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Oh. Making, a Christmas, memories. I've. Been working so much lately I. Can. Very fine, a tendency. Yes. Ma'am I said miss, hey guys welcome back to my channel, so this is probably, a video that I have been waiting, to do I'm really, excited I'm so, ready to decorate for Christmas we. Have my girls. Avery's, over here we're gonna be cleaning, we're gonna be decorating I'm really excited because I bought a lot of new decorations, this year typically. I don't spend a lot of money on decorations just because. Especially. Christmas. Decorations, because you don't have them up for that long but. I think I was feeling, a little extra, grateful, and thankful, and happy this, year that, I bought some, new decorations. So I'm going to be showing you everything I bought I went to kirklands and HomeGoods and Target, and. So. I'm going to be showing you everything. That I bought we're, gonna be decorating we're gonna be cleaning yesterday. Was Thanksgiving, and we hosted, so, my, house is not, the cleanest, I have to you know really clean the floors we, had a lot of people in and out on. Our floors in the bathroom so I'm gonna be cleaning as well as decorating and just getting our house ready for the holidays, that we are so excited if you guys are new here I'm Jamie, I have three. Girls so I am a girl mama I have eight month old twins so this is Emery this is Addison and we have Avery who, is four and we, are just so grateful to have these girls. With us this year the. Past couple years have been a roller, coaster going, through infertility, miscarriage. And, a lot of ups and downs I'm just feeling extra, happy, and thankful to, have the, girls with dishes with, me this year so stick, around we're, gonna go and we're gonna clean and decorate, okay. So I just had Mike bring up everything. From. The basement. So we have all of our decorations, out and. Then. Avery. Helped me this morning, earlier this morning pull out down all of the fall decorations so, I have all of those that we need to put away new.

Decorations. A. Lot. Of stuff to get started, I gotta get moving just. Cuz. I missed you so I'm, letting. Go of everything. But. You. These. Are the good times with, you. Baby. I. Got started in the kitchen by clearing, the countertops. And putting things away, I needed, to empty the dishwasher from. The night before and typically. When I'm decorating I like to make for sure things are at least picked up and cleaned, before, I start decorating it, kind, of gives. Me some motivation to get my house clean before I decorate, because I know that when I'm done cleaning I get, to decorate and that's what, I'm excited for that's my motivation if you. Guys are new here thank you so much for stopping by please. Let me know if you're new introduce, yourself down below say something interesting about, yourself something, unique something. I can get to know you by I truly. Love talking to you so, come say hi I make, videos twice, a week and my goal is just to create a community where, I can make you smile, maybe. Provide, an escape, from, your life life, it can be so hard and especially, if you're a mom or maybe you have an a stressful, job if I, can provide an escape motivate. You inspire, you uplift, you in any way that is truly my life goal so, please think about subscribing hit. The notification. Bell and come, join my journey. Isn't. This how it is supposed to be, making. Our Christmas, memories. Oh, and. I've. Been, longing to hold you close forget. Isn't. This how is possibly. Making. Our Christmas, memories. As. Soon. As Avery heard Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas is you playing, she, had to come in the kitchen and dance with me and of course when, she started dancing I had to dance right along with her and that song has such a special meaning to me because. When I was in high school my, husband Mike and I went to high school together that's. When we started dating and I remember, hearing that song and thinking that all I wanted for Christmas was him, and then. When we were going through a lot. Of our infertility struggles. After our. First met miscarriage. Second, miscarriage just. When we were in the thick of infertility, I remember, thinking that all I wanted for Christmas was a child or another child and, so, now when I hear that song my heart just, is absolutely. Filled to the top with. Joy. I am just so. Full of love because, I truly have everything, I could ever want and I'm so grateful for my life not. To mention it's, an amazing, song and I, just love Mariah Carey, please. Just. Like that. If. You stick around I'm gonna go through and give you a little home tour and tell you where I got all of the Christmas decorations because a lot, of them like I said I got this year so if you'd like them I will tell you where I got them from. And. It's, cool outside. To. Gather around the fireplace. No. One cares, about. Since you asked, so while I was cleaning and decorating I was also making two, recipes I guess one is a recipe, one is just cinnamon rolls but. They, are two, things that I make every Christmas. Morning and I've kind. Of started making them on Black Friday the, day after Thanksgiving just. Kind of as a tradition, so I was making that so we can enjoy it along, with. Our, cleaning and decorating and Mike loves, both, of these recipes and, April loves the cinnamon rolls so I love making them happy and even.

