearing. That and also knowing it's a v6 it's gonna be like. You. Know it'll be more powerful in the street for is of the, era yeah, let's. Do a pretty awesome car drive what did it go for. $13,500. Well fine, acquisition, of other people's money somewhat well you know what that's the thing with this car like it's at 13. 5 it's a completely, well sorted, GT v6 these, cars were not, the, problem is that Alfa freaks you. To be kind of a certain kind of alpha freak to love them yes because, the. Newer cars don't get as much love as the, older cars and the older cars have appreciated, so, much, that. If you this is an 86, if you go to 76, does the cars kind, of similar except for the engine you're going further back and. And. Pre, 74, you're you know you're talking about cards 40 we. Bought our first. 74. GTV for like fifteen thousand dollars 17, that's 17 we just bought our third one for 50. So. What you say is true yeah and I think those are quite cool and there's a there's, a like a little crew of cats in New York City that run around it's like four guys and I'll have one and I see them driving together yeah, they do look good they're, good cars are Italian. Looking like just difference yeah it's a great a great. Handling, platform, they're fantastic. Cars the only problem is you, know. It's. You, know it's a little bit of the steel. Kind of sucks so. You, got to get a cry it's a southern car yes really get somebody who put all their money into it and you can benefit, from all their money that's, a good one man so okay that's the first one so second one I wanted, to I wanted a truck but I didn't know what kind of truck because, again. Trucks. Have been appreciating, so much and I didn't want to blow the budget not a ton of trucks on bring a trailer either no exactly, right into this what I what, I really, wanted to do was, get, a truck with decals, so, that was my original so.

A Car that sounded good a truck with decals except. That I couldn't afford any of the scout's that, were on there because you know those 70's and eight and yeah maybe really I. Was. Doing the Scout and I had to eliminate it from because you get one but then the other stuff it was you blow your budget on it right did. You did you did you pick one well okay so instead, of blue rusty well I instead. Of, decals. I went with the 70s, paint job it's cool through the brown, oh, yeah, yeah I toured, with that yes, did you see that you. Know it's a it's, a 75. F250. Camper special, yeah that's nice with a mercury 390. And it's. Not the original engine but let me look at that thing it's not even really the original color but you, gotta have that how. Much did that sell for this one sold for let's. See twelve, thousand. Seven hundred and fifty dollars so. It sound like a lot to anybody, but it's. It's solid, solid money yeah I mean for it look for an old pickup truck it's. It's hipster, money for an old pickup truck let's face it I mean if it does looks a color of. But. It's not crazy money and it's a really nice truck and these are really you know like these are. F250s. Run forever when you get out do you like get out and it. Yeah. Exactly exactly and yeah that's the thing it's like it's sort of it's not really meant to be in this good condition, you kind of have to have, to throw some crap around in it the, interior, back then was like basically. Body, colour everywhere, and. Then the Kermit skinned seats yeah. Look. How clean yeah. Well. The, pickup truck market has come up I mean 12 grand for a classic vehicle that's in that good. Of a condition, it's just amazing yeah that's, a good one I mean ice pick thank you all right so after, that you know I wanted to get all, right so here's the thing performance, car for. The track mm-hmm. That's not a. It's. Not a Miata that's not a BMW, or a Porsche, what. Do you get and I I went looking for you. Know like Honda. S2000. S and too. Expensive, everything, really, good in Japanese and rear-wheel drive is too expensive so. Japanese. Okay, look at that 97. Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, Bob. Bondurant. Former. Racecar. Boy, a former school, car I did not see this yeah I, caught. That and I was like oh my god that's perfect so, is. It still street-legal, uh I. Don't believe it's street-legal, though. I think that's the problem I think that you know that I'm gonna have to pull it with the with, the truck with the truck, I'd imagine that this would this would qualify or, it could easily qualify, for like the what's. Like the big v8 series, in Seca yeah, yeah when we got we raced me on there you go there's always like before is this guy some Mustangs, and co-resident, yeah a Big Bang or v8 series, which this would work yeah a. Lot of a large bore, large-bore and this. Thing is, I mean, obviously it's been pretty well maintained. It's, got all the stuff. It's. Got the you know the racing, seats the harness the whole thing the cage and it's a clean white canvas for all your graphics exist, you can still you can still take that box rehearsal right and it only costs you 13. 75013. 750, which was on the high side of you. Know one of the new you know what did they call that the new Mustang. Coyote. Well. It was yeah I mean originally it was a modular, v8. But it was like they had a name for those for. Those Mustangs, that that new style of must like the new style them a new Mustang the new something I can't remember I'll be honest I don't know because that, generation I, lost a lot of interest in I know. A. Race cars a race car so, and fox bodies are also, real. Good ones are too expensive, yes so, this, was I felt like this was a good compromise. I like it alright so I did have some money left over I did. Go over by, 200, bucks disqualified. Well wait a minute well, let me tell you let me show you what I got because I had 5,000, left I saw that and, I just squeezed it yeah the 91 Honda beat horrible.

