$5 Jordanian FUKHARA (food) in AMMAN فخارة (أكلة) أردنية ب 5 دولار في عمان

$5 Jordanian FUKHARA (food) in AMMAN  فخارة (أكلة) أردنية ب 5 دولار في عمان

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Good morning, guys from another video here in Jordan, specifically in the southern parts of Jordan somewhere in between the Wadi Rum deserts, and Aqaba. And I’m here with the usual squad, we've got Sophia. What's going on everybody? We’ve got Harry, the new captain, first time driving here. The Brits used

to driving in this passenger seat. So things are flipped around for him, and we're making a quick pit stop here. We’re about an hour into the drive because we're actually cruising back up to Amman today from Aqaba. Figured we would finish our time in Aqaba couple days early, and get back to Amman, check out some of the internet cafes up there, check out a few more things, maybe get a haircut out there. And yeah so, we're making a quick pit stop over here. I’ve been told by Sophia who just got hooked up with some free falafels. Free falafel, Jordanian hospitality. That they are pretty good. So

I might have to sneak in there. I’m not looking for the free ones, gonna go buy a couple, and see how good they are for myself. So, let's head on in there, and see what we got. Sabaho [Good morning] Keefak [How are you?] [Speaking in Arabic] Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Perfect, what's your name? Alright, so we can come back here, and make them. Yeah alright, let's see how we make them back here.

Oh that's a-- that's a sink. Over here. Alright, so we're gonna get a little tour on how they make the falafels back here. Here we go. So, what's your name? My name is Faiz. Faiz, Mac, nice to meet you. Perfect. So, this is where the magic happens? Yeah, falafels? Yes, perfect. Oh so, he's got the- the little compartment back here. Freshly made, oh yeah.

[Speaking Arabic] He’s filling up the whole bowl with them. I don't know how many I'll eat all of them. Alright, we got the delicious falafels to go. Habibi. And we're heading back to the car. We got some good falafels to go here. We had a little trouble trying to figure out how to say to go. I gotta work on my Arabic, that'll be a good next one too to learn, good next couple words.

So, comment below if you know how to say that in Arabic, in not Arabic letters, in the English, Arabic letters, so I can learn. Let's try out these falafels. Alright, and here we go. We’re gonna try one of these out. Wow, falafels are so, so good. Harry's gonna have one for his first time ever. Try one out, bro. First falafel. Actually I’ve introduced Harry to a lot

of Middle Eastern food; hummus, now falafel. I’m very uncultured. Yeah. He’s gassed up on it. Sophia? I already had one but-

Yeah you can always have another, that's for sure. Always hits always hits. She's digging it. Sophia approved. Sophia approved. So, we're gonna chow down on these falafels, and continue the road trip up to Amman we've got wood on the GPS like three, and a half hours left. Three hours. Three hours. Oh, we're moving quick when the Brit's driving. Yeah he could- he had a couple of--, and full centered on the speed bumps but- We won't talk about them. I’m the best driver in Jordan. I’m actually thinking about becoming a taxi driver. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]

This police officer just staring at us. Kifak [How are you?] Salam [Peace]. Hello. Thank you,. Thanks. He was looking for a ride. I thought he is police. He got like a badge on his shoulder. Harry thought he is pulling us. I was like wait where is the police car? You guys shoot yourselves as well. Not at all bro. I literally started rolling the camera. I was like yes content baby, let's get it. No, no, but you thought that was a

police officer, didn't you? Only at first glance because I was looking at my phone. Alright, guys we're making some good progress towards Amman, Jordan. We're about one hour and 30 minutes out, and we're getting to some pretty nice scenery. If you saw earlier in the vlogs, maybe a week ago or so, we were at the Dead Sea, and now we're passing it on the way back but we also have a new driver. That’s right,

known as Sophia will send it. Sophia will send it. Sophia does send it. Yeah, yeah, so hopefully, we make it alive. There’s the Dead Sea right there.

Sabaho [Good morning] [Speaking Arabic] We, I’m from the US, UK, US. Welcome Family? Friends, yeah friends. Thank you. We love Jordan. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Sabah al khair [Good morning] Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] And that's right guys we made it through another checkpoint there. You saw, we've got these guys up here trained to be speaking proper Arabic.

