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Hi, folks at subpoena hold it was stung bump me our. Show has been on TV for, over 30 years. We. Welcome, y'all to come along the old stump bumper insert, your exciting, TV footage then it's suited for the whole family, we'll show you how to catch them and how to put them in the boat our program, has been brought to you in part, by these great sponsors. Mountain. View nissan. Lisa. Is gold and diamonds, free. Gold insurance. North. Georgia, equipment, sells. Branson. Tractors. Action. Air. QB. Water, through. Turn hood. Roadrunner. The. Oxblood, hooks the world's sharpest hooks, Weatherby. Guns. Now. Let's see what winter is all about today. Thanks. Folks are joining up the old stump bumper part two will be catching spec, stripes, and reg right here I'm Okaloosa, Island at Fort Walton Beach stay, tuned we've got some good fishing on the light action we'll be right back. Lisa's gold and diamonds on the corner of Battlefield, Park lay in a Lamar Street invites you to come by and check out the tri-state, largest. Inventory, of platinum, yellow gold white, gold and, sterling silver for those birthdays, anniversaries or, any special, occasions, Lisa's, gold and diamonds has all your favorite designs beautiful, diamonds, and solitaires, or clusters and they're all at outstanding, savings, compare, prices quality and selection and you'll see why your friends and neighbors recommend, Lisa's that's, Lisa's gold and diamonds corner of battlefield Parkway and Alamar Street, folks, this is Benny oh the old stone bumper, if you are looking for a great deal on a new tractor, or any kind of a morning it, is worth they drive down to Summerville, Georgia to check out North Georgia equipment, sell their brands and tractors, and equipment is, only the best and when it comes to mowers and weed eaters, Husqvarna. It's not only the best day out financing. Is 0%, on, 48, months, just say your dealer for details save, money on outstanding, sales, and service give North Georgia equipment, sales a visit, in Summerville, hey. Folks this is being at home I've had my insurance, with Fleagle insurance, for over 40, years they, have been a great company to deal with in 2017. They're celebrating, their 100 years in business, illegal insurance represents. Over 20, carriers, and that's a great thing there I believe you've, got a good choice of the companies, you want to go with they, insure, vehicles. Boats trailers homes. Life, or health, insurance, come see the great folks it's legal they're great people to deal with. Hey shake. Shake. It yeah. That's. What we're at that's. Pretty one in. There. He's, up front yeah. That's, funny. Ready. See. Daddy. Awesome. Good, job and he got some pretty lips Oni they. Will yell him out, mom. You got any fangs left, yeah. He's all gone, was. It to you why they they bust them off on their feet oh they're, now, growing back about three days. Hang. Around back the motor. Hey. He's going now. He's. Are going now. He's. Running, that drag any. That's. Why tackle I mean you just can't beat it you know. Ellen's, down through her like we're doing in this backwater, you. Want the fellowship, it's, like we're doing here, and. Just, have a ball. It's. Called captain Eddie here I please, know my parent lined him up and just come down here and get.