I Needed, something JDM. Like something like that I could super, corny Instagram. What. Are you talking about yellow Honda, beat yep, and I it's. Sort of like the one-off Honda, answer, the mr2 yeah, well even smaller, though yeah like that thing is tiny yeah $51.99. It went for it so. Actually. And I also sort of think like those. 25. Year, cars. Are, coming, in I mean yeah this is like the 25 year JDM cars are, constantly. Going, up in value except, these small ones these little kei car ones never go up in value right-hand drive. That. We got to do it was that one of your criteria yeah, you had, to get a good sounding car, and. Right-hand drive right, 25. Years JDM, carcass are all showing, up now and they're really interesting yeah really. Quirky stuff I've never seen before I don't know anything about popping, up so there is it this is a cake are right so it's 660. CC, s 63. Horsepower, tiny. Tiny, car probably. Perfect for cruising, around New. York City. Probably. Not but or not ya know. It's really cool keeping your garage yeah. Keep you show to people just. Don't. Drive it Honda beat come on to beat its, a 91 look at the seats I know Wow look, at that I'm with you look that's what's more 1991. Then then zebra-skin. Anything, that is so like amazing, la here'd yes, ROC total. Very Dokken very. Dakin very late, period hair, bad very poison, okay. So. I went 200 over you, know what I'm worried are we gonna do four. Cars 200, over all right we'll, let you slide all right what's whose. Name. You. Gonna use. All. Right well um let me go. You gotta start you're, gonna do them in order yeah yeah okay so they go this way mine I think yours go this way yeah all right so. Like, you had to find a track slash race car I had. A hard time finding, things like a Honda, s2000. That would fit in the budget rear-wheel, drive cars, so. I got, a Mini Cooper race, car okay which is front-wheel drive which, is okay it's still a race car it's still a race car. I'd have to change. My style a little bit but fun whatever cool we sure are really, good fun and promo drive cars in the track we have like our lemons car we'd do those McGann's yeah, look, at your big ring you gotta like break earlier in a straight line like they you know I have a Trailbreaker, you can't do so you got to get it all done and in total power through the corners let's get up the right way you know your trail break over, here and then just get on the gas and Claudia yeah, put. A stiffer. Bar in the back right to help the rotations, that would you guys is this one of those remember, they did that see. Or something I. Think. This will fit into a couple of series so I could actually compete rather than just go around in circles with people but easy, to maintain not expensive, probably easy on top cars but really fun cars though yeah i watch the video guy, looked like he was having a good time wait how much less, than 10 grand yeah listen. Cool, pretty good package all right, wait. A minute did they put the is that him yeah oh. Cool. Yeah setup, raises, sold last week yeah, yes. Fresh out fresh out the box, Wow nice, so look. Good sounded, good but that cool, then what's next I need it so this is bring a trailer right. It's. Like that's what the classic car clubs about right so what you. Want to drive and check it out I don't know much about it but I love the stance I spent too much money on it probably maybe you, don't really know what the rate, is, it's. A 70, Renault 8 is that basically like an Alpine with a sedan body on it kind of right it's, like the hoods got a wedgie. It's. Cool, 15400. Which, I might be a lot it might not be a lot of who knows you know it is you're probably good only guy with one anywhere, oh yeah that's. How I like to be I. Think. The interiors really nice also rear engine by the way, but. I'm. Saying it's Alpine major it was cool, rally history, on this thing you know early. 70s late. 60s and, and. Also touring car racing I think during that period with you yeah this is a I think it's made for hill climb in Turin um also I'm the first this is the first time I bought a beige car and. I liked it but is that a flat grey or beige it's. Branch. Everything. It looks like it looks like a blast I, went. With that how many horsepower is that something, something something.

