Чрезвычайная ситуация. Джан Яман, Керем Бюрсин, Ханде Эрчел, Берен Саат и другие. Чего новости

Чрезвычайная ситуация. Джан Яман, Керем Бюрсин,  Ханде Эрчел, Берен Саат и другие. Чего новости

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Hello everybody! With you Katerina and our weekly column "CheGO news" - news from Turkey, tourism, as well as Turkish stars .. Today you will have an interesting release: Bill Gates is moving to Turkey? What does Burak Deniz want to hide ? Whether to cope with the new role of Akin Akinozu? Neslihan Atagyul and Kadir Dogulu did what they had dreamed of for a long time. Beren Saat will become a singer? Passion for Hande Ercel. Does Kerem Bursin have any new projects? As the birthday of Can Yaman, almost all of Rome was celebrated . All about this and not only in our favorite section "WHAT'S about stars". Let's go! Our list of documents required to come to Turkey. And I will once again remind you of the need to obtain a

HECcode. What is HEScode? Where it comes in handy and how to get it, I tell you here in this video. The city of Istanbul has been captivating with its history from the very beginning of its foundation. Megarians were the first historical peoples to settle on the territory of modern Istanbul. In the 680s BC, they migrated from Greece, crossed the Sea of ​​Marmara and founded the city ​​of Chalcedon. Now there is the Kadikoy district. The first

inhabitants of Chalcedon. Later in the 660s BC, another group of Megarians decide to found a new city and go to the Delphic Oracle for advice. Oracle To say that Byzantium will become a great ruler and will be remembered for many more generations. The oracle also said that he needed to settle "directly opposite the Nation of the Blind."

At that moment Byzantium did not know what this was about. After a long search, they came to the shore of the modern region of Sarayburnu. The Megara colonists were impressed by the fact that the peninsula sits on a hill and the fact that it was naturally protected from the sea on three sides by the sea. And they saw the city ​​of Chalcedon on the opposite bank . As history says, Byzantium said

then "The people who founded the city on an Asian non-fertile land, taking into account the fact that there is such a beautiful place on the opposite bank , must be blind!" Byzantium became one of the greatest states, and thanks to Byzantium, who founded the city of Constantinople, we still live today. What to say?! The Delphic Oracle was right. Anchovies or in Turkish is called hamsi. Last year the catch was not big, but this year it is abundant. Now anchovies are sold at prices ranging from 10 to 15 liras per kilogram, in some provinces the price of fish has dropped to 5 liras. Fishermen fishing off the coast of Amasra, Bartin, returned to the harbor at night with tons of anchovies.

The fish were unpacked in boxes right at the port, loaded onto trucks and sent to the nearby provinces. Anchovies were distributed free of charge to residents of the city who came to the port . People filled tazy and sacks with disembodied fish and thanked the fishermen. Turkey and Istanbul are covered with a very thick fog for a whole week . Due to low visibility, many flights were postponed , and an emergency regime was introduced on the roads and on the water, which lasts for more than a week . But how beautiful it looks, from above. Anyone who comes to Turkey and wonders what kind of gifts to bring, in addition to Turkish delight and Turkish spices. I recommend taking the narcotic sauce, which translates

as pomegranate sauce. In Gaziantep district of Oduzeli, the pomegranate harvest began, and, accordingly , the production of pomegranate syrup. From 20 thousand tons of pomegranate, 10 tons of syrup will be obtained. The harvest is divided into sour and sweet fruits. The pomegranate is cleaned and juice is made from it, then the juice is cleaned of cake and only after many hours of boiling the juice will acquire the consistency of a syrup. This syrup is not only tasty

and completely natural, but also has a treasure trove of nutrients. One of the most beautiful and ancient monasteries, which was included in the UNESCO heritage, is the Sumela Monastery. In these frames, the video is 50 years old. This is how the Sumela monastery looked like in 1971. As you can see, it is almost completely destroyed. During this time, the government did a great job and restored the monastery.

