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Very good friends. How's it going? Welcome to Real Madrid. We started the video for today, Saturday October 2, we continue to start strong. The Castilian passed by warning. A new section of the Apeo towers. And beware that down there

dismounting sections of the platform. You know friends. If you are in the channel, subscribe and activate notifications that today's video is loaded with a news in the stadium. They have taken the piece to the Madrid of the south bottom. We are going to tour the area through the north end. And

then we see it installed, while we see the works. In the upper part of tower C those cracks working because the within very little we know about the museums beam, is getting the work at a really fast pace, comes, we move forward we have over our heads now, they had not taken it to the south end, there lose sight of it, we already have it flying over the skies and area where they are going to deposit it, where they are going to deposit, guys. There we see how they dodge the extension of the north end of the Acercha Norte. Let's see where

huh. Very close, he is seeing it now altruistic. And here in the north end that trucks do not stop arriving, this is going to the feet of tower B. As you continue to maneuver, plane of the shoring towers. If you are closer to here, going to be very very high. We count one, we count two,

count three. Four, five and six. As long as I know hiding behind the north bottom zercha, that last stretch. We are advance, guys. As then we are going to finish in the the south end, we will see where they have placed it. Finally. Come on, we are going to see it. What is happening. While

sun on the north facade of the stadium. We see the work in the ribs. Soon they will begin to replicate the actions that we will see later in the south bottom that seen repeated under all the ribs, north façade of the stadium. We teach ourselves to the storage area by with materials from the north end, Rafael Salgado to see the platform and watch everything that is coming. Let's take a closer look. Bets are allowed. I want

leave it in the comments, I want to know why you think the was this provisional structure that is here, and look at how it is on the ground, huh? We are going to continue because of the there to be a lot of white pieces in the north background. North Façade, the one stadium. We are of a general plane. Yesterday we have here the pieces that are giving a circular shape at the the roof on the east side and we see the hook as they are right connecting those pieces. So look at me we have progress on the east side. Now we'll see, huh? More pieces with hooks collected in this area of ​​the north background. And we are going to

continue the tour, guys. Come on, we are going to the tower. care scaffolds because they may be dismantling the last sections, of the windows that remain on the north facade. Attentive Here in door forty-three in the VIP area. Here we can see the

truck with the container that we have just seen enter when beginning of the video as they continue to reach the land from the corner of the northeast corner. Elevated shot of the Rafael crossing Salgado, compadre Damián and we have news at the top, of the Torreón. We zoom in and there we see that last section the Torreón already concreted. I think from there up. most there are metal supports for the pieces that we can see. We won't see any more concrete. In the Torreón of the North Fund, give it to me. At least from there to the top. And there we see the pieces. From the east deck of the stadium.

Jobs in the baskets. You already know that we are going to go to appearing little by little. They are smaller, larger size. As they approach the center of the zercha. Number one will be in that appearance of a circular cap. While

we see how new formwork panels are lowered. From the part top of the Torreón. So I am not mistaken. In this part from here we had concreted yesterday afternoon. And this week, will be completed. In the Torreón de Venga, let's go to

continuing with the tour at street level. Although before, at want those pieces that are going to give it that circular appearance to the east deck. Then they will also do it on the deck the west side right now, huh? But hey, all in good time. . We continue to advance. Torre de Torreón, a building made of Castellana. And we stand in front of the roof area, we

which it is growing. And my goodness. What is this? What amount of preview. They are already bonding with each other. Perpendicularly they pieces that come out of the zercha. Number one. There are no placed ones that are giving it the circular appearance. There we can see, those ribbons that are connecting it, works in the basket, he We have already seen the large number of pieces that are collected in Rafael Salgado side , so the Alejo is cover the east side for the next few weeks. Yesterday we were able to catch the exact moment in which starting to place these pieces. So I encourage you to

If you want to see it, I'll leave you the video. Up here the right, so that you can enjoy it and take a look. It is a very short video, you finish seeing this video is and then you complete the information with the video yesterday that was very, very cool. Well, another progress on the east deck. We will continue moving forward and rotate the

head. Towards the south end. And my goodness, friends, the buildings on the east side. How fast it grows. Han placed a new vertical support. There we can see them

images yet and we see how they continue to advance. In placing remain until the end . That hug the stadium. There we can see those works on the in the basket. The new building, the this, which continues to grow. Meters. A little bit we move away to view a general plan. Well, I see jobs up there too. Look how they are removing that last slab of

. At the same time that inside the state of the stadium. We are seeing how they are delaying the position of the protective fence. They already have that piece. With the chains it posted. Also completely hooked. Very soon will disappear. And from behind the teeth this covered there . We are going to continue advancing guys because the there is absolute madness. By the way there is also in the concrete support of the lateral building is there.