Oh yeah, Full on Arabic by the Lebanese man himself. Alright, guys so we just have made it back over to Amman here, specifically we're in the neighborhood of Al Diar. There's a lot of coffee shops in this area, and right now Harry and I need to get some things done, specifically a lot of footage to upload for you guys. So, in order to do that, we've been looking up to find places with the best Wi-Fi, and this place we're going to right over here called Brew Coffee House has quite a few reviews saying, it's really fast. So, we'll see if it's fast

enough for us but we'll definitely be tasting the coffee once we get over there too. Yeah, I’m thinking we do need to see what the inside looks like. Oh yeah, we got a bunch of good options here. Well, what do you think? Take a seat outside or do you think? Oh we probably order here, don't we? Kifak [How are you?] Alright, guys we just came inside here. We’re gonna find out how fast it is. Oh

yeah, this is looking good. We're at 90 megabytes per second on the Wi-Fi for download, and upload commodities ph. Oh yeah, almost 100 megabytes a second. We’re in business bro. We're in business, and that's exactly what we need. So, I can

confirm the Google reviews are right. The internet speed here is very fast. So might as well get a coffee to see how it tastes. [Speaking Arabic] With milk. What’s the Harry man getting? I’m getting exactly the same bro. Let's make it snen [Two] What did you guys get? Iced coffee. Anything else? I want an iced caramel, Macchiato with almond milk.

Gee she knows how to live the good life. The good life. So, this is a best Wi-Fi in Amman, yeah. Maybe. What’s your name? My name is Ibrahim. Nice to meet you Ibrahim. And you?

Mac. Mac? Mac, yep. Alright, so we-- oh we've got little cats hanging out in here too. Alright, this is a good coffee shop because we have outlets all the way around, very well designed. Looks like we're gonna be posting up here for a while, Harry. It’s gonna be--. Who's this little guy? I’m gonna name you brew house. Brew house, brew, con brew.

The king or queen chillaxer. Oh, this is us. Oh, that looks nice. What’s this one? I guess you and Harry got the same thing. Give it a shot, see how it tastes. Good, good coffee, good Wi-Fi.

Oh yeah, that's gonna be a strong one. That's gonna get me wired for the day. Alright, guys we just stopped for a quick couple hours, definitely a great cafe to come to with our man, really good coffee, really good internet. That's a big win. Thank you so much. And now, we're gonna go check into our Airbnb. Luckily, Sophia is the best, and she was able to find us a Airbnb with a really fast internet. Sophia is the best. InshaAllah [God willing], it'll be as fast as this cafe but we're gonna head on over. It's like what 15 minutes away from here?

15, 20 minutes away, in the heart of Amman. So let's go ahead, and cruise on over. Alright, guys we just arrived to our Airbnb. I’m excited to go upstairs, and check it out, grab all of our stuff, and head on up. Alright, I think here we are up here. I think we're all the way at the top too. So, let's go ahead, and climb up the

stairs. And here we go, got a few steps to go up, and here we are arriving to our place. So looks like we're unit B. I got a little hangout spot there. Oh yeah, and a nice big living room area to get some work done, kitchen there, cool designs to this place, chandelier, TV.

Let’s see what's going on over here. Oh, nice size bathroom, got a little bit of everything. We've got one bedroom here, nice large size beds, and we've got another bedroom here. Oh yeah, private AC unit. See what the views are like. Oh here we go, and let's see. Oh sweet, some nice views of Amman. Comfortable place,

looks great. Yeah, yeah she found it. She found it. The real test will be how good the Wi-Fi is. Let’s do it. Alright, and the moment of truth, let's see how the internet speed is. Oh, lightning. 230 megabytes per second, Sophia is the best. Wow upload speed, oh geez, 220 megabytes. It’s not even food. Oh yeah, I’m gassed up now. Alright, guys fast forward a couple

hours later, and we are all settled into our Airbnb, and heading downtown into Amman to get some dinner here. It's great to be back in Amman. The nice part about like Amman in general is, you can find fast Wi-Fi everywhere, like I’ve been ranting about all this video, and also there's so many good restaurants, so much to do down here, even though we spent the first couple days of our trip down here, it's great to be back to see even more of this place, especially when it comes to touring different restaurants. So, we're going to cruise about 10 minutes away for maybe 2 JOD via Uber, and once we get down there, we're gonna be eating at a delicious place. So I’ll tell you once we get over there.

