Лунный остров Лансароте. Орёл и Решка. Чудеса света (eng, rus sub)

Лунный остров Лансароте. Орёл и Решка. Чудеса света (eng, rus sub)

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As you may guess, I'm Spanish. When I grew older I ate jamon and my favorite soup is gazpacho. I believe you. Hi there! This is "Heads and Tails. Wonders of the World". We've arrived in paradise on the Canary Islands. This is Bangladesh, though. I would call it the Moon. You'll be walking there on foot. This is the closest Moon we can easily approach. Lanzarote Island. By the way, there is a tremendous amount of volcanos on this Island. That is... That's a lot. Volcanoes have not erupted on this island for more than 200 years, so think for yourself…

Heads. Tails. Well, start your eruption. It's all right, Anton. I'm not surprised. Life's good. Where did you pick up this word?

The symbol of this island is a demon. So I feel at home. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean... among the Canary Islands... there is a lifeless fragment of the Moon - the miracle Lanzarote Island. Instead of magical landscapes, there is dead soil everywhere... and craters of extinct volcanoes... Did you think that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is hundreds of thousands of kilometers? It's closer than you think! The first thing a budget tourist needs to know in Lanzarote is that buses rarely run on the island, so to see all the local landmarks you need a private vehicle.

Cars at the airport rental offices are overpriced! There's only one way out: I'll go to Arrecife, the capital of the island, and look for a cheaper car. Wait, wait, wait. This is my bus! Damn it. It's gone! Bloody hell!! Ah, his wife will come, okay. If you get divorced, call me. Wow, it looks like the car was poured with the paint.

The most exclusive car that a millionaire can rent in Lanzarote is the BMW with an original print made by the most famous person in the history of the island - the artist Cesar Manrique. Here is his painting. I will tell you more about this artist later. In the meantime, let me inform you that there's the Airport named after him, a designer print on my car is also his masterpiece. Moreover, I have a tattoo of his name. Okay, I'll show you later. I can't wait to see what the car looks like inside.

Well, nothing special. A typical interior of an expensive car. I'll conquer the island with it. As soon as you drive a few miles away from the airport, a supernatural terrain stretches around you… The landscapes are fantastic, it looks like the Moon, the real Moon. This place is missing Neil Armstrong. There's a reason why they call Lanzarote the only place on Earth where you can visit the Moon and not fly into outer space. Judge for yourself: wherever you look, the lifeless... black-brown earth... and the craters of extinct volcanoes reach the horizon…

You must wonder: how did this fragment of the Moon appear on our green planet? 300 years ago, a real Armageddon happened here. About a hundred volcanoes started to erupt and they have been erupting for more than 6 years. They turned a tropical paradise into hell. A third of the island was buried under a layer of frozen lava… Now there is only an uninhabitable volcanic desert... with endless lava fields… Well, here's the finish. I've got to the city center pretty quick…

I came to the capital of the island - Arrecife city. Arrecife is the capital of the Spanish island, but you won't spot pompous Spanish cathedrals here... or fancy Gaudi houses... They're friendly! There are simple, unremarkable low buildings around. You will be surprised, but they conceived the idea during the construction of the city. If volcanoes took care of the lunar landscape of the island, then one person took care of the infrastructure and he was Cesar Manrique. It's his print that adorns my BMW.

Cesar loved his native volcanic island very much and did not want residential buildings to spoil his lunar landscapes. Therefore, he created a concept according to which everything that is being built on the island should only carefully complement its nature. Look at what an ordinary Lanzarote village looks like. It's like a settlement from a movie about an alien colonization.

While I'm driving, I admire the concept of the island. Firstly, there are no advertisement posters along the way, unlike in other countries. Secondly, there are such cozy small houses. In terms of legislation, they must be no higher than palm trees in order not to interfere with nature. By the way, the facades of houses on the island should be painted only white. They look harmoniously on the black earth. But wait, there is more… Cesar Manrique introduced a specific rule: window frames should be only three colors - those closer to the coastline must be turquoise, and those closest to the center must be green and brown. All the wires should be hidden underground. Once again, it is clear that the rules are made to be broken.

