เที่ยวทะเลนิวยอร์ก ชายหาดบ้านๆแต่ทำไมคนมาเป็นล้าน? I กู๊ดเดย์ อเมริกา EP8 I Coney Island

เที่ยวทะเลนิวยอร์ก ชายหาดบ้านๆแต่ทำไมคนมาเป็นล้าน? I กู๊ดเดย์ อเมริกา EP8 I Coney Island

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Hey, guys! New York's weather is now as hot as Thailand. People around us wear bright shorts and tank tops, colorful dresses, excellent to go to the beach. Since we've been in Manhattan for several days, every building is becoming boring. So, we decided to take you to the beach in this episode. New York has several beaches such as Long Island Beach, which are presumably known to Thais, but we're not going there for the high expense and lengthy distances requiring a personal vehicle, as well as Hampton Beach, or New Jersey Beaches I’d like to take you to the beach for folks, Coney Island Beach, which is easy to get in no time via subway from central Manhattan.

We've got here and the subway station is behind us. After we got out of the subway, I felt the environment is not like Manhattan which is full of skyscrapers, but wide space and scorching weather. The surroundings seem like Thailand's Bang Saen Beach with stands selling beach supplies including sunbeds, sunglasses, sun hats, parasols, and sand toys, which remind me of my childhood. There's an ancient amusement park over 100 years old, many people come to ride different rides which can be old like the amusement park, I'm not sure.

I want you to see the regular beach environment, you would believe America's beaches or Europe's beaches should appear opulent but not here. Should I buy sunglasses? About ฿400. We emphasize on reasonable rates. Which one? Wow! That’s the beach. We stroll down the beachfront boardwalk, famed for its construction 100 years ago.

It was in the past a private sunbathing place for the rich. The local authorities later purchased the land and built the boardwalk for elderly from here to Brighton Beach and several beaches, approximately 4 kilometres long to the end of Manhattan Beach. The benefits of boardwalk include stores and restaurants close to the boardwalk, which serve to visitors on the beach. The first restaurant we would stop by for food is Paul's Daughter, it was built over 100 years ago, famous for its seafood that's about 50 percent or one times cheaper than in Manhattan. We shall get clams on the half shell and lobster roll. Next to it, every shop must have hot dog. I feel, the workers here are in a very pleasant mood. I think so.

Well, we ought to go back to our table. The table for customers of Paul’s Daughter only. Of course. They don't know us; we’re enjoy eating. This dish is American clams, I'm not sure what kind of clams, they look like undulated surf clams, or enamel venus shells which are often eaten raw. It's like Sriracha sauce. A bit salty, smelling of the sea and extremely pleasant flavour. But I think it goes better with Thai seafood sauce. Addicted to it?

Absolutely yes! I feel much better after drinking tea. It's not crab sticks, it's lobster meat you see here. Lobster rolls look like hot dog buns but are different filling. It seems extremely attractive. It’s ambrosial. It's full of lobster meat. Is there a shell? No, it isn’t.

Additionally, the price of lobsters in New York's where is located on North Atlantic is lower than Thailand's lobsters to be transported over great distances, and the lobsters are very fresh as well. Well, what I like is the celery with a few pickled veggies, and the butter-grilled bread. It’s tasty. What are you looking at? Hungry? I'm looking at the surroundings. Though the sun is quite scorching, people keep coming here.

Why are they not afraid of the sun? As you told me, they usually confront chilly weather, so they're extremely glad upon the weather is like this. See, this piece of lobster is huge. Done! Let's go to another restaurant. By the way, this is a nice culture, after you are through dining, you should dump your own garbage. There is a garbage can over there. It is very admirable since no one has left the garbage on the table, all the garbage is picked up and thrown into the garbage can.

As if in excellent fashion they were instilled. The next is the Coney's Cones, ice cream parlour of the island, which has long been established and is well-selling every summer. I just realized every Friday at 09:45 AM - 09:45 PM, there is a fireworks event. First let's select the ice cream we want to enjoy.

