Зимнее путешествие по ЕВРОПЕ: Полиция, штрафы, ДРИФТ на гелике и OFFROAD на BMW M4

Зимнее путешествие по ЕВРОПЕ: Полиция, штрафы, ДРИФТ на гелике и OFFROAD на BMW M4

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Dear friends, hello everyone, I’m Ilya. At the moment we are in the north of Italy, in Livigno A little bit stuck in a snowdrift right in front of the hotel. I know you've been waiting for this release, because at the end of November we went to OneLifeRally Winter, and visited different countries. We had time to shoot everything for you, because our run started in Croatia in Zagreb After that we went to Hungary, Budapest, then Slovenia, and the north of Italy of course.

In general, about all of this today will be as detailed as possible. We tried very hard to film and show it all just for you, so make yourselves comfortable. Here we go. And I'll be digging out the G-Wagen. So guys, November 19, midnight, as usual the car trucks are arriving. What are we doing? Come on, I'll show you. We're going for a run in an Audi RS6 and an RS7. How about that? We're gluing up the cars, and this time it's not about design.

We're going in a G-Wagen, or rather in two. And it will be a surprise at all. But most importantly, we decided to arrange an extended version of the mileage, because the original is only 3 days. Austria and Italy. Now everything has changed, it will be Slovenia, Austria and Italy, apparently. But we decided to expand this run a little bit, to have a BEFORE-run and an AFTER-run. I don't know exactly where we will go, because every day we get some news about the closure or opening of borders due to Covid restrictions. Just yesterday we found out that there is now a lockdown in Austria Our whole plan to go to Vienna has failed.

But we are not discouraged, we are sure that we will find something interesting to do, but for now our task is to finish gluing the cars. In order for us to start our route in Zagreb in beautiful and stylish glued cars, Brooklyn Team Meet RS6, RS7, two G-Wagens. We’re getting started. By the way, one might think that we are going for a run in an Audi RS6. If you remember my car was black. We just put it in Nard Grey and decided to go for a run, but we really didn't. The RS6 as you may remember we have in our rental. It is no longer with us, or rather not always with us. We traditionally go the run in a G-Wagen. G-Wagen is a winter car. Plus extras, interesting things and surprises are waiting for you ahead.

So, make yourselves comfortable and brew tea, as some people say. Or pour yourself something to drink, because the story will be long. It's going to be an interesting story. We will invite the business class to come out first. You can't imagine, guys, how it is possible, in the airport of Zagreb to meet an acquaintance who participated in the Summer Rally.

He was one of the organizers. I came out of the airport and just happened to meet a familiar face. That's amazing! So basically our trip begins. I'm really glad I'm back. Damn, it feels like an eternity has passed since the summer Rally. Although it's really been 5 months. And here we are again. Such a spontaneous trip, a decision. But we are ready for any spontaneous decision.

Ready to shoot and show you everything. And please do not forget to subscribe and like it. It's really nice, it's not difficult for you, and we are very pleased. Look, people are like, "Wtf***" Yeah, well, it's kind of a no-go there. We have a pre-party OneLifeRally. Before every Rally you have to prepare the car, namely to put stickers on it. We did it on our cars in Moscow. We were able to do it, because we had 3 cars who came from Moscow. And one car came on its own from Kaliningrad. This is a G-Wagen, it is behind me.

So we went to the car wash. We could hardly find a car wash which could fit the G-Wagen, because at the first car wash they refused to serve us. They said that the height of the car is too high for Croatian car washes. This is Brookland Detailing in Krakov, oh no, in Zagreb That's it, gentlemen, the shift is over. Let's get out of here. Keep working. I really found myself thinking that I haven't put the OneLifeRally logo on a car so many times in one day. It's just that all our cars are covered with it. Guys, I have a little surprise. so to speak, barter, advertising for advertising. We need a distraction.

