(January 19, 2018) A woman threatens to leave if her boyfriend fails the lie detector test.

(January 19, 2018) A woman threatens to leave if her boyfriend fails the lie detector test.

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So. You're best friends right these are trust me I'm, the young I'm like do people know we don't know. We, have a video message here so take a look at the screen. He asked you have. You had oral, sex with any other women. And. Here. We are, what's, going on. Well. What. Do I start, +. Underwear. In his back left pocket, from. The underwear, he said they were my body will work. When. I add some the words he'd seen only kind of slide here just. Don't look at me I don't. Care how crazy she is get, the smile off your face when I'm talking about putting eyes on your girlfriend, because. That is not cool, that's, right now. So. Urban, dictionary defines, guy code as codes, and rules that every man must, follow, my. Guest Farhat says that he believes his best friend justice, has, broken the guy code and won't come clean he's. Here today to find, out the truth is, justice. Messing with farad sister Ashley if, he, is well. There'll be hell to pay. What's, up, yeah. Good, good man so did. Justice break the guy code or walk I mean. Pretty, well I mean I'm just I'm feeling cuz from. Just me and him we've, been we've, been rockin for a long time right but my boy says we believe we've done dirt together it's, just the way he acting, around I had a doing, you, know how you can peep something with somebody when you hang it with somebody and they say you know how when you flirting with somebody you sit next to him and you're trying to really get something in you're gonna sit next to him you're gonna are. You trying to try to see what you what, you're trying to get to where you can get your hand is it. So. You, know you know just as pretty well then yeah but, so, what makes, you think these. Mess. Around with actually I mean, like okay, see. My sister she won't me see you in college she all roommates with my girlfriend, okay another girl that's. They are cool and when I go over there he started coming over there with me and hugged me and Hudgens guys see my guy sags on the other bro scroll three.

Come. With me as far as him being as close we're like, I pretty more I feel like any man like any man especially any almost. Any dude in this room I would hope like if you got somebody that's really close to you I'm as well understood, like we are in love we went to like but I know you know if I if I'm I go up and say listen oh yeah you came off this is awfully melty you. Okay. Sure you say that justice, is not good enough for Ashley, I mean. Now in being young now, okay. You, just old you just don't want to get pregnant but that's who thought yeah come on seal is not sick muscle, man she a full-time, student, we're like with three or four jobs working. All the time oh thanks. So. If. We, find out today that justice is sleeping with your sister. I mean, how are you gonna react is up is, up there that's it. What do you mean up it's, going down. Do. You mean it's up or down. A. Wife as if she likes this dude and, man. Look fought that, debt, right there my reaction that's all for how I feel based off what you didn't say but, if that's what she won't she'd. Take the elbow, that's. Why you see if she go with it after, after his all said nun she go with it do. You don't but if something go wrong don't, say nothing to me right it okay. Alright, I can't wait to meet your best friend justice coming out here. Louis. What's, up man what are you so pissed off man :, let's bait now, TV. Speaking on one thing they're your best friends right we, cool okay. Really. To see we're just bragging, all over you say what a cool dude you are then you've. Done some stuff together so well. Are. You sleeping, with actually, man. Okay, good, right that's the answer good right mmm. Swap. In three weeks ago that you confronted, justice about yeah. Like we so. We I had asked, about what I told you like how you see them being, around each other I ain't, just say I mean my sister I was like hey, you what. Y'all got something goin like y'all, you're being cool about it yeah yeah yo, yo, pop, poking something yeah guys I'm going.

