♦️ Bushcraft Camp Spot Scouting & Bush Bed ✔

♦️ Bushcraft Camp Spot Scouting & Bush Bed  ✔

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What's. Up guys it is AJ here with live ready and, today. We're. Gonna go on a little walk for, a scouting. Mission to, find a new permanent. Bushcraft. Camp. It's. Not gonna feel good. Okay. Let's. Try to get really steep. Alright, so. This. Hill that I'm about to climb down here, is, quite steep so. If I. Drop. The camera. Excuse. Me. I. Mean. Luckily my dogs have already created a bit of a trail for me so you can see my camp up there. Alright. We're. Making uh making. Prior. Progress. I. Don't. Normally take this this. Route to get down here but you. Know. All. For the sake of adventure, all. For the sake of adventure. Okay. So. See. The camp up in the background there which. Is why I like that spot it's got a whole, view. Over. This entire ravine. And. I. Don't. Exactly like, hunting I would if I had, to. But. If. I needed to, it's. Got a perfect vantage point, where. You can see everything that goes through here. And. In a spring time this. Is a. Creek. That goes down through here I. Actually. Have a, another. Shelter set up in the ravine. Smile. For the camera guys. These. Guys just love go. Ahead Ventris like this. Like that right come. On let's go, all. Right so. Here's. My little shelter, pretty. Humble might, as well give you a little tour anyways though. The. Reason I didn't like this one and why I moved up to the top of the hill is. It's got good coverage. And. It's tall but, the snow is really deep down here so. It's hard to keep a fire going I get, down to the bottom and, all the snow would. Melt around, and pool right. Where my fire was oh. Oh. This. Is. Gonna be an interesting climb. It. Doesn't look that bad on camera. But. When. You're doing it, it's. Pretty intense. See. Like. That's. Not even all the way to the ground and it's it's. Not pretty high. Snow. Shoes would have been an asset, maybe. All all make some make. Some snow shoes, because. It's, gonna be hard to climb through here. Sorry. For being so shaky with the camera just. Almost. Impossible to. Try. And hold still climbing, through this. Feel. Like I'm in a pick. Your own adventure, book where it's like do. You a go. Up the steep embankment where, if you fell you, could get impaled on a log or do, you be trudged. Through the snow that. Is higher than the top of your kneecap to find, something. That is, less steep. What. Do you guys want air be. Well. How, about feeling you want the dangerous on so let's. Just try and climb straight up there see, how she goes. Record. Don't. Try this at home okay. Try. To bit later. I'm. On my step pack in it doesn't, you. Think well, why. Not be too bad, no, if you bet have to get up here, cameras. But. Let's. See if we can see my shelter. So. When. The snow melts. I'm. Gonna try and get. Steps. Oh look, at that. We. Got some scat. Where's. The tracks. So. Looks. To be pretty fresh we had snow recently, hits on top so. Things. Got hairy I could, potentially have myself a meal. Cuz. I got everything I need with, me to make a, crossbow. There's. Enough of the right wood.

