Покинутая Украина: Нелегалом проникнуть в Чернобыль. Идём в запрещённые места города Припять.

Покинутая Украина: Нелегалом проникнуть в Чернобыль. Идём в запрещённые места города Припять.

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Guys, I do not plan to come here but it may soon adopt the amendments to the law about the violation of radiation safety requirements and soon maybe for stalking would make criminal responsibility so I came here for the last time to enjoy the views are out of here, believe me just gorgeous personally it looks just fine In general, hello everyone! with you Mishan and this is a new stalk in the Chernobyl exclusion zone The extreme trip to the ChEZ lasted 5 days, during this time we walked about 70 kilometers, and 45 we covered in a police car During this video you will see the gathering of stalkers of the Chernobyl zone why they are held and why stalkers go to the zone dozens of times Illegal trip to the exclusion zone in the version of the golden autumn I will show the villages of the Chernobyl zone that stalkers visit on this route After which we will go to the abandoned city of Pripyat visiting the Red Forest along the way We will walk with you as a tourist attraction Pripyat and in places where access to excursions is closed apartments, abandoned equipment, roofs We will also meet a group of stalkers who will come to visit us and you will see a reception in Pripyat. What does it mean to be caught and what does it mean among a stalker company in general, enjoyable viewing Lviv. The beginning of the hike briefly about what I take with me to the exclusion zone, the first and most important thing - a sleeping bag Without it, the dosimeter is also an extremely necessary thing in the ChEZ blogger set selfie stick notebook multitool tripod two powerbank and from food I took pasta buckwheat oatmeal and some tea I took toilet paper with me and a lot of clothes , after all, it's autumn in the yard. I also found an old radio receiver in my place, and decided to take it with me.

In general, it looked like this, it remains to collect a backpack, and you can go to the highway to vote Kiev ... A day after 110 km to the zone. Route Kiev - Chernobyl It so happened that I was in the exclusion zone 11 times There is something in this place, and each time this "something" attracts more and more this place has a strong atmosphere, one might say - the most unique place on the planet, in which I was happy to visit.The zone is harmony with nature, abandoned villages and cities of Pripyat for 3 decades, Polesskoe Chernobyl Chernobyl, by the way, is a half-living city, about 2500 workers live there on a rotational basis. Chernobyl is generally a topic for a separate video The day before departure. Gathering of stalkers In Ukraine there is a unique sub-culture in which many young people are. They call themselves stalkers,

and this movement has been greatly distorted in the media lately. There are several reasons for this. Stalkers are outside the law You cannot get into the exclusion zone without a special pass But there is a workaround Extreme hike Many people choose this type of tourism because of the complete freedom of action In the zone you are given to yourself, and you choose where to go and what to see In such hikes the indescribable atmosphere of the Chernobyl zone reigns The complete abandonment of the place is felt, in your head you instantly rethink the tragedy of 86th Silence reigns and peace Unlike an excursion, where crowds of tourists with their conversations interrupt the entire atmosphere Fires in April 2020 Personally, my opinion is mental arson in order to hide large-scale deforestation in the chzo, the authorities blamed everything on stalkers, they say they are to blame for the fires And this is with the fact that the perpetrators of the arson were found, and they were far from stalkers. Nevertheless in the Exclusion Zone, black felling continues, and we are extra eyes that see all this.This is approximately the explanation I found when I was looking for an answer to the question why the law on the criminalization of stalking is being promoted now And I'm afraid that it will still be adopted I talked with stalkers at a meeting , and learned that it is so much that attracts them to the lands of the lost Polesie . Hello. Please introduce yourself [Nikita] Nikitos As I understand it, you are one of those who walk into the zone as a stalker? please tell me what exactly attracts you to the Chernobyl zone [Nikita] First of all - the atmosphere [Nikita] the atmosphere of this empty city [Nikita] is generally top [Nikita] Once we somehow stand on the roof [Nikita] filming the crowd going tourists [Nikita] below [Nikita] Americans [Nikita] and at this time (we did not know) [Nikita] still behind (on the other side of the building) [Nikita] some other group was [Nikita] We are shooting one crowd, and at this time, another [Nikita] comes up to us, in short, we stand, shoot [Nikita] and then they come straight at us [Nikita] but what, when it turns out nowhere to run?) [Nikita] we talked with them there, so to speak [Nikita] and go further [Sergey] What is a zone for me? [Sergei] First of all, a unique place on the planet, [Sergei] in which time has stood still, [Sergei] is, in fact, an open-air museum [Sergei] in principle, and you can have a good rest if it is normal to cram in villages [Sergei] in such, which very few people go to [Sergey] and where excursions do not go It's not in vain that the zone is called "Chernobyl recreation area, right? [Sergey] Why do I go to the zone? [Sergey] It is difficult to describe why I am doing this at all [Sergey] I myself do not fully understand [Sergei] I am just drawn there [Sergei] may be because of the silence that reigns in these villages [Sergei] can take a break from the city [Sergei] and just interesting places to discover the Exclusion Zone We entered zone late at night, but because of the dew we stopped in the first village, there was practically nothing left here, but I was simply obliged to show you something.Guys good afternoon, everyone! We are in the village of Zamoshnya, we have already entered into the Chernobyl exclusion zone and that -that the zone does not want to let us on, just saw how a group of stalkers left in the direction of Pripyat, probably 7 people and we are sitting here and I do not understand what is holding us back, but.

