$5 STREET FOOD Tour in Jodhpur

$5 STREET FOOD Tour in Jodhpur

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Very good, very good. So guys as you can see, we are in a tuk-tuk first thing in the morning here. Actually, it's probably already almost midday here about noon and I’m here with Rahul. Hello everyone. And we're cruising about seven kilometers from our hotel where we're staying here in the beautiful city of Jodhpur to take you guys with us for a little street food tour and by little, I mean probably like five or six different stands so actually pretty big and let's put it this way. Hopefully, we're not gonna get sick from eating all of these street food options but it's gonna be fun. We're gonna try out so many delicious things and we're gonna say chalein chalo [Let’s go]. We'll see you there.

Jump catch up to that moped my friend. We’re gonna catch up to the goat. Guys there is a moped on this goat. Oh we're not gonna see him, you're not gonna see him. There’s a goat riding on the moped. We got our bro here driving someone while he's holding his phone up. Oh

now he's got both hands. Namaskar [Greetings] bohay acha [Very good]. Thank you very much. Very nice people. I almost forgot my Hindi there, I said Namaskar [Greetings], bohat acha [Very good]. I said hello, very good.

Meant to say kaise ho? [Howa re you?] Well, that's how you know we need a coffee in us guys, some fresh juices something to get that energy in us so wake us up here. Hello, hello are you there? Yes I am. Oh we're entering into the city now my friends. Very nice. Where are you going?

Very nice, enjoy. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. That’s what I love about India guys you're just driving down the road having conversations with other people in the middle of traffic. Oh I love it, that is what we call bahut acha [Very good] my friends. Boaht acha [Very good]. Oh yeah. Wow, that is a camel in the road.

Holy crap. It seems like we're in the pretty rich side of Jodhpur looking around, there's a lot of mansions all around here that we just passed. We kinda just finished going to the district but it's crazy how fast it changes from mansions and the houses can immediately get much, much smaller. Kaise ho yaar? Kaise ho dost? [How are you bro?] Bohat acha [Very good]. Mera naam hai [My name is] Mac. Aap ka naam kiya hai? [What’s your name?]

Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Where to? You know where to? Alright, we’re meeting more friendly locals while cruising. I think we're about to arrive to the food district my friends. Oh, oh wow. What do we got going on? Let's say we have medical supplies.

Alright. Alright, alright. Oh we have food right across the street. I guess that means we've got options. Oh yeah, we're coming in, lots of street food options here my friends. Bhai sahab [Bro] do you have change for five hundred? No change. Alright, well then we can go

for the old school old-fashioned. Okay. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Thank you. Almost fell, there we go. Chalein chalo [Let’s go], get some chow here.

Let’s see what we got bro, let's take a cruise this way. Chalo [Let’s go]. Alright, what are we gonna go for try? I think we gotta start with these our good man here. Namaste [Greetings] my friend, how are you? Good. That’s a great name. That's your name and your restaurant's name? Perfect. Well, what do

we got here? Oh there we go. Alright, so what do you think try one of each are they veg or non-veg? Veg, veg. No, no, non-veg no. Alright, guys- Only for veg. Perfect. Alright, then we'll try one of these and one of these. Yeah. And one for you

Rahul one of each? Alright, we'll take two of these, two of these bhai sahab [bro]. Yeah and- Yeah same. Okay.

What is this one? Same. Same thing someone's a little darker so we'll try, yeah we'll try these. We're gonna be tossing them up in the oil? This looks so very delicious then.

So they're good to grab or we toss them in there? He's fine. Oh it's already done. We can try this one. It's ready to eat? Yeah, yeah we can try this one. Alright,

so- Vada pav. We can try this Vada pav. Yeah. No, no. Yeah. No, no. He's gotta cook it? Yeah, yeah. Alright, that's what I thought, yeah yeah. I was gonna say we're gonna warm them up.

Alright, so we're getting this thing going here. As you can see, he's got the hot pad on there. One? Yeah two. Yeah one for Rahul, one for me. Village. This is his village? Far from wife taking the day off from the wife, that's good.

Oh yeah, toss a little butter on there and here we go. Oh we've got- Oh we've got the bun right on top of there and oh it's getting fried right up in. That's gonna be g double o d. So what do we got going on there? Oh yeah, we're gonna come around to the other side here and get a little closer there. Oh there we go guys, let me tell you that it's smelling delicious.

Oh there we go, we got the ingredients going on there. This is called vada and this is Pav. Oh Vada pav. Oh yeah, we're going for the vada pav my friends and you can see that one's already starting to boil up there, we've got these things starting to heat up.