Its grand opening took place in the summer. However, this week the monastery was urgently closed to visitors for security reasons, in order to secure the rock mass on the slope that is located right at the entrance. The monastery is planned to open no earlier than January 31, 2022. However,

tourists, tour operators and the management of the monastery are against a complete closure. Now the option is being considered to open the museum for a couple of hours a day. Istanbul is one of the largest and most densely inherited capitals in the world. Officially, more than 20 million people live here, plus at least 10 million unofficially. In addition, Istanbul is visited by over 1,000,000 tourists every month. The garbage problem is as relevant here as nowhere else. The garbage of Istanbul is turned

into electricity. More than 190 thousand households are already provided with waste electricity. In the 2040s, it is planned to provide energy for about 10 percent of the 20 million population of Istanbul.

Meet! This is Turkish Hachiko. German Shepherd Fero does not leave the grave of its owner. Omer Guven took Fero 11 years ago, but alas , he died at 92 years of age . Omer's son, Joshkun, said: “We wanted to take Fero home, but he didn’t come with us. He did not leave the coffin after the death of his master. He did not leave when the crowd dispersed. He lay at the grave for several hours and continues to be with his master for more than a week. "

Bill Gates moves to Turkey. American billionaire Bill Gates, who has been arriving on his yacht in Turkey in the Aegean Sea for a long time , plans to acquire land here and develop a farm. According to the New York Post, at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Gates pledged $ 135 million to help farmers grow climate-resilient crops.

He noted that the money will go to a family consortium that helps farmers adapt to changing climatic conditions. Meanwhile, it is known that Bill Gates owns 22 thousand hectares of land in Turkey. And what is going on with us there? In our starry sky? Dear ones, good ones. I would like to thank each of you who likes, subscribes to the channel, and also writes comments. You know that I always answer you and it is a great pleasure for me to communicate with each of you! Thank you again! For all my new viewers, I remind you that in the headings "cheGO news", as well as "WHAT about stars" are displayed the opinions of Turkish citizens, as well as the Turkish media, and not my personal. Nope.

The long-awaited series Aziz has finally been shown. On Friday, Turkish citizens could already see the first episode. I don’t like to tell you about the plot in advance, but to be honest, I really liked the first episode! Aziz took first place in the ABC1 category. Judging by the comments on social networks, the audience is very pleased with the harmony of the main actors. In the EU group, the series is in third place. The FOX TV series Love Logic Revenge is considered one of the best romantic TV series this season. However, the script began

to be criticized for the fact that its plot began to turn into drama. The writers quickly corrected this situation and returned the series to the old days of romantic comedy. One of the main actresses of the wrinkled series, Burcu Ozberk, was interviewed after an event where she and her friends got together to celebrate the success of the series. Burcu also said that she expected such success even before the start of the project "When the story touches, something inside you, we definitely get a reward." As I understood from your comments, many of my viewers watched the series Miracle Doctor. Sinem Yunsal, who played Nazli in Miracle Doctor, has become one of the main actresses in FOX TV's new drama series, Of Course Someday. The first episode has already appeared on this Sunday.

The series The Bad Penny was also aired. Unlike Aziz, who won the first place, The Bad Penny was less successful, but nevertheless it took very good ratings and is located in third place on ABC1 and first in social networks. However, it was not without criticism. Sina Kologlu, a film critic of the respected newspaper Milliyet, wrote in her column: “What a coincidence, I recently watched the Italian TV series Suburra on D Smart. It was as if the local brother of the Gypsy mafia and his family were in The Bad Penny. It turned out to be a very homely atmosphere. The problem with the The Bad Penny is

the swing between "Let's do this realistically" and "Let's reach out to the whole audience." Please write in the comments if the film critic's statement is correct. The series he Girl in the Glass still takes first place in all categories. And some media began to write some strange things about the fact that the main actress Burcu Biricik will soon leave the series and she may be replaced by Neslihan Atagul. But this is most likely a fake, since I did not find such information in my trusted sources.

Thursday's serials race, which includes strong rivals such as Barbarossa, Bitter land and he Girl in the Glass, will be joined by a new FOX TV series called The Guest. Starring Kazal Kaya and Burga Gyulsoy. A young girl, killed a woman in a traffic accident with three children. A young

girl will try to commit suicide in order to get rid of the pangs of conscience and her problems. The family of the deceased woman will be a new hope that this young girl will find the meaning of life again. However, as the series' trailers were released, the public began to get frustrated. The charges were mainly directed against Fox TV. Many began to talk about the fact that the Guest series will have the same fate as the Liars and Candles series. We will live and strengthen until there is

nothing to say . Another Fox TV series, Hand of Girl takes not very good ratings. Many Turkish viewers say that they started watching the series because they no longer trust the channel. Now the series Hand of Girl has already released its third episode. It is not yet clear whether FOX TV will close another series, since if they close another series in such a short time, they are likely to lose even more audience.

