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And Ryan. Seacrest. Look. At all the Cupid's, you guys are great in your Cupid's. I love it everybody looks great I love all the heart sweaters, and scarves and, helmets. And you name it we got it you got it all going on in here with the love dress very nice looking good. It's. Also Ash, Wednesday Ash, Wednesday so a lot of you will be going out tonight on your romantic dates with a little ash on your head that's okay. Kelly. I have to say thank you for what, is the most thoughtful Valentine's. Day gift I have. Ever received on. Except. For the one chain of gave me today as well. Wait. This is so, I got. In this morning and I. See, a note, that says Rai Rai and I I open, it up then it says dear, Ryan and Shannon congratulations. You've adopted to Maryland, Zoo penguins. And. I. Hope. You. Cherish, your lovebirds, and because, they mate for life, penguins, made for life so I just thought it was like very like, a meaningful, gift because I know like I was gonna get when I was getting candy for the kids I was like I better get Ryan and Shana some candy and I was like you're not gonna eat candy, I'm. Like there are health nuts what can I get them and then I thought oh I. Know what I'll do penguins. And. Now, that I have two, young, penguins. No. No my mom, is watching mom this just bought me a few more years right before. Yeah, my kids soon your mom has grandchildren. Speaking. Of gifts thank you for my gift those. Flower, arranging. Classes, that you took our page ah B, sphere, a globe, of roses, from you and Shana it's so beautiful, I. Cannot. Wait to, rub this in mark space. Well. You. You, have changed, our life in the best way I'm seeing you every day. And. It's it's, true, I've got that little patch, of grass out on my balcony here in New York and I've been nurturing, these flowers, roses, these, roses and I've been fertilizing. On a regular, basis and finally. Our. Arranging, class. You. Took a lot more out of that class than I do well you, know I made, it look like I didn't know what you were talking about, I'm proud of you I'm, all ready if you look at relationship, as a game of tests I'm. Already, a doubt. What. I'm already, advantaged, her because. This. Morning I got up and typical. Coffee, rush, out the door get, to work and. Already on my a, my. Dressing room on my counter was, homemade, zucchini, bread from Shanna what, yes. I know I know a doubt secrets and. Chocolate. Dip vegan, chocolate dipped strawberries with bee pollen, oh I, got, some of those too. No. But I'm just saying I knew, I knew I, somebody said these are from Shana she made them for you and I said you that means they're healthy, that means it's the healthy, chocolate-covered. Strawberry, yeah I'm gonna save it for dessert tonight, big berry Kelly. Burkhardt is coming over and we are we, are having galentine's. Day together with. My children, so we're gonna celebrate being. Ladies, a big, single ladies even though I'm married. But. The two of us are gonna celebrate Valentine's, with the kid have you celebrate, galentine's, day before I usually, celebrate galentine's. Because, mark, is always away so he's I mean it's he's always away on Valentine's, Day and I'm not saying that it's deliberate, I'm just saying. There's. A pattern here. Hmm. Come, to think of it but, yeah, so I always wind up celebrating with usually. My girlfriends, and our kids so that's how we but her husband's very romantic, so I can't wait to hear tomorrow, oh yes. Romantic, something-something. I. Can. Tell ya I'm speaking, of Valentine's Day, I saw. This. Chef we're gonna have on a little bit he was here in a tank top and an apron. Happy. Valentine's Day can you see me. Maybe they can they put it up behind us so I went to culinary school there. Do. You guys have you guys have the pineapple photo, up there the one with the pineapple. I think. FCC. Requires us to not show that huh. No. I was kind of so you see I mean if, I can be transparent, you see, a guy like that there's, another guy you think okay he's, probably not a nice guy. So. I came out this morning, you know Michael, was rehearsing. With him and I never seen gentleman, rehearsal. Shot guys pineapple, so you just. Gift. To all of you. Go, ahead he's not a nice person going to he's, a terrible, person deep down inside he's. A bad person, yeah so. Michael. Was doing I've never seen Gelman on the floor for a chef rehearsal wearing full makeup yeah so, he came down and he was rehearsing with him and I walked out and I met the guy, he's.