The most popular is Milano Cookies appear like filled chocolate cookies, hazelnuts are like Nutella, mint chocolate chips, raspberry, and mango. They’re popular to sell fruit ice cream in summer, including mango and pineapple, like Thailand. Anyone who has ever tried Oreo Cookies or cookies and cream, it’s like that.

However, unlike sweet Oreo Cookies, Milano cookies is little bitter and salty. The top of ice cream. Oh, it's melted. So sweet. There are rum raisins. That's what P'TOP stated, with raisins inside. However, they soak the raisins in rum, they're soft, which are not like those in Thailand. It just sprinkles raisins. Yeah.

But it's melting rapidly, so I must have it quickly now. This boardwalk is excellent, many people go and exercise and may use elderly or disabled wheelchairs, including bikers and strollers, which are adaptable to all ages. The next stop is Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs & Restaurant.

Nathan is a Polish man who makes wonderful, low-cost, hot dogs popular for over 100 years. There are people in front of the restaurant all around. By the way, you must have hot dogs at Nathan's famous Hot Dogs & Restaurant if you visit to Coney Island.

A lot of people are queuing up. For me, this one is the original flavour, and this one is hot dog of P’TOP contains both chili and cheese, something unique must be his always. We endured long queues for hot dogs of Nathan's Famous. I wonder why it's called a hot dog every time I eat a hot dog.

Anyway, they said this one is delicious. This sausage is juicy, and the spices are inside of it. On the hot dog packaging side, I read. I assumed many people appreciate the hot dogs of Nathan's Famous since the Polish guy, Nathan made wonderful, inexpensive sausage, despite the fact the sausage was widely known in Austria and Germany. In consequence, for a long period he sold well.

The sausages are somewhat burnt, the sausage skin is crunchy and aromatic; the inside is juicy, but it is combined with a lot of fat, making the taste exquisite. I felt worth waiting for. This one is a hot dog with hot sauce. It's not a sauce of chili, it's like Bolognese sauce or Spaghetti sauce, with the top cheese.

It's tasty in another way. We would sit at the beach or swim at first, we would now want to have a nice hot dog. Unfortunately, when I want to enjoy treats, the shop is always closed, Rita's, it sells tasty ice cream and slushy. But that's all right, there are many wonderful delights in this area. Look, that's the yellow and red over there, it's William's Candy Shop. I comfort myself that it's all right.

We will head back to the beach for an American style sunbathing after we've done sweets tasting. Tables were supplied in this area for their clients to sit in front of the shops, however, since the walkway was quite large, it did not prevent people from passing by. Are you interested? This is an iconic children's confectionery store which their parents go to the beach, and they love sweet treats. Look, you can find marshmallows, chocolate marshmallows, toffee apples, cotton candy. All is awesome. Let's buy a few delicacies. In the old days, chocolates were bought in lumps, which were sold according to their desired weight.

The sunlight is perfect for a walk on the beach. Follow me to see the beach. The family, which we saw them in the morning, had finished their beach activities. They came up for a shower and get dressed up in the shower room/dressing room over there, so it was crowded. Newcomers like us should walk down this path. Did you see Grandma in front of us holding a deck chair?

Some people are walking back with their parasols. Our own beach supplies should be brought with us. But I observed, beach goods were sold in shops over there. Let’s first look for where a point would be selected and what supplies would be needed.

I'm not sure, deck chairs like Bang Saen are available for rent? Instead of buying it, we could rent deck chairs. As far as I could see, all people have their own beach gear, including tents, parasols, books, deck chairs, etc. Some use ordinary towels for sunbathing on the sand. Look, that's what P'TOP told me, he wanted to see a beach lifeguard, why? They seem cool in the film, perhaps the film tried to push their images to look cool, it's just my memory. The sand is so soft. Excuse me, let me take off the mask before, it would be blown away. I’ve been fully vaccinated, no one blames me for sure and everyone doesn't wear a mask at this area because it's an open-air windy environment.

This place is comparable to Thailand where beverages are sold at the beach, such as Bang Saen beach. I'm standing on the beach and want to know the sea water temperature. We know Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Thailand, and Andaman Sea, and this is the chilly Atlantic Ocean where the RMS Titanic sank. It's summer, the sea water is warm or cold? It’s cold. It’s cold.