Look, you just go out there now, don't get burned. I'll take pictures of them, and you stick behind them while they're sitting on the car. Guys, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived. It's not really my G-Wagen. This is my friends’ car, subscriber, from Kaliningrad, which was painted just a week ago by the same Misha, who painted my G-Wagen. We had such a tandem of two art objects on this run. I want to tell you that for that day,

while we rode through the streets of Zagreb on these two G-Wagens in pairs, we caught such a huge amount of likes people were just glancing back, because it was very cool. I want to congratulate Petya for the fact that we did everything in rush mode. We did everything in time, as usual in our case Check out the G-Wagen please. I think it turned out very cool, fresh and a little bit wintery. Such a cold style.

We are going to visit our mate. Maybe you remember in the video from the race, we clashed with him. His name is Mislav. Two 812s at the track near Belgrade There was an epic battle, which we lost a little bit. But we're temporarily acting as the loser of that battle. So we're going to visit him, I'm sure you remember him. We take 812 and go downtown. We'll make some noise there. This is not a Fiat 500, it's a 595 fu*** Competizione Familiar Ferrari. Now comes the loudest cold start in the history of Russian YouTube. Live from Zagreb. You know, the funniest thing is that when you participate in the Rally you gradually get to know people who love cars, but already live abroad. Because Russian YouTube, we all shoot on Instagram and so on. And you get in touch with a bunch of people during that time.

But the most amazing thing is that after we went to the Rally once, we met some guys who we kept in touch with. And even mutually subscribed to each other, although I don't understand what he says in his stories in Croatian. He doesn't understand everything I say in Russian. And that's how we communicate. And the interesting thing is that Mislav has such a car collection. The circus is resting -Let's go to the tunnel. -Geez, we're not gonna make it here, stop. -F*** Are you kidding me? I thought we were gonna hit all the sides.

- Fun guys out there, huh? Stop filming the streetcar. Guys, we made it to Budapest. The road was easy, pleasant. In case you haven't figured out yet why we have no other cars, we only have 4 cars, 2 G-Wagens and 2 RSs. The race has not yet started. This is a pre-party. We flew to Zagreb, we met the organizers, because they live there.

We drove with them, hung out there. We still have 2 days before the start, we came to Budapest, because during the last Rally we were here, too, but only as a transit. And now we want to see the city properly. You remember, in the previous video about the Rally, there was very little attention to this place. So we will correct it. We're going to bed now. We are going to rest in order to shoot tomorrow properly. For us, it's 10 hours, and for you, it's one second. Guys, Budapest, look how beautiful it is. These cars, cars, cars. Boring Let's have a Ptushkin day today. We'll see this wonderful city. One of the most beautiful in central Europe and show you the way we know how.

So, we began our exploration of the wonderful city of Budapest, which was formed by the merger of 3 cities on the banks of the Danube That is Pest, Buda and Abuda. For some reason the name was left only Buda and Pest, and Abuda was forgotten, well, that happens, you know, probably the 3d partner was weak In general, we started by climbing the mountain Gelert. Here we have the Citadel, which is closed for repairs unfortunately, and the Monument of Freedom, which was established after the liberation of Hungary By the way, it is interesting that the monument was a warrior liberator, but in the 90s it was removed, for obvious reasons, the Soviet Union croaked But that's ok, there is some good news, there is an amazing view of the whole city from here, now we will show you, and after that we will move on. The most amazing thing is that we ended up at the same place we were at and taking pictures at the summer ride in July of this year By the way, it feels like everything has changed. It was overcast that day and sunny today. It feels like everything is different. I found such a peculiarity, for some reason on Skoda cars have Porsche Hungaria frames Why? I don't know why.

There are a lot of cars here, as elsewhere in Europe, but mostly they are so simple, but in Budapest you can find more expensive options, more interesting Really, there is some kind of problem here, nervousness. For example, a little bit confused, immediately such a negative attitude. If in our country a person does something against the rules, usually the attitude is easier, probably so he needs, it is obvious that he does not do it on purpose. And here there is a feeling that the haters are all around. Maybe here it's customary to drive exclusively following all the rules, changing lanes, but there's always a situation where you don't have time to change lanes, and instead of just skipping, you start a show with honking, and maybe they don't like hustlers. In the culture it is not customary to break, they think that a person breaks the law as a matter of principle, so they somehow teach him how to live. I don’t know, it’s strange We're in the Rally, but we're off the wheels now and getting on the wheel The Ferris wheel in Budapest.