Several Different species right on the back. Backwater. In. The Bay Area just like. A lake practically, yeah. You. Got some you, know you got days that it gets rough in here, based. On my dad East Lynn come. Going down that sound there and I mean it if we can get rocking and rolling but. Yes. We can get away from that East Wing and we, could find if we can even find a place to fish when these. Windows. Don't want come up. He's. Digging too plump down in the water. Gets. Another she paid. I need, a little doggies. All, right yeah big sheep yeah. I got, that wide gherkin, like. A giant little girl ain't. Like. A giant blue girl what a master. Lassie, give me at work yet and faint BAM they got endurance. More this don't quit you. Know. Look. That. Was. She. Drags. She. Said you talking like him work here my. Arm is tired. Man. That's. A nice sheep head. He. Gave me a battler. She gave me a pen. You. Got some danger. You. Gotta get set to rock down her and she didn't know. Do. An overhand knot. Do. That. Pull, it back through the overhand, and they like the snow got up right on top the hill. Get. It right down there close and. Then I'm like on. Depend. On the line sighs but, this 12 I like about five lines, around, the main line and then come right back through you overhand. And then, st. you down. Don't. Forget when you're using light lines like a six rate you want to have a heavier, leader a shock leader on the end like he's got this well tied. Onto this six, that. Way when, you catch a fish like that she paid for example they won't cut that lines easy. Trout. - you know trash got a lot of teeth in the mouth I get. That raking, across here, we, have located far get the cheap anymore. Whoa. All. Right, little. Acronym we'll just throw. Them over, Ava's up and down. Homie. Yeah. See. This week it's his redfish workin, up down these pylons are Ross that's what's gonna try now gets. A little redfish. Total. Bungees nice trout. Thing. About this kind of water you got a lot of different species of deep problem. And. I'll gots, my fresh water on real whoo. This. Is eight pound test line my own six. Without. Laying, right down the side Oak Island down through here, that's. Where the. Reds lay, occasional. Grouper. Or. She paid you don't know what lays against this stuff, like his dynamite. This is a great great. Place to fish. Well. Folks will agree up here on another. Way. Too kitschy speech we'll. Be right back after swear my plan sponsor. Fishes, right down here on the Gulf County. Had a big time and you can to just come out then. Instead. The BEST WESTERN, good. Folks best, wish you, can't beat them. My. Friends, this is Benny hole the old stump bumper you know action, air has been in business for nearly thirty years making, homes and, businesses, around the whole area more, comfortable, they also specialize. In replacement. System services, their prayer of all brands, and they have an annual maintenance plans, to keep your system, running at equal Pullman year-round and, action Aaron has a 100% satisfaction. Guarantee. On all their services, and installation and they have a front, pricing so, there's never any surprises. The owners Karen horn and hear it done believe, if you operate, with integrity not, only were they are your business but they will earn your friends, and families as well and all their professional, staff takes pride in their work, they train on all of the latest technologies. And the future home is their own cold action, area today at four to three eight four to five, five seven, five or visit their website at cold, action. Air.com. How. Folks just many love the old stump bumper for, Branson, tractors I'll, tell you what I've been using, mine but with six years if you're looking for a tractor they, don't get any better mine back. Home front, end loaders and mower, Branson. The best was sales and service, top not go by North Georgia equipment, sales and service, at Rock Springs or Summerville. And meet the nice folks they'll treat you like family. Branson, tractors they, just don't get any better I guess that's why they're number one. This. Morning's, fishing forecast, is brought to you by true turn hooks today. Sunny. Clear, the high 65, degrees slight. Breeze out of the Northwest it, looks like it's gonna be a sighs day for fishing it's. When report is brought to you by true. Turn hooks every. Serious angler knows you can hook more fish with true turn hooks. Hey. Danny and I'm Adam orange. The. Green beer. Go. Cap boy hey buddy the following. Bill, about combat. I'm. Back fish that's combat, mission there he had to pull the fish out Brandis car loans wait on that folks, yeah, idiot horse, your mallet anybody yes sir. Lego, captain. No it's colors, in that yeah. Ain't, that beautiful, dirty, critic the evil fish help, color. Is only for on. Well. In that, fit probably, what I'd say I'm. Gonna get these funny. Black. And red fish, I can, read 50, fun. Pants, gonna be smelling good here buddy.