I feel so cool. Don't you put some sea water on your body? It’s because summer in New York is just a few months a year and everyone is happy when it’s so warm. People are going to swim or leap into the sea and come with the whole family, children are digging the sand while adults swim in the sea. Everybody may pick whatever to wear on the beach, whether it a two-piece swimsuit, a one-piece or only a one shorts for the kids. I can see one thing that makes the beach so lovely, it's an open beach, there are no permanent deck chairs. And there is simple guideline, who wants the best seat or nearest to the sea, they must come as soon as possible, first come first served basis. If you come later, you get a more distant seat.

It’s beautiful in another way. Much sand on the beach at Coney Island does not form naturally as the sand sinks into the sea continually, and government authorities must frequently replace the sand from other places. Do you see over there? It was filled with big stones, so that the beach could not be eroded in sea waves. Coney Island is not completely natural in beauty, but it is also due to the efforts of governmental authorities such as building a beautiful boardwalk to facilitate everyone to enter the beach, or adding more fine sand, including made a stone wall to block the sea waves. Overall, this place is excellent to visit.

Now, let's go find a spot to relax, enjoy the scenery and sunbathing in American style. Have you notice, there are plenty of seagulls flying, which are rarely seen at sea in Thailand? It's weird for me. Besides, the lifeguards that P’TOP liked best, sit every 100 metres apart on their lifeguard seats. Wow! There is a dog, it refuses to swim in the sea. Do you see like me? No one wears a rubber ring or life jacket, not even the children, and their parents do not take care of them as strictly as Thais. We must get it. I finally got rid of the coins.

Let’s relax. Many people believe, living in New York, working on stressful finances, should be able to indulge yourself on the beach by dressing up or eating whatever treats you want. The visitors at Coney Island Beach are different from those who visit Long Island Beach, New Jersey Beaches and so on. It's like the family doesn't have to pay a lot of money.

Did you know we didn't pay the metro charge since we utilized the 7-day ticket? No entrance fee, everything is free. As that person told us, we don't have to spend money here, we should bring our gear from home. At night around 7:00 - 8:00 PM, the amusement park lights up and people move from the beach to there to enjoy the fireworks around 9:00 – 10:00 PM. We want to know what people did at the beach when we got to a beach in America.

There are not many water activities as far as I could see, no banana boats, jet skis, boats for services and so on like Thailand. And most people like to swim in shallow sea water. Besides, there is a lot of bustles on the beach includes lying or sitting in the sun while reading a book, listening to music, using mobile phones to relax at their leisure, the children had fun playing together and the atmosphere was filled with happiness and fun. We should play sandcastle upon we are on the beach. Well, look up to the sky, it's around 7:00 PM now,

but the beach is still full of people. It's good for economy in town with very good administration. Officials take care of orderliness, since they value local people; an ancient community has been in existence for a long time because tourism. For instance, the restaurants which we visited since their ancestors were established, which operate today due to the beauty of Coney Island Beach, where tourists always visited. Besides the rigorous officials on the cleanliness and orderliness of the beach, they will also warn people immediately if somebody violates the rules. What a beautiful beach for everyone. At Coney Island Beach, we had a lot of fun.

New York is an island with lovely beaches and unique features, but we have chosen Coney Island Beach as it's a place for families. Moreover, it's famous for the amusement park, founded as America's first amusement park over 100 years ago, and it is still today, Luna Park There is a wide variety of rides including vintage rides, the visitors come from all over the world to ride these vintage rides, each one of which is the only one in the world. There are 3 main rides you should not miss, the world's second steepest wooden rollercoaster called Cyclone, a carousel where each horse is different and the Ferris wheel is called Wonder Wheel, it's over 100 years old.

I'm deciding what rides to enjoy. First, we should go to the amusement park. 100 years of happiness. The ambiance is like a park with retro amusement park; it's like seeing the vintage colourful rides in Hollywood film. They are very proud to write 'since 1920'. However, don't worry, the staffs are new and inexperienced, but the rides are definitely very old. (Joke) This is a carousel.