We have to hurry up, they're already all unhappy when you kind of doing something. They're all communists, socialists. You're a little late and they’ll hate you already. By the way, many people on instagram, in the comments, ask how things are with vaccinations, qr-codes This is the first time I've ever been asked for a PCR test or vaccine. I showed the Vaccine, respectively to the Christmas fair in Budapest. It turns out the code is quoted and works

Smile, taking a picture You get stewed beef, and they put it inside the bread, but it's not like soup Turned from an auto blog to a travel blog, and now turning into a relish show, Hungarian relish. Look how beautifully they've staged And once we're done with this wonderful dish, we have a second one waiting for us, so delicious, just so yummy, how I've been waiting for it I've tasted it before, but I'd love to try it again, and even on camera. Let's go over there now.

800 rubles are like on the nose When is YouTube going to pass on the smells, I don't know. I stocked up, full tank. We have beef in bread, sweet tea is funky, and we have...oh god, I don't know how to convey the flavor. Hot bun sweet, cinnamon, nuts. How it smells. The whole set cost about ... about 14000-1500 rubles. Probably not that expensive for Europe. I think it'll be very tasty.

Can I go now? New day, new country. That's the rule we stick to. So, today we are going to Slovenia, only 9 kilometers to the border Look, there's Russian language here. Pretty cool, huh? It's a russified gas station. It's a bank card. It's funny, here at the gas station you can't select the volume in liters, you have to select the price of how much fuel you want to buy And the amazing thing is that when you select the figure of 2000 local currency, you can choose either 95 42 liters or diesel, they have the same price Now we'll use the map to see how much the 53 liters cost Damn, some helper showed up, we didn't call him. -This is Andrew. -Is that him? Hi Andryukha, I didn't expect to see you here. 5000 rubles Yeah, that's 100 rubles per liter. -Really? Yes, twice the price The receipt To enter a gas station, you need a passport and a Covid certificate, which I understand we do not have -And a mask? -apparently not either. -I have a certificate.

My friends, I'm holding a ticket, it's payment for the road, because in Europe there are a lot of toll roads, and completely different payment systems Let's say you came to Croatia, there were the same automatic machines as in Russia - you stop, take a coupon and pay In Hungary, too, you need to buy a ticket, it can be done online, that is not necessary to stop at the gas station or at some point of sale You just go on the website, pay, and get 15 days access, also 15 euros. And in Slovenia you have to buy a ticket, it's only sold at the gas station -so what are we doing? -all we do is put the ticket back in place. That's European technology. Here we punch a hole in the bottom, and here we punch a hole in the month. Right here.

Technical supervision -I got a 193km/h camera in there. -Really? -and what do they say? -I pretend I don't understand them, they want 600 euros from me. -It's bad news really. I don't know what to do. -And they don't want anything from us, right? -Nothing at all. Did you understand at all? He explained everything on the facts. "how lucky you are that you didn't get in the picture." They don't have pictures, see?

Look, we have to go to Misha, they don't have a picture. I'll go to him or they'll charge him 600 euros are on the nose I'll tell Misha that we'll just pay in half and that's it, like it's a toll road, we bought a ticket. -What do you have to say for yourself, violator? -600 euros out of the bag -But it's official. We had an attempt, we said, maybe you can write us a bill, we'll pay when we get there. they say, yes, we know, of course They say, then we take the plates, take away the documents and until he does not bring a receipt, will not give But this is certainly not the best option, to stay in Europe without documents If you go to Europe, take the second set of numbers and documents, etc., and then you will have a chance to save, one unburnable life. The first time is for free. You'll have one life. Shall we go? We study Wikipedia, as usual, when we arrive in a new city. We are in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

So far we have learned only the number of population and the origin of the word Named after the river, it is consonant with the beautiful word "love". What do we see around? Such a central European old town, very nice everything. Basically like Budapest. Gradually they are decorating the city for the holiday. We got here a little early, it's not Christmas yet, it's still a month away. But gradually all the decorations.

