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Marita, gongs road, has, come to, help do this review video Maria come on it. Hello. Hello. You must sign on with you on this list together my well it's a part of it than asking you gather it I've. Made her memorize, all that. Guys. What's, going on welcome, to I might be Chad, and idiots guide to Los Angeles, welcome. To episode. 77. The, in. Comprehensive. Review. Of the greatest, hammock, in the world. The amok drum. Or okay. Here we go I know we're just gonna jump be a mock drummer. Drum. More, humor, yeah be, a mock drummer, three, point oh sorry all you guys I it's, Norwegian I decided, I have, to do a review on this hammock, now I've, already, owned the, tensile, tree. Tent the. Flight, that's. A great tree, tent we, took it up to Zion, got caught in a blizzard in it but. Again I pretty. Sure the overall, weight on that thing is a little over seven pounds that's a heavy backpacking. Tent you know with the Eno and all, those other super, light you can get hammocks this small now they don't just fit in your pocket but, the problem, is is that I don't sleep on my back I sleep, on my side and I sleep on my stomach so I think it was maybe three, or four years, ago that, I saw this hammock company but, after their first video I was like oh my god this is an amazing, video they're in canoes, they're out in like an island, with forests and all that but, I always wanted to hammock so finally. I was going back to Zion. Emailed. The company, and got, a response, from. Diederich. Dieterich, Dieterich. Dieterich. Thank, you so much Dieterich, was on vacation and he still managed, to get ahold of me and issue, me a discount, on this, hammock so Thank You Dieterich, I really appreciate, it but I went out and I set up this hammock and for the first time, ever, camping. I was, actually sad, I, was going back to my real. Bed after. The camping trip it's always opposite, you're always like oh my god I can't wait to get back to my bed so let's. Show you the, hammock setup okay, guys so here we go here, is the, hammock, it is actually.

A Lot, smaller, than. I anticipated. Again I did watch all the review videos you can't really tell until you actually have it this is actually, manageable. It's not too big so I'm gonna show you how to set. Up this hammock now what's great is the bag is actually attached, to the hammock so, no risk in losing the bag so, you simply, just pull out one, of the straps oh and, of, course I packed it in all crappy, so it's gonna make it difficult, so as you, essentially pull out one, of the straps. I've. Seen people. Do this different, ways some have hooked it from, underneath and that's the way that, Jonah. How do you say Yunis Eunice's, video showed, it upside down and. Other. People I've seen show, it over, the top so I'm not sure exactly which one's proper but I'm gonna do it like this so you have this little little. Flap here and this, protects, the tree this is a nice touch protect, the tree so. Now I. Can. Pull out the hammock, I got everything tangled, when I packed it in not, preparing, for the review video normally, if, you have OCD, you would wrap. Everything up nicely but I don't I'm just like just shove it in there just shove it in. Okay. Now we're gonna take the other strap like, so. And. We got a little protector, here as well and I have a feeling, we're probably, gonna, have to tighten, these up quite a bit okay. So, now the, whole hammock, comes, out of the bag, okay. You want to make sure everything, is untangled, first, make, sure your lines aren't twisted or anything and now we. Can use this strap here. Just. Slowly start even in it out. So, the most important, thing is that this is completely, straight across you, want these straps, to kind of be at a 30-degree, angle if you don't, there's, a sweet, spot that this hammock has and the first time I slept in this thing I didn't have the sweet spot it was basically, just like this and I, realized, after trying a few times it's definitely. Because. You need to come in at an angle so let me readjust, these. Get them a little bit higher and, we're gonna raise this, up to, probably, about. There now. It's also noted, you, don't want to hang it too high because again it's a little tricky to get into let's see if this angle change just helps a little, bit looking. Good, that's. Not too bad now I'm gonna say this might still be a tad, bit high but it's, not too bad okay, that's, looking pretty pretty. Centered, as you, notice there's a little foot box here, so this is where your feet are gonna go so. If you come look on this side we. Have a little pocket here and this, is what you slide the, air mattress. Into, this, little baffle, goes under over the top of it and then you just zip it up and you, essentially are sleeping, on a floating. Air pad. Air mattress, it's. Amazing. Alright, guys so now for the pad now, there's something extremely interesting. That you have to know about this I'm glad I watched a couple review. Videos on it but you need vertical, baffles so, that the hammock, just, doesn't collapse if you use horizontal. Baffles. It's, not gonna hold you up it has to hold up your feet and it has to hold up your head so they, have their, own brand, which is the fuel long. Wide. Which. Is 78. Inches by, 25, inches you want to get the exact same dimensions if you're not going to go for that pad the fuel long, wide is two point two four pounds, that's still I mean there's tents that wait but. They. Are insulated. And since you are sleeping in a hammock and you, don't have an alt under quilt which.