the fact remains . Meet. This is Nikita [Nikita] Hello! and we went together to the ChEZ how long have we been here? [Nikita] We are. From the moment of entering? [Nikita] or specifically here? yep, since the moment of entering [Nikita] I think it's been almost a day [Nikita] look: we arrived here at about 12 am [Nikita] Well it turns out long enough [Nikita] During this time you can go much more Well, that's how they did now )) [Nikita] Well, you just, you, it’s a pity you didn’t see what we went through [Nikita] to this place it’s such "sh*t" This is awful [Nikita] Yes, it is. The anomaly is straight [Nikita] we were returning to the same place, bushes, thickets [Nikita] It's not easy to tell, you just need to show it.

[Nikita] Don't even show it, but walk through it live, [Nikita] when it's completely impossible to walk The field is all wet ... [Nikita] yes, as I understand it, guys, these are cowsheds in the village of Zamoshnya, one barn has already burned down and we have a "golden fall". In the Exclusion Zone By the way, look how the slate has survived The weather today is excellent , unlike the one that we went through, it turned out at night it was raining (a little) plus dew and my ankle boots ordered to live a long time, look how beautiful this place looks from here and in that direction you can see the church of the Old Believers and now we will go there Zamoshnya, or the old name Sloboda is an abandoned village in the southwestern part of the ChEZ At the time of the Chernobyl accident, 240 residents lived here Today the village is almost completely destroyed there are several whole houses left in which stalkers stay But perhaps the main attribute of the village is the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. Which, unfortunately, is living out its last years The history of the Church of the Mother of God dates back to 1834, when the Old Believers erected a stone church here and a nunnery with it.In

1863, a fire broke out, the monastery burned down, but it was soon rebuilt. In 1914, the church was rebuilt. During the Soviet regime in 1929, the monastery was closed, the building was used as a warehouse In 1932, the domes and the bell tower were destroyed.Today, practically nothing has survived from the church, it ceased to exist back in 1929.