Such a feeling of a new year gradually appears in the air. Especially we came to show you how cool it is here in Ljubljana. Only came for an hour. But I should point out that I was in Slovenia during the summer tour, we just skipped. That doesn't count. But at least we were there for a while, we saw it, we breathed the air. So, shall we go further? This is how beautiful it is. In spite of the name of the lake, it is stunningly beautiful here

And also the boat Larissa was found, I want to say "Larissa, Bled". But this is not the end point yet. We stopped here because it is very cool. I guess that's why we travel, to look at it, to feel it, to touch it and it's so cool really -have felt it, but haven't touched it yet. -be careful -It's maybe 10 degrees. -How's Bled? -Fine So guys, we made it. I met a lot of familiar faces. Cool, somehow we used to ride in four, and now there are about 20 cars I'm excited to get started, now we're going to go and talk to them and say hello. And then tonight we're gonna have, like, a welcome dinner. But there's probably gonna be some other events. Guys, the new year isn't here yet, but the presents have arrived This is the official merch before the Rally. Man this is gonna be unpacking now and second it looks like a contest or something.

-It's like this. A run contest? Like last time. You had to give the correct mileage? for the hat. just guess the mileage and get a hat, or a cap. What the hell is that? It's a f*** jacket. Contest, contest, contest Dear friends, pay attention! From now on, watch the video very carefully.

You study Go Mers, because you need to guess the exact number of kilometers we will pass, slip and so on From tomorrow's start to finish in Livingo on the 28th. Watch carefully, if we are going to pull off somewhere or if there are any deviations along the route, they will also need to be taken into account The results after a week after the release of the video on my Instagram traditionally in the posts So subscribe Instagram and guess the exact mileage Keep watching, get high and pick up this fantastic collection of merch What are you so screwed up about, huh? Good morning, dear friends. It's not morning, we have a new day, a new lake, as usual. In fact, we start today's run, but we do not start We got up early, at 7:00 in the morning to show you this location, we found it yesterday. It is very nice here, a little unlucky with the weather, it rained, but the view is amazing Slovenia did not expect this from you. Seems like a small country, but so many sights Slovenian off-road.It's very beautiful in Slovenia. You know, there don't seem to be any crazy sights, there don't seem to be any monuments, architecture But in these details, the combination of nature and buildings, the spirit of the city Just driving around, you just cling to literally every building, every scenery there. It's really cool.

Just wow. Awesome We were not late to the start, we went to see the beauty. But pay attention to the cars, winter Rally, no supercars, hypercars Mostly family cars like this are more of them. This Benz 220 third just went. Somebody in an Audi S5. Somebody in a Kia.

Well, the rally begins, the column has left, we went to catch up. There's a lot of interesting stuff ahead. A sporty G-Wagen. I mean, it's not sporty, it's AMD. Have you heard about AMD? I Am Diesel. oops What, it was okay. Take the third exit. -So what, we've got a minus on the first exit? -Well, minus, minus. -Why?

-What happened? -We're late -You said the G-Wagen's sporty, we'll make it -30 minutes played and 10 more minutes were not enough. -I think you can compare two more cars with the G-Wagen, but they are not his competitors. The first is a Mini Cooper, the second is a 911 Porsche. So these are cars that have been on the assembly line for a long time. They have not changed globally, but they have their fans. They have not changed globally since the revolution, they still have those constructive drawbacks for which they are loved and for which they are bought

