Уикенд във Велико Търново | Старата Столица на България

Уикенд във Велико Търново | Старата Столица на България

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Veliko Tarnovo is among the most beloved cities in Bulgaria and welcomes me with sunshine and wonderful autumn weather. I'm Laura and I love to travel. Friends, I will spend the next few days in Veliko Tarnovo and I will enjoy the beauty of this wonderful Bulgarian city, which hides a lot of history. I will visit the most emblematic places here. I will enjoy the good weather, I hope.

I will drink good Bulgarian wine. I will be with friends. I will eat deliciously and enjoy the beautiful autumn in Bulgaria. Come on! What can a person from "Shekerdzhiynitsa" buy besides the super popular today the red sugar rooster? And I couldn't wait. The cherry liqueur here is more than good. I arrived in Veliko Tarnovo two hours ago and quickly left my luggage in the hotel room. By the way, the hotel is located in a very good place and offers a great view of the city.

But as beautiful as it was, I couldn't help but get in the car and come here. The first place I wanted to visit here is "Samovodska Bazaar". Since I've been here, I've learned a lot of new things and seen how kadaif is made. To bake well you have to wait 3-4 minutes. It needs to get moisture so that it can be stored better. See what it looks like.

This is the only place in Bulgaria where you can see exactly how kadaif is made. There are walnuts, butter, raisins, a little pistachio on top. My trip to Veliko Tarnovo started quite sweetly. How will it continue? Gozleme with cheese and yellow cheese. Crispy. It's still hot. Just done ... and lemonade. You don't just live in sweets, no matter how much I love it.

Only one thing I don't like here. Cars pass by. It is not a pedestrian street. The walk can not but continue on the famous street "Gurko". Exactly in this place there is a magnificent view of the river "Yantra" and the monument of "Assenevtsi". It was built in memory of the Bulgarian kings Assen, Peter, Kaloyan and Ivan Assen II.

A while ago all this was illuminated by the sun. Beautiful sunset. It is very nice in Veliko Tarnovo. Cheers! - Cheers! Mr. Yovkov has already joined. Mrs. Yovkova will join us tomorrow. What is the brandy we drink? Twenty-five year old Trojan plum, made especially for this restaurant.

We also took suitable salads. Chorbadji peppers with cheese mousse. Zdravko picked up a large kamba. So big she has to share it with us. We ordered other things that will come a little later. It is very nice in Veliko Tarnovo. Since when have you not come? Lorche, this city is my favorite because I spent my youth here.

Youth?! Weren't you in Varna?! The main dishes we ordered also came. I chose fried chicken with fava puree and stewed peas. Miro chose pork ears with sazdarma and again fava puree. And Zdravko chose ... in fact this is not a main course but an appetizer, warm ...

This is a dessert! Dessert?! Goose liver with cherry jam and crispy bread. Very tasty. Cheers. See you tomorrow for breakfast. We stop with the photos for tonight. Bye! - Bye!

He keeps shooting ?! "On purpose to embarrass us later." In fact, after the restaurant we go to the hotel to drink a glass of good Bulgarian wine. The next morning we have a rich breakfast with a view. The plan for the day is very promising. May we be able to see everything we have planned. The first place I wanted to visit today is the Tsarevets fortress. In my opinion, the best way to look is to get a guide.

It costs BGN 20 per person and must be committed in advance. That is why we will walk alone in this place with a great history. A place that every Bulgarian should visit and every Bulgarian should know what exactly happened here. Our walk around the Tsarevets fortress is over. The place is really very majestic. Magnificent views can be seen from everywhere.

It's nice to spend more time here. We set aside as much as we could. Hello, won't you come? I like it a lot! Falling autumn leaves. We saw these huge wooden chairs.

And yesterday we saw them elsewhere in the city, but we didn't have time to sit down. It's very nice now. I'm starting to get hungry. Let's go to the Candy Shop. Are you OK? - It is good!

We are in the "Sugar Shop" again. We like it very much. In fact, Zdravko was not with us yesterday. ... cars! We send Zdravko to the car with everything we bought. He goes to the hotel to rest for a while. Then it will come, because we will drink good Bulgarian wine.