Tourists do not stay long in the capital. They are longing to see the lunar landscapes of the island. Since I'm on the moon, I need a lunar rover to get there. I can't afford a four-wheeled lunar rover. Even in the city, renting a car per day costs at least 60 euros! Well, I hope I have enough money to rent a two-wheeled vehicle. So... Scooter rent per day costs 35 euros, plus a deposit of 150 euros. Yeah, I can afford it. This is not cheap, but I don't have other options... I have to pay 150 euros of deposit.

Hello. A rich, promising man is listening to you. Hey, Anton, help me out, I need speed. Speed... oh, again. One more time. What do you mean? Don't play the fool, Anton! The car. The one to move around the island. You can do anything, I know it. You're rich. I need to pay a deposit of 150 euros. So I can rent a scooter.

Anfisa, I'll make you happy. You went nuts a long time ago without any money. Okay, give me the details, I'll pay. Fine, thank you, I'll send you the credentials. He is a generous guy, even though he has a lot of money. Done. It's beautiful! There is not a single person around, I feel like driving on the Moon. You can't walk on this lunar surface, there are bumpy lava fields all around, so you can easily break your leg. All tourists go to the Timanfaya National Park to visit the moon.

I looked up information on the Internet about Timanfaya National Park. Excursions there are only possible by bus. Moreover, you can't get off the bus. Do I need this? There is a life hack! There is the El Camino trail right next to the park. It has also been improved for tourists to use it, but at the same time, it is free! The views are the same, you can walk on foot there! The authorities here take care of every stone, so even on the free trail, there are rules. Do not litter, do not chase birds, do not ride a moped, do not collect volcanic stones, do not yell, and do not go off the track.

You see the pebbles there, you can't go left or right, just on it, I won't break the rules, just for now. The police will arrest me for this. I'm doing it again! Well, they won't arrest me, but if they notice, I'll get a fine of 600 euros. I'm a hooligan.

When you drive around Lanzarote, it's hard to believe that you are on Earth. The only thing that distinguishes these landscapes from the lunar ones is the blue sky... and the blue Atlantic Ocean, which washes Lanzarote from all sides. A rich man can observe all this unearthly beauty from a bird's-eye view. You have to pay 125 euros and rent a paraglider. Let's fly. It's just a crazy experience when you're flying literally over the scorched earth. Houses are occasionally spotted here. Not a long time ago it was just a ground flooded with lava. Even though the landscapes of Lanzarote are compared to the Moon, scientists claim that this is exactly what our Earth looked like 4 billion years ago! Even before there had been discovered water on it... As well as the first life on Earth.

Therefore, experts from all over the world come to Lanzarote to find out how the Earth developed throughout this time. In fact, all these rule signs are not set here in vain. Have you seen these green mosses? It is called silver moss. A scientific name is another one. This moss has a superpower: it grinds petrified lava and turns it into soft fertile soil. So thanks to this green moss, in the future, in the middle of the lunar landscapes, life will appear again.

I won't damage it by walking there, let me enjoy these Moon trails on the sidelines. Walking along the free trail, you can not only see how life on Earth was born. You can also visit the crater of a volcano! What's that? I got into the crater of a volcano for free and not by bus. Meet one of the architects of Lanzarote - Caldera de Los Cuervos. Imagine, it first started a series of eruptions on the island. And it was followed by dozens of other volcanoes, which erupted here. There is so much lava! Huge, overhanging debris... This one…

And even though the volcanoes of Lanzarote are not erupting now, they are not sleeping. They are bubbling, agitated, and breathing heat. The temperature underground, literally a few meters under my feet, reaches hundreds of degrees! And this means that at any moment in Lanzarote, everything can change… If you think that in Lanzarote you can only admire the lunar landscapes and wander through the frozen lava, you're wrong... There is also quite normal entertainment here.