Oh yeah, now that you just crushed it open, you can smell it much stronger, got some green sauce on there. Spicy, normal? Spicy and normal. Yeah we'll go- no, we'll go spicy bro. Spicy. Oh yeah.

Oh yeah, spicy is good yeah. Theek hai [Good], bohat acha [Very good]. What do you guys, is that a faluda? Yeah very nice, bohat acha [Very good]. Alright, and it looks like it almost looks like a- a veggie burger then yeah. Oh there we go, we're doubling down on the sauce light- light. Yeah that's for you bro. Okay spicy.

And this was the spicy one alright. Oh, oh I went for the spicy and you went for the light. Yeah. Oh man alright. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro].

Hot, hot. Hot yeah. Alright, oh that's very hot that's fresh off the press there guys as you can see, it's not only spicy but oh touching that we are boiling. So we're gonna give this a minute to cool off and once it's ready to chow, we're gonna eat. Bhai sahab [Bro] said he's been in Vegas for 10 days yeah. Oh that's great living the high life. 195 00:08:26,479 --> 00:08:30,639 Rahul's about to try is I guess it's

cooled down enough. How’s that taste bhai sahab [Bro], pretty delish? Oh man, he's really analyzing those flavors. Oh there he goes, you hear that guys g double o d my guy he says. Alright, so we're gonna go ahead and try this thing out.

I think we've given it enough time to cool off. We’ve already got the sauces mixed in on the side here so dhanevaad [Thank you]. Let’s go ahead and give it a shot here.

Very nice, we got a good spice in there my friend. We’ve got a chewy bun you can taste the butter in there. Yeah the spice I will say it's a very strong spice, I like it though. I like a good spice not all foreigners I can say like the spices to the level I like it so we haven't even gotten to the spiciest part as you can see, it's all built in there so- so the insides have like potato. Potato and chili.

Potato in there some chili fried up inside the the dough the batter. Oh that's fantastic my friends and kitnay [How much?] rupee for one of these? Nice. Oh yeah. Bohat acha [Very good]. Yeah a kitnay [How much?] rupee? 25. 25 rupees guys so for one of these delicious roadside. Oh

yeah, we got the center. Yeah 25 rupees guys and that's about 33 cents roughly doing the conversion rate to have one of these delicious things. You probably have two of these and you're gonna be full. Oh yeah. Oh yeah,

dhanevaad [Thank you]. Take that with the go. Dhanevaad [Thank you]my friend that's for you. No, no 50. Oh yeah,

no problem that's a tip for you, dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Use that- use that in Vegas next time my friend. Dhanevaad [Thank you].

Guys that was a delicious start to the food tour. Now we're gonna chalien [Go] a little bit down this way and see what else we can find. That was a good starter snack and we're gonna see what else we got going on. I think because it is still only midday, we don't have as many of the shops open as normally would. We got something going on here. Oh yeah. 263 00:10:57,120 --> 00:11:00,880 Namaskar [Greetings].

Well, what do we got going on here? Aap ka naam kiya hai dost? [What’s your name friend?] A tikki. What's a tikki? This is like Potato Indian. Namaskar bhai sahab, kaise ho? [Greetings bro, how are you?] Oh very nice, you got juices here too. Oh very nice. You got food there.

Oh you make juices. Yeah alright, after this I come to you. Alright, so what do you- what did you say these things are? This is a potato tikki. A potato tikki guys. Oh and it's fried. You know guys I

think today is gonna be a day full of a lot of fried stuff so let's try one of these potato tikkis and how do you say can I order one? Yeah. So we're making them there. He mashes them up and we've got the is that curry's going up on there? Oh yeah. Oh that's a proper heaping right there. Spicy or medium? Medium. Medium this time, we'll change it up a bit.

There is gol gappa also. We've also got gol gappas in the back. We’re tossing some onions. We're tossing

some veggies, a little bit of everything. Wow that is a much bigger plate than I expected. I thought we were gonna be eating those straight. Holy, holy moly. Potato tikki. I thought we were just eating those straight. I don't know it was the full soup.

Kitnay [How much?] rupee bhai sahab? Kitnay [How much?] rupee bhai sahab? 30. 30. Oh yeah, I need to borrow your change brother. Wow, that is a lot of food. You can- Alright, here we go my friends we're gonna try this one out. It is a lot of

food, I did not expect that. When we ordered it I thought it was just those little potato things. It looks delicious though. I was just not expecting it to be a massive portion like that literally is an entire meal right there probably could feed me and Rahul.