Guys, we are now moving along the stalker path towards the city of Pripyat, look how alive it is here in a day several groups of stalkers can pass through such interesting subtleties of hiking in the ChEZ sometimes no one is thrown and sometimes in a day several groups immediately follow this path So guys, we are not far from the village of Glinka, look at this beautiful field ! we are walking along this path and you will not believe how many ticks there are. I'm very glad that we found this path because if it weren't for it, we would have barely reached the road , and secondly, there are just a lot of ticks. Well, guys, we are moving in the direction of Pripyat left the field with ticks there were just a lot of them and now we have to go 28 kilometers to the abandoned city let's go! Guys, we came to the village of Razyezha, it burned down as a result of fires, it seems in the 2000s (as far as I know), now we are actually going there and we are going here now there will be a main road along which cars often drive, so there is a drive there, you have to be careful There is no there is not a single whole house left, as you can see, the left side of the house is already ruined, the whole village completely burned out somewhere in the 2000s, we walk along the main street of the village of Razyezha, there is actually nothing left here, see how trees have grown from the house, just nature takes its toll Guys, I often did not understand the people who go to the ChEZ in the fall, but when I got here just in the middle of October I want to tell you that it is quite atmospheric in the autumn zone , these yellowed leaves mixed with green give simply indescribable beauty Friends, we go out on a busy road along which illegally carry timber from the exclusion zone, just a few timber trucks have gone people, the timber is being transported! look, timber trucks More! this is the third Vaughn forest. Look, with what huge trucks they are harshly taken out, well, this third one is small relatively We are going in the direction of the turn to Pripyat Now we need to quickly go through this section so that they do not burn us in less than 5 minutes And, this is this one that the forest transports Late evening we found ourselves house in the village of Zhovnirovka. Surprisingly, he turned out to be in pretty good condition, and the atmosphere of comfort reigning in the room did not give me rest for a long time.

On the shelf, there is a class work, a child who lived in this house. Unlike the city of Pripyat, in the villages everything is somehow different. Here there is no feeling that you need to rush somewhere, hide from someone Chernobyl villages are solitude with nature There is also a Christmas tree, apparently one of the stalkers celebrated the New Year here We prepared ourselves to eat: and it was a whole feast in the ChZO Puree with corn, and cognac in the Chernobyl zone - such dishes seem like heavenly food. After a hearty dinner, our strength recovered a little, but we were in no hurry to get to Pripyat. Zhovnirovka. Morning Good morning! We stayed in such a house.

I am now on the veranda, just look at these mansions: by the standards of 1986, probably a rich man lived here, so what do we see here? we see glechik still glechik Accordion is it sand or whatever, of unknown origin and the actual things of the former resident went, go inside, Nikita is sitting inside us and we are preparing ourselves breakfast to go to Pripyat, this is how it looks like for us, let's go to this room yesterday I showed you the class work of either a schoolboy or a schoolgirl, it's a pity that there is no signature and let's go further here we are greeted by the main attribute of the Christmas tree - the New Year tree, which has been here for several years, apparently Stalkers celebrated the New Year here by the way, this is how the village looks completely overgrown, now I am I’ll show it to you from the street. Welcome to our courtyard, see how a tree fell here and this is how this house looks from the outside. I propose to walk further, to the village street, so that you can appreciate the scale of how nature has won back here. By the way, just look real, here there lived some rich man by the standards of 1986, we are now on Mira street 60, the village of Zhovnirovka, and here is the actual the street of the village from which the run-up ended probably in the 2000s, when it all began to overgrow, we were looking for a house of stalkers along such a path and accidentally found this house, very interesting by the way, I suggest you look at other Polesie houses well, let's, for example, go into this one and look at the Chernobyl zone in the golden autumn version I really like it, the truth apparently it was raining at night, but then this is a basement there probably nothing left, but if you go into the house, then we are met immediately on the veranda by a bed tumbled down ceiling (meaning the floor) the tumbled down floor is more precisely like always in the villages and in the villages there is a stove, a table, two chairs and this is a stalker room, as far as I understand it.By the

