“Mini World” Theme Park, Malayer Tourist Gate from Persepolis to Eiffel, Hamedan Province, Iran.

“Mini World” Theme Park, Malayer Tourist Gate from Persepolis to Eiffel, Hamedan Province, Iran.

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[Cameraman]: Structure of Ferdowsi and Khayam Tomb The scale of this structure is the half of the orginal structure It is under construction. Let's go to Choghaznabil. [Cameraman]: Is Choghaznabil your work? [Contractor]: No, it is our colleague work.

[Cameraman]: Choghaznabil Khuzestan [Cameraman]:Choghaznabil Khuzestan is near Shush Daniel. Choghaznabil Ziggurat is in Khuzestan province. The orginal dates back to 4,000 years ago. It is the oldest sun dried brick bulding in the world [Cameraman]:Choghaznabil Khuzestan is near Shush Daniel. Falak-ol-Aflak (Shapur Khast) castle is also here. [Cameraman]: Is the castle (Falak-ol-Aflak) your work? [Contractor]: No Mr. Bagheri was involved in its construction. Taj-Mahal, Dolat-Abad gardan and Takhte-e-Jamshid are our work.

[Contractor]: Compared to the costs we incur, we are trying to use the space inside these buildings as well [Contractor]: We use the interior of Dolatabad building to create a restaurant. [Contractor]: The space inside the Sun Palace will be used for the museum. After this we will see Persepolis.

This is the Falak-ol-Aflak (Shapur Khast) castle of Khorramabad. This is the Falak-ol-Aflak (Shapur Khast) castle of Khorramabad. [Cameraman]: The windbreak of Dolatabad Garden in Yazd, which is the contract of Mr. Abol Ghazi. [Cameraman]: Mr. Abol Ghazi is with us today. Can you please explain about your work? [Contractor]: It is a sun-bricks windcatcher.

[Cameraman]: What is the size of this building compared to original structure? [Contractor]: The size of this building is three-quarters of the orginal building. [Contractor]: It is made without iron structure. [Cameraman]: Let's go and see other structures which are Mr. Abol Ghazi work. [Cameraman]: Next one is Taj-Mahal from India. You see the Taj Mahal building in India, which is one tenth of the actual dimensions of the original building, which was executed by Mr. Abul Ghazi.

It is 80% similar to the orginal structure. This is the seventh wonders foundation of the new world, along with the Colosseum and Machu Picchu. [Contractor]: We had an exact estimate of the original structure to make it look exactly like the original structure. However, we could not adapt some parts, which is due to the amazing architecture of the old world.

All lathes are handmade. [Cameraman]: Mr. Abul Ghazi is the contactor of this work, can you explain more about your work? Each stone worked is reduced to one tenth of the size of the main structure.

All the details and writings of the main structure are used here. All stones are carefully prepared on a smaller scale. All stones are cut by hand. Mr. Abul Ghazi, let's go to the next structure you have worked on. This is actually the front yard of the garden of Fame.

[Cameraman]: Where is the garden of fame? [Contractor]: It is in Mashhad (city in Iran). [Contractor]: The fences have also been constructed but have not yet been installed. In each of these columns is a statue of celebrities. This is the fame garden of Mashhad.

Here the fame garden of Mashhad is simulated. It is semi-finished. The open-air amphitheater is also here. This is your job, Mr. Abul Ghazi.

Yes, it's my job. [Cameraman]: A roman colosseum is also to be made. [Contractor]: Yes, there will be a Roman colosseum and it is to be built on top of this area. This top will be built Roman colosseum next to the Eiffel Tower. [Contractor]: Of course, if there is a budget.

[Cameraman]: I hope. This is a small world or a garden of nations. It is small world now. The former mayor used the name Garden of Nations, but is now better known to the small world Everywhere I look, they use the word mini-word. The tower in front of us is the Qaboos Tower.

It is almost completed. Mr. Motalebi is installing the inscriptions. [Cameraman]: Let's go see the rest of your work. [Contractor]: Acropolis of Athens and Perspolis are my other works.