Though I don't enjoy cooking it's nice to make them happy but. But. This breakfast, bake is super simple you just pop, it in the oven you don't have have, to add any veggies, or anything we don't I would personally prefer, like onion and green pepper but. The good part is you can literally add anything you want to it but, Mike does not like onions or green peppers I just keep it pretty simple for, him but I just layer bread on the bottom and. I put cheese I cook sausage, and then add six eggs and a cup of milk and I combined the eggs and the milk and then pour that over top, of everything and then I put it in the oven, 350. For an hour I make it on Christmas, morning and on Christmas morning, I use precooked, frozen, sausage crumbles, just. For the sake of, keeping. It simple but. Today I had the time so I browned, the sausage, actually Mike did it for me and then. We made the cinnamon rolls and it was just kind of kind of a nice little break between. The, cleaning and the decorating. Let. Me know if you have any special recipes, that you make either on Christmas, Eve or Christmas morning, I'm, just really curious and maybe we could try one of your recipes out. Guess. Never John the snow is falling down. And, if. You want to get to know me a little bit more more on a personal level I have created a get. To know me playlist. Down, below it's, some of my favorite videos, I think my all-time favorite video was gonna be my twins. Birth blog so, that is down below and just if you're new here you may want to get to know me a little bit more so I created a list. Of videos. You can check out it's linked, down below. If. You're curious what I had in that spray bottle it was just a cleaner I mix up myself and I've talked about this so many times in my channel but I always get questions about it I love, it this cleaner, it's 1/4, cup of rubbing alcohol a teaspoon. Of Dawn dish, soap and the rest water in the water bottle and I, just, love, using it all over my house I can use it to shine my stove I can use it on my granite countertops. It's a disinfectant. It's safe, for, so many different, surfaces and I, just love using it. Going. Down Christmas. Day. So, I think this is something really weird that I do but as I was packing everything, away the fall decorations I start. To think about what's life gonna be like when I'm pulling these out the next time so late. August. Early September, and, it's. Just crazy for me because the past couple years there's. Been you know our life just hasn't been complete. And you. Know I remember thinking, in, previous. Years when we would pull out the Christmas stuff it would be like will I be pregnant next, year well we have a baby and, then, I remember last year thinking. It. Was just really hard because I was pregnant to, imagine. Having, eight month old babies. Around like that was just something so hard for me to comprehend, but here we are and. They're here and it's, just it's amazing so as I, was putting things away I was thinking about what life will be like next year when the twins are a year, and a half and probably, on the move and. Doing. All of the crazy things that toddlers, do but, I don't know just every year as we pull out decorations, for a season or put them away I always, imagine, what life is like and kind of reflect. Let's show. I want. To know something, that you want for Christmas, this year so let me know something that's on your wish list. Okay. So I had these little, twinkly, lights already. Here. So, I think I'm gonna get some more for this I don't like how they twinkle. I feel like the, only reason why I don't like how they twinkle is because it's by the TV and I think if these are going at night it'll be distracting, if we're watching TV so, I think I'll probably take these off order, new ones and, then, order, just.

Of The fairy, lights I think that's what they're called the non blinking, for both of these, that way it'll just kind of light up a little, bit more at night which I love. There, is seriously, nothing that I love more than, getting my house cleaned, after, we have we've had a lot of people over so like I said I was doing this the day after Thanksgiving. And because we hosted, Thanksgiving we, had so many people in and out of our house and I, just feel like everything. Just seems so dirty especially. The. Flooring, so it was just nice to get in here and clean everything up and really give my floors a good mopping, when, I know that there's been so, many, people in and out of the house. Good. Good. It, will always be Christmas. But. My. Friends. Maybe. I can't. Promise, Santa's. Come in the, visit. Oh. On. A blanket. With the skylight. Painted. Blue. Whoo. That's. What we do. We'll, be telling and, having, a good good. Oh. But. With. My friends. We're. Gonna. Have. A good, time. We're. Gonna dance dance. And have a good, time I think Santa's, gonna come and join us in this song. My, friends. So. I, just got done doing, most, of the decorating, but I'm gonna take a little bit of a break. Before. I finish up the cleaning to hang out with these. Crazy. Girls before, they have to go down for their second, nap of the day and then I'll finish up some. More cleaning. But. I'm loving how everything, is turning out it's. Like so hard when you're decorating because, I have a hard time envisioning, how. Everything, is gonna get pulled together and. I. Don't know like it's just that's the hardest part it's like I can look at something like, if I look at pictures on Pinterest I'm like yes I know I like that that's my style I love, how that looks but if I go to a store to pick individual. Pieces it's harder for me so. It's just nice that with all of the decorations that, I bought this year I'm, where, I had, envisioned, them, going in my house just. Glad that, I like how it's all falling, together makes me happy, certainly because this is not easy for me I've talked about this before on my channel but decorating. Does not come easy to me and it's really hard. So. It just makes me feel good when, I, feel like things are gonna look good and then it turns out looking well because it doesn't always happen, that way. What. Are you doing, oh good.

