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* "Dmitriy Gromov production" presents * * intro * * Part 1: The Experiment * - So, guys? That's a real mess! Need to crawl! Crawl! There is no other way? Have you crawled? Yes? - Yeah, on my knees. - Sheesh... It was much easier than I thought, to move on my knees! To crawl is not like climbing on lianas! - Sasha, this is the place where all souls of electricians are coming to! Those, who didn't attach wires well. Who isolated them poorly. No, look... - To put that thing away... - You won't be able to move it! No way! - Even like this? - Nohow.

Come in! - We won't be.. Ouch! It's hot! I wasn't moving like this. - Just like this. - This thing looked higher.

- So? Getting used to it? - Yes, not it's okay. - In reality, it's not that hard, if you got used to. - Need to have a good clothes. The kind, which you won't mourn later. Some gloves.

- Just like I have! - And you can move like fish! * some wing chun * It's really good when the ceiling is high. Can feel yourself a normal human being. - Well, of course! - Not like when you move and it *drip* *drip* *drip*. - So, Polina? - Cool! - I was walking and thought like: "What am I doing here? What is the trick?" I'll tell you why! Things outside less... Don't surprise me now!

After such things I'm ready for anything! Join any special forces. Because nothing is scary after this. - Damn, you are dirty! - C'mon! Now, for real, I'll get a zero in "Uber". Yet, I bought some tissues.

- Yes, we need to mask an exit behind us. - That's fun! I thought we can leave it like this, for next diggers. - No, it's like a sign of courtesy. Because adjusters can see it's in a mess and weld it with iron. - Completely, eh? - It is completely in our interests. - Let's work then! - So, friends, the passage is closed and special service will see it! To our viewers, we will ask you not tell anybody. This will be our secret.

- So, guys, the moment has come! Now we, in this cable-collector, will be collecting the "wandering" electricity! But before we'll begin the experiment, we need to make sure that we have the magnetic field with required. Not many people know, but human can feel the electricity without any apparatus or testers! With no nothing! To feel the electricity we'll only need an ordinary neodymium magnet! Just like this one. - It is called meodymium? - Yes. Neodymium.

- I thought "Neodimoviy". - Neodimoviy. It's good that he corrected me, otherwise viewers would criticize me. - I don't know how it is correctly! Anyway, you can correct us in the comments. For now we don't have interent connection can't check it.

So, we will need an ordinary neodimium magnet. All we need is to put it on our fingers, on the most sensetive part. And bring it up to the wire. If the magnetic field is strong enough it can be felt even on a distance! Let me try it myself and then... ... then I'll someone to try it. And what we have here? If we feel disturbance, it has electricity then.

Uh... Where is Polina? - Polya! - I want her to try and feel it on her own. This feeling. Her to tell, how human being feels the electricity. This is the person who haven't tried it... - Polya, come here, please! - ... she will explain it in the best maner. So, your task is to feel the electricity. Just bring this magnet to the wire and hold it in your hand. And tell us your feelings. Choose any cable.

- One of these, yes? - What do you feel? - I can feel vibrations and it wants to magnetize, or not... No it's... - Try these ones. - I can feel this one as well. - Can you feel the energy inside? - Yes. - This one fits us.

- You can absorb pleasent vibrations. - Pleasent? Yes? - Good, pleasent, positive vibrations. Okay, this one fits us? - Yes, let me try this one as well. This one has electricity as well. So, guys, with no complicated testers you can feel if something has electricity or not.

This one has! It fidgets like crazy. This one has not. - So, we walked through the system a bit and found a fitting wire. Let's check it, Polina! - Checking! Can feel here already. Wow! For real! Right between them! - Are those vibrations positive? - Positive, yes. Good ones. - Good vibrations! - Look! We are near the exit, by the way. - While we are making our experiment I turned on to remind you that I have a Youtube channel as well, under the name "Polinwagen"! Right now I'm actively making videos, that's why you should come, check and subcribe! Link to my channel will be in the discription, and we move on to make our experiment! - We found the wire. Now we need to capture the magnetic field, and I will show you we will do this.