If Any of you don't know what an under quilt is it's essentially, a sleeping, bag underneath, the hammock that keeps, cold, air from, underneath you while you're trying to sleep so since this one isn't designed for, that because you're sleeping. The opposite, way they, want you to get the one with the insulation, in it now I've done some winter camping. Normal. Again. God. My first time doing this, day that I feel my. I'm. Never ever gonna do it again so, I went. For the Big Agnes ultra. Core long, wide same, dimensions, and the Big Agnes comes, in at 1 pound 6 ounces which, is over. A pound, difference, so again I'm trying to cut weight as much as I can because what, you're trying to do is justify. Comfort. To weight the hammock the pad and the tarp all together is about. 5.6. Pounds the fuel has, this cool air pump, that comes with it which is basically a bag that you just catch, the air and then there's a little tube that you put in and you roll, it and it, pumps air into the pad this. One has a nozzle. That's. Just one way so. If you have this off air is not going to come out and then. The other side is when. You want to let the air come out ah. Technology. So. Now let's. Put this thing in the, hammock okay so we're going to put, the hammock in from the back side right here there's a little pocket. And. I. Found it setting it up after this and kind of sliding it on. Like. A little sweater like a little Christmas sweater. What. I suggest, if you have a different, brand you. Make sure this is facing up at the very back so if you do need to make an adjustment you. Can just slide this out a little bit and, I. Don't even have it fully, fully inflated, but. I was just really afraid I was gonna bust this zipper, like it takes a little bit of practice you have to do this a few times. Perfect. So. There you go there. You have it so. As you can see here it's great that the bag is just attached directly. To the hammock it's sewn right in so. I like that it's also a great, extra storage compartment. This little slit. Is good to grab. The hammock and slide it in get, your arm in here and help, pull it so, what we have to do right now still, is put the foot box. In. Its proper place but. The foot box is a really nice nice. Nice touch and you need to find that sweet spot I'm not quite at thirty degrees like I want to but, you want to have a tents Ridgeline, you want to make sure it's even so I'm gonna demonstrate how, you get in the tent now they say the technique. So. Fold this back, but. My, legs are too short to be able to do that and it's too high so, my, technique.