Oh yeah, it's got a good potato taste to it and it's got some a bunch of different vegetables. It’s a like a hot kind, it's almost like a soupy potato type of mixture and as you can see we've got onions, tomatoes. We’ve got these little crispy things, they almost taste like little fries so those are quite nice. I wanna say those are chickpeas right there so a little bit of everything.

It’s very good bro, you gotta try it very tasty. It's a massive portion though. I didn't expect it to be so big so there it is guys and so that was 30 rupees which comes out to roughly. 40 cents. And what's the name of it? It's a potato tikki.

Potato tikki? Yeah. Yeah very, very flavorful my friends. It’s got a perfect amount of spice to it. After that last item we had, this one is a bit more light you know we went for mild this time change it up Sometimes if the spices are too hot, they could almost overpower some of the flavors like we did I have at the last spot there was a couple bites that I had that was really strong but I think medium spice is my preferred, that is delish my friends.

Alright, chalein chalo [Let’s go] my friends. Alright, he's got something being made right over here. Hellom Namaskar [Greetings]. What are you guys making here, something delicious? Making some bohat acha [Very good] food, very good.

So what's the specialty here get some noodles? Oh they've got fresh noodles there, we've got lettuce. We've got rice. Can I have one of those? I’m gonna need your help on that bro. And for you bro? No, no only one. Only one. Alright, so we're getting those matches lit up here. We’re gonna be oh sparking up the-- Alright, here we go we've got the-- Here we go, we got the frying pans going my friends.

As you can see, they're a big frying pan. We got a little oil being tossed right up in there, some onions. Oh baby that sounds good, green peppers, some lettuce. There we go, we're doing a proper mix up there option. Aap ka naam kiya hai bhai sahab? [What’s your name bro?]

Oh yeah, so Pardeep getting this thing all shook around. Look at that wow, wow. That is gonna be delicious and let me tell you, oh those smells are quite nice. We're tossing in a little bit of the spaghetti now, spaghetti type of noodles and oh yeah, what is that coming in there? Little cheese and a little couple spice balls going on. Oh yeah,

all types of unique things. Oh look at that another one and another one and look at that. I don't even know what all these ingredients are my friends but let me tell you, this the more he tosses in the more pretty that mixture of delicious foods are coming along. Oh yeah, that's gonna be nice, there we go. Got some of the green sprouts in there too. Oh the fire went out so we gotta

toss that back in there, boom. We're back at it and oh we're full speed ahead with that fire. Oh yeah, let's get that going. That’s how you warm it up real quick.

Wow, wow. Far deep there we go brother. Oh my God, there we go. That pasta is flying everywhere. Holy moly, moly that is gonna be bohat acha [Very good] Wow and that is a strong flame guys it must be so hard to hold that pan. He’s holding up the knife to me, another knife to me. Kaise ho bhai sahab? [How are you bro?] Dhanevaad [Thank you].

That is looking fantastic. Did you see that guys? That flame literally was getting like that high like a one-fourth of a meter and that is a huge plate he just made. Wow.

Wow, this might be one of my favorite things on the menu. Oh he's grating a little cheese on top of there too. Yup, that looks fantastic. A perfected meal right there. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro].

Oh yes, it is time to enjoy this. Thank you, thank you. Oh yeah, the best- best street food in town yeah. There we go, we got it. Alright, guys so we're gonna be trying our first bites here of the chowmein and let me tell you this this is good chow the delist chow you know how much I love the word chow so let's jump right in here.

Oh. Very delicious. Oh yeah, guys I will tell you, you can taste so many different spices in there. So guys it's a Chinese meal but you get a little bit of the Indian flavors kinda built into there with all of the different spices they mixed into there and it's just so flavorful. The cheese on top, the onions in there, the peppers you get the crunch. Yeah it's just a bit of everything.

That right there my friends that's what we call a foodgasm. Let’s try what one of these little things are, you know what those are Rahul? Not sure, that's tasty. It almost tastes like a fried tomato. That is nice though maybe it's a soya balls maybe. Soya ball sounds right. Yeah.

Wow, you gotta try some bro. Oh yeah, Rahul's about to taste some delish flavors here. You ready for this bro? Are your taste buds gonna be ready? Always. Always there we go, that's a good answer.

It’s so good really, Really, so good. I do not eat like lots of street food but it's good. Oh you don't eat much street food so this is a new thing for Rahul then. Yeah that's how you know it's delish if even Rahul's approving and he's not used to it. Kitnay rupee? [How much?] 100 rupees.

