"After 50" (subtitled) Ep.1 "Looking for the Blue Eyes"

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Just hit 50! What do I do now? Stop seeking my dreams? Spend the day at the grocery store? Try fixing old stuff scattered around in the backyard? Give the children a hard time? OF COURSE NOT! What's the story of this show? Life Starts After 50 ! I've always had this philosophy We had to bear many responsibilities since we were young School.. Homework.. Exams.. After graduation, professional and social responsibilities came in Marriage.. Children.. And before we knew it we hit 50 We've been living taking care of others When will our turn come? I decided to produce the show after a particular incident One day at the airport I requested an emergency-exit seat After checking, he said sorry sir, I can't give you the seat Why? Because your'e over 50 So what? Anyway, after a short argument, I took the seat. I began to wonder... The issue is not about gaining a few more inches of legroom The officer unintentionally tried to put in my mind a delusive shackle After 50, people should not do certain things In order to unleash ourselves from such shackles, I decided to produce this show to visit special countries and indulge in fun, adventure and challenge I started to look for the first country to visit After a long search, I chose...

I’m now in The Land of Eagles the Land of the Arnaouts Those of us who have been to the new Istanbul Airport did you pay attention that it's located in Arnaoutkoy area? So what is the story of Arnaout? Here is Italy It looks like a boot If Italy moves its heel a bit to the back It will land in Albania I came to Albania for something special The blue eyes I was told that they are hard to get, but I was determined.. because they are of incredible beauty and deserve putting every effort I am at Lake Koman in Northern Albania going to Valbona village This ferry will follow this route all the way to Valbona. And from there I'll hike to Theth. I guess I made a miscalculation again! I thought that the 12 kilometers hike will take me about 2 hours, but 8 hours is something I'm not ready for! This place is really beautiful.

I continued hiking till darkness. I'm in Nothern Albania heading to Theth. I think I'm lost but this bridge indicates that I should be OK and not in a remote area Finally I got to this village in the middle of the Albanian Alps.

Pavlin is a man of honor He offered to host me and take me to the Blue Eye After 2 hours of hiking, we got there… The Blue Eye The water was freezing! I couldn’t take it more than 30 seconds. I almost froze to death! I was in severe pain I felt paralyzed and gassed out Pavlin saw me in this terrible situation and came to the rescue But the joy was far more greater than the frostbite “This is the coldest water I’ve ever been in” So I kept jumping and jumping and jumping till my body adapted to the frosty water I felt I was in a trance created by the integration with the Blue Eye and by the feeling of being closer to my goal On our way back, we stopped at the only millstone in the village Pavlin had prepared a delicious surprise for me when we returned home. You know what guys? This thing here is a major source of joy and happiness I learned interesting facts about the Balkans from Pavlin.

After spending 2 great days in this fascinating beauty it was time to say goodbye to Pavlin and Theth and head to my next destination This is the entrance of Petrela Castle. I'll tell you the story behind it upstairs. While I was driving, I saw this majestic castle.

It reminded me about the story of the Arnaoutis I promised to continue earlier. And to make a long story short, we only need to know that Turks refer to Albanians as Arnaoutis. I’m going to try something new that I’ve always wanted to try since I was a kid but the circumstances never permitted me to do so My next destination was going spearfishing in the Albanian Riviera in the Ionian Sea I took my speargun and dove I looked right... left... but couldn’t spot a single fish

I felt as if I were the only creature in the water. I came out feeling ashamed and defeated It didn’t take me long to learn the reason. Several days ago somebody threw dynamite to catch fish! They blew up schools of fish. And as if this disappointment wasn’t enough, I received a call from my wife! "Hello dear! Yeah. But I gave you the children's tuition before I left! It's not my problem if you spent it on something else! Oh, OK OK..

Just let me finish what I'm doing and I'll make the transaction ASAP! Oh what a day! I neede a break Gradually, I found myself again Nothing is capable of bringing my mood back like a delicious feast I dug in joyfully Guys, you must try local dishes. I really feel sorry for travelers that carry local ingredients with them wherever they go. The next day I resumed my trip feeling energetic The moment I made eye contact with the Blue Eye I felt a strong urge to dive in. But always safety first. I tried to swim back to grab my stuff but the current wasn't responding! And after these days full of action and adventure we saw together that age is only a number and a delusive inability living in our mind

2021-03-08 15:03

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