A Nice guy. So. I felt well maybe his restaurants, not good. His. Restaurants, rated very very hot so. I'm excited to bring him out he's gonna show us how to make Peruvian, food later, is it Peruvian, it's, well here's what it is it's food that doesn't, cause indigestion. For after dinner for tonight well you know my whole thing about that so it's sexy, food, the. Only kind of sexy food is no food we all know that we know that if you're if a woman orders a salad fellas. She's telling you something that's a good sign and. If she orders steak there's a chance. Call. It a night if, she orders the steak and the chocolate, molten, lava whatever, it is, what. She's. Gonna be asleep in the cab. What. If she has the ash on her forehead tonight what does that mean I don't. Want to talk about it. I'm. Just happy my husband's, away. Thank. God he's away I, don't have to worry about don't have to cross that bridge. There's. This, is the greatest, story, I was dying to tell you so you know you could do some wonderful for, partner, in relationship, and you, think okay what stop as you what's, meaningful and you say ah you, know so much of a relationship revolved. Around this, band and they're and they are red hot peppers yeah right so, the guy he says I'm gonna surprise my, girl and I'm, gonna take her to Ireland, where they're playing so. He says surprise Anthony, Kiedis the Chili Peppers give. It away give it away give it away they. Get on the plane they. Land she. Pulls out the tickets and, she. Says babe, did, you read the tickets. Just. Take a look closely at what the tickets say. Red. Hot Chilli, pipers. So. They went to see the bagpipers. It. Is but not quite as thoughtful. That's. Amazing, this is difficult for a guy this, happens to me like I I will do this with airports you know you're in a city with two different airports and you don't even realize that you bought a ticket for the other Airport and you show up at the wrong one yeah you have to cross town yeah, I mean that's never happened, to me but okay, did. We, landed in Newark and I thought we were landing in JFK, and I said where where. Are we she said we're in Newark it's you know it's hard it's, hard to appreciate because, here in the tri-state area the, airports are also glamorous and event. Where. You'd make that mistake I just don't I just don't pay attention sometimes, and things like that so I am this I feel, his pain but it was the thought that counted yeah I, think that's very thoughtful and I mean what better place to see bagpipers. Know they're probably an amazing, band right then the homeland I, think that's terrific. So. Ya know it's very funny they have they. So. There's. This study about run, scans and love now. This is going to be because, it's Valentine's Day it's a it's a relevant. Story but. This, is going. To put, the show The Bachelor off the air I guarantee. The dream is coming true my dream my. Dream is about to sorry. Now. Abies to do you a favor I'll. Host, this, show. It's. Just a lie-detector, test for you it's, a Brit scan that reveals whether a person is actually in love with you or faking, it for the wrong reasons. Yeah. It's an MRI style, machine that, did none. Peptides. Which. Is a chemical produced, from humans, who, want to form long-term bonds. In other words people who are in love so. Instead. Of doing all of those dates just, send them into the MRI machine and, on, swollen, yeah see what see, what swollen, but I think also get like in a little shock if they're. I. Don't, think I'd want to know like. I'm not. In. Love with you I. Just. Want to believe it there and love with me if. They're not I just. Want to believe it. Everybody's. In love with you so everybody. Literally, men, women. Chickens. You. Put them through that machine it's good. Because. You are so earnest, and sweet and you just want to believe that they're in a voice I want to get you the nitty-gritty I want to be like how far in love with me. Put them through there again how much blood. Are you willing to get. An. All-new love brain skin hosted by Kelly Ripa comedy. But. If the at like I said at the end of, it there has to be like as some sort of an electric, shock like that's the payoff for me for, me that's the path and you don't even need to pay me I'll do it for free. Getting. To the bottom of it for it's very. Romantic. This, is also this is Valentine's, Day very, romantic, this. Was Valentine's Day related, you, ever go to the rogue story see all of the candies at checkout my, heart can't duck out there do great and so, much so it 52%. Of Americans are, likely, to purchase a box of chocolates, for themselves.