And. What, did he. Say. Yeah, you feel me he said trust me. Babe. I'm your boy what you even what they what they even come off for cuz. It's a concern. Man. I'm. The boy's sister you stay awake a cold well they're opposed to be right okay. What you even if I'm doing about that loan what's Mike what make them do some like this show you're lying to third no, okay. I want like my boy like he said trust me. If. I tell a joke if I tell a joke tell me a joke right. Yeah. I want a joke you know you ever heard somebody say VAR b square yeah, it because you can't be square if, you around, I. Can't. Wait to me I see I see come on out. I got a person, what my wife would love your hair. Awesome, so why. Do you think thyroid, is acting, this way with. Potato. I support, me support me, and he just ain't so, you're, it's college right or school what are you college college and what are you studying also art. What, kind of relationship. Do you have with you. Yeah, little brother we're. Really calling I support, her all the way. Yeah. I'm still I'm the younger I'm like little big brother no we don't know. You. Think he's, overprotective, towards. You sometimes. I. Don't be but. Like. It like, old, boyfriends, and stuff like that. It's, like heaven it's like having a child is, but what I'm saying here if my, sister come home there's. Even guys she crying something, that's a lot of extra work I gotta deal with. I'm. Stop oh yeah so let me ask you this question I. Get. A protective, thing I'm. Projecting I, have a daughter your age so I'm very protective but. Are you gonna do this for the rest of her life now, oh no could, at some point man you you we all I look by secrets so it's not point you going. What's. Pointing help me by asking me anyway we all grow because you do. You wanna do cuz you ain't don't drop you ain't no you just wanna, do it on the street we go what's that mean good. One. I know how I know you. Are you so, we offered, you before the show started, to give you both a lie-detector, test right right. Yeah. Um you. Refused to do it. Instead. Instead, we have a video message for you so take a look at the screen right. For. The last two months I've been sleeping with your sister. Right. Long. He. Just finished saying you just finished saying that you put your best friend's mm-hmm, she's. 20 years old right it's, my boy you, don't master. You, don't do fancy grown man you. Don't do wrong let me answer this question I asked you a couple of seconds ago are. You gonna protect your sister she's 20 years old you're 19, years old I get protection peace and I really do and I told you that because I'm a dad but, at some point she's. Gonna date somebody that you don't like right mm-hmm. Right. But. This is a guy that you like dude, okay, so, why are you so angry. So. How long has this been going on two, months like the video. How. Can you get together without him I mean he's kind of an eagle-eyed dude right I mean he's pretty much sees everything, mmm, how can you get together without him finding out he, like, I say he'd be autumn my roommate, which is a girlfriend, so he locked up in a room leaving us alone. And so they leave me alone, so. So what makes what makes just as different than those are the guys because. He there for me like we did me I. Wouldn't. Say that. He. Cause him and I both caught them in the mall was another girl so. Like. He's. Seen me stiffening, like crying for, me so. He cause he gonna be like oh it's okay it's okay and I fell for it like yeah and he made me laugh chuckle, a cute. But, you don't think as a friend. You. Should have went and said something hey listen I better. Don't. Even go there cuz I if I end up fighting both you you won't want to win. But. You could have done you gonna stopped or that by just saying listen. If. You would have told me cuz, I'm Rhea. He. Told me. No. You said that to be ready to be fed him you said that's too mean if that's what you want that's okay, this. Is, the night, not telling me in Lyon standpoint. So. Is this for you you, and Ashley sex or is this a relationship or, what is their license. Transfer. Is that what you want yeah. No. Feeling like I don't want the waist cuz he like a flail hey, no, yeah. I know he knows for me they bragged all over him but but the fact so is there there you, didn't have the balls to say hey listen I got a crush on your sister. Right. But. I think you're wrong I've. Known him five minutes to say if, she said yeah that's what they want and you get hurt man. You are like she's - y'all ready new what type of duty would right so you get hurt yeah, I'm, throughout, held to me I planted the seed it didn't grow that's fine you ain't gotta come to me to hurt.