Is I get on the edge and I. Use these straps. To. Kind of lean back and. Slide. Into. The hammock and again, you are looking for this. This. Like sweet spot and if you come in and look at these buckles, so if you see these buckles here I can, either pull to. Bring the back end up or. I can loosen them up like this so. You want to have these all the way down if you want it to go into flat mode just gonna push up on the buckle. Now. This goes too flat same thing with the bottom ones. I'm. Pretty damn flat this, is actually pretty nice like I don't sleep like this I sleep. On my side. Here's. The best part I sleep, on my side sometimes most, of the time I sleep on my stomach let's. Test this completely. Flat theory, but. Look at this man uh all. Day, I was so comfortable sleeping, like this but, this isn't too bad, not, too bad at all this. Goes into chair, mode so, what you do is. You pull on these rings, up the back. Like. So and, then. You just bring up the chair a little bit, where. The feet are and. Look, at this. Full-on. Camping. Chair, automatic. Camping, chair floating, camping. Floating. Camping, chair luxury, you got a little water. Bottle bottle. Holder you have a little pocket for, some extra gear on this side and you have a pocket for extra gear on this side okay so now here's a really great feature again, you're kind of open you're like what about mosquitos well, what. They did is if you, pull. This little flap right here, they. Have sewn, in, an. Integrated. Bug, net and the first thing you want, do is. Connect this to your ridge line. Like. So and. Then. You. Simply. Zip. This all the way around you're completely, protected now I did suggest that they maybe put a couple more of these little, connectors. So you can connect it up here and have. A little bit more room inside but other than that it's not claustrophobic there's. A little cinch, here, so. Here I am inside. And. I got quite. A bit of room we, got the little clip to billow cinch it right here this. Is what it's like inside, the hammock yeah. It's. The way to go this, is the way to go, I like how there. Are no separate, parts like the net isn't separate. All everything's. Sewn into each other so we'll just take this stuff. It back in like. So this, is Norwegian. Mines, at, its greatest is, what it is you unis, unis. Is his name unis, unis. Unis. You're a genius, my friend you're, a genius. Okay, so now here we are with the tarp this is the amaq 3.0. Fourth, edition, I love. This tarp I've never, actually owned one but was great when we were in Zion when. I didn't have it over the the hammock. We're, a actually, able to just use it as a regular tarp, above. Our little campsite, so let's, check this top tarp out. This. Is essentially, your tarp. So. This is a, 270. Centimetre, ridgeline, about. Nine feet which is plenty, of room this weighs in at 21, ounces or, 0.43, pounds, if you wanted to go super, ultra light you, could get the Dyneema, cuben, fiber tarp. With doors, which, comes in at a crazy six, point seven ounces. But it comes at a cost it's about, $330. Jimmy. The Cuban fiber is great but it's way way, more it's more expensive than this whole setup what's also great about this tarp is that it comes with. The stake bag. Again sewn, into, guitar. So you get these really nice I believe these are aluminum tarp stake this is pretty Liz about as light as you can get so you get six of these with it and my only suggestion, is some doors would, be great on the side but other than that that's not much to complain about it's, a super light tarp I like that it's dark blue so.