Lanzarote Island is a real surfing mecca. Where there are waves, wind, and unreasonable risks, I am ready to have fun. Off we go! You'd better come to Famara Beach if you want to surf. This is the dream of any surfer! Here the wind, like in a pipe, accelerates between the mountains of Lanzarote and the neighboring island. Because of this, there are constantly high and long waves on Famara Beach. If you, like me, have an extra hundred euros, you can hire a personal instructor on the beach. Well, I get it.

He will teach you how to stand on the board, even if you're a no-brainer. Surfing for dummies. We swim on an imaginary sea to get up: upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog. Stretching a bit. Bruce Lee pose. We just enjoy the moment. Let me practice. I wish I could shake my head like in the shampoo ad. I'm Aquaman. It's difficult. Surfing federation, contact me. Have you seen it? I'm an Olympic athlete. Before that, I thought that washing my face was the best thing I could do with water. I did it!

Either because the Atlantic is raging in your ears, or because volcanoes are always looking at you and it's kind of a shame to fail in front of them. Superb! As you have understood, all tourists come to Lanzarote to see an unusual lunar picture… They post the photos with it on social networks. I've studied all the top places on the island! And I chose four of the most cosmic locations that will be popular social networks. Acid-colored lake... volcanic baths… a crater with cacti... and cave at the altitude of 500 meters. Are you interested? Let's go!

The first unearthly place. The green lake in the crater of the volcano is the Charco de Los Clicos. I like the color! It's Fiona's lake. Where is Shrek? In this place, you doubt that you are on Earth! Well, where else will you see this? The blue ocean... black sand... and the lake full of acid water! A little bit of information by me. Why did this color appear? This is because of the high content of algae and sulfur, there's such a green color.

I learned it. My cap. Crap. I have to pick up my cap and I'll look at the lake. Even though the depth of the lake is 10 meters, swimming is prohibited here. Not because it is dangerous, but so as not to harm the lake. Thank God. There's so much sulfur, I can smell this magnificent smell. I can dive into the ocean not in the lake. Well... you can't swim, but you can make a space photo.

On the island, they have managed to build hotels for tourists. Staying there you will feel like in any other part of the world, and I want to feel what it's like to live on the moon. So I chose this exclusive villa. It's right in the middle of a lava field, but it is also built of solidified lava. Have you seen it? I have a villa in the shape of a piece of dough. And there's more. There's the pool. It's inside a volcanic rock.

That is if this is a pool made of volcanic stone and the island is the moon, then when I enter the pool, it's like I'm bathing in a lunar crater? Nice. Holy Molly! It's so cool. Everything is simple inside, but with all the conditions for a rich man. The main feature of the villa is that everything is made of natural materials as much as possible. Wooden shutters, wooden shelves. The stone goes into the washbasin. There is a living room... and a bedroom with volcanic stone walls… Bogdan, let's shoot the toilet. Wow! And I didn't notice the elephant. I have a huge wooden tub instead of a bathroom.

It's my size. I'll look at the volcanoes and rinse my body. Yeah, it is worth renting this villa for the sake of one view. Look, there are several volcanoes in the palm of my hand. That is, if the end of the world start or an eruption begins, then I am in the forefront. I'm so lucky. I continue to travel around the island on my lunar rover in search of places for the most cosmic photos. Next in line are the volcanic basins of Los Charcones.

Los Charcones are natural pools that were carved in frozen lava by two masters - wind and water. Now they are filled with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, heated in the sun and you can take a long dip there like in the bathroom. Such a cool location. The waves of the Atlantic are splashing. I want to dive here. I'll find a personal pool and swim in it. Wow!

The water is warmer than I expected. It's exclusive. There's no one around, just me and the seagulls. I see a crab. I'm coming out, I'm in a crab den, they're huge here. Stop recording, bring my flip-flops! They're huge! They almost grabbed my ass. I had a great swim, I liked it. I didn't know that this lagoon was owned by such huge crabs. I've never seen them before. They're black, huge and this is their territory.