Yeah. 1200. It's the 1,300, CC it's. A big engine right, so, what's the next thing was I I am, a bit of a truck guy right like I. I. Have. My motocross, bikes my track bike my race bike my bicycles. Lots of to wheel and you can't get any of them in this and no, I think you can so so, going through like the pickup trucks that are available we're kind of like not not. Really useful for that right so I went the other way and found something not useful for anything but, get, to right-hand. Drive which true and, I Daihatsu. Hijack. Hey. Guys I mean look, I could roll I could roll motocross bikes into the back of this it's amazing right like look at that yeah it's simple box it's a van for the same at, this the same size of the Honda beat every, track that was three hours away is now four hours away. Whatever. It's cool it's, different you had it's another beige car I think it's. Has, a 500cc. An 556. I. Bought it because it's lovable yeah it's. Right hand drive it's right hand drive that's nice you guys didn't let me in in this right hand drive yeah I mean it's. I didn't know I had to get it right hand drive vehicle you know what you need all five four. Right hand drive and I'm perfect for because I have EZ Pass so I don't have to do that and I don't eat a lot of fast food so the drive throughs a problem, for me then and if you ever like have to get a job as a mail carrier you're all set Zac oh also. Exactly. Zac oh also a test fit I have outrageous. Levels, of driving, road like road rage so, when people just drive, in politely, yeah right I'm always like hey you you. Know now I'm closer to them being right or. Or you put a mannequin in the passenger seat and like, when you start yelling you just point to him like does not mean I could always. Lift it. So. That's my motorcycle. Haul or slash work thing if I ever need to do some work on the old apartment I could fit in a do you buy one and there we go you could fit a Grom in there yeah oh my wife has a grub there you got a problem yes with that thing that was 7000, something. 7,200. All right so a bargain. At any other. Price I got, my daily driver seat. Like this is which is so I got myself a grain wagon here, daily driver this one is Jeep is it what how many miles are on this one because n't, all. Right no you're right there no it does matter it really does matter 304. To, me what is that in there but I have mechanical, problems like what is that no but it, does look good though cuz we were remember, we were seriously, considering that like over, the top restored, one the one I like 45, grams yeah right when, this one first came on the block I was considered, seriously. Considering it I think, we should go in this the other car that I really wanted which I couldn't buy eight cuz it's too expensive and, be, auctions. Not done yet but like there. Is a pink. Lamborghini. Interior. And. I'm. Not, this is not short shrift that right definitely be my daily driver what I think I think. I could do it I think I could I think I could pull it off but I'd never get anywhere so it work however, pink. Lamborghini, a spot a white interior and that's pulled over on the side of the road that's why I bring a trailer yeah, yes, so damn good it does look amazing Mike my. My. Kids are chasing me to get, one of those the club because they're, obsessed some euros and that's basically Amira turned around backwards the extra seat now. You know now I did Crescent to my BMW, sing, a little bit but I had a little money left over Saigon. Yeah. I got a little, old r60, not my favorite bike but I had money and you. Know got to outfit my Daihatsu they're great I mean, Ikes. Yeah and they're safer, because if you, throw, it down you've got the heads protecting, your leg. Good, logic. Makes. It hard good. They're. Safer, because they have drum brakes and handle terribly, but like when you fall over you have the imitates, to protect your legs absolutely, gonna go I'm also gonna say as an. Avid motorcycle, rider I hate. I. Hate old, bikes like old cafe racers I get, the appeal just like actually doing it they look cool but they're a pain in the ass I'll just make my 12.