G-Wagen is frame, it has an axle at the back, now it's true there is an independent suspension at the front, but for a long time there was also an axle and despite the fact that it is at the level of comfort of cars in the 70-80s, but people bought them, used them, enjoyed the fact that it is such a brutal car The same is, let us say a Mini Cooper is very small, and 911 is the scourge of the whole construction, the engine is in the back, behind the rear axle, that is it is an uncontrollable maul. But people buy the 911, and if they move the engine from the 911 to the middle, that's it, this car will lose its cult following, lose its fans, and fall in line with other competitors, essentially. Until they do that, this car remains respected. -What's about your energy? -I just want to get there, bro. -What's up, are you okay? -I'm fine, I'm fine. -Who's your passenger? -Georgy, and Mikhail in the back. -Why did you take them with you? -So we wouldn't be lonely, we had to drive in three cars, but then one of the guys couldn't make it, and we were determined that everyone would drive.

We decided then that we were all going in two cars, and there were only two of us, and I had plenty of bears. I've been driving around with these bears since '17. -Really? -Yeah -wow -Yeah. A goat Casino Of course, the goat in the casino runs 100% By the way, the Italians were much friendlier Oops, I accidentally dialed on the phone at the same time, sorry By the way Italy suits me very well. It's the country I feel comfortable in, I like it. Italians are somehow like us, maybe emotional in part and a little bit of a wreck, right?

Also some Italians have arrived. Is it the Italian mafia or what? Sicilians -What's going on? -The police are there, they said to go after them. -Bro, you have no luck at all with the police on this trip. Where'd they take you? -We were on our way, they just caught up with us. But you got picked up too. -Seriously, look, they're waving, what the hell? I wouldn't go. -They'll probably take you out now and check you out. -Let me call Nick and see what it is. -The important thing is that they don't take us to the station, although it seems like it could happen. -F*** I think they're kind of cheerful.

I don't know, "normal control" I've heard it before, "just let me see the documents" and then "600 euros please young man" -another crew. -Crew from where, back or front? -from a gay party, there's a dude there. Those tight pants look questionable. I rarely comment like that, but why do they buy them so tight? -When he takes everyone to the station, he'll be standing there with a whip. -Gabriel got nervous. -Gabriel got a little nervous. -He went to give them the merch, all the bracelets, the stickers... -I am from Moscow, my name is Ivan. I live in Europe, particularly Switzerland. They monitor cars there to the point where you can't drive in sport plus around town, even if you drive quietly and don't interfere with anyone. Prices for fines can be absurd. You can drive 10km/h over the speed limit in the city and you have to pay a 700-800 francs fine depending on how many kilometers it was and what zone you drive in. The most expensive fine I had was 830 francs. It was 110kph in the 80 zone on the highway, but it was a repair zone, so my license was not taken away. So it was kind of a deal there that I would just pay the fine and they would check me so I wouldn't violate again.

If I violated a couple of weeks later, but there would have already taken away my license for 3 months or more. Anything on the car that is illegal, that is anything that goes up to the exhaust, like the pipes, downpipes. You can't do that in Switzerland. This will be said on camera, we do it only when we enter Europe, and already in Switzerland, we drive in the stock, without flashing, because flashing, downpipes are all forbidden. Only if the car comes with arrows, then they can be used, but outside the living space, that is only on the highway Hello again.Well, of course on the G-Wagen 500 km a day is normal, but not grand tourism In general, we are experts on the lakes, so we are in Italy at Lake Garda Again we have arrived already in the evening, the most beautiful views will be tomorrow.

So we will go and get settled in slowly. Let's talk about today's trip, there was a lot of interesting There were a lot of interesting cars that we all finally moved in together Let's share our impressions and tomorrow morning we will see how beautiful the lake is here 100% you will like it That's it, I think I wiped the camera. Let's go see the fast cars, because we haven't seen the cars at all. Guys, this race isn't about super sports, it's more about travel, GT, grand tourism and all that. What's on the menu today? Audi RS, over there. You know one of them very well already. BMW M5, classic F90 from Romania. The Porsche Cabriolet. That's techart tuning. I don't even know what generation it is. Judging by the steering wheel, it's a restyled car. And look at the exhaust and rear spoiler here is for the amateur, to put it bluntly, to say the least. Ferrari Portofino Cabriolet.