Do I have admirers of the work of the actor Akin Akinozu here? Good news for you! The first trailer for the series Game of My Destiny has already been released. The plot of the series is as follows: Asia, played by Oiku Karael, was raised by her stepmother when she turns 17. Asie meets Cemal, who is played by Akin Akinozu, and marries him. The couple had two children, but the family has very big financial problems. Cemal leaves his wife

and two children for a better life. A wealthy woman named Helin seduces Jemal and separates him from her family. Asia begins a life struggle with her two children. During this struggle for her life, Asie meets Mahir and her fate suddenly changes. It is not yet known when the series will air.

Turkish fans of the actor Akin Akinozu are not sure that Akin will be able to switch to a new role, as they remember him and liked him for his role as Miran in Hercai. We understood the opinion of Turkish fans, but what do you think about this ?! Will Akin be able to play a poor taxi driver? About the actors of the series Island's Tale we can say with confidence that the series has benefited both of them. The series became successful, although it occupies minimal indicators in the on-air ratings , nevertheless, the series and both actors keep on being popular on social networks. Alp Navruz during this time became the face of the French cosmetics brand Yves Rocher Turkey, and also presented a new collection, Defacto. Ayca Aysin Turan continues to grow in her career. The actress received a very good score in the international acting rating of IMDB and was ranked 252nd among more than 11 million actors registered on this platform. This, of course, will help open the doors of

Ayca Aysin Turan to a world career. Kenan Imirzalioglu announced that he will not take part in the continuation of the digital project Alef, in which he starred a year ago. By the way, such actors as Aybuke Pusat and Taner Olmez from the miracle doctor will take part in the new season Kenan Imirzalioglu explained that different projects are being prepared, and he is now in the process of evaluating "There is no project about which I can say that I will take part in it." Sinem Kobal and Kenan Imirzalioglu have been in a happy relationship since their wedding in 2016. They recently had a baby named Lalin. The media this week began to actively write that the Sinem Kobal was 3 months pregnant.

Who writes this? What is the reason for this? And how well argued, I did not find such information. So it’s true or not, it will become clear to us, in about 4 months. Neslihan Atagul and Kadir Dogulu finally realized their dream. A couple who have worked for about a year. This week they opened the office of their PR agency. In their company, they will provide services to brands such as PR and advertising. Well, you can be truly happy for a couple .

For several episodes in a row, you asked me to tell about the actor Furkan Andych. I am sorry indeed, I have forgotten, I am correcting myself. Furkan Andic started cooperation with xiaomi turkiyе model phones. And also this week

Furkan took part in the show Trends My Friends. The show has been going on for more than an hour, so it's impossible to tell everything, But I'll tell you the most important thing - where did Furkan go. When the actor was asked where he had disappeared. He

said that he really wanted to take a break from filming. At first I thought to start doing my education, then something else, now I started playing the saxophone. And so the year passed. I am sure that among my viewers there are admirers of the creativity of the actress Serenay Sarikay. The actress this week unveiled a collection for clothing brand Mavi. She also starred for the cover

of Harper bazar turkey magazine. At the same time, she takes part in the filming of the series for Netfliex Sahmeran. Her colleague on the TV series Burak Deniz is not just a handsome actor, but also Burak has a very kind and big heart. According to a report in the Posta newspaper , Burak helped a company that feeds stray dogs in the woods. This week they found themselves in a difficult situation, turned to social networks for help.