Horsepower Daihatsu, like, a little bit more time and go Lauren, yeah and I still have 200 bucks left over I know you went over. $100. Oh Zack. Always tips into them all right all right so that's it I'll give you both 100 bucks so you'll be clean and, a hundred, bucks so did you get five, yes. I did all right I always, go for volume yeah as usual you're winning on quantity, setting up the garage well wait a minute I mean in five vehicles I mean there's the motorcycle, camp we'll, give it to you we'll get to do five five, vehicles, sorry. All right go ahead authority. Exact right, so so, you, know my needs a good, three. Kids so. Sex so I guess I got. A cart in the family around there's always a bit of practicality in there okay and, this. Is the, ultra. Rare v70. Are with the six-speed manual very, cool. Not. Only a six-speed manual but, the atacama. Orange. Swedish, leather which is. An. Actually home I helped, friend. Scott buy one of these and we road-tripped it from San Francisco, to Portland. With, with, a dying clutch there's a giant clutch and, most. Of the frames for us. Well. Done but again this one this that's been has a long-term ownership. It's been dealer serviced, all the way through even two, hundred thousand, miles okay, service. I mean look, I I have, to get my family around reliably, but I need to leave some room in the budget for fun so six, thousand six hundred dollars for a three horsepower, all-wheel drive, manual, with, it Debbie Hollywood attack them 11 I know that's a lot of miles but it looks like whoever but it really took yeah a lot of miles it's it's had two or three timing. Belt service is, done at, the dealer okay like basically everything the guy took of the dealer he's gonna do a service records, for the whole so, it people they probably spent, as much. As the car cost on dealers over oh yeah that's great, perfect so 600. Alright so enjoy, the benefit someone else's money so so I got my family stuff sorted and they're they're actually really awesome cars, to drive I mean not only that it's also like your favorite car. Yeah. A guy I grew up loved involved is about I, was actually looking for two forties when they found this cuz that that was really micro 240 was sure the 240, that I could buy for five hundred bucks and hop, in the engine bay and work on the engine yeah I'm itself so Zac used to build to 40s on the streets of Brooklyn yes, back in the day. Yeah. Push. It across the street, there to bleed the brakes off, inside parking anyways. Alright here we go so I got the family taken care of number two oh. I. Tried, to do the math on this one it it kept on falling out so, I had I had to get a classic and, sort, of any classic. Car below 15 grand and qualified leads to ruin the budget right so, Lancia, Fulvia, 1.3. S I have no idea what the S is makes, it sound more sporty, sport, yeah well you know he's cool about they don't seem to have the same motor yeah well I mean because, these, have not appreciated. In the way that alphas have yeah they're around the same period they're not, as you, know as a. Spry. I guess yes but, but they're supposed to be great handling there's a weird front-end from. A drive thing but there were so great rally cars and there, they have that real, classic, like 60s, Italian beauty so I think they're much better looking than eight and the G TVs yeah. Look. At the rear how's that really quick shaves, and the front works under and in. These. Aren't creeping up and there's other phobias. That were in the 20s. You. Know well I think the later one of the five-speed gearbox stuff, this is the earlier one yeah, you know declared, as driver quality paint but that's perfect man I. Was. 15. He. Is 14 even 14, even right so I'm at 20 thousand six hundred dollars Wow, all right so you still have a ways to go but this is cool oh look at this I didn't see the striping. Really. Well done but I love, that they're not well done I think that's just gaffer tape. That's. Racy that's cool it's racy, yeah so sorry so I got my vintage sports car taking care oh wait wait wait just take one let's have the little HF elephant. Graphic on it I love, that yeah the rate I was looking for I, guess it's not there all right here we go uh what's. Not. For. Elephants so so I take courier box every car decals nice, well, done all right so our here we yes I did I did I do want to go to the track but.

I Wasn't, gonna buy a pickup truck so I've got a street car they can drive the track the track days excellent, choice BMW. Z4. M Coupe this. One is some miles 140,000. Miles which was probably why it's less LuAnn, okay, I think anything service below me people drive. M3s, forever that's a pretty mellow top ten, right, yeah amazing Carmen like these. And Cayman. S's are like you know my top, choice for a car that's a sports. Car it's acceptable for me to drive somewhere near I'm yeah, and on top of that I love the idea of getting than the other car that's not the one that everybody has been digging into like ever he wants the clown shoe and, arguably like you could say it's a little bit better looking, but, this I love is, weight this is a way, better car. Would, it have what. The s54. Yeah, three. Motor, 330. 300 horsepower or something yeah and and they were you. Know is right around the time became an S is coming out these things had hit this tree and they were they. Were competitors, but with more power and a lot more like, wild, and fun, like they came, and ass is indisputably, a great, perfectly, balanced sports car this is imperfect, but a bit more exciting, we did a whole show about. Yeah. Well, put the legs you know you know it's like for me it's like a baby zo6, with a bit of your payment oh my that's, a black roof thing sort of yeah like tail with that sort of rear yeah, II like you're sitting down. I. Really. Love those cars the first time we had any time I, was, going a distance and that cars near the door is taking it good my hot don't so cool. Well you got I got like five grand left and. So, you picked. You. Gonna make fun of me no way man I love it. So. Its 87. 535. Is it's, cool and it's, one of those cars where the m's going, crazy, you know like you. Know II twenty-eight. M5 has been on my wish list for a long time but like out, there they're a going-away up now like maybe minimum. 20 grand to get in would be, crazy so, to get you. Know, 85. Percent of the driving experience for, five grand, I mean that's nice that's an it I mean and and this one's been tuned to beta it's good it's gonna bill things it has, the.