You can see, soon we will surely have more of reinforcement and formwork panning to continue gaining meters of height. Then we will see it later in the video, but the width of the building coincides with the withdrawal of the of the henhouse. I want to tell you about a detail of the going to see inside, I have recorded this after recording the details inside, but inside through the supports you can see a red piece that can be sensed, there is one that you are a very important red piece, so the pieces the video, there are very very interesting things, we take a front position of the building. Let's look at the concrete height Who wins, with that new support connected and those last pieces that start to support embracing the stadium as we mentioned. There are still temporary cables. Let's go to the

operators in the basket. Voucher? The beautiful love as it is being putting the pieces on. How are the leftovers being put in? We We now focus a little on the lower part of the building It seems that it loses prominence in the face of so many advances in the work. Works in that area. Collaborative forging plates.

Coinciding with one of the entrances to the stadium. And if we touch down a little. The structure of new around the concreted support. There you can see it. going to grow very, very fast . And from here another point of view and there you see from another point of view, the last concreted section of Torreón Fans . Come on, guys. We continue. To cross Plaza

Sagrados Corazones and Concha Espina avenue. What a outrageous. I keep freaking out, huh? With speed that is taking this. You have to be careful then inside, because they have put a very important piece there. In fact, let's look from here much better. Because there you can see it. You distinguish it. Come on, I'll bring you a little closer

more. They put that piece in there. Then inside you will see much better the whole maneuver. And what it has cost them. And also in the video today's details. Another point of view of the building on the east side at its southern end than continues to gain meters in height and the north tower that above. There you see it much better. And another one for here

last lines of the henhouse that are being withdrawn. Not today I can cross because there is a lot of traffic. Well, yes, come on, go. We crossed quickly. Slopes of the traffic, pa that

see all the red pieces down here. This goes go changing very fast. Come on, that less than a like after he's nearly been hit by that car.

We are already. In front of the official club store. At the level facade, few changes. By the installed parts. That museum rise in the corridors, landings and evacuation areas. Third

amphitheater, there you can see them. I give you an overview. Right now you don't see too much movement here, but have many very important jobs at the level storage area . This morning they installed this huge piece that are forming another one like it. In the covered

materials go. I will listen to Zoom a lot more. So that you the piece with all the details. That will act as you visor of the area of ​​that viewpoint. Three hundred and sixty degrees that you see in the upper part of the roof of the stadium Santiago Bernabéu takes a somewhat more frontal photo but you can see if you want to see how this was this morning before we do, I leave you this other video up here so that continue enjoying the progress of the works. Now when enter the tour, you will see the huge piece that they mounting there to complete the south roof of the stadium.

After touring the southern end, we already arrived. To tower B, we no longer speak of it as the new to old. It is already the tower B. No more. Another point of view of how it is winning appearance. The south end deck. And let's see how the

theme of the shoring towers that we saw at the beginning of the video? Well there we see it, already placed in the frontal area more or less. can see it we can see it hooked to the top and we go to look at the fence. With the collection of materials from the bottom are preparing here the next south. For conformation of the

deck, at the moment we do not see any more rivers behind those they are shaping the deck on the west side. Thus that we are going to continue our tour by walk by Castilian ribs . As we watch the shoring towers grow. we have the connections of the museum beam, waiting to receive a pieces. What a nice plane. How is the Bernabéu today on the guys are in the morning. Or our walk through Paseo La Castañana and a second, a second. We looked at the top of Tower B.

The scaffolding begins to appear to receive the informed , the museum beam pieces. That was not yesterday. The have put throughout the morning. Let's see how you riding. More scaffolding and this is going to really get interesting Santiago . If you do not know what the old museum, I'll leave a video Up there here so you can have a look, huh? Do not miss absolutely anything. I want you to be perfectly, you beams . Here we have a plan of the placement of the one

shoring tower. Unhooked to the crane. Works on the connection with that operator. Very little in the we will have already completely installed. More than you are seeing and more pieces at the time. It is outrageous how it is. putting this. So nothing, guys, come on. We have already made the complete circuit

to the stadium. Now we head to the interior of the Bernabéu is trying . Well nothing, guys. We now access the interior of Bernabéu. We see how many white pieces the pieces for the south end deck. And also from here you can see the huge piece that is at the about to hoist to place it already on the area of ​​the catwalk of the south end.

Here you can see how they are preparing everything for the hoisting structure, we are seeing it from above elevator and there we can see the other one at the bottom. And here we are finally, friend, sit down, relax, feel the padded touch of the seats of the viewpoint of the Santiago Bernabéu. Like this video if you are liking continue to arrive and we are going to comment on the progress on the day today, come on, let's start. But first let me welcome you two new members to the channel. His name is José Mario Molina, and David Castro Martínez. Thank you very much for your support it, guys. You know. Bear in the little red button here,

number of notifications you activate, and if you want to support me a little bit more, below the video, put join and then become a member premium of Real Madrid fans. Come on, let's go with him a today's video, now yes. A lot of things to tell, as I was saying, because there you can see how putting that huge red piece that I think is going to be part A see, we touch the color a little bit.