Burak Deniz could not ignore this call for help and sent 50 large bags of food to the association. It became known that Burak Deniz regularly helps shelters, as well as associations for helping animals and shelters, but does not want to be talked about a lot and asks to hide this fact. It seems to me that 90 percent of people who start watching Turkish TV series started with the TV series Magnificent Century Halit Ergenc, who plays Sultan Suleiman, became a dad for the third time. His wife Berguzar Korel finally

gave birth to a baby. The girl was named Leila. After giving birth, it became known that mother Berguzar and daughter Leila were healthy. Halit Ergenc, did not leave his wife alone during childbirth. Both sons, Ali and Han, were waiting for their sister to appear at the hospital. Wait a second, now is the best time to like it, comment on this video and subscribe to the channel, if for some reason you haven't already done so.

After the unsuccessful project The liars and candles it is very pleasant to see Elcin Sangu in high spirits. The actress dyed her hair in her own color - red. Ibrahim Cellikol will travel to Istanbul this week for his son Ali's birthday, celebrated in the forest with many guests and animators. Beren Saat with her husband Kenan Dogolu settled the premiere of the TV series The Club. The couple, who experienced

difficulties in marriage earlier, are now everywhere together and of course delight their fans with their happiness. The media said that Beren is preparing to record his own songs in English. When reporters asked her about it, neither the actress nor her husband answered these questions. Finally, an article by Hande Ercel for InStyle magazine has been published For the third time, Hande has appeared on the cover of the magazine. Hande said that her great passion is painting.

They also asked about her niece Aylin Mavi. Are you used to being an aunt? How is it to have a niece? In fact, when I found out that my sister was going to have a baby and the feeling I had with the birth of Aylin was completely unreal. After giving birth, you first see and smell it turns your world upside down Aylin Mavi is a privileged child because she has the same mother as Gamze (laughs). What does it mean?! unclear. Who knows, please write in the comments, it will be useful to me. Hande was also asked about the secret of a long relationship. Whether it's with a boyfriend or your

friend, the most important thing in a long-term relationship is to maintain respect for each other. When do you think you have a new project? Do you have people you consult with? A new project is a job that can change and improve me. If I see such a project, of course, I will say: "I'm in business." Sometimes the

search for such a project takes a minute, and sometimes several months. It's about the bond you form with the character. And my team that I work with, the team I consult with, thinks of me before me.

Hande asked her fans to make a donation to the Association for a Cancer Free Life in lieu of a for her birthday on November 24th. Hande turns 27 years. “Heroism requires great responsibility and continuity... I want to touch thousands of lives with great happiness and hope. Let's be heroes for someone together. " Kerem Bursin, Hande Ercel with their close friends attended a basketball game. Kerem Bursin answered Ezgi Avci's questions at Anadolu Efes Studio. What would you suggest

for those who want to make a successful career? Believe in yourself ... you can meet many people who will not believe in you. I have encountered many such cases. if you believe in yourself if you like what you do and if you make an effort, then everything will work out. Question: Do you have new projects? Kerem: There are digital projects and projects of national channels with which I am now contacting. Kerem also said that

that he wants to be useful to society and wants to work in the field of women's rights protection. By the way, Kerem is not the first once makes such a statement. This is very good because in Turkey, the problem of women's rights is relevant, and not only in Turkey. It's good that the actors are positive social position. Can Yaman November 7 at 15:00 Can met with fans at Cinecittà World to celebrate your upcoming birthday. Let me remind you that Can's birthday is on November 8th. Can turned

32 years. Day dedicated to solidarity with the aim of providing children from pediatric departments of the polyclinic Umberto I in Rome of some equipment necessary for their care. This will the first in a series of events organized by the association Can Yaman for Children. Anyone could help to give children a smile for this it was necessary to acquire tickets on this site. Tickets cost quite reasonable amount for Italy. Adult 27 euros, Child 22.

During the day, you could meet with Can and contribute to the donation. On invitations to the event Can wrote: "Which is my biggest dream? To see children hospitalized to the hospital, back to the game ... " I think this is a very beautiful act. Imagine you have birthday, and the only thing is soon all you want is to just relax. He is stood on his feet for many hours in a row with everyone, it seems to me it's never easy, everyone needs smile, you need to talk to everyone and give a piece your energy. Later, Can was congratulated by his colleagues,

they prepared for him this big cake, applauded and sang a song to him. It seems to me, that Can was even a little embarrassed. Can, if you watch my video, but what devil is not kidding, Happy Birthday to you! You are a very great fellow! write comments, put likes and subscribe to the channel. See you very soon! And now! Have a nice day!

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