Billy Goat exhaust, that sounds good it's like it would be a nice proper, amber, lamp yeah, amber lamps I mean amber Lance got, to put five dollars in the bathroom yeah easily, I mean that's. A lot up in five grand if it didn't have the amber lamps on it so it's got those blackout wind yeah yeah and and and someone in the comments said, it well like after the bidding this is another cool thing every trailer people get on and like cried congratulate. Everybody and then then. The seller, is like feels a little bad if it was Amen I spy cuz he feels like sold to cheap whatever yeah but but, one guy said it really well he's like he's like you know there's, no way $5,000. Would give you more fun than that yeah you know so good choices guys well done yeah, okay. So to recap real, quickly I, picked. The Alfa. Romeo GTV 6, 1986. The, Ford. F250, pickup the. X Bob Bondurant, Mustang. SVT, Cobra. And. And. The 91, Honda beat yeah the the JDM, right-hand, drive right Honda beet cake are right. And i and i carded my family around in the wagon. The, Volvo. V70. R with a six-speed in Tacoma, I, got, my classic, kicks with my Lancia, Fulvia mhm, I. Have, the. Requisite. Modern. Sports and track Carly z4 M Coupe and then, just. Cuz I had five grand last 535i. S you. Had you, had, 4900. Left anyway I. Forgot. What I have okay, so for me I got, a meeting Cooper race car / track car which I hope to race I got. A Renault. 8 with a wedgie on the hood which is a really cool noodle, car I got, a Daihatsu. Hi. Jet got, that and then I got, motorcycle. - got a vintage, whatever-the-hell. BMW. Or six, or something I'm not into, BMW. Motorcycles. Well done so you did win on volume, well. Done yeah, yeah. I really I really enjoyed this one it was, freaking trailer challenges, of keeper because there's, some, bring. A trailer is just so well curated, right so they know you. Know they know their market they know us you. Know and and. They've been doing tremendous, work with this stuff so there, are plenty of cars on there so all these cars got away, they. Also have a really good search function, so go there now, and you know check out what they had in the past you, can see what they sold for and they put a chart up so you can see like the, clusters, of how much the cars have been going for it's really, helpful site the community, is fantastic. You. Know that like part of the reason why I bought my car is there, was so much information, from the community out there on the, on the on, the auction page it was fantastic, so cool um go, there check out bring. A trailer put yours down in the comments, Michael pitch and ello classic. Car club Manhattan Zac. Mosley classic car called Manhattan also. Thanks. For watching the after drive we'll see you next time on when. We do some other thing like this similar, in 15 minutes from now.

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1997 Acura Integra Type R (https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2001-acura-integra-type-r-15/) 1988 MB GD240 Wolf LWB (https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1988-mercedes-benz-gd-240-wolf-lwb/) 1988 Nissan 300ZX Turbo 5-spd (https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1988-nissan-300zx-4/) With $1,350 left to shop.

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GUYS show bit more of the cars and the details,, specially the volvo interior is commented on bt not really shown

Check out the links in the description. Lots more info on the cars.

Cappuccino > beat, plus, rwd! Also, is $45,000 a number that most people just "have"? If I did this it would be "how many craigslist projects that run or will run with little work for 2-3k", lol.

Guy on the right says Grand like Drew Barrymore: "Grahhnd"

Info on the couch anyone?

Granted, I haven't crunched the numbers, but I would have tried to get: · 1994-2001 Integra GSR (super cheap racecar) · 1967-1978 Chevy C10 (car hauler/work truck) · 1986-1992 Suzuki Alto GTX (daily/RHD) · 1973-1976 Toyota Celica (classic/fun car) I feel that I could pull that off for sub $45K.

Drive needs to be more serious with facebook

The Fulvia HF sell around 100.000 euros here...

Im here for the Doggo

M66 V70R for life! Us Volbros will forgive yalls pronunciation of Atacama. Welcome to the fam!

astonmartinzz I’ve been in the fam forever, problem is my knowledge predates the FWD platforms. Between my mom, my brother and I we’ve had about 15 rwd red block cars, mostly 240s. I still have a 242gt collecting dust in a friends barn upstate


Dog stretching at 31:30, cute as

Do a no f's given $5,000 challenge!

I will slay you guys in that. Until ccc came along, I never paid more than $1,500 for a car

Yes, a bring a trailer challenge with a budget for us plebeians!

dudeson53 That will happen

9krpm beat , luv it

I want to believe I inspired Spin to pick a Beat.

Corbin Goodwin You are the wind beneath my wings.