way, the police of the Chernobyl exclusion zone know about this village, so whoever wants to come here to the village of Zhovnirovka is only at your own risk, patrols are common here for example, we stopped here at our own peril and risk, see what I noticed in the barn a baby carriage and personal belongings of residents like this in t business guys used to be here people lived they had a child at the time of evacuation like this, guys, this tragedy affected the fate of many, many who fell ill , problems with oncological sabotage began, many gave their lives and health to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, this is a huge tragedy, I suggest a little more walk around the village to look at other houses , unfortunately, who were not very lucky, the time killed them, of course, just look at how nature took this house, I just propose to look through the window and what do you think is the front door, or from the room? These are guys, the door from the room, if you go further there, we will see the front door of the Village of Zhovnirovka. Perhaps someone will recognize this house next to it, here's another barn, my impressions of this village - only a few houses are in ruin here and there is still some stalker house, as far as I know, but no one talks about it.I suggest we go here again during the evacuation, the inhabitants of their houses hammered the windows with such boards so that the marauders did not get into the houses , but unfortunately the marauders managed to get everywhere, let's go in such a house already with a completely killed floor I know that I suspect that some bad stalkers take and tearing this floor for firewood from this house yes, yes, guys. And this happens to stalkers sometimes they like to scandalize they motivate this by the fact that the house will not be used anyway , it is already falling down and the hunt is warming up well, somehow the village street is completely overgrown and the only way to go through this stalker paths behind the path is here continue at home. Look, the

skate has already fallen and this house will not stand for a long time here, the house is a little more cheerful, but probably also, in the same state, just look how much everything is overgrown here, I will never stop repeating this, probably never, while we are in this village, but this look awful , probably a tree once fell on this house, it was simply flattened by just tin and there are no more words friends, I found a store in the village of Zhovnirovka here it is already clear by the look that there is nothing left here , nevertheless, the only thing would not hurt to go in for a tick , which reminds that this is a store, these are folded shelves here is such a floor , another shelf and a grid from the refrigerator, this village is quite interesting, but heavily looted, unlike the same left bank, everything on the right bank, once, back in 1986 the marauders took it for years. Well, guys. This is the village of Zhovnirovka. I hope you liked it, and we are going to Pripyat and see you there. Dead city, city center, Pripyat, Stroiteley Avenue, 32 amusement park Welcome Welcome to Pripyat Before the accident. the city of Pripyat was the most rapidly developing city in the entire USSR. In the 80s it was the most exemplary city in the union. And we can say the pride of the whole USSR.

The city of Pripyat had direct Moscow subordination, which means that everything was there for a comfortable life. Scarce goods, high wages. People tried to get here. The city grew at a rapid pace. and according to the project it was planned that over 80 thousand inhabitants would live here.

Pripyat was built on the principle of a triangular building, which means that there were many buildings with a different number of floors.For example, in the first two microdistricts there are more 5-storey buildings, and only a few nine storeys And already later microdistricts are built up exclusively with 9 and 16-storey buildings. In total, about 14 thousand apartments were built in Pripyat, the plan was to commission the amusement park on May 1. But something happened that no one expected. Hello, is this HPV -2? Yes! What's burning there? an explosion on the main building between blocks 3 and 4 and there are people there? Yes! You all know, recently we were in trouble for the first time we really faced such a formidable force as nuclear energy, which went out of control on April 26, 1986 at 1:24 am Moscow time, reactor number four of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded In the first 30 minutes in the vicinity station from powerful radiation burned down the forest, later it will be called "Red Forest", because of the yellow color, which he took after the radioactive release Hike to Pripyat on absolutely any route does not exclude a visit to the red forest, at the moment the trees have recovered, but the soil here is dry pore heavily contaminated The Red Forest is one of the most dangerous places in the zone. It is better not to stay here if health is dear to you. Villages were also hit, and in one of them we made a halt on the way to the city. we are located in the area of ​​the village Chistogalovka.