Put. In my oh. Man. Oh yeah, the proof. Come. Out of. 24. Inches. It. Really. Is out there that's gonna sighs yeah, perfect. Eyes goodies, I'm yeah, that raw abode up at any time. I. Don't. Know all the bones. Later. You. Feel a statistic. There in a minute we have to do now. Everybody. I give out yeah. You. Gotta stop will you get your hand on his belly. The. Red. Drum. Combat. Fishing, yeah, that's combat, fishing out there. I'm. Gonna cut this line inside and work at jig I have his mouth and. Get a little picture of it now. Just got one spot on his tail. Drumming. Put. Your hand on the belly right there. That's. Why they call them drum Redrum. Oh. 30. 30 fish I. Know. Our, population of, these fish right here is strong real. Strong since they put those limits alert regulations, on, we. Have a lot of fun of these well. You know that tournament series, now that they got the FL debut, oh boy Albert oh that's. Big big, time now. Bitch, yeah. Way, to go. To. His home I'll. Take it rough in here kind of hold this Pope and he he. Got our angered in here world catfishes, right through here he's holed a hurricane, pull, up Lewis stock wait, these, feeds are not through here where the old off wood. I've. Tried everything to gather. Have, never tried this trick ready. Hold. On I'm getting soft that now. Be. Playing yeah. Pretty. Red peach. See, how they're built for them out got. A little teeth the sole teeth they. Get those shrimp it, kind of. Lobsters. Anything. He's. Trying to hold us in here out there's winds kicking past winning. Captains. And guides have known for years that the blood-red color triggers, the natural feeding response in fish fish, may ignore popular, colors but they can't resist taste testing the bleeding bait color now you can, combine the world sharpest, hooks and the, natural, feeding response and fish with, I eat cheese bleeding, bait hooks in tests, across the country, Daiichi, bleeding bait hooks out fish ordinary, hooks as much as three to one whether, you're warming for bass or chumming stripers you'll catch more fish with Daichi, leading bait hooks. Rocky. Brook sinkers the original, limestone fishing sinkers see. That sinkers slide through the rocks they get fewer snacks and come loose more often when snack then. Naturally blend in and have a loud rattle against, the creek bed. Seeker packs start at just a dollar-fifty the, best dealers are all season, 126. Piece quick order with sinkers and hooks, for, just 1996. Rocky. Brook sinkers more, than just a sinker. Get. Two great magazines, for the price of one plus a free fish catching, Rapala lure Midwest, outdoors magazine, in Tennessee Valley Kentucky outdoors have come together in one great magazine, loaded, with information real outdoors folks use everyday fishing. Tips hunting strategies, and much more get 12 bit issues for only, 1499. 800 606, fish and subscribe, today plus, a free raffle allure Midwest. Outdoors magazine over 40 years helping, people enjoy the outdoors, call. 1-866-931-6190. Now. I could imagine what, we've done is level 2 o'clock we've been out here for. Four hours and. 11 o'clock if. It's been a smooth day and, it's been overcast, that didn't help anything but. In a way we've had a great day and you have a good time this man - captain, Eddie he'll show he'll make sure you catch, the fish.

And. Wildlife, at - cabin, you, can give the folks of make sure fish. Get like yourself yeah you've made from trout. Wintertime, big rid these giant, red we're. Gonna get you back on the bed. You. Got it all right here. It's. A great family sport is nothing like it and and. I can say you have to go far, dry, right down the beach from the best. Wish at the end you're here you've. Got a nice ramp here to come on in old we. Hadn't been more than mile away from the round ball ball that's, exactly, my. Plan, had to go anywhere to get on this day so close we're all happy run father. Weather gets bad with the fonts and protected, areas to fish them so it's. A it's always. Come. Here I appreciate, my hands on fishing we've been don't been looking forward to getting you back down here I guarantee. We'll be back then. Tell them I come back. Just. Yeah you make a living to an edgy burger go back. Big. Fun thanks. A lot folks, hope. You enjoy catching fish long with. This. Is on stump bumper thank, you for watching this southern, sportsman, you can get just each week on Fox 61. And 6:30, a.m.. If. You want to see more go, to our website, beanie hold our net or subscribe, to our youtube channel, make. A kid happy and take them honey and fishing and i'll see you again on the water and remember let's all fight against water pollution.

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Hello Benny! I was wondering if you'll ever get around to uploading any of your older shows from the early-mid 2000's I tried contacting you through your website but was having some problems. My father Captain Mark Shaffer was on your show when you visited Big Pine Key and Marathon and sadly he is no longer with us. I would really just love to see that show again, a video of my father doing what he loved, if it's a hassle I can pay you, thanks and please respond Have a good day ol stump bumper.

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