I think that this will serve to expand the sectors of the third and fourth amphitheater. Maneuver very the one that is being carried out there you can see where the tower crane cables pass. And the thing is that today at the Bernabéu things do not stop happening. We have seen it at the watching during the live show this morning what to morning to come. If you've missed it, I'll let you up here so you can take a look at it. Because also

we have seen how the entrance is being adapted the tunnel to the Hypogeum. We have seen how it has entered small excavator. Down the ramp and there he is trying to be adapt or redistribute the large amount of land that is in the this zone. They are entering the interior of the pit through the

They will have access scaffolding in place in that area. and they are going to see something really spectacular. A good procession, eh? There we have hunted them. Fatty, there we have those white pieces down here that it would be good to know why are. At the moment, the closed folding stand would be good

see if they open the spiraliz system working to full performance. Let's see why there are more jobs to south bottom are finishing removing that material from bottom of the slope of the slope that leads, from the ramp which gives access to the trucks. There you can see the works, done, if we continue the line, that is, if we continue the one with the that operator, you can see that there are some orange lines, I believe an that have to get there. And here, in the building top of the platform, they are finishing removing the ones last remains of those supports that they made. And in this side from here. We are going to raise our gaze upward.

of the henhouse and we can see how those white plastics adaptation of the last rows moving a little to few rows below that garandilla, that fence. protective, to be able to remove the concrete lines from the east side and not hinder the growth of the part . That little by little, well, little by little. Which is very quickly, it is gaining meters in width and height. We do Zum in that area of ​​the tower. They have been moving panels from the formwork until very recently. Yesterday afternoon

we saw how they continued to concrete that stretch of the the complex chimneys are shining, where the complex chimneys are shining, covers us and we see all the seats below protected with continue with the work . We approach you and look at the roof on the east side and we can see how those white pieces from behind that are going to give it that aspect that in casquet, here they continue to do their thing, Eh? I do not lose it vista. Having a lot of problems to handle that piece. That I believe that this piece can be installed in how, by the way it has, I think it will install the supports but of which we do not see. The extractor visual, the bleachers . Come on, we are going to see the stands of the

this side. Formwork panels already placed in that area. Soon they will have to go running David's tunnel stairs evacuation area that they have to go next to those seats that we see covered, which would be similar to these, to this area of corridors here. By the way, it seems that they have given up and I know

they take it or they are going to make another attempt. Well, I'm still listening, huh? As I continue to count this area here, I believe that it is in the that we are more eager to see progress, to see if they end up as a completing those bleacher sectors. I think that if we already see around there formwork panels and yellow slats, it is a very good signal and I think that this sector there will be completed by until we reach just that corner, where we see them formwork panels in the upper part. A lot operators already in that area. And in a very short time I will be a safe that we see progress. In this area of ​​here we have seen before that the soil they continue to remove by means of that tape, transporter that you see there in the northeast corner. And it is that it has

given enough problems, it has caused quite a few problems with , but hey, let's hope they are already solved. Let's continue because the bottom tier north. Also another of the areas in which we hope to see important advances. We can see in that area how the bleachers were on

concreting yesterday. It will grow little by little, these appears there, the open hole. They have removed the blue ladder with which they managed to access. And there we can see those panels to concrete in that area, place some slats, I would like to see what they are going to do there. I understand one trying to homogenize the slope. In addition also in the

northwest corner they are finishing completing that corner. And there is one thing that has me quite intrigued. On the corner. Because they have a little girl working red arm excavator. I think you can see how the concreting work

the cape. If you look at the layer, the upper part, the roof of the cabin, if you continue where the worker is, go down vertical with their eyes and you will find a small cap next to the a yellow piece on the left. Now they have stopped but in the live we did catch it. Yes we have there who is caught working there. The grass that is really pristine, spectacularly. With the lamps turned off and problems that continue with that huge piece. They do not get

guiding it or passing it. Short plan, on top of that he has to be very careful with those tracheae, those white tubes that they pass through cables, so they don't take it away. The truth is that how complicated this seems to me, eh? It looks like a Very complicated, go, go pulse the guru is So, You see? Now I think the shape looks very good.

that part, that flat part that you see there, I think it will touch with this grade side, with the one below, okay? Or with this part here, the pieces that you see more or less vertical will be for the structure that will shape the stands and then we see some pieces horizontal ones that are made, which come out to the left, that they will have to connect with more or less similar pieces. that they connect with these supports here and with the red support down here. We have been working there on the back deck, south, you have already seen it outside, that they were about to raise that huge piece of the structure, you will see later in the special video that I leave you up here, don't miss it. Let's take a look at the cover of the west side with its six ribs already installed from the which ones are not all tight to the max. You are from here yes. I'm going to zoom in closer so you can see are practically tight. And yet you are not here. are not here. You can see how they have placed a few

. Not all. And above they are not tight. There is slack. Between the two pieces. Between the ribs and the number arrow, three. And nothing else guys, I hope you liked today's video , subscribe here below, activate notifications if we see I like what I do and you want the channel and I also leave you here the special videos. I'll leave you the one video of today's details and the video of the deferred maneuver to continue growing on the deck up there. So nothing, buddy. You know, we you in future videos. Greetings and hala Madrid. Even next.

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