Кому в России положена квартира? История гламурной чиновницы

Кому в России положена квартира? История гламурной чиновницы

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Hi, this is Maria Pevchikh And this is Yuri Pavlovich Zhdanov, the father of my colleague, FBK director Ivan Zhdanov. Yuri Zhdanov has been in a detention center for 3 months already, they are going to put him in jail for up to 10 years. And this is Moscow Mayor Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin. And their roles should be completely reversed. In the 22nd year of Putin's rule, it is rather strange to argue that there is still some line, some kind of border of repression, which Putin, his government and security officials are not ready to cross. That even for these rascals and scoundrels there is something that shouldn't be done, is wrong or breaks the code.

And until March of this year, I would say that if there is something like that, then it is family. Elderly parents and children should not be touched. Even if a family for some reason finds itself in a difficult situation, the state will definitely be there to help and lend a shoulder. But now everything's changed. They came to the 66-year-old pensioner, the father of FBK director Ivan Zhdanov, at 6 am.

Investigators, accompanied by operatives, climbed over the fence. They broke into his house, searched it, took him and the next day, on a weekend, there was a trial - Zhdanov senior was sent to a pre-trial detention center, he wasn't even allowed to take medicine, books or personal things with him. And thus, a new item has appeared on the list of Putin's already insane, terrible repressions against the opposition, against those who disagree with Putin. Family member of an enemy of the people. A terrible phrase, which in an instant migrated from history textbooks to the present day.

Hold on, you might say. What exactly did they put Yuri Zhdanov in prison for? We all understand, of course, that this is a form of pressure, a way to turn the life of his son Ivan into hell. But what is he formally being charged with? You can't just make up a criminal case out of thin air.

I will tell you all this now. But, of course, not only this. Today, I'm going to show you the perfect example of Putin's Russia, a symbol of what Putin has been building for twenty years - a state system designed to make the rich richer and the poor destitute. We will go to two very different cities, to the capital and to the extreme north, to the distant polar city of Naryan Mar. And with one specific, very simple and understandable example, I will show you the whole hypocritical essence of the Putin regime. And two of our today's heroines will help me.

They are not related to each other in any way, they live thousands of kilometers from each other. Well, they were born in the same year, but this is perhaps all they have in common. No, wait. They also both faced the housing issue almost at the same time.

The first woman’s name is Yulia Vetrova. And together with Yulia we will go to the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, to a small work settlement called Iskateley. You probably don't know where it is, I'll explain now. It is 1,500 kilometers from Moscow, 3.5 hours by plane, and there are no other means to reach it. In fact, this settlement, as well as in Naryan Mar (which is very close), cannot be reached by land.

This is a region of the country that is not connected to the rest of Russia by road or rail. Only in winter, by a snow road. In summer, you’ll need to get to Ukhta first. Then from Ukhta you drive through the taiga along the route that’s quite famous, by the way (until recently, it looked like this) to the place called Shchelyayur.

There you must wait for the barge. If you arrived on time, that's great. If not, you can wait for up to a day. You pay 16 thousand rubles for the barge, board it and sail across Pechora to Naryan Mar for one and a half days.

And from there, you get to the Iskateley settlement, a small area on the banks of the river, which is an open field with rows of identical three-storey buildings. 7,000 people live here, there’s one school, a cultural center, a grocery store, a post office, and in general, that's all. There is no cafe, no restaurant, no cinema, the roads are mostly unpaved and most of the year it snows. And there you can meet our first heroine Yulia Vetrova. She is 35 years old, she was born and has lived here all her life.

Who is this woman? The wife of some official? Someone's nominee or relative? How could she become the heroine of our investigation? In a rather unusual way! The Investigative Committee believes that in 2019 this woman received an apartment in this house in the Iskateley settlement illegally. And Yuri Zhdanov, who is now going to be imprisoned for 10 years, helped her in this. And now, from an abstract accusation, let's move on to specifics. Yulia Vetrova was born in the Iskateley settlement in 1985. She lived with her mother, stepfather and brother in a barrack. It looked something like this. In 2008, the barrack was demolished

and they were given a new 71 m2 apartment in this house. By that time, Julia was already married herself, gave birth and moved in with her husband to live separately. But she remained in the housing queue - that 71 m2 apartment did not meet standards, the five of them were entitled for more space. After 11 years, their turn came up again.