My roadster $15,700 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1957-mg-mga-roadster-3/ My Daily/People carrier $16,000 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1968-mercedes-benz-250s/ My Truck $10,000 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1966-international-harvester-travelette-1100a-4x4/ My Bike $2,750 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bmw-motorcycle-r605/ = $44,450

So glad to see afterdrive making more stuff

Love the show, always have, but that pup is the best addition you guys have made EVER

Yeah.  She's the smartest of the group too.

As an owner of a 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 that is a driver not a show car, I couldn't agree more on the sound. It is simply the reason why I love cars. The sound is a symphony of italian noises. The balance of the handling is outstanding. The only downfall is the second gear synchos. You have to double clutch.

Love these, glad to see them back.

Love /DRIVE but feel that it's not what it was before, shows steal grate but feel that it needs more content regularly and more action

Great show and format guys, but could you put a display/monitor on the coffee table facing the camera showing the photos of the cars being discussed? Would be nice to have more visuals, thanks!

13lxe I like that idea

Had three Busso V-6's ABOSOLUTELY the best sounding V6 of all time



inb4 the GT-R fanboys come claim the VR38 sounds better than the Alpha!

That Volvo is the shit! His choices were more in line with one of good taste in cars imo. Great vid

Finally! It's back!

what type of Jaguar is in the back?

t block That’s a 2002 XJR 100. A Bring a Trailer purchase.

FINALLY bring a trailer challenge. Thank you

I saw prichinello running around formula drift New Jersey last year when I was working there

Did he say K' cars never go up in value? They certainly are here in the UK.

Tom Clarke I think they’re held back a bit here because of the right-hand drive.

watching your show as usual.... and.... Zac picked the car I actually bought on BAT ! the 07 Z4 M Coupe. How cool seeing my car in the video.

P. OROUR4 I think that makes eligible for a prize. They used to do that on previous iterations if you actually bought a car they picked. Someone remind me what the award was called please, it’s driving me insane.

Man I love these segments! More please

2800 for my 5.0 foxbody with 49k miles second owner

cool!  I really want a fox body saleen.

That's a good deal, people over price them where I live in CA

Yam Ada fuckin deal

I suggested the Alfa GTV6 in the comments of one of the ebay challenges a few months ago.

I'd totally get that Honda Beat, those things are like a gocart for the road.

No MR2 Spyder? dropping the ball on a mid engine, rwd, jdm, convertible.

THE DRIVE same i have a 2001 spyder. Absolutely love it.

thetreeshaveads I have a 2000 Spyder. Great car

Volvo 242

Joe Wilder see my comments above. I actually still have a 242gt with a b23ft swap and mega squirt!

You said good sounding V6? Stock G35’s have a pretty good note in my opinion. Okay, granted not as good as that Alfa but... still pretty nice sounding. (I might be biased here fyi)

- 67' 912 $34,000 ; https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-porsche-912-coupe-6/ - 80' 924 Turbo for $9000 ; https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1980-porsche-924-turbo-4/ - 71' BSA 650 Lightning A65 Project $2000 ; https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bsa-650-lightening-a-65/

I owned a hijet when i lived in Japan. i refered to it as the gomi jet. gomi be the word for garbage. what a piece of crap

Gomi Jet!  I like that. It does look

It would be awesome if you guys did a weekly podcast on iTunes!

Defenitly my favorite show on Youtube...it will be cool if you can invite Matt Farrah to do one game with you

Awesome show! You Should show more photos :)

My dad bought a Cayman S with a 3.6 911 motor, for only $25k on bring a trailer. It's all you need really.


Nice! I love these videos.

I loved my Alfa GTV6 Borocco Edition. Was awesome and a blast to drive. Also had a 79 spyder and a Milano that I upgraded to 227 horses with a piston increase.

Goddamn I love after/drive. You guys are my designated internet friends

Yeah that Espada. I wish you guys would get it.

Is monkey ever awake? Questioning if hes alive or stuffed

She is alive!  I throw the ball around with her for 20minutes before we start.  That way she doesn't jump around the whole time we're talking.  Monkee is 10 years old but will run all day if a tennis ball is involved.

Why is that dog always asleep? lol

because we're boring to listen to.

Jacob Patton Because dog.

Spinelli this channel needed you back

1968 corvette you can get a 427/390hp in great shape for $45,000

interesting to see so many people come in here right away to dislike the video... i mean I guess

Just love your show guys - thank you :-)

thanks to you!

Can u guys look more hipster

Jason Wingate my God, that man scrambled u so much mentally and analy, u can't tell the difference between genders. Those 47 cents worth of therapy hasn't paid off at all. Please give the device you're using back to ur care taker and go to bed in your padded room

Ruben Cardenas why are you calling your mother a man. She birthed you! She pushed you out of her hairy, bed bug infested beaver, and immediately traded you to pedophiles for a pack of Pall Malls.