I. Did it yesterday did, you. I. Was, getting the kids candy, and I. Was like you, know well they said if you buy three, you get one for free. You're. Speaking your language I have three children even. Though one is at college and I'm not going to see him I still. Took the free one for myself and I ate it on the walk home. Because. I just come from the gym and what better time right, you're it's a wash I learned. It so now it's even calories, yeah but now tonight. Is Valentine's. Day or / galentine's. Day I'm. Gonna have to get more candy because I forgot Kelly's, coming over not that she's gonna say have you seen her since yeah she's not gonna be candy but, but. I'm gonna want the candy do I eat Michaels candy, or do I save it for when I see him if this is a real challenge I can't wait to hear what happens I'm, on the edge of my stool on this one I'm gonna figure this knocked out. What's. Wrong with me why didn't I buy more candy I was right there you were do you ever go shopping, for a. Girl, friend or family member and you're looking for stuff for them and you end up not getting stuff for them but getting stuff for you because I do that with people sometimes, 100 percent I went to buy you a souvenir souvenir, shop, in the Bahamas or something I got myself this bracelet, I, went. To get you a hat because I thought the hats I saw the men wearing these hats that looked really cool and I was like oh I'm gonna get Ryder I won and I. Got so distracted by. This cute little bracelet, that I didn't. Get you anything I got myself say, it's cute it's got like a little link up like um what's, a yoga hand what's it called the yoga hand Gelman what's, the hand. See. The bear paw. Whatever. It is I, mean I'll take this person I mean. I look. It's fine we've the same size wrist, there's. Proof yeah oh my god. Take. That shepper Yaga. You. Know how I feel though and I'm gonna talk to chef Noriega, about it I don't like chest hair in the kitchen. Please. No he's got hair he does narrow let's show it again I don't know today he did I show the other show the pineapple. I. Like. The pineapple photo. Yeah. Honestly when I saw him earlier today I only noticed, a little bit of armpit hair I didn't notice so much Iraq, like along the cheek. Enough, already, nothing. We. Had yeah. And. We were in the pool at the Bahamas and you're like why I'm wearing, this apron crazy you guys you're on the dock oh yeah. Yeah. And you gave me a steroid, shot right, beforehand, yeah I remember when you put red lipstick, on, your. Heels back to you, that's. Not bad we. Should go back soon to the Bahamas, yeah, everything's, better. There's. You know what that's a slogan for a reason it is. Everything. Was better in the Bahamas. There. Was a big spider outside, of my room, and it was a good it's not poison, it's, a gorgeous spider, and normally, that would probably scare, me and freak me up and I didn't even care I was like you're, the love of spider and I love you. Llaman. Yeah come, on and, today showed Lupita young goes here. I watch. Homeland, and I said to President Elizabeth. Keen from homeland, I said, Elizabeth, marvel I said to her this morning, after. You watch an episode of this show they, take you to the point of wanting the next episode so badly, that, you're physically. Feeling, pain that you can't watch the next episode. Yeah it's so brilliantly, done they walk you up to the edge and so I was a little bit mad had heard this game it's, the best I this. Show is so well acted, that I. Now. I look, at the, actors, in, real life when I see them I have. Different thoughts about them you know oh well I thought she was gonna be tough. Yeah she's, very nice that's what they said I didn't, talk to her backstage but everybody's like oh she's. So lovely and we thought you know I thought she'd be like a hammer yeah, they. Say she's the lovely, she's. Very lovely yeah I forget, that these people are actors, that's, how because I think I'm watching a documentary, I'm, like when. Did claire, danes go into special ops. What. Was that yeah right, is she on my so-called life. It's. Anything, she's done before has been erased, from my brain, so elizabeth is coming up in just a little bit Baumann so we'll talk. We're. Gonna get the cooking lesson but I'm still not sure like why are we learning to make romantic dinners. Isn't. This the time that, you're supposed, to take us out and by us I mean me and Shana. Well. Yes and it's also I think it's romantic for, you your, significant other to cook something in the kitchen light the candles play a little music.