Wow. Oh. Wow. This isn't so bad after all. So. I'm. Gonna try and plan a route, that. If. I did take a tumble all the way down. I'm. Not going to kill myself. Because. That. Would suck. What. On. That topic. Right. Here, it's. Off right now but, I have a two-way. Radio. And. My neighbors, also. Have two-way radios. Because. There's no cell service where I'm at so. If. I didn't hit myself well. I'm back here. You. Know what you gonna help me. Couldn't. Call for help what. Because. I thought ahead I. Might. Be I mean they, would help one heck, of a hard time. Trying. To rescue me if I did get hurt. But. Suppose. They find a way I guess that's what they do. Get. Up here now. Still. Got a ways to go though. Dogs. Are doing good with it a nice. Low center of gravity to work with. All. Right so. Almost. Lost it there right. Least. A I've. Been stopped my host reason. Huh. There's. This down tree right there you. Can see right, there, and. It goes all the way up to the top. I'm. Gonna try and get to it. Because. I. Might. I just might. Able. To. Use it. This. It's. Kind of hard to give you an idea how steep it is but. It's. Pretty steep. Whole. Brownie. Don't. You even think about knocking me over here, it's. Kind of a clumsy little clumsy. Little sucker sometimes, and, last. Thing I need is him take a meal and then both of us go for tumblr. And get hurt. I. Don't. Like grabbing want. To trees too much. Cuz. It kind of unreliable oh. Well. I'm starting to feel a bit more confident, about getting. Up here because. This. Tree. Great. It's gonna be like a little ladder. All. The way up to the top. Okay. Dogs. Are loving it though I. Had. Four legs and claws. Make. This so much easier. It's. Actually gonna work pretty good I think. I. Only. Issue I guess. Is these branches, they're. Pretty. Rotten. Dinah, grab hold of them, isn't. The greatest. Where's. Their. Safest idea you. Can get a little bit of traction try. Spoke. Too soon I. Have. A feeling. Get. Getting. Down and. Back. It's. Gonna be harder I'm getting there guys. Climbing. Up it's. Easier to use your. Okay. It. Started to get really steep. Again. On the same spot, son. Of a gun. Okay. I'm Abby I'm, bailing on this tree this. Is my hey too steep, let's. Try and get up here. Like. Greater than 40 degrees, 45. 47. Maybe. More you're not guys green I get a little bit of strength with him okay. I. Am. Now at the critical, point where. If I fall I. Am. Boy just. Seriously. Get. Hurt, so. I need to. Be. Very careful. Extremely. Careful, on. The rest of my route up here. All. Right so I'm getting close to the top here. It's. Quite a. Adventure. To get up here. My. Dog's handled it like champs. But. Like. I said four. Legs claws and a low center of gravity, I'll. Do that for you. No. I. Am. Sweating. That. Was intense. I don't. Know why but when. I look in the viewfinder at, the slope I just climbed up it. Actually doesn't look that bad what. Climbing. It where it's pretty intense. So. I'm at the top and, I. Must. Say that is.

Really Quite beautiful up here, it's. Got a decent amount of open space. It's. Pretty sheltered. There's. Lots. Of resources like that birch, bark from. That down tree over here it's gonna make excellent, tinder, when. I find a spot to make a fire with and. Also. Up. Here it's just hanging, off. Well. I'm. Here, I think. That I'm going to. Grab. A couple handfuls. Just. So I have it you know. That's. Some old. Man's beard or loose knee. My. Stuff will make good. It's. Also a good natural, medicine. Antimicrobial. Thing. That should be good I got enough to start start. A fire for a week. Let's. Continue on. Now. I'm looking for a spot that, is. Safe. Widow-makers. And. Isn't. Quite. As likely to, burn. Down as that other spot that I had also. With. A. Good. Amount of Natural, Resources, close. By. The. Right type of. Logs. And smaller. Trees for. Building a nice bushcraft, shelter. Because. You. Might find a great spot but if all of the stuff you want to build with there's. A serious hike away well. All. Of a sudden it's not, quite. As good of a spot you know. I'm. Kind of digging this, is. View of the ravine here. There's. Rabbit, and deer scat everywhere which. Is a good sign. Got. A nice view over the edge. So. So. Somewhere. In here might be. Might. Be my spot because I want. To get it with good drainage where. The. Snow melts I'm not gonna get flooded out, also. I don't want I. Don't. Want to. Walk. A long ways to get to some. Of the smaller. Smaller. Trees so I'm gonna trim. And limb. For. Building. A shelter with. And. I'm looking for, stuff. Kind of like this, where. It's, small enough that I can, get. It up for using. Ridge poles and stuff but. Big enough that it has the structural, integrity that, I'm looking for. Wow. This goes on forever. Back. Here I. Have. A hard time making up my mind on where I. Want. To set up for a minute here I. Think. I'm gonna go back that. Other spot over there is better it's. Close enough to, some. Smaller. Smaller. Trees. They can use but. Nice. And flat and higher ground, I'm. Starting out on lower ground here, but I think that where, I just was there's. Gonna be the path they take out of here. The. Other thing is, with. All these birch trees. And. The time the year it is I basically. Have running water out, here as. You put a tapping noise and. You got some good fresh. Clean. Drinking, water let's. Go a little bit of sugar in it some. Minerals. But. Taste. Nice and fresh. It's. Going to be my new camp I think. So. This takes. Off like crazy because. There's, so much you stay on all these leave, it so. Much they had all these branches that. Wouldn't. Go is it's gonna go right up. What. I'm gonna do next is. Get. Some more tinder that's wash you know I already got that stuff so just gonna grab a couple more Drive bigger pieces of wood so that I'm not scrambling once the fire get started and. Get. This guy lit up. Got, some fat wood. Brownie. Go. Here a. Nice. Piece about wood here. Watch, out buddy. Oh. That. Could have been bad. All. Right so now that I got my fire I'm gonna start working on a little bit of a shelter area I'm, probably not gonna get much up tonight just because it's a bit later in the day I think it's a little 4:30. And there isn't a whole lot of sunlight left but. I'm. Going to get my bed made I think. I'd. Obviously bag, the tarps with me but. I do have, some cordage so, I'm gonna get a bush bed made as. Well as probably set up my Ridge Pole and start getting the framework done for my temporary, shelter. Which, is gonna be the start for this bushcraft, shelter. My. Dogs are crazy you. Guys are crazy. So. It's, looking like right here in between. That. Tree and. In between that, tree oh no, sorry, in, between that tree is, gonna. Be my. Shelter. Eventually. Because the way these trees are laid out I could potentially make a bit of a tree house type of thing or a secondary, platform, up, in the top which I think it'd be a cool little project. I'm. Gonna go and get some of these poplars and get a ridge Pole lined, up and, get. Bush. Bunk setup so that I can have something to sit on up off the ground, and then, maybe look at, getting. Some. Of these. Branches. Lopped off so I can build a fire a bit closer to my camp because right now it's just, over there which is a fine, spot because it's away, from the trees that could burn down but yeah. Let's get her going. So. The bed's coming along pretty good I need.