It is famous for the fact that in 1986, when there was a "western trail", all the radionuclides went towards the village, and it got used to strong radioactive contamination, here we are sitting on the sidelines, and the background is already about 200 mcr / h there will be thousands more, etc. Pripyat is worth at the top of the river, which gave it its name It would seem that an ordinary, unremarkable Soviet city is a ghost, but somehow it clings, and no one remains indifferent Abandoned amusement park, where the Ferris wheel stands City center, where the infrastructure facilities are located: the city executive committee, the hotel Polesie cultural and recreational facilities: the Energetik Palace of Culture, Polesie restaurants and an unnamed restaurant, which did not have time to give the name The whole city, where 50,000 residents lived now completely empty Stalkers love Pripyat, although the city has been under intense patrolling in recent years Despite this, the ghost town pacifies It is here that you can see with your own eyes what will happen to all the cities of the planet when the time of people ends We went to th genus late in the evening, usually the security at this time is not entirely vigilant, therefore the chance to penetrate is quite high.Due to fatigue, that evening we only had enough for two objects in the city of Pripyat the first - a cemetery of equipment, where there are rumpled, chaotically placed vehicles that elimination of the consequences of the accident by one of their types can describe the tragedy of 86. This is exactly the picture she left in the memory of people.The morning began with the filtration of water, which we found in one of the apartments, and the study of the entrance for the presence of at least one whole apartment since 1986.

Apartment by apartment, absolutely everything is in a sad state Judging by the appearance one of the apartments, there were looters, I identified this by the kettle, which was heavily smoked, apparently someone was boiling water on a fire. There was also one apartment that pleased me. The things of the residents of this apartment have been preserved in the sofa here. This is a very rare find for Pripyat.

While my friend was getting ready , I went with a cup of coffee to the eighth floor in order to sit on one of the balconies overlooking our courtyard Half an hour later we were ready to go outside, and the first thing we did was to explore our courtyard Previously, it was no different from the neighboring neighborhoods Pripyat, and other cities of the USSR Children had fun at playgrounds, mothers with strollers walked along the now overgrown sidewalks, no one even knew that 3 kilometers from their city something had already happened that would forever turn their fates Pripyat residents would be told that they were leaving everything only for a temporary evacuation They will board buses and never see their city again. Temporary evacuation continues to this day, and these houses are still waiting for their owners. In the city of Pripyat, the most important thing is left for the Stalkers, it must be crossed carefully and very quickly. What are we going to do now

. we have overcome the road and now we are moving towards the central stadium towards the center of Pripyat there are no excursions yet courtyards in the city of Pripyat are no less fascinating, especially in the morning, just look at this beauty. Stalkers love such courtyards very much for their special atmosphere, you know, it becomes not by itself, when you realize that this city had 50,000 inhabitants. Now it is empty This is a symbolic place - the central stadium of the city of Pripyat called Avangard, which was never put into operation, it was planned to be put into operation at the end of 1986, but before the amusement park, behind my back is the famous Ferris wheel in the city of Pripyat, which never started up. Its launch was planned for May 1, 1986, but the Chernobyl accident canceled all plans for the central square of the city of Pripyat. The heart of Pripyat, so to speak, The main attraction of Pripyat is the city center where the former infrastructure of the city is located. All the most interesting is located in the center.

This is the Energetik Palace of Culture. It was built in 1972 in the "Socialist Realism" architectural style. Inside the building is a typical picture for Pripyat.

Devastation and traces of marauders' activities. In the energy sector there was a concert and sports hall, a music class, various artists and groups came and performed here. concerts and performances were held Like most other important buildings from the period of the 80s - the energetic was faced with marble. Inside, only a fresco has survived, and a gymnasium. Cars drive along the roads, people fuss and rush to work. This is a common picture in ordinary cities, but this has not happened here for 3 decades.

Only graffiti with silhouettes of people remind of a past life in this city. The next attraction is the hotel "Polesie" Like an energetic, it is faced with marble tiles, and perhaps this is one of the most beautiful buildings in Pripyat. It was built in the mid-1970s to provide guests who came at the Chernobyl NPP The restaurant of the same name also belongs to the Polesye hotel. Almost nothing is known about him, but the restaurant was definitely designed for the guests of the city who stayed at the hotel. Inside the hotel building itself there is a typical picture for Pripyat. Only occasionally come across rooms where you can find a mattress, but otherwise - just bare walls. Quite an interesting location - a kindergarten in which the stalker Stanislav Polessky, together with his wife and Infernius, did the restoration.When we got here, we seemed to have moved for a moment to 1986. Everything looks very atmospheric and entourage here.