Bye Emery. So. These, if. You guys are curious what, the girls are wearing and then Mike and I have matching. Pajamas. They're, from Kohl's I'll have them linked in the description but. The girls they're, wearing 12 months, and they just, got, into. Nine. Month clothing, but, I thought, they. Looked like, they, would fit and they actually fit really good considering. They're 12 months just a little bit long. But. Then they're gonna be wearing them for a whole nother month so I think, it'll be good but. It's not the easiest to find family, matching pajamas. Where. There's. Baby. Clothing, like so under, 12 months so. With the ones we got from Kohl's it was 12 months that was the smallest size. I think, target had some that, were for babies and then up through adult but I wasn't a huge fan so. I was, glad that they were close enough to be able to fit into 12 months. Is. It nap time do. We gotta go take a nap. Should. We go take a nap, oh yeah. That was a yawn huh, all. Right let's go take nap, so. We have Mike and Avery decorating, the tree Ava. Are you decorating, the tree. I'm. Decorating the tree we'll. Get you guys down for a nap, they'll do the tree and mommy will finish up cleaning does that sound like a good plan. Avery. Is decorating. Three. Bulbs on one, branch. So. Normally. This. Is not how I would decorate. But. I guess I'll let her do what she wants to do maybe I'll move at another time but I've. Gotten to decorate, the rest of the house the, way I would, like it so even. Though this is not how I would decorate, my tree and how I want my tree to look I'll, let her do it the way she wants. This. Is Avery's, room. Dad. Put some lights up here on her bunk beds right. Do. You want to show him your tree too, and. Here's her Christmas, tree. He's, only gonna come if you're gonna be good okay. I. Hadn't. Planned on decorating, our room or, really upstairs, other than Avery's room because. I think it's just so overwhelming for, me to decorate and I've talked about this before I I, don't enjoy decorating, it's just so overwhelming for me and so, this year I was just focusing, on the living room in the kitchen where we spend you, know most of our time. So. Maybe. Next, year I will kind of branch, out and do more of our house but right now I just wanted. To focus on the downstairs but I like, when our room is picked up I was bothering me that our bed was not made and I. Just wanted to vacuum and kind of pull our room together while, I was in the mode of cleaning. So that's what I did but we're not decorating, in our room but maybe next year so I guess stay tuned for Christmas, 2020, I may, have a clean and decorate up in my. Room or in the upstairs. I was. Kind of hopping all around which sometimes. I do that sometimes I streamlined, my creep my cleaning, sessions like I'll start in one room and move around and, like a circle, or Florida floor but, today I feel, like I was just hopping. All around, and there was really no rhyme or reason to how it was cleaning, but I guess, one isn't right or wrong but, today I was just kind of hopping around. You. But, then I would love to have you guys subscribe. What. You can expect from my channel here. In the new year is a lot of cleaning. Decluttering. Or an organization. I have a lot of routines because I guess, the new year is when I start reflecting on my routines, and, things that I can change and, you know things I can start so.