The city administration, the head of the village told her that it is possible to get another 50 m2 two-room apartment on the secondary market. Yulia Vetrova was given an apartment in this house. As is often the case with social housing, the procedure is complicated there. First, those in need of it get registered. Every 3 years they get checked on

and then when the turn comes, the housing commission presents the head of the settlement with a list of recommended people and the head of the settlement approves it with his signature. To get on this list, you need to bring a bunch of documents, certificates, confirmations, pass through all sorts of checks. One of the 7 members of the commission, which recommends the head of the settlement to issue the property, was Yuri Zhdanov, his signature is on the protocol. Later it turned out that, in fact, Vetrova was not entitled to this 50 m2 apartment, her family had already been given housing, the aforementioned apartment in 2006. Yes, they have a child, yes they do need it, but formally - no, sorry. The apartment is taken away by court.

Yulia Vetrova does not deserve such help, such a broad gesture from the state. And in this way, dear colleagues, we will be able to provide people with more opportunities to improve their living conditions. Please remember this and keep it in mind.

As for the criminal case, it was initiated against Yuri Zhdanov. Not against other members of the commission, not against the head of the settlement, but against one person. Because the son of this man is the director of FBK. And while the landscapes of the Iskateley work settlement are still fresh in your head, we will move to Moscow and breathe out with relief looking at the elegant center of our capital.

Postcard views, clean wide streets, a neat embankment. Beautiful. There is absolutely everything here, any opportunity, any entertainment, high salaries, probably everyone dreams of living here. But only a few can afford it. We will stop here. Near the house, which the devoted viewers of our channel will recognize well. Sadovnicheskaya Embankment, 80. Our second heroine lives here. But before we get to know her, I want to refresh the history of this place in your memory, we have already released an investigation about it.

At this place there used to be a very beautiful, unique house built in 1906, the house of the merchant Bakhrushin. This building survived tsarist Russia, еру revolution, two world wars, the Soviet era and the 90s and stood here until 2009. But then this house, as well as the whole block around it, was demolished. Formally, the reason was the collapse of a section of a house further down the street, but in fact, just look at the map. Here is the Kremlin, here is Zaryadye Park, here is one of the most elite and pleasant districts - Zamoskvorechye, plus the embankment. This land is simply golden. It's hard to think of a better place to live in Moscow.

The land price here is corresponding - more than half a million rubles for a square meter. The authorities promised that on the site of the demolished quarter they would build a house for those on the waiting list - displaced persons from dilapidated housing and young families, but as usual they lied. Initially, we planned to keep these houses and repair them, but now we've decided to demolish them and build new houses with the same architecture in their place.

They did build a house, but for themselves Instead of the needy, apartments here were actually given out for free to officials from the Moscow mayor's office. Small people, generally unknown to anyone, such as heads of departments, chairmen of committees, and other endless deputy deputies, settled here. The owner of one apartment here turned out to be the then seven-year-old son of the Minister of Culture of Moscow Kibovsky. Some of those “needy” officials had actually received apartments from the government before. For example, this obviously irreplaceable and very important person, without whose work Russia will fall apart into small pieces - deputy press secretary of Sobyanin. In 2012, he was given one 130 m2 apartment, and in 2019 another 150 m2 one here, on Sadovnicheskaya.

I suggest you revisit our old video, where Alexey tells in great detail about all the people whom we have presented with golden real estate. We made it so that they don't have to work a day more in their lives. They can rent out this living space for 250-300 thousand a month and live like rentiers. We wrote complaints, demanding an explanation: on what basis, why, on what conditions does the city property become property of these officials? But the mayor's office, Sobyanin and Putin absolutely do not care.

Because such apartments, costing an official’s twenty-year salary, are part of Putin's system of government. And encouragement. Support Putin, join United Russia, do not criticize and do not interfere with stealing - and you will get an apartment or two in Moscow. They’re entitled to it. This means that they will rip the city budget off to the bone, but they will not stop. Without a shadow of doubt and remorse, this famous bureaucratic nest continued to be populated with new “needy”.

In December 2020, apparently for the triumphant victory over the coronavirus, a 100 m2 apartment was received by the deputy head of the Moscow health department, Ella Popova. She only took this position in 2019, and just a year later she got a flat, despite her annual income of 17 million rubles. Or the deputy head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology, Vladimir Makarov. On the same day he was given a similar apartment, despite the fact that just his asset disclosure includes a BMW 7, a BMW X3, a BMW convertible and an income of 15.5 million. And a more solid apartment, a 150 m2 one, went to Elena Zyabbarova, head of the Moscow finance department.

Or here's another cool one. In January last year, Valery Falkov was appointed minister of science and education. And they gave him an apartment in our house, almost 200 m2.

Prior to that, Falkov worked as the rector of the Tyumen State University. And there he had a press secretary, a young girl, Miss Tyumen State University 2013, Elena Druzhinina. Falkov moved to Moscow, took Elena with him and appointed her deputy minister. And Druzhinina soon also got a 110 m2 apartment in the same house on Sadovnicheskaya.

