일본인이 한국인을 영주로 초대해봤어요!!! (SUB)

일본인이 한국인을 영주로 초대해봤어요!!! (SUB)

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Here we are. Where am I? This is a place called Yeonju. It's located above Daegu. The reason I'm here is because... Because I heard about the package trip! KTX, rental car, experience with a discounted package I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest.

And I invited a rare Korean friend! But it's too late. Where is it? Ray: Who is it? Why are you behind me? Are you trying to make your face look smaller? Onnie is so small that I can't see her. I'm broadcasting on African television. It's called "Pooha!" I heard that Onni will treat me to meat today. YEONJU's trip starts! Fuha: Let's go! Ray: That's cool.

There was a rental car in the package. It hasn't been long since I changed my license to Korean one. It's almost my first drive. It's my first time driving!? Let's go back! Where are you going!? Let's go home.

(The rental car was parked near the station.) I wonder if it's okay. Oh... Yeah... It's okay, right? I decided to trust Onnie today! This is the other way around.

Japan is on the left. (Rei-chan has 10 years of driving experience in Japan) I'm leaving. I'm not good at driving yet. If I keep doing it, I'll get better, right? The first schedule of my trip to Yeonju is... It's Mansu Brewery! They say they can make makgeolli and cookies here. Shall we go now? This is an experience center where you can make makgeolli and cookies.

Did you know what this place is going to do? Sake brewing and... sake brewing? Let's have a drink. That's right! We're in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province. I run a Korean liquor makgeolli manufacturing plant.

I'm also experiencing it. Would you like to experience it today? Yes, thank you for your cooperation! I need a lot of strength from now on. PD: Is it working? PD: What's the score? Teacher: 100 points. I'll just remove the white of the egg. (Make your own cookies) (Time to make makgeolli next time) (It looks like the teacher is doing everything...)

(Makgeolli is aged and cookies are baked in the oven.) It's done! That's how they made it possible to take it home. (Puha, who doesn't drive, will try it!) Wow, it looks delicious! It smells sweet! This is delicious. It's not like alcohol and it' It's amazing that what I just made like this becomes makgeolli! (Handmade cookies decorated directly) Isn't this prettier? No, I'm prettier! It has a soft texture! (It contains malt used to make makgeolli.)

It's lighter than other cookies. It tastes healthier! It's good for your health and delicious! (Where did you come next...?) It's a very famous doughnut restaurant in Yeonju! Isn't it amazing? The doughnut shop is quite big.

(If you come on a trip to Yeongju, a doughnut restaurant that many people visit) (There are many kinds of doughnuts waiting!) It's also good for gifts! I prepared it for Puha! It looks delicious! Cream cheese, ginger, apples, sweet potatoes. Garlic! It looks delicious. It looks delicious even with coffee. (Reichan tasting ginger doughnuts) after the taste of ginger with a sweet taste of sugar thereafter Rice cake! After that, anglerfish! I'll try cream cheese.

This seems to be very popular with girls. I'm a little tired from making makgeolli. I gained strength because I ate sweets! And for us, There's Americano. It looks so good on you! Let's take a break before we go! Where are you going now? in a place like Musung Village I looked it up on Instagram. It's so popular that there are so many.

In a word, it's a hot place that looks like Instagram! (We've arrived at Musung Village!) The weather is really nice today! Yeah, it's summer weather. Isn't it hot? It's getting a little hot, isn't it? Oh! That's it! That bridge appeared a lot in the picture! Ray: It's low, isn't it?It's so low! Fuha: It's expensive!? Ray: Where is it expensive? We're here! (It rained heavily the day before) There's a lot of water in the river. You can see them that you don't usually see. If you look into Yeonju's trip, A lot of pictures I took here came out. It's cool and comfortable.

There are a lot of fish! It's not that expensive here. The water... It's playing a lot. Very I feel expensive! (laughs) Can you help me if I fall? Uh-huh, gkj... It's like a scene from a movie.

Did you see a movie called Classic? Yeah, I saw the classic! That's what it looks like that. That place is very beautiful. It's full of water right now. It rained a lot.

(Recommended for Musung Village with a very good atmosphere!) When are we going to eat? Are you hungry? Yes, sir. So I'm here!This way! (Pork cutlet restaurant made by the owner himself!) (In-store full of special interiors) It looks delicious! Even the plates are wonderful. What kind of tea did I call this? Flower tea with chrysanthemums and many other things? It's a tea with five flowers! It smells so good! Oh my gosh! The taste of ginger? (Finally, it's time to try pork cutlet) Pork cutlet and salad. Tangerine! What's this? radish pickles Salted squid! (Someone sees Buha as a clerk here) Wow, I just heard a crunching sound. delicious If Koreans eat delicious food, There are wrinkles between my eyebrows. "The Eyebrows of Truth" I thought it was Japanese sauce.