Jason Wingate is that y u feel the need to defend these hipsters? They resemble the gentleman that orally abused u as a child? Sad, but at least he gave u .47 cents so it's not all bad

Ruben Cardenas yeah. Your mom sucked my tween rod for $0.47. I wasn't even old enough to blow a load. Still haunts me

Jason Wingate getting very specific, I'm guessing u experienced that first hand. Sorry for your childhood

Ruben Cardenas your mom blows hipster dong for cigarette money


Hipsters talking about hipsters, very meta

Ruben Cardenas That wouldn‘t be hipster in NYC but in Texas the people would think they are all parts of LGBT

Yes. Beards.

Love this couch!

thats why i came!

michael skaff It's amazing

So, jetzt erstmal zu mobile.de

I love your show, very inspiring and it's always nice to see guys with the same passion for unique cars! #veryEntertaining

Totally! We're on that site all the time too.

early 2000 toyota tacoma and c6 zo6 with a few thousand left for mods on the z

I truly enjoy this series that the three of you do on After/Drive. I have one request and that is for you to show the cars on screen as you comment about them a little longer.

Thanks! Check out the links to the cars in the description.

Hands down the last dude picked the best cars. Volvo manual wagon. Lancia coupe. Z4m coupe. And the bmw 535

Agreed! Though, Mike Spinelli can get a great view from his reliable Honda convertible as he drives past his broken Alfa and Fords at the garage.

Matt Coats I can’t argue with that!


Want to have a fun track car but don't want to have a miata or something everyone has. What to get/build? Video on what you guys would get would be interesting

Civic, MR2, s2000, e36, foxbody, s13 or s14.

if you have claustrophobia or are at least 6ft stay away from them both.

Mini Cooper. Even Doug DeMuro recommended.

Completly forgot about that pair.

Austin Faxas Pontiac solstice/Saturn sky

Is the Mini a B-Spec racer or just a conglomeration of Amazon parts and stickers? ;)

That v60 is wonderful

Great show. Appreciate this one-thanks-austin alfa on BaT

A Renault apline GTA v6 turbo sold in June. With 45k I would buy that and drive that car untill it broke down do I could spend the left over money fixing it back up.

SCCA T1 you were searching for around 10:50 :)

I want a honda beat so bad

New Edge for that style of mustang.

2 out of 3 Great choices!

Jim Bauer which 2 though, you’re leaving us guessing!

Youre alive? whut?

Great choice to use BaT! Good choices and good video!

Anyone else just watching the dog?

Patrick Hanna 27:43 dog's too lazy to even scratch itself, ha ha

Patrick Hanna dog stretching at 31:30, cute as...

9:22 lol

Patrick Hanna the only reason why I watched 25 minutes of the video

Is that a vista cruiser behind them in the beginning

THE DRIVE a thing of beauty

1970 Pontiac Catalina

hahaha, I posted mine right before Micheal went, we are too similar (Renault 8)- FYI, that Car came to Austin, TX, so I will get to see it in real life.

Autozam Az1 (red), Renault 8 (tan), Porsche 968 6 speed (Red), have $5000 left to fix everything.

M5 E39s and ZCP M3 E46s too expensive now?

I think two of the guys just omitted BMW's because they are just too obvious of a choice for a decent priced performance car.

best series on youtube

My neighbor just brought me some cake, and now /DRIVE posts one of my favorite series... am I in heaven?

Is cake a metaphor for oral sex?


THE DRIVE not sure but it must have been British because it left oil on the plate.

Cake! What kind?



Love the picks! It would be nice to see more of the cars though. I mean you guys look nice and all, but those cars look NICE! Also a fan of the third set, especially the Lancia, a gorgeous car.

Now I'm checking how expensive Beats are. Edit: And realizing the Cappuccino is actually the one I want.

And if you cross over the ocean, I ll make you drive my '69s Alpine !

OMG !!!! R8 Gordini !!!! If you guys come over Europe, I make you drive one !!!!!!!

well played.

Fair enough, by the way... Im the one who won that auction lol That’s my evo now, I enjoyed this video though. Neat choices, especially the beat

I saw that, but I wanted something I can race, not just track.   Good car though for track days for sure

agreed.   Keep it classy, America

me too.

@thedrive @corbinGoodwin and the lead weight on your foot.