And 13 more apartments went to ... Someone. We don't know who. Records about these objects simply disappeared from the state registry. Here is an old extract, the apartment still belongs to Moscow, and then it simply disappears. If you try to order an extract by the cadastral number, the system says that such a property has never existed. But here it is, a 140 m2 apartment.

So, it was given to some official, and we are not supposed to know which one. In our old investigation, if you remember, there was also a main star. The woman who got a 177 m2 apartment because “Moscow has become so much prettier under Sobyanin” and this must certainly be reported on Instagram. This is TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva. I sold out, yes. That's how low I've fallen. Everyone got indignant then - for what, for what merits, forgive us, did the already well-off Channel One presenter receive such honors? But the Guzeeva’s case continues to live. A new creative personality appeared in the house - the famous opera singer Khibla Gerzmava.

I have not the slightest doubt that the world opera star who performs at the Mariinsky Theater, the Royal Opera House in London, the Vienna State Opera and the Grand Opera can already afford good housing. But why pay yourself if you can get it from the state? Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I thank you... She was given an apartment at the beginning of this year. And a couple of weeks ago, another small bonus - a State Prize from Putin. 10 million rubles. With all this listing of elite neighbors from Sadovnicheskaya, you might have forgotten where I started.

There is a special, very needy woman in this house. Let's finally get to know her. I chose her for a reason. Not because she is the same age as Yulia Vetrova from the Iskateley settlement. And not even because she has a special apartment. I chose her because I am sure that not a single even the most fierce fan of Putin, Sobyanin and United Russia will be able to say “yes, this apartment was given out in fairness, everything seems right here”.

This is just a perfect example. Zarina Doguzova. Head of Rostourism, officially known as the Federal Agency for Tourism. Don't be confused by the word “agency”. It's actually like a ministry. Directly subordinate to the government. In 2019, it was headed by an absolutely unknown former employee of Putin's press service, MGIMO graduate Zarina Doguzova. Immediately after graduation, she got a job in the government, then in the presidential administration, where she was engaged in public relations and communications.

She was a member of the supervisory board of Putin's project to save the Amur tigers. And then she unexpectedly got a position in the department responsible for the Russian tourism, where she replaced the previous boss, who has dachas in the Seychelles. I very carefully studied the activities of Zarina Doguzova in this position. And you know, it seems to me that this is the cushiest job of an official that I have ever heard of. Zarina just travels, acts in beautiful videos, records tiktoks, and at every opportunity she talks about how everyone needs to drop everything and take a vacation in Russia.

Close your eyes tight, pay three times more than for a hotel in Turkey and finally go on vacation to Crimea. She really does a great job, she’s a young, very pleasant woman, who compares favorably with the old snickering United Russia members. So what if her work is generally of no use or interest to anyone and her videos are watched by 100 or 200 people? She is so advanced, she has some kind of flash mobs, promotions, popular tiktokers. She really tries.

Post stories with my mask, tag me on them, subscribe to my Instagram account... And one could even come to terms with the fact that such a position exists, that they pay a huge salary for it, provide a driver, an office in Moscow City and other benefits. But Zarina Doguzova was included in the lists of those in need. She got in line to receive an apartment in this super-elite building on Sadovnicheskaya Embankment.

And they gave it to her in 2019. In accordance with some special standards unknown to me, a single woman without children, that is, one tenant, was allocated 105 m2 with a market value of about 60 million rubles. But that's not even the problem. If you remember, I said that I chose her because no one, not a single person in the world would argue with me and say that Doguzova really needed this apartment.

And I will prove it in a simple way. With the help of photographs. What is a needy person? Well, for example, someone who has enough money for food, but not for rent. Or they have enough money for themselves, but no opportunity to feed their children. Or a child who grew up in an orphanage, turned 18 and now has nothing at all. In general, many examples can be thought of, but the principle is clear - due to certain circumstances (often tragic), a person's life has developed in such a way that they cannot do without the help of the state.

And now let's think together whether a person in need would come to the economic forum in a Chanel suit worth 1.2 million rubles. Or wear a jacket worth 900 thousand. Or another suit, also Chanel, worth 700 thousand rubles. What can someone wearing a Breguet watch worth 2 million or a ring worth 2.5 million be needy?

Some things are appropriate for certain events, and some are less appropriate. If I still haven't persuaded you, then let's do this. We go to the Rosreestr website and see how much the apartment, which we presented to Doguzova, costs. What is its cadastral assessment - after all, it is with this value that this apartment is recorded on the balance sheet of the city.