If you don't want to swim in this natural bath, then you can make an unreal photo with a resident. I found a great place to spend the night. It is very atmospheric and cozy. The gate. There are a lot of people there. This is the Surfhouse Hostel. I chose it because it's the cheapest hostel on the island… And also pretty surfers settle here. Such cute guys. I've checked in. It's not so spacious. There're 6 beds for 6 people here... I wonder if they all spend the night here or not. I don't want to sleep when cute guys are downstairs, so let me join them.

To understand how people live on a volcanic island, it is necessary to visit a restaurant of local cuisine. I'll have a meal at El Rico. I'm very hungry to open my mouth to throw something into the crater. The peculiarity of this restaurant is that dishes are prepared here from products grown exclusively on this island, and that's the problem. If we are used to the fact that we have fertile land everywhere and any seed will sprout, then everything is different in Lanzarote! It rains here almost once a year… Strong Atlantic winds are constantly blowing… And instead of fertile soil, there's volcanic sand. Therefore, to grow something, people show all the wonders of agriculture: the funnels are torn out so that they retain moisture.

They surround plants with stones to protect them from the wind… And they constantly fertilize the soil with special volcanic ash called picon. So don't be surprised that I ordered a tomato salad… baked potatoes in salt... and deep-fried sweet potatoes ... in Lanzarote, these are dishes are hard to cook. Well, let's find out how tomatoes from moon island differ from ours? To sprout it needs to make a way like Rocky Balboa, from the very bottom. It tastes so rich and sweet. You'll never guess that it was grown in these conditions. It turned out that the volcanic soil is rich in minerals. Thanks to it, everything that grows in Lanzarote has a richer taste. Let's move on. What does the local potato taste like? This is a traditional dish of the Canary Islands. It is baked in salt.

You can eat it with tequila. So salty it is. It's not like a chef in love here. He had a heart attack from love. I couldn't taste the potatoes. I don't feel anything except salt here. And finally, let's find out what the rarest product on the island tastes like - sweet potatoes! By the way, this sweet potato is unique not only for its taste but also for the way it is grown. It is kept in the ground for 11 months and only then cooked. That's why it has such a specific nutty taste. It spends 11 months in the ground. And it stays only 11 seconds on the plate. It has such a sad life. As they say, trust the island. We've arrived. While Anton is eating potatoes and crying with an unlimited card, the evening has just started for me.

I was stolen. I didn't expect it, I just checked in. He says: "Party". I like to party of course. Awesome. Good night... if I can fall asleep near such volcanoes! I'm hiding a bottle with a hundred dollars for you in a very colorful place.

Spend it on paragliding, or diving, or surfing, or going to a restaurant. Well, it's your money, so decide for yourself. If you want to find a bottle, go to Lanzarote, drive Teguise village, at the address 28 José Betancourt Street, the treasure from "Heads and Tails" is hidden in the oven. Good luck! I've had a good time. I hope I won't fall off the moped now. Today I will continue to show the most cosmic places on the island, which will excite your followers in social networks.

However, the lease of my lunar rover has ended, and it has turned almost into a pumpkin... a city bus. I'm coming. I'm going to one of the few places in Lanzarote where life is thriving. This is a crater with cacti. Wow! There are so many of them here. Dope! They're all of the different shapes. These are so tiny puffy ones. This is a huge plant. As huge as Burj Khalifa.

Almost nothing grows on Lanzarote. The inhabitants of the island have always wanted to have their garden. Therefore, they came up with the idea to grow it from the most unpretentious plants on earth… And now there are a thousand hundred different types of cacti in this park. All the cacti of the earth. Please meet! This is a hedgehog cactus from Mexico… In the wild, it can reach a height of one and a half meters and live 300 years! This is a cactus tree. Just think about it, its trunks can hold up to two tons of water! And this is the California cereus. The largest cactus in the world, which can reach a height of seven stories. Now think about how these miracle giants grow here, in a place unsuitable for life? The fact is that these cacti were planted on the site of a volcanic quarry, in which picon was previously mined - local ash, which is fertilized by all vegetable gardens in Lanzarote.