Didn't want to throw Spinelli under the bus, But his choices are...well, as they say in Texas, bless his heart. You and Mr.P killed it, solid all the way through. Micheal is making my Kei car obsession mainstream. You are also championing that #wagonlife.

This should be done with regular celebrity guests. Not normal celebrities, I'm talking about Doug DeMuro, Mr. Regular, Matt F., Jonny Lieberman... etc... same challenges $50,000 cover all of your automotive needs.

I should probably preface it with my vehicular/lifestyle needs. * I'm not a wrench turner and have local independent shops who support me. I need something I won't go broke keeping on the road. * I can't stand garage queens. If I'm spending money, I'm driving it as much as possible. * I live in the DC Metro area and travel a fair bit between here, OH, PA, and the I95 N corridor. So, it needs to be reliable on the road that won't strand me on a highway or back road in lynching country. * I'm not a track guy, but enjoy spirited road driving that won't get me killed or arrested * I'm single so I want something cool to impress chicks when car guys give me thumbs up or talk to me * I need a go anywhere box on frame SUV for me, my puppy, and going north in any weather and/or zombie apocalypse * I'm an 80s baby and love all kitschy 80s stuff and tech #tapedecksforlife

Zac Moseley its funny how everything starts with the 240 series! Same here! Burgundy 240DL. Knew it was a bad idea to dump it when it went bad when I was younger. Oh well. Yall are doing cars right btw. This is how you spend $45k on cars. Lifes too short to have boring cars...love how yall love the “odd” cars like I do. The Beat excited me! Also a fan of the Cappuccino!

There should be a short version of this.

I loved the inclusion of the V70R, I just bought one a couple months back with 86,000 miles on it and I love that car more than anything I've ever owned.

Glenn is really losing his hair

Yeah, the poor bastard. Wait, Glenn who?

coffee shop ivy league snobby car talk .....


Every year there is an event worth watching : La montée de la Muraz. I can only recommend it to you

Do you plan to come to the Geneva Motor Show ?

I own a A110 1300cc a 964 c4 and a good friend of mine owns a fantastic R8 Gordini (and it's freaking awsome !!!!!)

Around Geneva (Switzerland)

Yeah!!  We're there a few times a year.  Where are you?

FTW every time.

Definitely. Next time he's in town.

Lol they look almost completely traditional. Not that hipster.

This is such a good car show.

We try.  But we talk too much.

Ruben Cardenas don't hate the playa...hate the game....or your baby raping parents

Willy Lamb if u think cuffed jeans, striped socks, grandma sweaters, van and thick framed glasses looks traditional, then yea

Y'all should edit in a picture of the car being discussed in the top left/right hand corner so the audience can always see what you guys are mentioning (kinda like the smoking tire's video edit). Just a thought.

One of the best shows on You tube. Keep up the good work!

Ahhhh I saw the Honda Beat in Raleigh the other day

Hey that 25 yr jdm challenge sounds like a great episode


Vr6 the only good sounding v6

Yes! Forgot about those. Absolutely

Whoa Black Betty, "Amber Lamps"

I had to stop watching the video after the first three shit crap and dumpy no way

Pass pull respect plain excellent command effectively legend note

THE DRIVE don’t forget about the VQ!

Hey guys love the videos just have a suggestion. Can you guys keep a smaller picture of the car in the lower corner when you are talking about it? Sometimes you only briefly show the car but keep talking about if for a long time and I want to see what your bringing up. Hope that makes sense. Cheers!

'99 M Roadster ($14k): Weekend, fun car. Double Evergreen (my favorite M color) with a matching hardtop. Super great deal and it's exactly what I want. #1 pick for anything. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1999-bmw-m-roadster-13/ '96 E36 328i Convertible ($9.5k): Daily driver. I currently drive a 318i Convertible and it's a nice daily. A bump in power and preservation will compliment that feeling. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1996-bmw-328i-2/ '99 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet ($16.25k): A nice cruiser and occasional track car. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1999-porsche-911-carrera-18/ And since I have room, I'll take the '91 Beat too ($5.2k): The "just because" car. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1991-honda-beat-8/ I have $50 left for gas. I also REALLY like this Ford V8-swapped '67 Austin 3000, but it hasn't sold yet. The Beat and the Porsche might get the boot to make room in the budget. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1963-austin-healey-3000-mk-ii-4/

I like your couch. I want one.

16:18 the dog had a nice stretch

If they don't believe in the power of the beat then they need to go watch mcm's road to suzuka, it's a good example of why beats (and by comparison other sporty kei cars) are actually pretty rad

I just wan the dog

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