- Come here! Will we check it with laptop? - Yes, we will charge the laptop. Everything is okay. - We need to check if all the data converge with the newest means of technology. - So, what we need to do? We need to capture the magnetic field and it can be done through many ways! - The most simple is... I took an old TV transformator. Here's this transofrmator. A piece of iron from this transformator, to be more precise.

Here was a copper fitting. It was sold long ago to the scrap metal reception, and this thing is usually thrown away. With the help of this iron scrap we will try to capture the magnetic field! - Hopa! - Tell us, is it safe? - Yes it's safe... - What about that one? - ... I hope.

This one, it's pretty cool. No, it's empty. What about this one? - Empty, heh? - Empty. Guys, can you imagine, so many cables and most of them have no voltage, how's that possible? - You dig? - Just as we said. More than a half of these cable are dead. - Light it up! See, it's destroyed! - It's dead meat. Сaries! Cables have caries! - They are rotten and hang just to show off! Okay, let's go! - C'mon, let's try.

Autocad! Let's roll! - Ah! Computer is down! - Let it lay! - Here, it was composed like this. Here's one side, here's another. Those were put in old TVs. These things are just a normal iron. Think it's a magnet? No it's not! It's just iron. - Give it to me.

- So, let's try to capture the magnetic field! We put this thing like thing like this. It seems like nothing is happening. Now we close the field, which circulates around the wire. - Look! - Everyone's ready? It can be dangerous! Everyone's ready, yes? - Yes! - Got it! - Got it?! - Energy is flowing! I felt that! - What was that?! - Magnetic field! - So... Around the wire we have vortex energy loses! Electricity! Energy is moving everywhere! We gather those loses! With the help of iron we capture the magnetic field! It flows through the iron. That's why these two iron scraps magnetized and pushed out from one electrical network! Like this! Back and forth! That's why we hear such a strange noize! - This is vibration? - Cool! - It's just a vibration... - It works! - But get electricity, 220V! We need to wrap a coil here! And now we'll do this! * advertising * Yes, I found inside the same TV. Took out this antimagnetic knot. So, around kinescope. Around all of kinescope TVs this thing is wrapped around.

This is form soviet TV. And this thing... Damn, it's tangled! This is from imported TV. Took it from "Samsung". This was on the kinescope like this. I reeled it off. I thing there won't a lot of energy on the imported. The soviet one will produce more. Now our task is to wrap it as hard as possible. Put more loops on it. Put it like this. - This is copper? - Yes, it's a copper wrapping. A coil. We can unwrap it later.

Or we can to it now... - Tell me, are those actions legal? - Of course, it's legal! We just gather the loses! Guys, don't we steal some kind of... Taking the energy with no contact. No! No! No! We just gather the loses! And there are tons of them! Lots of magentic fields floating around! They just warm the air! Warm the wires! That's why they are warm, because of loses. - Tell me, can we deal any damage to the wires? - No! - If we don't open the wire, there will be no damage! - So people won't be writing that we are causing fire and all of that! - The main thing not damage the cable. If we will put this thing on, it won't bring any damage, because there is a lot of iron around the cable! This iron takes up the magnetic field, as well as this one. There is no difference!

- It doesn't disturb the flow of cable further? Someone's TV doesn't blink somewhere? - These are power cables! They don't influence TVs. - Tell me, is magnetic field harmfull for people? - Scientists argue about it. Some say it is, some - not! There no full opinion about it. It is harmful, if it's very strong. - On some kind of military radars. - Yes, yes. The field is really strong there.

Let's go! Our goal is to wrap it as hard as possible. The more it is wrapped - the more voltage we'll get! - Let's go! - Let me wrap it! - Are you a wrapping pro? Look, the thing is for them not to cross. - It's better if you wrap it. -... put there as much as you can!