Goodbye my friends, thank you. Oh yeah, that was some delicious food to start our day off. Remember how I said not too long ago I was getting a little bit tired on my way down there. Let me tell you this, I’m feeling refreshed. I’m feeling ready to go but I am feeling dehydrated. So you know what

that means that means it is time to get ourselves some sort of juices over here, some sodas something like that we're gonna figure out what's gonna be a good one. Oh yeah, what we got going on over there brother? Hello, hello we have delicious juices here? Perfect. Can you ask him if the water is filtered? Normal water or filtered? We’ll take- you want a juice bro? We’ve got the juice menu here. Alright, I’m not

too good at reading these but ask him what's his best seller? Oh yeah, one of those please for me, Dhanevaad [Thank you] bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Two? Yeah. Two. Oh yeah, so this thing like a nitrogen tank to get it- Nitrogen, CO2. Oh wow, so this thing really gets it going just like that and then that fills up the soda that gets that thing delish ready to go and then what is this one the water? That’s the water in this room. Very

nice, very good, very good. We got two cups did you want one? You want one? One for you, one for both of you. Alright, let's make it four then. Theek hai [Good]. Alright, there is the sugar water with a finger right in there. Alright,

very nice. Alright, I like that and are some fresh limes. Limes or lemons, I’m not sure I think probably probably limes.

Oh there we go, slicing that thing right up there and we're finding a new one there, slicing that one right there Namaskar [Greetings]. and oh boom, there we go. And well bam, there we go. Whoa and there we go. Oh yeah, you can just hear that freshly squeezed, you really gotta put some muscles into that to get that going. Wow, holy.

Wow, I’ve always wondered how things got carbonated. And then now it is- Oh wow, that literally just carbonated it now it is exploding over the top. Oh yeah, that is looking delish my friends and we got it bubbling right over the top. It almost looks like a mushroom. Wow, I never knew that that's how that thing works literally you put the soda bottle up there and then you pour it in there and then it's ready to go.

Oh yeah, I’d say bohat acha [Very good]. There we go we got the mix in there, we've got all sorts of kinda brown stuff popping in there too but I guess that's the deal with it. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. I think that's pepper in there yeah.

Oh. Oh that's gonna be delish. Alright, so we're gonna be able to is this pepper in there, can you ask? Seven spices here guys so that's what you're looking at seven different spices all mixed in there and let's give it a shot here. That’s what we call ice cold. Khana bohat suaad bhai sahab [Food is very delicious bro].

That is very delicious, very, very delicious. And bhai sahab kitnay [How much bro?] rupee? Oh yeah, so that's delicious guys so 25 per, 25 rupees per delicious lime soda. No, no that's for you bhai sahab [Bro].

Dhanevaad, dhanevaad [Thank you]. It’s a tip that's a thank you, dhanevaad [Thank you] 609 00:25:23,600 --> 00:25:28,080 Please. It’s my pleasure. No thanks, it’s for you brother, it's a thank you. I said I would buy you one that's for you, thank you.

So guys yeah, that was so 25 rupees 616 00:25:40,640 --> 00:25:45,200 weill get you one of these delicious sodas which comes out to roughly 33 cents so quite nice for a refreshing drink here in the hot desert of Rajasthan. Alright, guys so we're gonna continue looking. Namaskar [Greetings] bhai sahab [Bro] Hey hello, hello and we're looking for one more place to get something to drink over here. I’m not certain yet which we're gonna go for you see anything? Oh we're back by the hospital we were passing up so let's cruise on over this way.

We are retracing our steps back that way because after that first food stand we saw ice cream that is homemade my friends and you wanna know what goes well in this belly after eating all that delicious food? Ice cream does so that's where we're gonna chalein chalo [Let’s go] on over to- Guys we have located the ice cream right here. Good name, nice to meet you. Could we please have one homemade- two homemade ice creams? I’ll go chocolate for me please. Chocolate, dhanevaad [Thank you] What about you Rahul, what are you gonna get? Saffron. it's saffron. Saffron wow. Oh very nice, we've got the homemade chocolate right there.

And then what are you getting bro? Chocolate. Two chocolates please bhai sahab [bro] another one so this is homemade from the place is called Shekhawati. Kitnay rupee bhai sahab? [How much bro?] And then no more chocolate. Yeah, yeah yeah. No change, no change.

Try it out. Yeah. Oh yeah, let's get this thing going. It’s okay, dhanevaad [Thank you] that's for you tip.