Especially. At 4:30 in the afternoon what. Are. You taking, Shane out for a 4:30, dinner well it's 5:00 but we're getting leaving a house up for things yeah they get there to get there on time right right yeah we've got to be done by 6:00 20 got a big day tomorrow all, right it's time for a. Good, one this show is gonna ruin my life one episode of time it's time for snow way Travel trivia. That. Was. Incredible. Amazing. That's Benjy Rivera from New York City. Are. You a. Rhythmic. Gymnast, I'm not I'm a dancer though you are I'll. Say that was a gorgeous pair away thank you. It. Really was. Alright, we are gonna call Terry from. Cuyahoga. Falls Ohio. You know Cuyahoga, you're. From Ohio Terry. Terry. With a nice so we'll call her right now and. We're sure happy Valentine's Day I. Forgot. - excellent. Hello. Hi. Is Terry there this. Is her happy. Valentine's, Day Terry. Happy. Valentine's, Day oh my god. Seacrest. And Kelly Ripa calling you're on the air with us right now good morning. Terry. You know what's amazing Ryan, really does have a very recognizable voice. Don't you think. Okay. Like. 28. Years and. My. Kids know I watch the show they watch it with me we came to a bunch of shows I've been playing the trivia, contest, for, all those, years. I've. Never gotten called my kids makes fun of me because I don't get called and then I had, knee surgery and, I was on crutches and, about about. Six weeks ago I came. Home, with my daughter she was off in school and my, phone rang there was in the kitchen and I was sitting on your bed and I, jumped. Up and I had, crutches i hobbled, another, kitchen and it said new york new york new york new york and i yelled, to my daughter like oh my god I think Gilliam writers are calling me I. Picked. My phone up I go to swipe, it to answer and it disappeared. I had missed the call oh my. Gosh. So. Bad. My. Daughter and I'm like oh my god if I got a voicemail from them I die. I'm gonna die and turn up you had left me a voicemail and, he's. About me still she walked in she was you missed the call. That's. Why you need to keep their phone in your hand at all times. Terry, sorry. I'm looking at your picture here we're all sort of staring at it because you said you've been watching, the show for 28, years, you don't look 28, years old do you look were, you at newborn, watching. Well. I was pretty young but yeah. All. Right we're gonna spin the wheel into here play for, your loyalty. Okay. Here's. A great price the Hilton Aruba Caribbean, Resort and Casino. Seven. Days and six nights it's. It includes more than a thousand. Dollars in food and beverage credit. $100. Spa, credit, this trip is provided in part by Priceline. And surprised about it at $5,500. You have 20 seconds and only one guess, good, luck Terry thank.

You, Okay. Terry on, yesterday's, show we, talked with ana Chomsky, who mentioned, she loves to cook right. Name. One. Of the two dishes ana, said. She cooks. Seven. Days and six nights at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean, Resort and Casino, Missal done fifteen lush tropical acres, by logging Aruba's famous white sand palm beach the newly remodeled Hilton, Aruba Caribbean, resort and casino features, a private balcony or patio in. Five on-site, restaurants, two sparkling, pools a full-service, beach road spa had much more your prize is valued at, approximately. $5,500. What's. Your daughter's name that, was giving you such a hard time. Okay. Well you have some news for her today. We. Just hope your knees okay, it. Is it's all better we're. Actually coming there on by eight Bart's, on my birthday. Make. Sure that we all like make eye contact, and see each other you know what I mean okay. Okay all right now you can to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience will receive a $500, gift certificate from, Eddie Bauer so, please put your number between one, and two hundred and. 1325. Terry. Still. Ahead on live we'll help you cook a romantic, dinner for, Valentine's. Day. This. Kid is incredible I don't know if he saw him Olympic gold medalist snowboard, slopestyle. 17-year. Old red Gerard. So. Cool, supermodel, Ashley Graham is here to. One. Of the most anticipated, superhero. Films Black Panther, please welcome Lupita. And younger. Happy. Valentine's, Day to you too yeah where we. Really. Realize, there's lots of celebrations going. On right now isn't it deny Pereira's birthday, as well. We. All love her did you celebrate already. Did you have already had a party. Yeah. Yeah oh that's fine you had a big birthday, party and and yeah we had a great time together you go out in the city yeah, yeah we were in the city in the city and she threw, a big party and, we got boogie in. You. Celebrate, with her each year it. Seems that way yeah birthdays, are very close so, last year we were filming, Black Panther and so we were in Atlanta and we had a joint birthday party it was a coming to shake you saw the picture, that yeah she went as the bride and I went what the bride to be and I went is the lady in waiting.