To Put a, basically. A ground tarp type of thing over the top of it and then the sleeping bag on top of that but gives. Me a nice frame that keep me up off the ground which, I'm going to build my shelter over, the top of as to. Make it easier to get that that, elevated, platform before starting, the top so I'm, gonna keep looking for spruce boughs, because. In my immediate area there, isn't a whole lot but. I'll. Find a few. So. This concludes day one of my bushcraft, camp scouting, adventure, I'm gonna pack her up and head her home for now but. I'm gonna come back out here with more materials, and more supplies and do an overnighter at some point now that I have. My nice little bed set up which, is gonna be the main. Base. For, my, shelter, so. Everything's gonna come together over the next couple months here but this one is it can be a permanent camp and an ongoing adventure. So if. You like these type of videos if, you enjoyed. Watching this one and you, haven't already subscribed. You, maybe. Consider hitting. That button and if you, enjoyed, it hit that thumbs up and if you've got anything to say any, questions, comments, concerns, drop. Those down in, the field below so, thank. You again so, much for watching and I'll see you again soon.

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It's one thing to do this, but doing it as you film it is the courage of a young man, but then again nothing beats going head to head with something challenging and prevailing, well done and hold onto that spirit and fire as long as you can. The mountain has it's own way and often charges for lessons, but the degree earned and the knowledge that comes with it makes it well worth it.

Wow what a climb, but it looks like you've found yourself a nice spot. Thanks for sharing, see you on the next one.

great video man. thought you were a goner on that hill.

Thanks dude, there were a couple moments i thought the same. Found a spot just down a bit that's a gentle climb for future videos and gear load in.

maybe one day. lol

Thank you for the comment, i'm hoping to make a trip back there again tomorrow.

What's up AJ. Thanks for sharing

subbed , you subbed me on Novice Survivalist but I moved everything here. Thanks for subbing 2CG, nice videos, keep them coming

Good video. Looking forward to your next one. Also, I just tagged you in my latest video. You can watch it here @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CJvZougiqU Do it if you want to, my friend!

hey bro where are you

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