Books are on the shelves and children's toys are neatly displayed. As if only a year ago there was an accident, and the looters had not yet managed to get here . Unfortunately, the garden was painted by vandals, which have been spoiling the appearance of Pripyat for many years now. No matter how many people try to do something good, there will always be someone who will destroy it ... I also wanted to visit Basain Lazurny, but already that day there were police ambushes in the city, which we miraculously avoided and moved exclusively in courtyards. Guys, good morning! and it didn't start with coffee. Stalkers of Zdarov came to us , guys, how long did you go to Pripyat? [Dima] well, when we arrived, it was already about 2 days. what delayed you? [Kolya] Mishka ...

[Dima] Mishka was detained by that bear?) [Dima] yes [Dima] the bear roared [Dima] we managed to leave in time and where are you on Pripyat now? [Dima] Medsan-unit # 126 [Kolya] By the way. Medsan-unit [Kolya] we'll put on firemen's clothes Well then, guys, good luck. We walk through the restored huts and then probably to you. On the second day, a group of stalkers came to us, some of whom were at a gathering in Kiev. We got to know each other, drank coffee, and generally had a good time. Today it was clear that there were many objects of the city to be visited.

First-movers (the so-called newcomers among stalkers) should go to the center, this is already a tradition. And we, experienced stalkers, went to look at the renovated apartments. The time of the golden autumn is in full swing, this is what stalkers call the closing of the hiking season. For a while, the abandoned city puts on a golden dress, nature has swallowed this city, and it seems to me: without people, autumn Pripyat looks very beautiful. Here is one of the renovated apartments. The author of the restoration is Creosan. The premises have suffered from vandalism and looting. Almost immediately after the restoration, almost everything was stolen from here. Welcome to blogger Creosan's apartment. Nothing remained here after their repairs. The apartment was ruined as you can see: the sofa with wallpaper, already tired of it, was stolen from the trim that Creosan brought, but as you can see, someone brought curtains here. Probably Stas Polessky. And the apartment looks pretty entourage.

the only thing left of the upholstery was this mattress on which someone's leg was already and this chair. The second renovated apartment - the Room of a little girl - Pripyatchanka. Authors of the restoration are Stas and Vika Polesskiy. Perhaps the most atmospheric room in Pripyat at the time of filming . Unfortunately, this room was also damaged by vandals. Having visited the girl, we decided to get out. Someone broke the chair and soiled the rug badly. I made a decision to put the chair back, and I took the rug to the entrance to shake it off the dust. A few minutes after leaving the apartment, we learned that the police had arrived in the city. The emotions that we experienced are simply beyond words. We quickly returned to our house, where we began a large-scale operation to bring stalkers up to date. Our new friends already knew about the police raid in Pripyat. As it turned out later, they were looking for an underage girl from our new company, but on the seventh floor there were two more stalkers who wanted to remain anonymous. In general, in a hurry, I ran to the floor to warn them, and after half an hour everyone was already assembled, let me

remind you. In total, three groups of Stalkers lived at the entrance.We had two options (to move in the village, or go to the exit.) We chose the first one, and a group of 11 people went to one of the nearest villages, where we sat on the river bank until the night. As it turns out later, both options were a failure, since a strong kipish had already risen in the exclusion zone because of a minor traveler who wanted to look at the zone through the eyes of Stalkers. in general, we were caught . Finally, I want to express my deep gratitude to the change of police that issued two groups of travelers that day, primarily for their patience and loyalty. There are many rumors about the Chernobyl zone police, but be aware. The police in the ChEZ are normal men. And on such a slightly sad note, we will finish this video. I hope you liked it and you will like it and share it with your friends. Also, do not forget to subscribe to the channel, I'm interested here. Good luck to all. And bye!

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