Alright, guys we decided there's a bit of traffic, so we're going to walk the remaining distance to downtown. So, nice part is, it's a little warmer than when we were here about a week ago. I think, it already was, maybe a little more and it's a nice night though, you know jacket weather obviously but still not too nipply out. So, we are downtown back here in the markets again, and it's

a much different feel here at night, everything's lit up, quite busy. I’d say, it’s even busier than when we're here during the day, so it's cool though. It almost feels like a completely different place than last time. I love Amman, also it's as a solo female in Amman, you feel very, very safe. Yeah true,

true. That's what you're saying-- Compared to Aqaba that's great news because having those perspectives on the vlogs like it's hard for me to answer those as I mentioned, if you saw the Aqaba video. So it's good to know that like here you can already tell there's like less staring of people here. Keefak [How are you?] Yeah, yeah nice people. They love to hop on the camera here which is fun. Yeah, you

can just feel it here, like people aren't just like staring everywhere because I think of course, Amman gets a lot more tourism, but it's also surprising because so does Aqaba. Yeah, and Aqaba is a beach town. So it's really surprising but you know. Yeah, yeah, that is what it is. We’ve got a lot going on here in Amman. Keefak [How are you?] Sophia's getting a little chow to go. Street corn, it's gonna go good or bad actually. Yeah, maybe- maybe street food's the move. What do you put on the on the corn?

Again? What do you put on the corn? Cheese. Cheese, barbecue, spices, lemon. Alright, I want one. All the good stuff. Just one? You don't wanna try? Try two. [Speaking Arabic] Where are you from? Chicago My brother is in Texas also.

Oh from Texas. Texas is a great place. Austin, Austin’s the best in Texas. Austin’s the best in Texas. Anjad [Seriously] Some spices. Do you want spices? Oh yeah, load it up my guy.

Put everything you think is gonna make it good. The good stuff. Yeah, zane [Good]. One JOD for- so two- two JOD here. Oh,

Sophia's got the big bucks. She's paying now. Money bags. Oh alright, alright. Oh yeah, that's gonna be delicious. Cheese? We might turn tonight into a little street food tour. Cheese, jibneh, jibneh.

That's how you say cheese in Arabic? Jibneh. Yeah, jibneh. Oh yes, all of it. Yeah, load it up. Everything you think is gonna make it taste delicious. Let's get her going.

Let’s get her going. Here’s zane [Good]. Oh spices in my nose. Yeah you know, it's gonna be good then. Oh you're gonna sneeze, yeah. Yeah, I almost sneezed. We would yell corona, then.

Ali. Ali the man Yeah, the legend. Oh yeah, we've got some delicious corn. Yeah shall we-- should we give it a shot here? Well, there's one way to eat it with a spoon or you can take it like a sip? Shukran Khayes [Thank you brother] See you until next time. I actually really like it. Oh yeah. I work here. Okay, this one's the oldest one in the middletown. Okay. Do you wanna try shisha? Come to visit us. Do you see the light right?

InshaAllah [God willing], we're coming in there. You can see all of this town. Yeah we have a traditional food located. Did you try mansaf? Okay, you wanna try fukhara. fukhara Oh, yeah. It's like-- Yalabina khaye [Let's go brother]

Alright, here we go. We just got pulled in with our guy. We're going down an alley where there's nobody else down here, it's always my favorite. It keeps the adventure going. We’re doing a little corn- corn on the cob here to go in the cup with all these spices along with our walk up into this restaurant. Told all your friends about this one.

Alright, our man's doing a little marketing for us. He's gonna do a channel takeover, it seems like. Alright, alright. Come on. Best soup in town khaye. Oh yeah, gonna hook us up over here. So, we just got roped into here but it's quite a vibe here.

And we've got the menus freshly delivered here. As always it's a Arabic side of the world, so things open up the opposite way of what you might be used to in the US. So we're opening up here. We got cafe afra. I actually didn't know the name until we're looking at it now, and we've got-- we've got a lot of options. Actually you

know what guys, I’m gonna close that menu. I’m only taking recommendations from the chef himself from the waiter. So here we go, that's how we do it, right bro. I’m not eating bro. We’re basically Jordanian at this point. So while we're waiting for the- the chef here, you can see we've got amazing decor in here. It’s awesome. They have basically these crates they've painted. I believe that is the Quran.

Yeah. We've got a bunch of like old radios. It's- it's definitely a exotic feel to this place. You can see, you have your Middle Eastern type of light fixtures up there, and we've got our guys here. Yeah, we're ready to- to get the food. Oh yeah, we're gonna get some delicious traditional food, yeah right. Traditional food? Yeah we wanna know what you recommend. To eat.