The Versailles bridge and the the Giza pyramid complex are also here. [Contractor]: The Leaning Tower of Pisa was also built. But it has a lot of subtlety that we need to rebuild Where is it? The Leaning Tower of Pisa is at the bottom of Persepolis. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is at the bottom of Persepolis. This is also the tomb of Avicenna (Bu Ali Sina). It's Mr. Basi's job

It is semi-final. The Great Wall of China is here, which is almost complete. Persepolis that you have worked on, we can say is almost complete. We wanted to make it a little more messy to make it look more real.

But it is not completed yet. We dropped a few columns on purpose to make it look old It is Veresk bridge. Parthenon of Athens and Pyramid of Giza.

This part is more complete than any other part. [Contractor]: Yes, it is. Niagara Falls is built at the bottom. But the water has not been released yet First we will record Veresk bridge and then we will show the rest. These two Parthenon and Persepolis are your work.

Let's go from the Veresk bridge to have a better view. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was your job too Yes. The Leaning Tower of Pisa started 10 years ago, but it needs to be rebuilt [Cameraman]: Why do you need to restore the leaning tower of Pisa? [Contractor]: People pull it down and we need to improve its structure.

The park was half-finished. We must strengthen the structure They were climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which had destroyed the tower Let's go and see the Leaning Tower of Pisa first We also have photos of Leaning Tower of Pisa when we built it. It was beautiful. The Tower of Pisa itself took exactly 6 months. We built the Leaning Tower of Pisa with all details.

What is the actual size? It is 7 meters high and 130 cm in diameter. The structure that you see is the one twentieth of orginal tower of Pisa. This is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Florence, Italy. All the details are exactly the same as original Leaning Tower of Pisa. The windows are also in actual number. It is made of polyester and it is having slightly weak structure.

It takes a year to mold and cut the stone The construction work took almost a year. The construction work took almost a year People have destroyed a little of it Let's go and see Persepolis This is Khayyam's tomb. Mr. Shafiee made it [Cameraman]: Does it make by polyester? [Cameraman]: No, it is made of concrete. But the Leaning Tower of Pisa is made of polyester.

Hafez's tomb When is it built? It has been built ten years ago. Hafez's tomb The orginal structure was designed by Hooshang Seyhoun. Which is in Shiraz Do you know the size of this structure compared to the orginal structure Mr. Abol Ghazi? No, I'm not aware of this structure. This work was constructed by my colleague, Mr. Shafiee.

It is also made of concrete and is not like the Pisa by Polyester Tomb of Hafez Shirazi in Malayer Small World Collection Mr. Abol Ghazi, let's go and see Persepolis Or do you want to see Niagara Falls? Let's see Niagara Falls first and then Persepolis, which is your work. Niagara Falls is also our work.

We started it in 2011 (10 years ago) But it is Mr. Shafi work now. It is Malayer mountain in front of us, known as worm mountain (Koh Gharme). This is Niagara Falls, Mr. Abul Ghazi Yes The water is going to overflow Yes, water is to be pumped There are 4 powerful pumps behind the waterfall that will pump water Next to the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of the Sun, we will have Niagara Falls in the Malayer Small World complex.

We came here let record the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of the Sun, and then we go to Perspolis. The stone carving of the Sun Palace was performed by us, but the contractor is Mr. Bagheri. And Niagara falls is not yet completed Is the the Sun Palace in Mashhad Mr Abol Ghazi? Yes The Sun Palace in Mashhad. This is also semi-finished It is almost completed, only the floor and exterior should be completed.

Doors are not installed. The inside is much better. If you want, we can go and see inside Let's record and show the inside, too. This masonry is exactly same as the palace of the sun The Palace of the Sun will become a museum in the future Yes, it becomes a museum Let's go and see the sun inside the palace You first please It will be plastered together Just like the Palace of the Sun Ayat.

It is the view to Zayandeh Roud. This is the view of Malayer The Sun Palace will later become a museum This roof will be plastered and engraved Let's go to Persepolis Let's go to the Eiffel Tower, Mr. Abul Ghazi OK The Eiffel Tower was also constructed by Mr. Abbaspour Jalali. And it's completed.

Of course, the painting is not completed. Eiffel Tower in the small world of Malayer. We see a beautiful view of Malayer mountains (cold mountains and hot mountains) next to the Eiffel Tower. You see one mountain on the left side and one on the right side of the Eiffel tower. Eiffel tower in the mini-world of Malayer.

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