And the cacti took root. Now, walking through this park, you can snap such photos that everyone will think that you were in Mexico or Arizona. Why are you here? You do it without respect. Don't mess with cacti. Because in '82, a guy in Arizona decided to shoot cacti. He did the wrong thing. As a result, after he shot the cactus, it fell on him and the man died. If photos with cacti are not enough for you, you can surprise followers and drop into a restaurant in the same garden... To try a very unusual burger... with a cactus!

Firstly, the dimensions are amazing. Just to try it. Secondly, it's vegan, obviously, and it's like there's a spinach chickpea cutlet inside. This is a cutlet from the most popular cactus in Lanzarote - prickly pear! It also has potatoes, wheat, and onions. Well, that's another story... I can't taste the cactus. There's so much bread here. I'll put the bun away now. It feels like this cutlet consists of chickpeas and spinach. Yes, and as if there are some beans and algae. If I hadn't known what it is, I would never have thought that it was a cactus.

Well... If you want to eat, and if there are no more options, then you can try it. It's not worth 6 euros. To sum up, a burger with a cactus is tasteless. Your followers don't have to know about it. 300 years have passed since the lava wiped out all living creatures from the earth's surface… And only today, in the age of tourism, the locals were able to turn their disadvantage into a virtue and they managed to earn on lunar landscapes. Hostels are being built on the island for tourists, restaurants and bars are opening... exhibitions and museums… The first underwater sculpture museum in Europe was opened here! I'm ready. I get dressed when I go to museums.

Anfisa won't enter it. Having an unlimited card, I can order a private dive for 300 euros. When you dive to the bottom of the ocean, a completely unexpected picture opens up in front of you... Instead of an underwater world with fish and corals...

At a depth of thirteen meters, there are more than three hundred sculptures and each with a deep meaning. Here are adults on a children's swing. One of them is an oil well. It means that people earn money from the natural reserves of the earth and do not regret it at all. Here is a thirty-meter wall, human figures are heading towards it. This is a symbol of the boundaries that people have divided the whole earth with, and this has nothing to do with the natural world. There are 200 dead bodies stacked on top of each other. They symbolize the future of man if people do not change their attitude to nature. We're at depth of about 15-18 meters. It's like our world: it has the same problems and worries.

It's just brighter and more convex, because finally at the depth you can stop and look at yourself from the outside in absolute silence. I'm so thrilled, even though I'm a pretty experienced mermaid. At the end of my weekend I will show you probably the most beautiful place in Lanzarote, which offers the most fantastic views on the island... Cueva de Las Cabras. What can I see in front of my eyes? What is it? I'm so high. I'm above the clouds. From this point, you can see both the island and the Atlantic Ocean from a height of 600 meters! This is the top point from which you can see the sunset. It couldn't be better. And there is also a secret place where you can take such a picture that no one will doubt that you have been to another planet. The Volcanic cave above the cliff.

Holy shit. I'm inside a solidified lava cave. You should see the sunset. Guys, you should be there. Just promise me. If someone tells you that it is impossible to go to the moon over the weekend… Show him the pictures from Lanzarote! -Anton is late again. As usual. - Why are you standing here? I'm finally here. - You're my sweet guy. So fashionable. What colors. Red-hot lava. - Yes. I realized over the weekend that the impossible is possible. I don't remember who said it. Shakespeare. - You almost guessed. - It's true. The inhabitants of the island have proved it. They built a new life. How they built it! - Some people claim that Lanzarote is the moon. Someone claim that it's Mars. It's just outer space!

- Yes. See you at the next wonder of the world. It will also thrill you. Bye! Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus - Erich or Maria? Who is the author? Erich or Maria? - Erich Maria Remarque. They are brothers and a sister. - Did they write a book together? - Yes, they worked together and lived together.

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