English not good. Alright, Arabic man, you tell him. Best, best Jordanian food. Jordanian, Jordanian. Fukhara. Fukhara zane Good] I think we should do that and we should get something off the barbecue because Jordanian barbecue is really well. So, I think we should get something off the barbecue and some of the fukhara.

Okay, can we get a mixed grill? The mixed grills, the small ones. The seven JOD one. And then can we get a fukhara cheese tavuk? Is it tavuk? Cheese tavuk. Oh, you don't like mushrooms. Okay, let's get it for one then. No, that's fine no mushrooms, no mushrooms.

[Speaking Arabic] Alright, and they have arrived. This is gonna be delicious. Oh and he's popping it right open. Look at that steam coming out. That is gonna be g double o d Zane [Good] Perfect khaye [Brother] Oh yeah, he just popped right open. We've got some chicken in there. They almost look like potatoes, that's gonna be delicious. Shukran [Thank you] Alright, let's dig in guys. We're going

to grab a little piece of it. Oh yeah. Oh actually, let's just try the bread on its own first. It's like super-- it's like slightly soggy because the steam from cooking made it extra nice. So it's gonna be chewy. Oh my God. Alright, now we gotta take that same

instruction, the chewy side. So, keep in mind we still have the crunchy side up there, and we're gonna roll a piece of chicken right up in there is this how you eat it. I don't know but that's the great part about Middle Eastern food. It's up to you, it's an art. Oh my God. Actually this might be- Really good, yeah. This might be my favorite type of Jordanian food so far.

I just love the way it's cooked. It reminds me of a pot pie, when you look at it like an oversized pot pie because you have like the breaded side all around, and then you just have a nice little soupy stew on the inside. How you digging it? It's really good. This is probably one of my favorite meals with Jordan for sure. Same, same for her then. Harry, you’re missing out brother. Chowing down.

Living the good life. Alright, now we're gonna try it with the crunch. I’m gonna see if I like the crunch or the chew better but I already know the answer to that. Here we go. Very good, with the chewy side of the bread, that is the best. Survey says. So we've got the-- we got the little kids bringing the surprise. What we got

going on here, a little surprise. No, they changed their mind. No surprise here. What’s in the box, am I opening it? I feel like this thing's gonna pop out at me. That’s good, I love it. Zane [Good] Yeah, that is good. I had a feeling, I could tell like four- four little kids running up with a little box like that, I could see the red light coming out of there. I was like that thing's gonna blow. I wish I wouldn't have because I

probably would have like jumped out of the chair, and like flipped over, that would have make good content. But yeah, people are so nice here. Good time. Kifak [How are you?] “Mash al haal”, it sounds like. Alright, we've got another magic trick happening. Wow, magic tricks happening. Brave bravo

Alright, for us to eat that nice delicious meal, it's about 18 Jordanian dollars which is about 25 US dollars. So, a delicious meal, definitely worth it right down here in downtown Amman. So, let's head on out. We’re gonna see what else we get into tonight.

Nice to meet you. I’m the only one in Jordan- Yeah, yeah. Sweet well, it's a pleasure. Nice to meet you. Glad to see you. Hey, good to see you too. You wanna take a picture inside? You can do that. This is the gift shop here. Yeah,

he's promoting all the businesses on the street. He's the man. He's the man, hooking everyone up. I have three shops. Right here, and the restaurant and this one. Yeah, alright. Where are we going? Making the big bucks tonight. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] shoufak [See you] Nice to meet you, bye. Such nice people here in Amman, I really enjoy meeting everyone.

Hey, Kifak [How are you?] Yeah, see everyone loves the camera here. It’s- it's a lot of fun. I love cities that people just love being on- on video. Alright, guys and that's where we're gonna go ahead, and end today's video. It was a nice full day being back in Amman from getting some work done to trying some delicious Jordanian food, and making our way back down to the market at night. Honestly, it's almost a different experience being down at the market in the evening, and meeting more of the locals here. It's always one of my favorite parts traveling. So, that's where we're gonna finish it off now. So, as always guys, if you wanna see more videos

both here in Jordan, as well as all around the world, make sure you hit that subscribe button. And if you enjoyed this one, make sure that like button. I’ll see you guys in the next one. [Music]

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