- You know how to do it. - The more - the better! - Tell, Sasha, where did you get such knowledge? You have a mathematical - No education. Just read it on the internet. In *"Radio" journal! * soviet monthly scientific and technical journal - Radio, yeah...

- Yeah, there were "Radio" journals, if someone is interested. They explained all of it really cool! - So, we need... It's almost wrapped, but I want to put another loop on it. Interesting, whether it's possible or not. - Got it! - It seems like I did it. Let me put it for more durability.

So, we got a thing like this, you can see. And here's is all out of this tin... ... copper. Put there as much as possible. - Maybe we should knock it a bit? - Nah, don't bother. We had two wires here. They were put somewhere in a TV scheme. I attached to them... ... this socket! - Opa! - To which we will stick our chargebles.

But, for cast away darkness... I have attached this lamp here! - Opa! - So? Let's go? - Let's go! - So, let's stick something in? Tester! Let's measure the voltage! What if voltage higher than 220V? What if the lamp will burn? Here's our tester. We turned it to measure the voltage of the network. - Let me measure.

- Yes. Grab the tester! And I will bring this magnet up! So, we will have some energy! - It won't hit anybody? - Nah. - It shouldn't. - Let's go, Sasha.

- Trying it. - Let's go! - So? - Everybody's ready? - Yes! - So? - Got it! - 220V? Or not? - 123. 124. 122. - The cable is too weak. 124V. It should be enough to charge the phone. And all other things. Let's try to charge something! - This is the maximum voltage? Can we have more..? - We can have more, but the cable is too weak.

- Is it enough? We will work on with this? - Let us try! Let's charge something. - Let's charge the lamp first. C'mon, put in. - This lamp is 220V, but it's okay.

So, lamp. Don't let us down! - How should I do? Place the lamp first and then turn on, or turn on and... - Yes, place the lamp at first, so we would have a power. Actually, it plays no role here.

- Wait, let me hang it! - To make sure it won't hit you? - Just in case... - Just in case! - So, free energy! Show us what you got! - It lights! - It still lighting up! - Wow! - It would be better to wrap this thing with a duct tape, because the more firm this thing... - Sheesh! Light is up! - ... the more energy we'll get - It means, we took electricity and light from the thin air? - From the thin air! - Yes! All of it is just energy loses! It just warms up all of this iron fittings and gets lost! - Tell me, how much lamps can we hang on this white cable, for example? - How much these things you can hang, the same amount of lamps you can hang. Let's check, if it change the energy flow if I move it. - No, see. It flows evenly.

- You mean we can charge 100 or 200 lamps? - Yes, it's possible. But if we we'll hang to much we can have not unough energy and they will not shine as bright. Yet, it lights! Everything is cool! - Tell, is this method used be electricians or government? - Very rarely. It's too little energy for them. Only MW flows through these wires. MW or KW. What is these 5W for them, which could save? - The lamp is really shining! Let me turn off my big flashlight. Look, friends. I turned off my flashligh completely! A full lamp! A full lamp shines this room! - Let us put the charger in? - Yes, let me grab the charger. - Will it withstand such load or not? - It can't hit you with electricity? - No, it can't. Unless you put your fingers here, where 220V are formed. I our case it's 130V. A bit less.

As you can see, 130V is enough for the lamp. - So, we begin to charge the phone? - Yes, let's try to charge the phone. So? Grab it! Look! How it shines now! Plug in! - It seems like it shines brighter! - The lamp has blinked a bit. Yes, it's brighter, because I pressed it down harder.

- Opa! Look! The charging is going! - So, it works. The power level is not super high, but it's more than enough to charge a phone. - We got lamp and phone. What elese do we have? Can make a tea with this? - With razors? - Yes. - We can experiment.

- Let's do this! - It's okay. Okay. We are not receiving super MW, but it loses still. And the loses are not super big. For the loses to be minimal, manufacturer makes a special screen inside. They reflect the energy. If there were no screens, the magnetic field would super big. Nonetheless, bits of energy are breaking through the screen and we can gather it. So, guys, we decided to fit this place to be more comfortable. Sus brought a board. Now we'll make a bench, a table and everything will be cool!