My. Plan my point is done yo Peter I've done without food so if he goes and sleeps with four girls next week not saying he will if he does and you, come to him and say well look, what he's doing to me he, said well I told you what it was liking you and you said it was okay. So, it is your sex. Wow. Yeah. So. So did, you know, you're having sex with Justin justice. You're, both a you know now because it's gonna be on national TV well, you, may want to be decent enough to tell him before this has. Anyway. He's, probably gonna be gunning for you too right. Yeah, I mean, we can have the same repeat who's common sense and common decency says, hey listen let, me tell this person common, sense a comedy about it don't got it. I. Just. Want to say thank you for, justice. Ashley, for coming I hope, that you can get, your friendship back whatever. You decide I wish you the best of luck stay, with us we'll be right back. Does she wanna do it less the path and City she wanna make she saved it the, face bit when I asked I was lied to and, nobody, felt easy to come to me until me being, in a head matter, to do it was family and a real close friend. So. Please, welcome chance a back to the show. So. I'll see my efficient, there was Arlene one of my producers are real efficient, she married, you or she was going to marry you until. The you. Know lie-detector, test came back the first time then. You got an, engagement ring and the second thing and here we are what's. Going on. Well. What. Do I start, from. The beginning. It, was actually kind of making me feel a little sad, watching. That clip there because, when. I told you that he proposed we were in our house you know and. We're. No longer in that place you know. I'm. Just so tired of fighting I'm, tired. Like I'm just I'm tired I'm, tired, you, know you and. Women out here they can understand, me when I say this you know like every woman wants that guy you know that guy was, gonna provide, you, know who's gonna protect. The family, so that the woman could play her role in his, life you know but, I have to be both and I can't like I want to be sensitive. You, know. Thank God that man in my life so, he, proposed you are you engaged or you know well we're not we're not together. So. Why, you know why you're not living together why are you not it. Just he, became, a, monster, like, just that energy, of bad, always, angry. Fussing. Yelling, cursing. At me and the children, and it's just it's, just it was just so bad like I ended up in the shelter. Right. After that you know and it was just like a eunuch two kids are in the shelter yes we are and, where, is where is Steve I don't, know somewhere. What. Does he not do in, his. Role as a as, a as a male in your relationship, and a dad well. I mean it's. Sad because I I wanted him to be my soul mate you know and I don't know if it really comes from. Single. Mothers raising, you, know boys, and two men and a woman can't teach a man how to, be a man you know what I mean so when you don't have that father, figure in your life to teach you that the woman. Is up suffering and I'm suffering for it and my, pain is higher than my love at this point what do you want from him you, know what I put. I took time and, took care of me and I'm. Happy you. Know and. You. Become happy you can be better for the next person, so until, he takes care of his self and get him happy then, is just he won't be no good when you say you took care of yourself and made you happy because don't give me wrong he's a great father but when it comes to this relationship, stuff right so, what is not and that's what I'm trying to get out what is that relation you said he took care of yourself I see your head done you look very different than you did before and you, were beautiful then but I again. So when somebody tells you you're beautiful does, he do that no, out. There maybe he done broke a mirror or. Screamed. And yelled to the top of his lungs you know what, is your mystery, man break mirrors for because, he's probably guilty, of not being able to do for us but he takes it out on us instead of checking. His self in the mirror okay. Status I know I'm doing something. Okay. I'm starting to understand, a little, bit more now so. He's not providing, for you both financially, and from. A. Emotional. Standpoint okay, know where he's like sucking. The life out of me you know what I mean like I meditate, to keep my peace and stay aligned and I, can't do that around somebody, that's just couldn't. Pull it pulling pulling that I can't I can't do that you. Feel happy now that you're not with him yeah. No I mean yeah and, I miss him you know but I miss what we used to have that's. What I think I, missed the old Tim I miss the, him that probably was alive but I didn't get in deep enough to know if it was gonna be alive you know what, was that about him, the old Steve, that you loved the most well, it's a lie not what did you love the most um, he.