A Lot, more of. All, of that as well as more, babies, as they grow I will, be vlogging just. A lot of fun videos coming. Your way on my channel, so, I would love to have you guys join my journey. Okay so now that everything is decorated, and I have everything. Up on the fireplace I will quickly show you. My. Home and, all of my Christmas, decorations. So. Obviously, I didn't do too much down here I just kept it pretty simple. This. Is from Kirkland's, this year this candle holder and, then. I got this from the target, dollar spot. Um. I think it was like $3. Mike's. Upstairs, with the babies, don't worry he, over. Here these trees. Are from last year I got, this this, year from Kirkland's. And. Then. This. Year, I got all of these pretty. Bulbs, from. Target. And. Then will open up into, the living room. Okay. Over here, I've had, these pillows, from, Kirkland's for a while, this. Holly-jolly. Pillow. Is from Kirkland's. And. Then over here okay. So, I'm, loving. What. I put together for the mantel these. Two trees. Were, from home, goods and the, lights, berry, lights for this one I got from Target I need to get more fairy lights. The. Flocked garland, I got, from Target that, Merry. Christmas sign, I got from. Hobby. Lobby. Stockings. Were from Target. And these tags. I got from. Etsy. Which I just it's I just, love, it seeing all of our names together, oh, it makes my heart so full guys, and, then. This, tree over here. Which. Ties in some of the color I have on the table and the centerpiece I got this from home goods and then. Coming, into here, so over, here I got the reindeer, from. Kirkland's. This. Sign from, kirklands. I still. Feel like I need to add something else in this vase but I got those from Target, and then. The tree over here so I did not decorate, I let Avery go for, it, so, my tree may not look beautiful. And picturesque or. Instagram-worthy, but. Avery. Decorated, it so it's perfect, for our home. To. Have some of our special. Ornaments. Okay so this, one. Was. Right after we miscarried. Avery's twin I didn't. Know that Avery was a twin. It. Says although, we, never got to hold you in our arms we will hold you in our hearts forever our little, angel September, 2014. So. That was for our first miscarriage. And. Then just some of the other special, ornaments. That we, have and, baby. Makes three. Oh and. I forgot over here we have I got. This pillow from Amazon, but I know you can find it at Target anok Kohl's in this link I've had for a while I got, this from Target and, the, side I got last year from home goods. You.

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your house is so pretty

Nice job. Thumbs up for the candles.

Loved your video again really got me up and going. Question for you any tips on cleaning slate floors ? I live in a very old farm house and the floors are driving be crazy they always come up really dirty after every clean.

@Jamie's Journey thank you so.much have some ordered

Try 409 or Bona floor cleaner that is made to clean stone flooring

I want god to bless me with a home of my own!!! Thank you Father!!!

To see my dad I haven't seen him in so long I am almost 14 years old and I only seen him 1 time last year

I definitely have twin fever after this video! Lol

Haha! I think they are pretty cute

I want airpods for Christmas

Hi Jamie,this video made me so happy!!!! My husband has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving due to complications from surgery that he had on Wednesday.He came home today and this video is just what I needed to relax. Thank you!!!

Awww I love that!

My husband just bought a new cordless vacuum with the long wand so we can vacuum without the cord getting in the way! I'm so excited to use it!

I love not having a cord! It’s game changing for sure!

Very pretty holiday decors. Enjoyed your video.

Thank you!!

I absolutely love your videos! I am so excited this year you get two more sweet babies to love!

Thank you Krista!

Love love love Endust, you can actually use them on your hardwood floors too without worrying about slipping and falling because it has no wax!

Yes!! I just learned that! I love how you can use it on so many surfaces!

Forgot to say CONGRATS on that great Buckeye win yesterday....

Haha thank you! We were pretty happy!

I never new Avery was a twin

Yes! We miscarried her twin at around 14 weeks!

Is it safe to light up candles around babies under one year? I love candles but since I had my rainbow baby girl I've been anxious about using candles. Please let me know girls x

I’ve never been told that it’s not ok

I love the way you decorate! I have so many decorations that are more geared toward a kid’s liking. Lots of Santas and penguins and bright colors. When my twins get a bit older, I am gonna get some more classy grown up decorations. I can’t wait!!!

Don’t go back!! I think your girls will get excited about the decorations they are used to seeing each year. My boys are excited about the ones I have now, so I can’t change it just yet. Once they get older and don’t care anymore...I hope to find some beautiful ones like you have. I also loved your fall and Halloween decorations.

I shouldn’t probably get more decorations that my kids would enjoy!

Everything looks so pretty! And the girls, oh my gosh they’ve grown so much! They are so cute! Avery is quite the entertainer lol

Uh yes she is! She loves entertaining them!!

I love that Endust. It also works great on my stainless fridge and appliances, better than anything else I’ve tried!

Jamie's Journey The smell is amazing!! I try to use it wherever and whenever I can!

I need to try it on there!

I love the tree.. all the more perfect since the little one decorated!!

I asked for a Nespresso Machine

I’ve heard so many good things about those! I hope you get one!

My beautiful grandson turned 3 in October and every year I get a stamp of his feet.. that is all I want.. another addition of his feet!!!

The Christmas decor is beautiful! And all the girls in their Christmas jammies are just so cute! I got my 9 year old and 11 month old some matching Christmas jammies and I can't wait for them to get here!

It’s a lot of fun to dress up your kids alike!

Hi Jamie! Your twins are so sweetie!! My name is Olivia I live in Raleigh NC! :)

Hi Olivia! Thanks for watching!

My significant other that I prayed for

I hope you get what you want!

Jamie keep a close eye on the lights on Averys bed, I've heard stories of them catching fire.