It's a bit to high. - It's OK. - This is a table, it's not a bench. - Wow! Cool! We have a teapot! We have a razor! No we will make a prison heater! Do you know how they make a heater in a prison? They made it out of a wire and a razor! - I hear it for the first time! - It's a very old technology. - So, we have an ordinary heater, let's try this out.

- Let's try this one. Maybe he'll work. Here's fork. Oh, it's a fork and wire here! Sheesh! - One can attach to the electricity here and drop a wire to your apartment! - Well, nothing stands on the way. It's not necessary to do here! You can do it with any power cable. But you should check it with magnet, to see if the magnetic field is good enough. - What is this? - Grandma's parfume! - It's so strong! - In plastic? - I poured it there.

- What is this? - Triple cologne! It's name is "Sasha". - I have never heard of it! It has such a strange smell... - Costs 12 hryvnas (= 0.30$) in "Red Price". - So, guys, we found this wire. Here's fork and two wires on the other side. We attach two razors to these wires. Careful. Not to cut myself.

One goes here... ... and second - here. They are greased with something. So, guys, how do you thing, will it work? - I think yes, why not? - From such a small energy source. Yet, it's pretty economic. Maybe, we should like this, at first? - It's like + and -? - Yes! Between them! Electricity moves through water, and plays as a semiconductor. It begins to warm up. There is no heating element. The water itself is a heating element.

Let's to do it like this. The main thing, not to get shocked. - Does it spoil on water? - A little bit, we won't feel it. Hey! Watch out! I'm turning this thing on, watch out not to get shocked! - Well, let's go.

- So, putting down. See, the light gets dimmer. - Yes! Yes! - It gets dimmer, put doesn't turn off. - When you dip, it gets dimmer. - There is no reaction.

- What kind of reaction should be? - There should be bubbles. Maybe it takes some time, you know. - Of course it takes time, c'mon. - Nothing gets oxidized. I'm affraid that... Well, maybe will try to make a spark? - It gets a short circuit. - They stick to each other. - They stick, yes.

- It sparks a bit, yes. Okay, it's not a super-puper energy. These are only wandering electricity. It seems, like it works. The main thing not to touch it, because it made out of aluminium, could hit you. - Even if I dip my fineger in water? - It should be done in a plastic cup, ceramic. Stone one. Or it can blow. - It looks like nothing happends there.

- No, we need to wait. Even if it's... - Let's wait and film this video, where... What did we want to film? - With foil? - Yes, with foil. And it should be boiled till then. * advertising * - So, guys, we decided to put it in a plastic cup, for the sake of safety, because it touched the case.

And it could hit someone with shock. Turn it on, Sus! Will the bubbles go or not? Energy goes! Bubbles are forming very slow on the edges of razor. Well, it seems, we don't have 500W, that's why we need to wait till the water will boil. Now we will have a dangerous experiment with Super Sus. In fact, so dangerous that I need to wear gloves.

- Why are you wearing them? Won't it kill me? - It's okay. Pros are at work! We will try to make a self-heater. We will try to attach to the conductor, so the foil would warm up. Let's try this, at first, on a smaller scale. Damn, it's a bit scary. - What are you affraid of? - What if it'll warm too strong? More than I expect? Nothing is happening. Maybe I do something wrong?

Wow! It happened! Saw it? - Yes! - Wow! It burns! - Can you feel it? Ugh! Some kind of stench goes from it. Try this? Does it warm up? - It stinks with something burnt already! - Yes, it gets warm. - Strong? - Nah. A little.

- Imagine, it goes through the whole suit and warms you. - Damn, it's warm! - For real?! - Yes! Just what we wanted, a suit to warm up. - It warms up hard? - No, a little bit. Wow! - See? This one burns! That one must be out of charge.