Let me tell you guys nice and refreshing ice cold. We’ve got the chocolate chips built right into the top of there. Oh yeah, chewy good and homemade very nice.

Yeah it's like- it's like a more of like a homemade type feel of like what you would buy from your normal ice cream man who's walking around with kinda like the- the store-bought options this one's nice. It feels a bit more gourmet and for 40 rupees that comes out to 50 cents for homemade ice cream. That is what we call some delish ice cream right here. Well, it was 40 per ice cream so we got two ice creams came out to about 80 and the guy would not accept tips. Most people here seem like they don't accept tips so it gave us the 20 back so very nice of them.

So anyways guys, we are feeling good now that we got ice cream in the bellies let's put it that way and now we're gonna find ourselves a tuk-tuk to take us over to a sweet shop, a very well-known sweet shop here in Jodhpur. So we're gonna cruise on that way find ourselves someone and head on over. [Speaking in Hindi] 100 rupees to take us a few kilometers away. We got all this wall art right here on the way, wow. This must be next to the train station maybe but it's painted so beautifully. The Jodhpur express it says right on the side of that building Jodhpur junction there it is.

Not entirely certain if that's actually the Jodhpur junction, I think it is. It looks like it is in the distance but hard to tell from here my friends smart bazaar. Hello there. Guys we've got a dumpster fire. I repeat a dumpster fire. It's funny because that's like a a scene of speech in the US like oh it's a dumpster fire like it's just an absolute mess. Oh it doesn't actually

usually mean like a real dumb fire. That was a real dumpster fire right here. Here’s the railway station I was gonna say where we were riding past looked a little too small to be the right railway station.

Guys we have arrived to the spot here, Janta Sweet Home. One of five of these in Jodhpur and we're gonna see what types of sweets we're gonna be in today. Apparently, the best one's right next to the railway station which is where we are so let's head on here and check this place out, see what we got going on in here. So Rahul what am I expecting to find in here? Oh all types of delish stuff. These are

freshly made. Yes. Yummy. Namaskar [Greetings]. Oh these are sweets from all over the world it looks like.

Are these all traditional Indian? Very nice. What we got going on over here? Yeah I’m gonna need some help from Rahul because I do not know what to order. There’s so many options, it's almost overwhelming. What do you think bro? Try some of these. Oh yeah, let's try some of these what are they called? Imarti.

Oh yeah, can I have one fresh batch of imartis? Oh wow, look at that the way he squeezes it out. It comes out in like a perfect circle and it look turns into like kinda like a mini donut type thing except deep fried and that is what the final product is gonna be looking like so that looks very nice. I wonder how long do they cook for how many minutes to cook? No problem, no problem.

Looks like these ones have been cooking for a little while. It’s- it's quite enjoyable to watch it come out because it like stays together it forms and then it just like slowly floats to the rest of them and eventually turns into this. What was that? Okay so we get tokens here first. Do you think 100 is gonna be enough tokens to get a bunch of stuff? No for this one, this one is 50 rupees, it's four pieces. Let’s just get those first I haven't looked yet. Oh dhanevaad [Thank you].

We got the token now my friend so we're good, dhanevaad [Thank you]. 796 00:33:26,640 --> 00:33:29,120 Here we go guys, we're continuing the mission to try on some of these. Now here we go, check this out, get them loaded up on the plate and they are looking juicy. Wow.

I wonder how many like the most amount have ever been eaten at once. Looks delish, bohat acha [Very good]. Alright, guys we have ourselves the fresh imartis we're gonna be trying out. Oh it's still very hot fresh off the boiling oil. Oh my God, that is so sweet. When you take a bite, it just explodes with the oily juices in your mouth.

It’s like a- I bet watch like you can squeeze it. Oh it's so hot you can barely squeeze it, you can just see. Oh yeah, see the oil pops right out that's how you know how much oil is in this.

And guys we got five of them for 50 rupees so about 10 rupees per one of these sweets which comes out to yeah just a little more than 10 cents maybe 15 cents for one of these treats. They're very good, let me tell you they're very rich in sugar flavors and oil so I can probably only eat like two of these myself, one of my favorite stuff. Oh guys yeah one of those sweets was enough for me because it's very strong so that's where I’m gonna go ahead and end today's video guys. Really hope you've enjoyed this one if you have, make sure to smash that like button. We'll be doing a lot more food tours both here in India as well as all over the world and a lot more travel videos so hit that subscribe button and I will see you guys in tomorrow's video.

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