I will! Thank you!

Emery with the little hat on is the cutest thing! I just want a happy Christmas with my family this year after having a very bad year last year, love the decorating Jamie I know you say you don't like it but you are actually really good at it❤

Thank you Tracie! I hope you receive happiness!

Very beautiful Christmas decor!! Your girls look so big now and very pretty with those pajamas!!!

Thank you! They are growing so quickly!

Great clean up video as always

I love those ADORABLES. So gorgeous. Saw those pictures on Instagram. Mike is awesome husband. House always look nice after cleaning. Great parents. Last but not least, Avery is a great helper. Really Jamie I just want a whole bunch of Mrs Meyers products. I absolutely love them. I don’t need material things.

I love you and your beautiful family! ❤️❤️ This Christmas, my wish is for healing mercies for my whole family. I love your decor - funny, I bought those exact Christmas balls (in blue and silver) for our dining room table centerpiece! I am the same as you - I don’t really decorate the upstairs, except my girls’ rooms. This year I branched out and brought up two pieces of decor for the upstairs loft

Wow, your girls are growing so fast and they are so pretty. Merry Christmas.

The tree is PERFECT!!!!

One thing I want for christmas is to spend great times and memories with my family

That truly is the best way to spend the holidays!

Thanks Kelly! You are so sweet too!

Sounds like you’ve been through a lot! Definitely a strong mom!

The mrs Meyers vinegar gel! I love it!

That is a good song!

Hi Dawn!!

You seem so happy Jamie! That makes me smile. My name is Emily, I’m from the UK and I’ve had Huntingdons disease since I was 19. However I was put on a clinical trial by God when I was 27. I’m blessed and lucky to get no worse! Xxx

I want to be able to get pregnant

I’m new to your channel :) currently expecting my first baby - a boy! Seeing your gorgeous babies made me super excited to meet him even more!! Love from the UK

Are you done having kids or are you going to have another one after the twins are a little bit older? Love watching you decorate your house :) I'm still wishing to have my rainbow baby. It's been 3 yrs since my miscarriage and still struggling to conceive.

Hello Jamie! I love your personality! What's your zodiac sign!?

I’m not new I love your channel your girls are getting so cute and so big! Love your little family!! That little dance was so cute!! I want peace in the world for Christmas I could only pray!! Love love your decor so pretty !awe your kiddos are so adorable! Love the hat on the baby!! Couldn’t tell which one it was lol I still get them confused!! Lol oh it’s Emery!! Love how y’all dressed in Christmas pjs!! So cute!❤️ loves this video Jamie your such a sweet person!! Lots of love from Michigan ❤️

Thanks for the love Stacy!

I hadn't watched your channel in a few months and wow have you grown!! This is awesome! Great video!!

Thank you! And thanks for coming back!

They are really good products! I hope you get them! It would be a perfect gift!

I will probably branch out and do that next year!

Merry Christmas to you too!

Jamie's Journey ok thank you, my friend wants to see the video of you showing that.

Your Christmas tree is beautiful decorated.

A new vaccum or new sneakers is what i want for christmas. Or to be pregnant!

All I want for Christmas, this year is to be with my family

Hi Emily. I’m glad you said hi! You sounds like one strong woman!

I hope you get that!


Awww I hope you get your rainbow baby too!

That explains why you love making people feel good and motivated! You have motivated me so much these past days, since I found you channel I've been so hyped about cleaning and organizing my home as well as putting Christmas decorations. I really didn't feel like doing anything until I saw your videos! I realized I have to be strong and care about my home to show gratitude for all my blessings, that I have to focus on positive things and wake up ready to tackle all my chores. Thank you so much for being YOU. You're beautiful!


I hope you get all that you want!

Awww that will be so much fun! Enjoy it mama!

Can someone tell me what song is playing when she is scrubbier the kitchen sink and who sings it please ? Thanks

Beautiful vlog and so inspirational to get going and on a routine, you seem to have the knack a flair for this type of thing, you can take simple objects and make them look interesting, some people either have it or they don't, a modern day Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa. I've yet to watch the other vlog which I'll do later, pity I can't get all those cleaning things that you use, we don't get that in England, we get most stuff but not Mrs. Myers, I even tried looking in Dubai and couldn't get it. Anyway - stunning home and stunning vlog as per usual. Enjoy.

The Girls are really growing.  Nice Video

Your daughter did a good job at decorateing your Christmas tree

@Jamie's Journey your welcome

Thank you! I think she did too!

Hey beautiful girls. Can’t wait to see what Santa is bringing.

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