Was More attentive. He. Was really on his grind like really trying to make things happen for us you, know what I mean and now he's just like a rake okay, well. Steve. Is here and I want to hear from him because you, know what was it is two sides to every story so, please welcome Steve back to the show Steve coming out. Steve. No wait man nice to see you so my first question would be. What. Caused the the breakup between the two of you. Communication. Me. Not being around trying to get things right for us and. Basically. When I come home and. I be trying to talk to her she'd be shutting down so, when she shut down it frustrates me so I run back outside, it. Ain't nobody to talk to I'm gonna talk to my kids the six and two years old. But. They get those kids especially. The six-year-old. You. Know to the point that you. Shantay. And two kids living in a shelter, all. Right I mean, it's a part that part, on she, left she went on home no. Explanation, right I was, dead you. Walked, in and same, way you look when you close your eyes that's how I felt even, to know, so. Cuz waking, up without them and you're not hearing them in the morning that I can't, focus like that. But. Your actions don't even add up how you, could tell somebody you love them every single day you're gonna do something, you're gonna figure out what is it that I'm doing that's. Wrong with me how can I change me to be better for the next person you don't do. About. The relationship, now relationship. Now I was like I don't. Even know to be honest with you she's like she said she said she don't she. Wasn't doing me a fire unless I got my mind right right, now I'm getting my mind right I didn't cut off all negativity, and I didn't cut off everything that don't mean make no sense to me are you working time now I'm not working I'm a street sweeper I can't, work okay, I have, a felonies, I'm six four and a half to, 40, who's. Gonna hire me don't they look it up they see mug shot with dreads right, they see more than one so, I ought to do what I got to do to take care of my family and if it's not coming in the way it's supposed to come in every day is not the same on the street okay but the anger is coming from somewhere and is it anger because you can't, provide no. The. Angers, cuz she's not talking to me okay the anger is cuz she don't want to come and tell me nothing so I feel like the more she's mute the more she pulled away in the more I pull away every. Time trying to talk to her she. Shot. In the shoulder do you want to be together yeah, I want to be with her she, bent down for me from the jump from. The jump I've been talking to us is 2004, 2017. Now but, how, would you feel when your kids whether she took them they're not your, kids and shontella sitting in the shelter I feel bad about that I can't even function I can't. Even I couldn't even think straight I was, going crazy for a long time, abusing. Drugs doing, all type of things going crazy cuz my kids gone that's all I live for I live for my kids in huh I grew up without my dad look how I ended up yes. That wreck it hey, hey don't know what to do but. Not from here for my son and my daughter they not gonna end up like me but. If they see me always arguing, what. You think gonna end up happening they. Gonna think it's cool it ain't cool I know it ain't cool I seen my mom go through it I tried, my best not to do it but she is like the more I try to try. To calm down and, try not to do things the more she ignored me in the end of bills in is she just pulling away from me and pushing. Me away from her. Yeah. The. Interesting part about this, conversation is. There. There has to be a resolution, your. Resolution, is you wanted to be responsible and I, understand, the challenges of. Having a record and trying to get a full time job I get he, works he can really work, he. Can really work but then you just turn, into like it's. Like dr.. Hyde and dr., Jekyll yeah, that's him like it's just it's. You. Know that is just that do you miss him, look. At me do you miss him I, miss. What he used to be. So. What do you want to say to chanté. Chanté. I love you jeez there I love, you Santi we're. Gonna do a whole lot yeah, I hate trying to give up I ain't, gonna ever give up cuz, I know you by side of my family outside everything you and my kids only thing I care about cuz the love is unconditional that, you gave me like no other.

And. Last. Time I proposed to you is on Hollywood, but. This time on propose to you here again. Will. You marry me Santi. Right. The. Right way. What's. Going through your mind right now I. Can't. Answer that I. Don't. Think you're really ready. It's. All good though you, still being for the kids. You. Know, what it is Steve, it's, not about a ring and getting married, I know it's, MA and I've, now. Had the pleasure of meeting you three times right. And. You're. Not a bad guy I don't. Think your honor I think your intentions are. Good. But. It's about getting you in your head space together the. Denver. Can. Give, her what she needs which is stability. Yeah. She needs love. Affection. Nurturing. She needs a husband, or a boyfriend or, fiancé whichever, this is gonna be to. Stand by like a rock if she can't take the weight of two kids and working, and doing all that you can do down a road that I know I understand there and, I'm here ready to do that. But. You've got to show her what that is and. The arguing in the anger whether. That's from drugs whether that's from. Her. Shutting you out whatever that is there, are triggers and you after both and this is for both of you. You. Have to look at your actions look in the mirror and see, what could I have done differently. When. You talk to each other you've. Got to prove to her that you. Were worth or affections, because. Right now you're not -, no no all. Right well um. I want to go to Dilys Diaz my, psychotherapist. In the audience here. Really quickly delete what what what, do you suggest I. Really. Commend. You sponte, to say, no, right now because that took a lot of courage you're you want to be swept away by love, and the fantasy, and it, was so, hard. For you I can see to say no but you did because you held true to what was right for you which really takes a lot of courage and let, me tell you the way to decipher, the, truth is to watch someone's, actions, and you're, doing that now in your life so your life will get better because you're paying attention to actions, not, words and. And. For you you want to be a man for her and for your children so start, having, your actions, match your words and, when, you live with that you live with integrity and. There, are programs out there for felons, that can actually get you employed in a decent job but, when you start acting the part you start you, know Manning, up and having integrity, where. Your actions do match your words then, you can come to her when she sees your actions, over time. Then. She may be, having she may have a whole different reaction, to you. Producers. Can help you find those programs, so. You can contact them and, start showing Shantae that, you.