On the market, they cost twice as much, they give them away almost free of charge, but they are accounted for according to the cadastral value. Here is the sum - 30 million rubles. Now we just start our counter and wait. It will take some time, be patient. I like different clothes, from different brands We found clothes, attention, CLOTHES, worth 30 million rubles in Doguzova’s ownership. It equals the cost of the apartment that was given to her by the state as a person in need. Like any woman, I like to dress beautifully, i like clothes that suit me.

All these photos are fresh, until 2019 she had no public life. So, this is just what she’s worn just in these two years. A small part of her wardrobe, just what she was photographed in. She can spend 30 million on CLOTHING, but not on an apartment. And now the formalities. Important ones, because this isn’t a fashion show, but a corruption crime.

Is Doguzova in need in at least some sense of the word? Of course not. Doguzova is a very wealthy woman, just her wardrobe is worth a teacher's salary for 50 years. Given her real lifestyle, she cannot be entitled to any subsidies or benefits. At the same time, Zarina Doguzova is doing everything to hide her income. This is her tax return. 5 million rubles in two years. Like two of three of her Chanel suits and a watch.

And the only conclusion that can be drawn here is that the official lives on something else. Alternative sources of income that he hides from everyone. According to the law, she cannot do business, she has no income from any shares or investments, and as an official, she cannot accept gifts worth more than 3000 rubles.

Obviously, an error has occurred. Zarina probably misled everyone and committed an official crime. The apartment (or the privilege for it) was given out illegally, but unlike Yulia Vetrova, who was evicted from her two-room flat in the Far North, no one took Doguzova's apartment. And not just that. The apartment got classified.

Now not a single living soul can find out who owns apartment number 48. Tell me, what interests of Russia are protected here? Why is the apartment of the state travel blogger and the heroine of Tatler magazine a state secret? Why on earth are official registers falsified? Where is the official department looking? You can go three floors up and ask. Because in the same house lives Victoria Abramchenko, the then head of Rosreester, who got herself classified in the same way. If you order an extract for her 150-meter apartment, you’ll get this. Where is the owner? There is no owner.

But the apartment is present in her asset disclosure. Victoria Abramchenko has been promoted for her merits and now she is the Deputy PM. Thanks for advertising me Well, our government is very open after all, nobody's hiding anything.

And here it is impossible not to draw parallels. How can you arrest a member of the housing commission who recommended giving a 50 m2 double apartment in the Iskateley settlement, when the mayor of the capital stole a building from the city and handed it out to his subordinates and friends? How can you expel one woman from this apartment in the Arctic Circle (because she’s not in need), and give another, incredibly wealthy traveler, a 100m2 apartment in the center of Moscow at public expense? Is she, unlike Yulia Vetrova, in need? And then you also classify this property, to hide the fact that she has this apartment. Ivan Zhdanov’s father has no reason to be imprisoned. This case is made up. Falsified. Yuri Zhdanov is another political prisoner who will be added to hundreds of others. And the reason for his imprisonment is just another confirmation of the hypocrisy of Putin's security officials, who are ready to close their eyes to everything, sign and falsify anything in order to curry favor with their very cowardly boss. And the last, very important thing.

Unfortunately, while our country is occupied by Putin and his United Russia, we have no opportunity to call the police, or write to the prosecutor's office, or go to court and make sure that those who have been presented with apartments in this house collect their belongings and vacate their living space. So that the needy will live there, as promised. Or make the apartments be sold at an auction - to private individuals for huge sums of money that will then go to the budget. This is what should have been done by the law. But the law does not apply to Putin's thieves. But we can still do something.

Sergei Sobyanin, who started and implemented this corrupt scheme of gifting officials, tops the United Russia party list in Moscow. United Russia is kind of telling us: here is our favorite, here is our best party asset, vote for us. Do you want elite apartments in the center to be handed out for free to officials? Vote for United Russia. Or here is the number 4 in the United Russia party list, 85-year-old Vladimir Resin. As Moscow’s head construction official, he approved the demolition of the historic building of the merchant Bakhrushin and promised to build housing in its place for those in need. Has he built it? No. But they still offer you to vote for him.

The federal party list of United Russia must be topped by the most worthy people. The only way to stop this now is to come to the polls in September and say: you know what, no, this situation does not suit me. I do not want to pay for gifts for TV presenters, opera singers and petty officials who are on the lists of needy.

If everyone says so and at the same time votes for the same other candidate, United Russia deputy will lose his seat. You need to vote for the one who has the maximum chance of defeating the United Russia candidate. We will prepare such a list for each region, and you need to register on the Smart Voting website. A few days before the elections, we will send you the name you need, and then it’s easy - go to the polling station, put a ballot in the box and convince your friends and relatives to vote in the same way. Every deputy not from United Russia in the State Duma is already our small victory. Register, vote, and watch our channel. We tell the truth here.

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