The Audi R8 on the B10 exhaust, which is cool, but unfortunately or fortunately, they're all-wheel-drive. This is probably the most sophisticated, sports cars of those that are in this race. But this run is not about racing and speed, this run is about communication, beautiful places. We've been to Lake Garda today. Now we are moving on, there is another Italian resort ahead of us, Livigno There will be a lake, too, of course. We have a lake run. We love you, we try for you and we go on.

Starting our route today We met some guys from Ukraine, got to know each other and we'll go together, we'll catch up with the column -What do you think about driving around Europe like that? I'll put it exactly in the montage. -Yeah? F***, that's bad. -Shame on you? -Don't be. Guys, it's beautiful, look. What can I add here?

At the gas station, some bearded man in a mask with a terminal stands there and says "here's the terminal, pay 50 euros". I said, "Are you sure you work here?" He says "why do you ask?" I say "bro, you haven't been to Moscow yet, you don't know what our specialists are capable of doing to take money from the population". The passenger is sick, look. Get him a doctor! He just doesn't show any signs of life. Johny, what happened to you? Johnny, wake up! Johny, let's go get some water.

Oh, f***. We're off the route literally, there's even a little off-roading going on. I think we need to go as far to the right as possible here. Come on, come on. That's really helpful, more bark! We have to go anyway, because it's impossible to turn around behind us. Anyway, it's now going to be a leaf scavenging with the front splitter. Guys well just with the help of the bark and someone's mother overcame an obstacle in this picturesque place in Italy. Moving on, awesome. There's a waterfall and a river. -I'd take a bark. -Fed, did you ride static? -I rode a Suarer for 2 years with a carbon splitter, very rare and had to ride with boards

-In fact I'll tell you this, for me what's going on now is just a big plus. I'm waiting for the tire on the G-Wagen to fall off, because here's some content. And then we go, a pensioner's party we get. Come on, come on. Slowly go. Straight ahead Go on, go on, go on All the way through Why are you pissing in here? Aren't you ashamed? The main conclusion - do not take the M4 on off-road It seems that all went well, both RS and M Let's go further We're slowing down and backing up. there's a tractor phew, it's hauling manure It's all in the manure Yikes! Sneakers! What a stench! Wait, wait, wait. Ilya, did you see what you did? There's manure all over the place. It's all full of shit.

He freaked out, wrote down a bunch of mistakes, look He started choking on the belt and closing the windows Cause there's a little bit of snow from the front tires coming in through the windows. Well, it's winter at last, it's finally here! There are police cars lurking. Alfa Romeo backing up and a Range Rover. I think we need to keep going, I'll make a suggestion. That would be a good idea, wouldn't it? -So, shall we go? -Yes, I think we'd better go.

-Ilya, what happened? -I'm stuck. -How did this happen? -They said, let's put the G-Wagens in front of the hotel nicely, I took it too literally. -You almost made it to the front desk. -It'll be fine. It was easy, but Velcro is certainly not the best for off-road Zhivago is going to Kaliningrad, he's going through Germany, through Munich Good luck I really liked the organization. People were like a close-knit family. We all went together. I will definitely go next time. -Will you go in the summer? -Yes, now I think what kind of car, probably will be a BMW -How did you like the G-Wagen on this trip? Did it work for you? -Yeah, it's a good car, reliable, power-hungry. The diesel seems to be economical. Overall happy with the car, great test drive. We drove it in the mountains, on narrow roads. It was even interesting in some places. Well guys, our Rally is over. The ski season in Livigno has opened.

It's a sin not to get to the slope, we of course without snowboarding. You know what the most amazing, I get asked about this jacket a lot in my posts. Ferrari Corso Pilota translates as racing course. I got it here in Livigno, 5 years ago they were showing the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso, now it's not new anymore The presentation was here, we drove the Lusso, it was very cool. And it's a memory of this amazing resort And I could not imagine that in 5 years I would be in this place So that's how it was. The After Rally Party continues -I promised to show you what I did to the car. -Did what? Well, I'll take a ride on the M4, let's recall my youth, so to speak. Well, my dear friends, drifting is certainly one thing on a G-Wagen, but on the M, of course, it's another thing. That's it, I've got first gear.