Are That guy right, yeah if that's what you want if you if you don't then you. Have to tell her and so she can move forward and and I would like to see if you could work it out because I think you I believe where you want to be better you do what you gotta do that's right, I shouldn't have to be. Wants. To be you, know but if you want whatever you want then you do, what you gotta do well I will get you those things if that's what you wish yeah then it's up to you for Miss point for it because you know that Shantae can go out just like you can and get any man she wants like you can get anyone with that you won I wish, you both the best that's great to see you not under this circumstance, but as, people. And I wish. You the best of luck stay, with us we'll be right back. I know, that, he loves and care about himself. And he, starts, treating me better. Because, to love. You can only give what your listen. If, your boyfriend, came home with lipstick stains on his collar and women's, underwear in his back pocket, would. You suspect that he's shilling or just visiting. Family members. He's. Also coming home late and has changed his password on his cell phone and social. Media pages, please welcome Kalyan to the show. Why. Why. Are we here we're, here to see if my boyfriend actually is cheating, on me if he is I don't want be with him I want to take my child okay. Together. With. Cornell. For. Two years for two years and you have a four month old daughter together right yes awesome, when. How. Cute so how did you two meet we actually. Met through a mutual friend, and we. Connected. Awesome. It was a sauce so you clicked it immediately, but I, wasn't really honest, with him when we met so. What do you mean you wasn't really honest with him when, you met I lied about my age. So. How old did you tell him you were I told him I was 18 you. Told him you 18 and how old actually were you 16. So. You were so you were 16, when you. Met him and he. Was 21, 21 so. And you told him you were 18, 18, so. Why did you lie about your age I. Really. Liked him and I. Didn't, want to lose him so, I just, lied. It was just right then and there cuz I felt like he was ain't gonna talk to me if I was. That young okay. No of course so, when so when did you what. Age were you when you had sex 17, so, he was 17. You. Became pregnant pretty quick yes. Yeah. So when did you tell him your real age I told, him my real age before we had sex okay okay. So. So what was his reaction when you told him how old you were he was disappointed, he, felt like he felt like you couldn't trust me anymore break. Well. You understand that right yeah. Okay. So. What is your status of your relationship now, oh we, argue a lot oh it's. Hard because we have a baby and we struggle, a lot but it's like you just had the baby right I mean the baby's four months old so there's a lot of stress for you being. A new mom and trying to figure out so is your mom in the picture now or not she is now okay, so. She's helping you a little bit okay. And and, what about what about canal, he is he there is he helping you he's. I could say he helping me but. He never really, heard, to help do you think he's cheating yes, so. What why do you think that because. He comes home late as soon as he come home he takes a shower at home I, uh. So. He works that he works in a food in the food industry so, when he comes home he, takes a shower is that not normal I know but like it's like other stuff like he go out and when, you go out he comes back and he'd take a shower and it's like oh so. Maybe he's a clean person I don't right I don't know because. Of that you think he's cheating no he, also have lipstick on his shirt. In. His pocket. So anyway new so when you find that underwear in his back left pocket and the stain on his shirt when, you, ask him what it was or who these belong.

