Старинный каменный мост в лесу #вэнлайф туризм

Старинный каменный мост в лесу #вэнлайф туризм

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Hello friends and accidental visitors! I am a Strange guy and today we are again in a strange place, in the middle of a forest in the Novgorod region on the road near the railway crossing, which is probably behind me, in general, is no longer visible. From the move here, in general, only memories are left . On the right, there are still pieces of rails that have not been sawed off, have not been removed, and to the left, the line is already practically dismantled. These are my friends a piece of the Valdai line - the Sacrum. Part of the unfulfilled large project that would connect Petersburg with Orel through Veliky Novgorod Kresttsy and Valdai. And there further in that direction through Smolensk. This line was built only in parts, here a piece of Valdai-Kresttsy was built and in general it was built in places, but in general it was never fully implemented. What

interesting things can you see on this former Valdai Line of the Sacres? Literally a couple of kilometers there, and probably even less than a couple of kilometers. In general, within walking distance in that direction there is a bridge across the Yarynya River and, according to some reports, it is almost the only stone railway bridge in Russia. Well, this of course is most likely not true. Because there are also stone railway bridges, but in this area in the northwest, yes, it is certainly the only one. Moreover, it is high, as much as 19 meters, several spans, built according to the best examples of Swiss bridge construction, so to speak. Well, it seems to me that such a structure is definitely worth our visit with you, so let's gird ourselves now and follow the sleepers in that direction to the bridge and see how he is, what he is, where he is and why.

According to some reports, this line is still in reserve at Russian Railways. Well, and how it is preserved, we can now observe in the most wonderful way. Collected everything that could be easily carried away, that is, pads, crutches. Of course, the rails were left because, well, firstly, the rails need to be cut into shorter pieces, and secondly, not every metal receiving point will accept rails from you, because by law it is strictly forbidden to do this without documents . Exactly in order not to provoke comrades to dismantle

railway tracks to make money. Judging by the well-trodden path, the place is in demand and popularity and is regularly visited by all various railway lovers and just strange comrades like me. Well, the path is really trodden. The line has grown completely overgrown though. No care. Still, nature very quickly recaptures its own. Look how everything has already been overgrown!

Literally another couple of years without any participation, and here you most likely will not even get through. In general, you cannot indulge in nature, it will put everything in its place very quickly! Something strange was happening here, someone was cutting through such a passage. A bunch of these same bushes have been cut down ... But still, he wants to say that someone is watching her so that she does not finally become impassable. That is , at least look here, the fallen tree was sawed and the passage is free. On this side, several trees have fallen, all of them have been sawn. The branches are

removed from the aisles and the aisle remains clean. Still, it is very uncomfortable to walk on sleepers, especially on such broken and worn ones. And here again the rails have been completely cut off and taken away. That is, some pieces for some reason. There, the piece is not touched.

And here, closer to the bridge, everything is straight away ... Well, after a kilometer, probably with a little more, I walked about this much here. A bridge appeared ahead! Well, here's the bridge. From above, everything is pretty simple and corny.

Concrete surface, gravel embankment already overgrown with grass from time to time . We need to find somewhere on the rail a mark about the year of its manufacture .. Well, here's something here, in my opinion ... 1941 DVZ Well, here it is. Valley of the Yarynya river. Here she apparently has some kind of small nut making a pretty good noise. And on this side, everything is already so a little quieter and more modest. Well? To risk going downstairs? It's not for nothing that I came here ... Let's go first in that direction.

Well, from here a majestic picture of all this bridge in all its splendor opens up, so to speak . See how cool it looks! Here he is. Three arched bridge. Still, I don’t think that it is made of stone, but probably it’s still reinforced concrete and faced with stone. Looks awesome, really, really cool. The year of construction is probably some sort of 1900 ... there are 5

3 9 something at the very, very beginning of the century, so to speak. Well, look really, what a beauty! Cool! It's great that I came here. Well, let's try to squeeze somewhere further. The main thing here is not to screw up because there were rains and the soil is so everywhere, let's say, not too stable ... Look at the very bottom of the time the supports are moving apart a little.

There appeared cracks in the stones in the embedding mortar sprinkled from them. The same bullshit happens on the other side. Let's take a closer look if the bridge is really stone or is it just faced. Here, as they say, you can’t understand, but such granite blocks are very serious.

Well, you can see over there, see the lower part of that support and part of the vault, they are not lined with stones and they are clearly concrete. Concrete with formwork marks. That is, it's simple. This is not a stone bridge, it is a stone-faced bridge. Well, nevertheless, this does not make it less beautiful, all the more it is very strange that it is simply built like this in the middle of the forest on such a generally little used line. Very amazing, the bridge is really handsome! Awesome place, I'm just very glad that he finally got here in the marked places, as for visiting, he has been lying around for about 5 years already.

Let's take a look from this side of Beauty! There is a threshold, pebbles, water murmuring, birds are singing ... Something was apparently done there for diving or for getting base jumpers, maybe ... Base jumpers are desperate guys, I would never have jumped even from such a small height. Kill me. Well, it nafig here to fall from here to there.

I wonder why, in the middle of the support, the rails in it are made at approximately the same level in both supports. If I have experts in the comments, tell me so that it could be why this was done. Outside, it is all lined and there, further up, the arch is just clean concrete with traces of wooden formwork from wooden planks. Nevertheless, it's very cool, it's a pity that such a handsome man is thrown somewhere to the side and only small numbers of such enthusiasts come here, such enthusiasts like me I wanted to say that the most comprehensive view of this bridge opens up from here, but I got here and realized that, unfortunately, everything everything is completely overgrown. It can be seen from here, to be honest, not very much, because here, of course, all these trees would need to be cleared so that there was a gorgeous view.

On this wonderful 19-meter bridge, by the way, What a beauty here after all ... Birds are singing, the river is noisy and no one else ... Except for a strange uncle who loves railway exoticism ... In general, what I want to tell you ...

At least sometimes you have to be weird because being equal is fun! Because being normal actually sucks! There was a strange guy with you. Your favorite video blogger, you've probably already liked the video. We wrote a comment ...

Happiness to you ... Love and patience ... Well, that's all for now ... Bye ...

2021-06-19 11:21

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