It's Going to keep the Sun out okay. So here. We are inside. The hammock this is with the tarp on, ample. Room on both sides getting. A beautiful sunset right now I like this this is this wasn't, too bad I didn't get cold at all so, I think the blue is a nice choice my. Only thing is I wish they come out with a few different colors I would love a black a red, a camo. A camo would kill it be them the best-selling, tarp that, people would pick is the camo, for sure but. The blue is nice I love dark blue it's perfect, okay let's do a full 360. There. We go. Nice. Urban. Camping, at its finest, urban. Camping, at its. Finest. I think what would be cool is integrating, a solar panel I've already done some content. For a company, called power film solar, so. I'm gonna go ahead and try to put up one of the solar panels right now so. Again this is a great addition, this is the light saber max. It. Essentially, can charge your iPhone up to six times on one charge, so it stores, the energy from the Sun other solar panels it's got to be a direct, link to your phone and your, charging as the sun's coming in this one stores the energy in here to use it whenever you want this is a great addition to have with this hammock, because you can literally plug. In from the side and, be plugging in your phone from, inside the tent be great to get a tarp that had the solar panel, integrated, into, it I think would be a great idea and even, some maybe some LED, lights on, the inside would actually be really, really cool as well, okay. Judith. Have, I got a surprise from you just to show you how much I care, about this review video, all the way from, Sierra. Norway. Famous. Filmmaker. Author. Actress. Director. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Marita. Gong's Ruud has, come to, help do this review video maria come on it. Finally. Schemes on business together my little part of it than asking me gather it I've. Made her memorize, all that so. She just, blew in literally, 10 minutes ago, so she's about ready to try this amazing, hammock. For the first time so go ahead and try the side the, side profile. How's that feel good, good okay now for the ultimate test the, stomach test. Again. This, is really good. Sleep. Like this and is it more comfortable, than any tent you've ever slept in absolutely. Yeah. Really. Safe I'm stable, I don't feel like I'm gonna fall out or roll out in any way right, I feel. Really supported it's, the right amount of support, parsley. Pee on my stomach oh. Now. I'm inside, with, the mosquito, net, I'm feeling really protected, that's great. Yeah. I know mosquitoes are definitely coming in here I feel, very safe. Here's, my view from. The outside, okay. Uh. Okay. I'm a chef in a chic receiver design velichkovich. Oven, that, comes back to saw baby brother for more games though I shampoo daily it's, really cute I should frame. Ellebra. Try, a bucketeer jump of it. And. Then we have our second guest all the way from a robbery. Photo, journalist but model, billionaire. And philanthropist. Oh. My. God I'm so comfortable, I, can, just stay here oh my, day reading, my book, oh. My. Day. Nice. Like. It, really. Good super, comfortable. Safe. Oh. It's. Amazing super. Practical and. I can bring, to the waterfall, into the beach. That. Gets to here. In. The, urban camping. There. You go. No. Mosquitoes. Yeah there's a lot of space for. Everything. That you want a lot of pockets. We. Can fit like. Books. And. But. Of water and. Almost. A backpack. It's. Really good. Good. Part that that I have a lot of room for my feet. What. It's not hard. Because, I'm super small, person. It's. Pretty comfortable, good. Night, have. A great day, so. This is all the things that you can put inside the pockets, in this hammock so let's. Try. Sunglasses. Protected. Ricky. I have to find a nice place where we ski let's do this. Perfect. Hiking. Shoes oh. My. God Anna, Taggert. Taggert. Yes. This. Is awesome just agree with me. Yes. Magazine. My favorites. King, doe right. Here I don't. Want to miss my candle during the night oh, my. God. Yeah. This is like my baby it's. Gonna sleep, like here. The. Drone is gonna leap is leaving my heart. Like. There, we go safe and sound I really. Need these when I'm camping I really, need this Luna. My, ukulele. My. Favorite look, how amazing all. These, things, here. Inside, the. Hammock with me. Love. It. Just. Like a house like. A house or else do you need what, else what.

Else, Everything, here, first. Of all thank you so much the team amok for letting us test out this hammock, we absolutely love it the, design is flawless it's super comfortable and, I really want one I'm feel, free to send us all the free one. We. Appreciate it anyways again thank you so much and congratulations on, a super awesome product, and we we highly recommend dude. In that gusta though I shouldn't forget I'll put that for them how to put it up Samantha, yeah I didn't just thought, yeah I know. That's. A review folks thank you so much for watching bye this, hammock, i mocked, a mock, equipment, calm, there's, pre-orders. Right now for the XL, version which is way longer meant. For bigger people, that are super tall, the. Pre-orders, are 30%, off right now so you make, sure you go there Thank You Alina knotter for. Coming in have a safe flight back to Brazil, Luisa. Our cameraman come on in Louise come on real quick Louise. Louise. Trio. Not. The. Soccer player but he did all the amazing work on the new Ronin s today, we'll, see on the next one guys.

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thanks for appreciating the joke. I was trying to figure out a way to make gear review videos not so serious. There is definitely a big market for Gear Reviews on Youtube so just testing out a few different ways to approach them. The hammock is amazing. Just find that correct angle for the straps or you'll be leaning too far one way or the other and the balance point becomes much smaller. When you have the straps at a 30 degree angle down the balance point is significantly wider. I highly suggest getting a tarp with doors. I've taken two trips both in Bear territory and I was trippin everytime I heard something walking in camp at night because you can see on either side of you. However I am not quite the hard core outdoor camper like some people who just sleep on the ground on leaves so I'm sure it wouldn't bother them. But I can honestly say I can never really sleep in a ground tent anymore after sleeping in one of these hammocks. They are pretty insane. Thanks for watching.

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