To What, did he say he says for, this lipstick, that's from his art from hugging her and, on from, the underwear he said they were mine by knew they were. Why, would why would he be carrying your underwear in his back pocket I don't know he never told, me that he just left it alone they like stormed, out okay. So so. You're, still with him though right yes so why are you still with it because I love and my by my family, disowned me he all I have. So. What happens if what happens if, you find out he's cheating if, he's all you have I'm leaving, it by me leaving him my family gonna be happy. Okay. They don't want everything. To do is he good to you he's. Good to me is he good to you baby hey good, to her was. He ever mean to you yes. We actually, got in till argument, and it got kind of physical. What. Do you mean to go physical, Oh when. I excellently, was he cheating on me kind of slammed me against the wall, when. You were pregnant no so, you people. When. Was that, this was like a few weeks back, so. You'd, had the baby and, mm-hmm. Is. That the first is that the first time he's done that um no. He usually like grabs me right that's right, okay. Well. Let's, ask him that Kernell, come on out. So. The first thing I could ask you is are. You a man yes. I am you, are so why are you putting your hands on a lady. I. Don't. Care how crazy she is right I don't look at me see cream I don't care how crazy she is get. The smile off your face when I'm talking about when your hands on you on your girlfriend cuz. That is not cool I know isn't that okay you. Don't ever put your hands on a woman ever, whether, she's crazy or not he's. Gonna happen. Something. Gets escalated he. Gets hurt you go to jail you. Should never ever and I'm being very clear it's very annoying to me when a man puts a hand on a woman. So. Are. You cheating on her mom. That I love, a ring so whose underwear and. You want to keep it real right right. Whose underwears in your back pocket don't. Say hers it gotta be hers you know she wants. If, they're if they're her underwear, she doesn't know what they look like why, they in your pocket, I don't. Know she, was, the one doing the laundry one day and he was in there so, I guess it was one of us that she bought from the store I, bought for her at, the store. But. You don't know that, you. Work a lot yeah. I know. You work in the food business I know that are, you a clean freak, kinda. So, you go, out and come in you go to shower straightaway and every time you do that yeah just, have nine. In the house don't look straight then yeah I'll clean it up myself, so. Are you. Do. You do that to hide sense of females no. Then you go out do you go to clubs nah, not really good you shouldn't be with a bit full my little baby okay. Stand. Up face each other I, love. All my heart. I'm. Ready to spend the rest of my life did. You hear what she said when. I asked her what happens if she fails yeah, I respect. Our decision okay. 100%. But at. The end of the day I'm always gonna be tough all okay. Whenever she mean okay. Ready. For this yeah okay. So, we asked her Nell when Kailen found lipstick on your collar was. That from a woman you had sexual contact oral. Sex or social. Intercourse with, Cannell. Said no. Lady. Said determined, he. Was something the truth. We. Asked her Nell when, Kailen found women's underwear in your pocket did. They belong to a woman you had sexual intercourse sexual, contact, or oral sex with, he. Answered no the. Lightest I did it summoned, stiletto. Shoes. We, ask canal other than one time you admitted Carolyn have you had sexual contact oral, sex or sexual intercourse with another woman, he. Answered no like. I said they determined, he was. Telling the truth. Obviously. You. Started off your relationship and a Rakhi by telling lies, right. You. Eventually told him the truth at. Sex you have a four month old baby yeah, you. Seem to. Me, like. A good, guy yes. There's. One thing I'm going to course you know I've already said it if, you, have anger issues and anger management you. Need to figure that out and seek. Counseling, if you have that okay, okay okay. Because, I would hate for you to, lose. This, baby and this relationship, because. You don't seem like a bad guy I'm, not I just Caroline. But, caring, is. Not putting your hands on it. Your, relationship, is very strong, I'm, he's not cheating he's not do anything he's working hard you're paying the bills she's saying care of her right yes you said you're a good guy to her she's, 18 years old right she's, trying to figure out motherhood, she's, trying about figure out her own body how, did I take care of a baby and then you. Write. Your 23, she. Needs your help. I. Can, get your referrals help you take, care of that that issue okay.

Okay. So I'll make sure we get you some information, afterwards and, I wish you both the best of luck the baby is adorable all. Right adorable, take, care of each other they give each other a hug stay. With us we'll be right back.

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The first three, though!! Are you kidding me? The guys can't even talk correctly. It's like they have too many pieces of gum in their mouths.

They don't have speech impediments that they can't help. They're talking in ghetto. Don't act like you didn't realize that.

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