The sauce is a little different! Is it demi-glace sauce? The taste of Korean-style Western pork cutlet sauce! (The sauce is handmade in this restaurant!) It's hard to find a pork cutlet restaurant like this these days. We've arrived at Sosu Seowon! Shall I say it again? Sosseowon! (Pronunciation problems will be treated with captions.) That's how you tease me. Do you know what we're doing here? Of course I know! Seowon is where people used to study.

It's like school? Yeah, that's what it looks like that. Well, let's go smart here! It's just me! Wow, I...!? (This place is greeted by green trees) (This is Sosseowon, one of the World Heritage sites.)

I told you that Seowon is a place to study. It's my first time at the academy. That's why I thought it was just a place to study. It's much bigger than I thought! I don't know if you can see the pine trees now. It's really big! (A wonderful view that makes me want to take a picture) Was it Kyungbokgung in Seoul? It's a little similar to that.

It's a little different after all. Right, this is a place to study." This is probably the place. I just studied Neurology. Oh, wait a minute.

What's wrong with you today? Why are you so smart? I heard that I majored in history! It's basic. Basic! Who's this guy who came to them? I'm in charge of cultural tourism at Sosu College. My name is Lee Jung-ho. Can we get a guide too? Oh, of course.  She might have lied earlier.

This is the first place... Yes, that's right. In the Joseon period, there were about 680 academies.

It's the first of them. At that time, it wasn't a place for anyone to enter." Only the elite of the elite! (Two people who are absorbed in the commentator's story) (It's a private university that was built 93 years than Harvard.)

They even gave me a brochure! There is only one academy that was built first. You can only see it in YEONJU! Follow me properly. I'm so excited.

I am looking forward to it. I'll enjoy it! How do you feel? I'm so happy. There's meat in front of me. I'm Korean. I didn't know YEONJU was famous for Korean beef. thanks to this trip Youngju learned that Korean beef is famous.

This is Korean beef. How does it look? The ratio of red meat to fat that becomes delicious when grilled! It looks delicious! What are you doing without baking quickly? Hurry up and burn it? Oh, I see. I see. It looks delicious...!

I'm going to eat delicious meat like this. I'm nervous because I'm going to bake it. It's not cooked yet lol PD: How do you feel about being taken? I'm sad lol Onnie, eat first! No, the guest first! Because Onnie is an adult! That's what I'm trying to emphasize. Is this Korean beef? If you chew it, it will overflow with oil! It's alive in my mouth.

I'm with lettuce. You really have a cow in your mouth. The oil is puffing out, isn't it? Yuri Joa did it for me! I'm worried about that... I heard we'll get along well if we do this.

That's what Yuri Joa Onni said? how is it? I fed you. The meat is delicious. I think we're going to get along lol Onnie, go ahead! You're younger than me! Oh, it's heavy. Hi, how are you? Hello... Hello...

It was hard to come up, wasn't it? There are a lot of stairs in Buseok Temple. Ray: Every staircase is big. It's expensive. These stairs are on the lower side now.

There's another staircase over there. Why are there so many stairs? I went up the stairs one by one. everything one has in the world It's about worldly desires and suffering. Put it down one by one.

Ray: Is it like a bad idea? That's right What I was having a hard time with the condition of having a grudge against another person (Arrived at the main shrine of Buseoksa Temple reflecting on the past days) I came up with a hard time.  You can see Muryangsujeon Hall, right? It was built during the Goryeo period. Muryangsujeon Hall, National Treasure No. 18 The ancestral hall is National Treasure No. 19.

The most important thing here, Buddha. Buddha is National Treasure No. 45. It's made of soil. What do you call it when it's made of soil? We call it a sedentary statue.

You can see Mt. Sobaek over there. In Yeonju, this mountain is designated as National Treasure No. 0. It's very beautiful. How was Busok Temple? My heart has become beautiful. The black part? The black part is gone.

It turned white. All the sorrows and worries. on the stairs a while ago Please take everything down when you get off. I hope you can go home in peace.

# Put all your worries off your shoulders # (As Ray said, the black heart is gone.) (It would be wonderful if I could change my mind to a white one.)See you.) at seven o'clock You can hear the sound of a bell washing your heart at Buseok Temple. It's almost 7 o'clock, so I'll wait.

When I first heard of Youngju's trip, I didn't know much about it. Is YEONJU fun? I've been thinking a lot that Now that I'm here, There are a lot of things to experience and delicious food. It's been a fulfilling day! I didn't know there was a place like this near Daegu. It was a new discovery trip. Well, today's day.

Thank you for traveling with me!

2021-10-03 14:21

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