"After 50" (Subtitled) Ep.3 "Khalid x Splash"

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Just hit 50! What do I do now? Stop seeking my dreams? Spend the day at the grocery store? Try fixing old stuff scattered around in the backyard? Give the children a hard time? OF COURSE NOT! Today am in the mood for playing with Dolphins so I went to a place where I can play and interact with dolphins; Marmaris Dolphins Park A few decades ago, I saw a pod of dolphins swimming nearby, but they sadly swam away when I approached them. I kept hoping that one day my dream would come true ever since, and the day has finally come. My wife will feel jealous Jonas! Ouch! You kiss like an amateur Jonas. How about you and I dive together? OK? Indeed, God is the best of all creators.

All relations start with trust-building. Gradually, the trust between Jonas and I improved. If happiness has a definition, it must be swimming and interacting with these great creatures. Having successfully passed the trust-building phase, it was time for some playing and splashing. Jonas and Splash quickly rushed to demonstrate their power and speed.

The propulsion that dolphins create is incredible! Watching them from outside, dolphins seem as cute, small and lovely creatures which is partly true in a sense, but they are in fact very powerful mammals. Even the most dangerous sharks fear and avoid them, and when encounters happen, sharks don’t stand a chance, because dolphins are capable of killing them with one blow from their snouts. Fortunately, God inspired dolphins to have passion for us humans, like dogs.

Oh! I was expecting a kiss from you, not a splash in the face! Dolphins are mammals, not fish as many might think. Female dolphins actually nurse their young. They have a rubbery skin, not like scales in fish. Jonas wasn’t supposed to come out of the water underneath the deck! I bumped my head against the platform! Jonas and Splash live with other dolphins in Marmaris Dolphin Therapy Center.

They help autistic people improve by interacting with them. Here, we see 2 pools, one is used for pleasure and the other for remedy. Splash was supposed to be here as well, but it seems that his coach ran out of sardines and Splash is being rebellious! Splash, where are you? Dolphins can be touched anywhere except on sensitive places such as the eyes and the blowhole. To make things more interesting, Splash and I decided to have a water polo match, and off we go to warm up! The referee, Davut, blew the whistle! Honestly, I didn’t expect Splash to score and he went celebrating like a torpedo! Splash shot again and this time I managed to block the ball, but to my surprise, Splash and his fans continued to cheer and celebrate! I requested to see the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and I wish I never called for it because I didn’t like what I saw.

Actually, am not a fan of VAR's, just like millions of people around the world. So, I objected to the goal. it seems that coach Davut sympathized with me and threw to Splash a ball that he knew he couldn't handle! Poor Splash kept missing over and over. I really felt sorry for such a great player! (Khalid showing the score) (Khalid showing the score) Splash, stop playing around and come fight like a man! What a humiliating score for the dolphins to lose on their court! Splash discovered the conspiracy and went seeking revenge from Davut. Oh! Lucky Davut barely escaped! He was going to have his face dismembered! What a blow from Splash! This time the coach got away with it, but he received a clear message from Splash! Splash had all the fans on his side, only Jonas was on mine and he celebrated my victory. It was obvious that there is an issue between them! Splash surprised me with his sportsmanship, and congratulated with a splash! I was amazed by the speed at which trust was built between the 2 dolphins and me.

I learned from them how unconditional love should be. I hope to see humans build trust amongst each other just as fast and just as simple. I had a flashback while on the road of activities that I liked so much and used to do when I was young, so I thought why not try doing some of them now? Do you remember the ticket salesperson who denied me a seat next to the emergency exit because I was "too old"? What if he was right and I truly am old? How could I possibly know? There is only one way to find out! The problem is that both the skis and the kneeboard were defected, so I started with the one with least defects. I struggled at the beginning, but things came under control gradually.

I regained self-confidence with relative ease, but there is a thin line between self-confidence and over confidence! Over with round 1 and ready for round 2, but this time on the kneeboard. The boat took off full throttle and threw me out of balance. Staying on the board was a bit hard because the belt and the cushion were torn apart. The waves and the board wiggled me around. I held the line tightly.

I don’t know how I was able to hang on! I hadn’t had enough and asked the boat to take me for another round. As I got really into it, I remembered a stunt that I used to do when I was young; jump the wave! Don’t blame me for falling over and over! Just take a look at the kneeboard! OK, enough complaining and let's go on! Despite the miserable condition of the board, I was having a great time. The already damaged safety belt came off and sank to the bottom of the Aegean Sea, taking me with it! Many think that people over 50 are good for nothing, but many think the opposite. My message to young boys who are 50+, you should be proud of yourselves. You are still strong! The following day, I climbed the highest peak in Marmaris. From there, I saw beautiful islands that fascinated me with their beauty, and went to check them out.

I was fascinated by this island's beauty, but it turned out to be crowded. I wanted to be on an island alone, so I changed my course. I couldn’t resist my passion for speed and gave it full throttle. But the consequences of speed are bad! One of the islands was uninhibited. What a perfect place for a break! We can all exercise regularly anywhere anytime. No excuses! I think we all want to age healthy and this requires giving priority to working out.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is getting good sleep, proper diet and exercise. The surroundings were just so beautiful and I couldn’t restrict myself to one place. Exploring new interesting places is something I've always liked doing. But before reaching the cave, a cruiser rushed to it before I did and spoiled the moment! I decided to leave the place for them and changed course. While on the move, I saw a remote island, a perfect place to spend the night.

This is where I'm going to setup my tent, and hopefully catch my dinner. Great! A lionfish! A venomous fish. No dinner tonight! No dinner tonight! Bad luck has struck me for the second time. As if I were spearfishing in a swimming pool! Disappointments just keep coming one after the other I'm totally gassed out and exhausted.

I was expecting to catch something tonight, but what a pity. Luckily, I had tea with me. Actually, I always skip dinner! In fact, I've stopped eating at night long time ago!

2021-03-10 16:47

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