It looks scary, a rollercoaster. Americans adore the highest, largest, and most fearsome rollercoasters. That’s a boy riding a bicycle with a girl. So cute. Kids have no fear at all. They have fun. If I were them, I'd probably be screaming. Why? I don’t like it. I am afraid of heights. It's not that high. But it's high for me.

In this amusement park, there are two types of Ferris wheels, surrounded by the regular Ferris wheel and the Ferris wheel I'm about to ride is the only one which can swing around. How do you feel about this 100 years old Ferris wheel? Don't worry about the old Ferris wheel for over 100 years, but the brand-new staff just applied yesterday. (Joke) But the brand-new staff just applied yesterday. (Joke) It swings like this. I shouldn't have decided to come and ride this Ferris wheel.

Classic or swing? She answered swing. Wonder Wheel is as tall as a 15-storey building. Now I'm thinking about when I'll be able to get out of this Ferris wheel.

So, I looked around, I wasn't too scared, when the Ferris wheel spins, I just close my eyes. Is it over yet? It’s so much fun but once is enough. That's enough. Whoops! I’m okay. Nothing, I just stumbled. Okay, the Wonder Wheel is truly magical, it's the only Ferris wheel which swings like that, and it should be the only one. Don't try it, you should choose classic one, I've tried it and it's not okay.

American style. Can we ride like this? I can't take it anymore. We need to take a break and we'll continue to enjoy in the amusement park, there are 2 rides left: the world's second steepest wooden rollercoaster, and the carousel. Let's ride the carousel first. Just a moment. This carousel has been specially maintained and is well installed inside the building. It has a fan ventilation system and is supervised by staff as this 120-year-old carousel is loved and cherished by New Yorkers as a New York City antiquities. Upon visiting Coney Island Beach, we must come and play this carousel. We're about to ride the historic carousel of New York soon.

For almost 100 years, Carousel has been a distinguishing feature, particularly in the heyday of Coney Island Beach, there was 12 carousel rides during peak periods. Today, the only B&B Carousell is more than 100 years old, and all the carousel horses are well-maintained and colorful for tourists to photograph. There are 50 carousel horses, each of which have its own size, shape, posture, and face, and are decorated by a genuine ponytail, which are very much like a herd of horses in nature.

When you get the chance to come here, don’t forget to say hello to Lincoln Horse, the iconic thing has been created and adorned as a warhorse in memory of President Lincoln's 100th birthday. The carousel ride impressed me greatly because it wasn't frightening. It's all unique to each carousel horse such as a horse opens its mouth as if it was going to war, some looks small, calm, and adorable. Every detail is impressive, such as colour, form and drawing. I felt I have a trusty horse. I'll be back again. We’ve rode the 100-year Ferris wheel and an antique carousel, and then left the thrilling cyclone rollercoaster which I originally intended to play, but when I saw it, I gave up because I couldn't keep riding.

So, I'd like to apologize by taking you for a walk to enjoy the nightlife ambience of the beach. The streets are colorful, there is an event like a temple fair in Thailand with several game kiosks with awards, and the people are always courageous in challenging prizes and there are people who congratulated the winners, the ambience is very cheerful. There are many shops selling foods, treats, supplies and toy stores, where cater to children who are the main customers.

Furthermore, there are also karaoke booths for singing, hip-hop booths to try dancing. And there's also musician with a hat, as well as other activities throughout day and night at Coney Island Beach. We've been 12 hours on New York's Coney Island Beach, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM. This is not just a beach for me, it consists of a collection of ancients shops, delicious restaurants, paraphernalia shops, activities for all ages and home to a unique amusement park. Even if I just came here once, till the day I die, I will remember it. We're waiting for the most significant highlight at Coney Island Beach, in every Friday at around 9:00 PM, there is a massive firework show in the sky, so everyone is waiting to enjoy.

I'm taking some photos for you and the next episode I'll take you to other sites in America that are just as exciting.

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