And. Your birthday is when March, 1st Oh oh my gosh. Mm. I'm actually gonna be with tonight on my birthday. Let. Us know keep, at a post it was, a fun costume, theme will show it on me, and. You, went to Disneyland I heard for the first time well, I, mean which, one's land and which ones were land. Is in Anaheim, California world, is in Orlando I went to world world, first time last, summer yeah, I like, that that was a conversation, just now which one's land and which. Makes. Sense because as a kid I grew up on the east Drake. In Georgia right so his only Disneyworld and now on the West it's always Disneyland, right, just the difference is Epcot centers not at one of them aha. Did you eat did you enjoy Disney. World I did, I really did I, explored. Mainly Animal Kingdom, oh it's, very it's really cool and my favorite Luton ride was that Pandora, right is. It with you I have ATAR oh yes that's it and it's called Pandora oh yeah. We. Got to the stick and they say. That's. Really fun oh my god, you know it's so funny because Irene. We, did the show not, too long ago in Disneyland, and that was my first time in Disneyland, because. You, you either grow up to it one or the other but, they both seem very I don't know glamorous, I don't know there's something about like Disney. Is like a glamour theme park me I mean yeah I mean I've only experienced, them in my adult life and I prefer, I mean my mom had always wanted to take us and she, we didn't actually, get. There when we were children so I went I went to Disneyland first, when, I was working on Star Wars and, we went for d23, there I mean that's the way to go ever are, you working, pretty. Sure there's no better treatment than how you a. Black. Panther it's taking over the world we're coming back. I just. Want to say that line once I just, want to come, down the staircase in an emerald green dress, and say it depends. On how quickly we finish the mission. We've. Had so much fun saying that. Yeah. How. Did you get involved did you read the script did they pitch it to you and did you know it was gonna be such a global, takeover. Yes. Correct they don't know they don't but. It's, top secret and you know you get the script at when you absolutely have to but. Ryan, called, me up and. Walked me through his idea for the movie about a. Year, and a half before we shot it and and. He, walked me through it and when, he was done I was like wait okay, now tell me about the Marvel movie because I was just like this, cannot be a Marvel right it's so deep, it so Polly socially aware of, itself and awake. And, and. He was like you know this is the Marvel movie and the, film did greenlit and I was like well okay I want, to be rid of that because it sounded really special. You know it's a superhero film but, it one that is it although it's a set in a fictitious, African, and it's like Steve did real, social, political issues, that were facing today and, it feels so relevant and just.

Rigorous, And but, it doesn't it, doesn't compromise on, the on the, flyness either, you know. That's. So cool yeah I mean I'm very excite a, really, am so, excited. February. 16 so make sure you check. Next. Elizabeth Marvel can hold man right, after this scope. She. Played a President, of the United States on the long-running Showtime, drama homeland he's welcome of Marvel. You. Know recognizes so. Nice a two-minute. No. I think that was a good campaign rally. Back. Stick but we were saying that you're also good at your jobs that we now actually believe, who are the people you play. Guys, if with my trepidation, when you came out I was like Sunny's got a stop back yeah watching a president.

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