- Out of charge, yes? - Electricity goes through the foil? - Yes. Electricity goes through the foil. And what do we get? It warms up! Heat goes out from it. The most primitive way to make a heater. Just to let electricity from a few such accumulators, and you'll get a heat. - How many accumulators do we need to..? - To make it too hot? - Yes. - I think four of them should be enough. - This is what I though! Do you remeber? I told before this video that I want an electro-blanket. Here we have it!

- Yes, you don't need any... - You just take foil and attach accums? - There is no need for wire. The foil itself is a heater. - So, how about..? - What do we have here? Bubbles move? - It's sh**.

- Look, they go down from the center, a small amount of bubbles. I think it's a bit too small. Wow, it became a little warmer! - A bit warmer? - Very little No, it's bullsh**.

- No, we won't do it. - We don't have enough energy to heat the water. It will warm up the whole day! - Sasha, what went wrong? - Wandering electricity is not enough. We have a lot of loses, but they are not enough to boil water in a cup. Well, if we would find these red wires on 10KW, which saw earlier, their energy would be enough.

This cable is not as fat, yet we still have enough energy to charge a phone, to charge a lamp here. - Well, friends, anyway we were able to charge a phone. And the most important thing that we need underground -- light! Light! And light is a psychological source of heat. It became more cozy here, anyway. Lamps never worked here, and we turned them on!

Friends, I forgot the most important thing. It's not a light, but a flashlight. The main thing is to charge a flashlight underground! This is the most important! And my flashlight is with portable charger, soldered. So. We take it.

- Wow. Something is buzzing. No, it's OK! Look! - No, I just to show. Look, the flashlight is charging, look. - Look, it charges simultaneously with the lamp! - I just wanted to show that diode is shining. - It is enough for flashlight and lamo at the same time. - Yes. light-diode is power!

- Guys, we have a super cosmic survival blanket! Made of foil, with a thin layer of gold! Yet, it's fake... But it's OK. - It is called "izofolium". - Izofolium, ey? Look how it looks! Like a space solar panel! Wow! Look! - It used in tourism for saving people. If they would find a freezing man. - Emergency service uses it. - Yes, for a person not to die, they wrap him in this foil.

- It should make you sweat hard. - Just for you! - You can wrap me in it like a grilled chicken. - Sheesh! - It is really compact, but you can't... - ... you can't put it back. If you oppened it...

- Let's try how dense it is? Let me grab the edge. - It is teared very well! - How it's unfolded? - It makes very bad noises when you sleep in it! I slept in one a few times. - You don't sweat in it? - You sweat like crazy in it, but, damn, if situation is tough you have no choice. - Is it yellow on both sides? - No. - They lie that it's covered with gold or..?

- It costs 30 hryvnas (1.10$)! What gold? - 30 hryvnas! Phah! They lied, then. They painted it in gold, I think. It should've been like this before. - It looks pretty! - Wow! Guys, such an interesting feeling! It's so soft! - Friends, you are on Super Sus channel! And we are below Khreschtyk with Kreosan, making crazy experiments! People walk there, on Khreschatyk, and we make an electric experiment here, underground! Can you imagine? - Now, I will show you how to make a classic foil hat, to protect from magnetic emitting! - Let's try! - Wow! Antenna! Only making by this scheme, it will most sufficiently cast away all magnetic waves from Super Sus! - Negativ hater energies! - What is the function of this horn? - Well, ufologist think that through this horn all of the negative magnetic energy goes away. - Can it be hit by lightning? - It can, if you'll run during storm.

- So, are you warm? - Yes. - What is this? - Why it's all in bubbles, I can't get it? Ah, guys, air gets heated and... - It's Sus farting under the suit. - Sus-Farter! - So, guys! The experiment did well! You can charge your phones, charge your flashlights, light your lamps! Practically all of your low-power devices could be charged. Even laptop! The main thing, there is nothing expensive! You just need parts from your old TV! It's enough to gather magnetic energy and transform it into 220V! - The main thing, you don't need to cut the cable. If cable was a bit more powerful, something else could be charged! Lawnmower, for example!