And Miro and I continue our walk around the "Samovod Bazaar." And I named each weave loom. They have names. I very rarely tell people, but I will tell you. This is Gizda - my first weave loom. This is Momchil, and this is Yana.

She is the smallest and last. This is a maple, this is a cherry, this is a beech. This is a pear, and this is a plum. What eyes, what wears! We finished with the "Samovod Bazaar". He goes somewhere else. Bye! ... Okay, come on a little more ...

We are in the village of Yalovo, approximately 16 km from Veliko Tarnovo. Here in the winery of the same name we will drink good Bulgarian wine. And I will buy. "I'll buy it if we like it." I hope we like it. We will do a tasting. Come on. Muscat is a typical representative of Bulgarian varieties. ... a row of quinces. Apples on top. Then grapes ... Everything is flooded with wine ... We start with bubbles. Pleasantly chilled. Very light and I like it. I've drunk it before.

The most liked Pet-Nat in Bulgaria. Chardonnay 2018. Collection series. There are less than 50 bottles left. This is our friend Georgi Mihov the sommelier. In the show "Bon Appétit" with Stoyan we presented him like this for many years.

I am very glad that Joro is here. "I'm glad too!" Joro is a man who understands a lot about wine. If I could have just a fraction of your knowledge of wine, it would be great.

And for me with cooking it is so! Good! What do we feel in this merlot? We feel history. I really like how the sommelier talks about wine. Here we will try a wine that is not ready yet. We will have this chance because Joro is our friend. We thank him very much.

The grapes are crushed and placed in these barrels. We try Chardonnay from two different barrels. "Knocking on wood" is becoming phenomenal! Why is it cloudy? - Because there is air. I go down and say goodbye! Time passes very quickly here. Two bottles and two, four bottles of wine. I passed very modestly.

Zdravko took it more seriously. Who will drive the car? ... He! What a nice match! When I'm in Veliko Tarnovo they broadcast the show "Sound and Light". I have wanted to watch it for many years. Super good luck!

In principle, the show is free, but we decided to get a ticket and watch it from a special venue. The ticket costs BGN 20. We got it in advance online. It was really nice. Its duration is about 15 minutes. I loved it. Hi, did you like it? Don't hide behind the camera. After so much wine, he doesn't want to stand in front of the camera.

End for today. It was filled with so many feelings, experiences and conversations with super friendly people from Veliko Tarnovo and friends like our friend Georgi Mihov the sommelier. The sun is shining the next day! I can't leave Veliko Tarnovo without visiting the "Wheel of Life" and the "Cradle of Love". About 7 km from Velito Tarnovo is the "Transfiguration" Monastery, which is the largest and most beautiful monasteries in Bulgaria.

I have never come and now I will have this opportunity. Very magnificent views. The monastery is built in a beautiful place. Rocks hang over it. Here are the bells. I am in the bell tower, so the view is very beautiful.

I will not hit them. They won't ring. In 1991, a large piece came off the rocks and fell right here where I am, on the bell tower and destroyed it. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Parts of this huge rock can be seen below. "The Cradle of Love". I'm here on the recommendation of some of my Instagram friends. Thanks a lot for the advice. The view here is really beautiful.

The ascent takes about 20 minutes and is relatively steep, at least on the path we chose to take. I'm not wearing the right shoes, but it doesn't matter. Now I will swing and look at the beautiful city and the fortress "Tsarevets" in front of me. I can not believe! It's really super cool and there's no one but us! Well, friends, my time in the beautiful Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo is over. I had a great time here. I met a lot of smiling and positive people. I met some of my friends. I drank good Bulgarian wine. And I want to be here again.

Veliko Tarnovo is a charming place in every season. There is no way to see the most interesting in just two or three days. I will be very happy if you liked the video. Share it with your loved ones so that they can see what we have done. Like it and don't forget to subscribe to my channel to travel together in Bulgaria and around the world. It is! I'm flying away! I am Laura and I wish you a pleasant journey! See you soon!

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