Some memories from when I was young and drove a rear-wheel drive I had a '92 M3. That was fun. It's different now, I'm an adult. The format of the official part of the event, namely the OneLifeRally, a little bit compressed by the fact that the route itself was broken up into two days And the organizers were trying to make a smaller number of participants in favor of the fact that all were moving in one crowd, one team, but still broke up all Very cool that the guys are motivated from different parts of the world to come for 2 days Spend a lot of time and money on this event. It is very rewarding and there is a desire to participate in it again It's expensive in my opinion, regardless of income, wealth. To spend that much money for a week, I do not know if it makes sense to say the absolute values or not. It's expensive, but I definitely don't regret it because the experience is incredible. A summer event would probably be even more expensive, but it would be good motivation to be able to set aside that amount for a summer trip

-Ilya, I think we're disturbing someone. -No -Stopped to look at this beauty, and there came the owner, trying to drive in. -And Ilya stood up like a Russian. -Yes, that's how it was. -Thank you -You’re welcome Continuing our route around Lake Como We turned around, stopped on purpose to show you something interesting, which we absolutely accidentally discovered, and you'll be amazed You can see the back of the car sticking out. What kind of American car do you think could be parked in a tiny garage on Lake Como? Let's go and have a look. Look at the screen, you're looking at a Pontiac Firebird. It feels like we're buying it, such a series about buying a Pontiac, bought in Lake Como Cover, shock content. Look at it, it just barely fits in the garage here This garage, it's still just in the rock, literally. You know why it's in the rock, because the garage next door is open, and we found this thing. Look closely, turn the camera around, let's see.

It was a garage for some little Italian car, but time goes by, cars got bigger And in order to fit a bigger car in here, the owner had to cut a hole in the wall, in the rock, for the front of the car, or the back if it's a sedan. They put a wheel like this in here to cushion it. I've never seen anything like that in my life. What they've done to the Italians, you know? You live in Lake Como, real estate is very expensive You buy a car, you get a hammer My God, what kind of mini tractor is that? What kind of tractor is this Hitachi That's the kind of tractor you can buy in an electronics store Look at the miniature bucket He got angry, he says you're standing. Red light, stop, portable traffic light. When you buy a tractor, they give you a portable traffic light as a gift. There's a promotion going on at the construction store right now. Friends, we finally made it to Belagio. We drove for over an hour on Lake Como, along the shore. It's just a gem, the most beautiful settlement, the oldest.

It's in the center, in addition to being a strategic center, it's also phenomenally beautiful Look around, fantastic! We have an adventure ahead of us - a very narrow Italian street Let's see how the G-Wagen fits in here. Let's go Well, we squeezed in comfortably enough, G-Wagen is not so big as it seems in fact Dear friends, this is the end of our wonderful run. Right at Lake Como. We did not go anywhere else, because we are tired, we decided to rest. And this winter tour, but what the hell is it winter, well, this is the winter in Europe. I want to say thank you very much for being with us all this time.

This Rally was not about racing, not about cars, it was more about our journey, the beautiful nature, wonderful people who surrounded us and met, and of course how to travel in Europe in the current state, with this Covid You know, when we were saying goodbye to the guys in Livigno, we were all leaving, I had a great desire that this run would not end I had a great desire to invite the guys to visit us To see our places, our nature, because I'm sure we have something to surprise them And while these days, the post-race, this thought did not give me peace I think it's a good idea to have such a run, similar to this one We don't have that. Get some guys and guests from Europe and come up with some cool route. Who's for it, contact me. That's it. As they say it's good to be a guest but it's better to be at home, so we are going back. And you take care, subscribe to the channel and see you soon. -do you have to like it? And likes too, please, and comments, and good luck in the contest and health! All the best!

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