It would be fun to turn a lawnmower here! And I'm warm here! Like a grilled chicke, in this bag! So, friends! It was Kreosan! Super Sus! Dimon! All of our gang! Thanks for watching us! Subscirbe to our channel! And write in the comments, what would you like to see on our channel! Who should we invite? What to do? To where should we crawl? Write it in the comments! All good to everyone! Thank you for being here! We do it for you! - So? We need to save Super Sus from magnetic field! Let's go! Damn! It's of high quality! - I almost burned! - That's it! Saved! - Phew! Almost burned! - Don't worry, guys! We will take the trash with us! - Good evening! - Where is the lock? - Who oppened the lock? - I don't know. Janitors close and open it. I stay on a post. - You play on instruments? - Not in the eyes! I can't see the notes. - You play on an instrument? - I do! - Joly or not? - Thank you! Part 2: Science and life - Vice! Lie down! Sit! Bark! Friends, as you can see, our dog is mean and spoiled! To maintain it we attend pros! In the dog-school "Dred". The next part of our video will be for those who has a dog or planning to have one. - Vice, you are going to school? - Vice is going to school! - Goes to his school.

- Quarantine? Dogs don't care about quarantine! Dog-school works even during quarantine! One! All gates open before us! - Hello! - So, friends? My name is Sergey. I'm the owner of the dog-school. Let me show you the inside, tell you about what we mainly do, and I will explain how can I be of service to those, who watch us right now. So, right now we are at the hall, where championships take place as well! To those, who are residents of Ukraine, you can approach us, and we can help you in training, leaving your pets here for a while and all. Come here and you'll... - Friends, I wanted to tell you that dog is a living being, and it needs a professional approach. For your dog to grow properly, there are lots of pros, who know how to train it. They have pleasure doing it! Approach them, they will help you. How to do it right. You can't have a fighting dog at home, it needs place! It needs to run! To move! And you need to understand it fully. I know nothing about it, and if I'll have a dog, I will ask for advice and see how it should work. And how to live with it.

- We can show it on example of Vice! You know this dog, and we have real changes! Because, when we started to work with Vice... Has the dog changed? Honestly. For real. It understands commands! It gets what you say! No idealy, but considering the amount of training per week. Yes? In around 20-30 trainings the dog changes completely. It gets what people want from it.

Our task is to teach dog to understand. Owner understands a dog, dog understands an owner. And from this we form a behavior chain. At the end we have an obedient dog, an owner who knows how to put tasks right and that's it! We don't have any problems in communication. We don't only make inteligent and obedient dogs, but also teach them how to protect owner, property, house, children, those owners who has a dog. It's very important. We not only teach dog to bite, but how it should be done in correct time. If life of an owner or his closest are in danger, the dog will give its life to protect them! And we teach them how do it right and not to run away and bite... -... not when dog wants it, but it needs to be done.

- Yes! Yes! - Sergey, tell us, please, top 3 rules for people, who want to choose a dog. - How one should choose a dog correct for himself? A very important rule, when someone buys a breed it needs to be bought according to special requirements. An example: if girl says: "I want a red car" - you can buy her "Kamaz", but she don't need a "Kamaz." For example. We need to buy a car according to our requirements. If we need to drive fast, it needs to be a small car. The same goes for dogs.

For example, if we take a Dobermann in a flat, but Dobermann needs to run a lot. Conclusion? Flat will be a mess! And... Also... - Don't be surprised! - Yes. And the next question is, when people tell me: I want an Alabai - I ask them: "How many sheeps you have?" Is this a correct question? - Well, yes! - This is the dog, which graze sheeps and protect them form wolves. I mean, if a person lives in Odessa and takes a Husky or Laika. Let's choose Husky. This person chooses Husky. This is a dog, which runs in harness in winter. It lives in winter and sleeps on a snow.

The question: Why is this dog on a beach, near the sea? I mean, we take a dog for our soul. If you take a decorative dog, most likely you will spend so much time that you don't even know. And you'll have to spend your time, because each animal takes it. Cleaning up, walking out, feeding, training and healing. These are the main rules. - So, let's show a few tricks. How Vice changes in the hands of a pro. - Let's do it. Vice! Vice, hello! Hello, give me your leash. Here I have a treat for you! Look, it's very important...

C'mon. It was a "lie down" command and "spin". But I didn't even say this, yet dog does it! Sit! Good job! Lie down! Good! If you want to pick up the drive level of a dog we can play with toys. I don't even know what will be more ineteresting for it. And you will walk on you back feet? Will ya? Good boy! Nice! Good boy! I'm not just taking it from the dog. Give it!

And I give it back right away, telling him that we will play and I won't take it form you, don't worry. Vice is still on training. Yet, he behave much better, not like when he only came here. Good boy! - I began to train Vice when he was 5 years old, and we thought that it's impossible to do anything. That we will spend big amounts of money. That it will be too hard.

But right from our first training, trainer took out meat and Vice was like: "Opa! They give meat here?!" And he began to do the work. At first he reacted poorly, he didn't understand anything, was affraid. Plus, he was fat. I overfeed him. My first recomendation was: "How much do you feed your dog? Aha! You overfeed it!" We cut his meal. He began to lost weight. And had more motivation to get meat here. And he began to think about: "What should I do to get some meat?" - Aha! That's how it is. He became really active afterwards. Lost some weight, gained some muscle. He wasn't reacting to his name. Was on short leash on the street, because each dog disturbed him. He ran to each dog! He didn't know his place at home. He jumped on sofa. On kitchen table. On a bed. - The dog was very disobedient? - The dog sat on my neck! On my head. It was a saving for me that we found "Dred" school. We were passing by and saw the commercial on a fence. We googled and saw that...

...there is a hotel and training and instructors. And we thought: "God, this is our saving! At least, at 5 years old we need to begin to train for sure!" - What are you saying, Mr. Sus? - I wanted to ask. For example, I walk with someone on a factory. A dog is chasing me and not chasing my friend. And people say that dogs feel if you are bad. - No, it can't. You are not. You can say that you are bad? - Not like that I'm bad, but from the perspective of motives in my head. Look. I will try to explain you how it happens. When you see a dog you are a little bit affraid. A little. You begin to sweat and dog gets that something with your body is wrong. - Some kind of malfunction.

- Yes. And it thinks: "Aha! He thinks to do something and he's affraid!" The smell. Blow of adrenalin. It sees that you'll start to run. And all of those who run are victims. And when you turn yourself a victim. A certain smell. It tries to catch and smash you. - From the perspective of nature, it could be suppressed? - Yes, but you need to train. You need to pass certain training. - Ineteresting.

For example, to work in the suit, to work with dogs. When it'll be a norm for you... I was also affraid before. Affraid of being bitten. A certain person will come out and show. When you get bitten a lot, you get used to it. It's in every job, spehre. When you are used to it - it's simple for you. - I got it. Okay. That's how it works.

It's a skill. Not to be affraid of dogs is a skill. Everything is simple. - Wow! - Wait! Sit! Sit! Lie down! - The obedience should be... Remember what I said? Obedience in security. When I'll say to him, he'll run and we can go away a bit and prepare to film. Good! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit down! Stay! Sit! It grabbed the a**, look! Wait! Hush! Friends, I'm Sergey. Dog-school owner. Happy to greet you! If you need something concerning dogs: training, obedience, security, groomer, hotel. We are in Kyiv region! Reach us, we'll help you! If you are not from Kyiv region, we have a transfer service and can drive to any point in Ukraine. We also can take from out of the border and take them to our school. If you don't have such opportunity, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel. Dog-school "Dred". A lot of good info on growing, caring and training your dog. You can learn everything, we'll help you. If you'll have any questions - leave a comment, and we will surely answer it!

That's it! Come in! We wait for everybody. Okay, goodbye! Goodbye! * outro *

2021-04-26 19:52

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