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Welcome to Hua Hin International Jazz Festival. Hua Hin International Jazz Music Festival has been held every year since 2002. And this year is 2020. Hua Hin is known as the town of Jazz because our late King, King Bhumibol, as known as the King of Jazz for us Thai people has been living here for several decades. His Majesty loved music so much, especially Jazz.

His Majesty has composed 48 songs, most of which are Jazz Music. That's why Hua Hin is known as the Jazz Town. Normally, the event is held in mid-year - May or June. But this year, because of Covid-19, it is held in December instead. I think it's a good time because the weather now is so good.

No rain. Mild weather. So I think a lot of locals and expats here in Thailand come here today to enjoy both music and the weather. This man - Sekpol Unsamran or Koh. Mr. Saxman. ART : Hello, Pi Thee (Brother Thee)! THEE : Finally, we've collaborated. ART : Thank you. I'm filming about this event. THEE: Are you singing on stage too? ART : I will, on the other stage.

ART : This main stage is packed. Actually, both stages are. ART : Any show you are looking forward to tonight? THEE : I am waiting for a Silapakorn Band which will be on stage tomorrow. ART :On the main stage, right? THEE : Yes. ART : Many famous artists are performing. P' Tuk - Viyada (Sister Tuk) too!

THEE : And tomorrow, there'll be SEASON FIVE (Thai Band). ART : And today, BURIN BOONVISUT (Thai Artist) is singing on stage! The difference from every year is the weather. It's cool in December. See you around. Have a great evening! Hello, everybody.

On behalf of Tourism Authority of Thailand, I'm very glad to be here to join the Opening Ceremony for Hua Hin International Jazz Festival 2020. ART : How are you, P' Pom (Brother Pom). ART : Remember how long we haven't met? POM :Pretty long. More than 5 years. ART : Have you performed in Hua Hin Jazz Festival? POM : I joined almost every year. Only 2 times that I did not join.

ART : Just talked to P' Koh Mr. Saxman, he told me the festival has started since 2002. ART : Til now, it's been 18 years. POM : I've joined since early years, during my early music albums. POM : In early years of the festival, the music is pure Jazz. POM : In recent years, there are other genres of music too, like pop or ska POM : to add some variety and fun. Pure Jazz is a bit serious for local audience. ART : I see many people came at 5pm to reserve their seats on the beach ART : and stay until midnight.

POM : Whenever people know Hua Hin Jazz is going to be held, the fans look forward to it. POM : I think Jazz Music has become the culture of Hua Hin. ART : Do you think Jazz Music is already for mass audience in Thailand? POM : For me, Thai audience now have listen to all genres of music, like never before. ART : Wanna say something to the audience? POM : Those who did not join this year might miss the great weather while enjoying the music. POM : I brought 2 electric fans with me this time because it was super hot 2 years ago. POM : But this year, the weather is perfect.

POM : And the seawater tide is just about right, leaving some large space for our beach stage. POM : The vibes are really great this year. POM : I would like to give my best support to the organiser. I hope this could be an annual music festival of Thailand.

POM : See you on stage! This song is from my first album. Now, we're with one of the artists who is going to perform on stage. Sawasdee krub (Hello!).

Could you introduce yourself a little bit? VARITDA : My name is VARITDA. I'm a singer. VARITDA : I've just released my first album in Jazz Music. VARITDA : The album is called 'Mood'. So, that's why I'm here.

VARITDA : I'm singing with P'Koh (Koh Mr. Saxman) VARITDA : And he is also featured in my album, with saxophone. VARITDA : That's really nice.

ART : Is this your first time in Hua Hin Jazz Festival? VARITDA : Ah...I think so...but actually... VARITDA : I'm not sure if you know that I was a singer long time ago - 10 years ago. ART : Yes, I've been listening to your music before.

VARITDA : Thank you. [laugh]. Maybe first time at Hua Hin Jazz Festival, VARITDA : But I've performed on stage in many music festivals long time ago. ART : What songs are you going to perform tonight? VARITDA : Tonight, I'm going to perform 3 songs from my album VARITDA : A LOVE THAT WILL LAST, I WISH YOU LOVE, VARITDA : and THE CHRISTMAS SONG that P'Koh is featured with his saxophone. VARITDA : And another song, not in my album, but I'd just love to sing it.

VARITDA : FLY ME TO THE MOON ART : A very classic one. VARITDA : Everyone loves this song. ART : Especially, for THE CHRISTMAS SONG, I'm looking forward to hearing it ART : because normally Hua Hin Jazz Festival is held in May or June, ART : but this time in December, so the weather is very nice today. VARITDA : And it is very close to Christmas [laugh]. ART : Could you invite our friends, from now until next years, to come and join the festival? VARITDA : I can say that it is the best Jazz Festival in Thailand. VARITDA : Everyone should come. [laugh]. Do not miss it

VARITDA : because the musicians, the artists, and everyone who performs on stage are really top-notch. VARITDA : They are the best in Thailand. VARITDA : Especially this year, no foreigners can come to perform, VARITDA : so we've gathered many Thai Jazz musicians. VARITDA : Actually, Thai Jazz musicians are really good. [laugh]

ART : Alright. So, see you on stage very soon. Thank you so much! MC : Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome VARITDA! ART : Sawasdee krub! (Hello). ART : I'm very glad to see your singing today. ART : Are you singing tomorrow too? (The festival lasts for 2 days).

VIYADA : One day is enough! VIYADA : There are many artists who are performing, most of which are Thai musicians. VIYADA : This year is a great opportunity for Thai artists to perform VIYADA : to show their very best to music lovers. ART : How many times have you joined Hua Hin Jazz Festival? VIYADA : Wow! Countless times. VIYADA : I can't really remember! ART : Koh Mr. Saxman told me the festival started in 2002. Now, it's 2020. ART : For Hua Hin, how are you bonded with this beautiful beach town? VIYADA : When you think of Hua Hin, you think the beach, sea breeze, starlight, and sound of the waves. VIYADA : I grew up with Hua Hin.

VIYADA : And today that I'm performing on stage right at Hua Hin Beach, VIYADA : it is so touching, fulfilled, and... VIYADA : If you haven't joined this festival, you have to see by yourself! VIYADA : If you can't come this year, you have to come next year! ART : And if they can't come next year? VIYADA : You have to come the year after next! VIYADA : But I'm not sure if I'll still be around! ART : Back to Jazz music, what is Jazz Music to you and your music career? VIYADA : I've been positioned as a Pop-Jazz singer. VIYADA : Not pure jazz, but jazz and pop blended together. VIYADA : So, my pop-jazz music is easy to listen to. VIYADA : And whenever you hear about the Jazz Festival, you have to come! ART : Lastly, could you say something to the project leader - Koh Mr. Saxman?

VIYADA : Koh has put Jazz music and Jazz musicians from Thailand on a global stage. ART : What do you think of the vibes here at Hua Hin Jazz Festival this year? KOH : It's Jazz in more of Thai style this year. KOH : I feel that Jazz music from the USA and Europe or from wherever is well blended to Thai culture. KOH : Jazz is Thailand now is fusion Jazz. KOH : There is a lot of Thai audience as no international travellers can join this year.

KOH : There are some foreign friends living in Thailand who come though. KOH : So, we feel a lot of Thainess this year. Jazz Music in Thai style. KOH : But where have you been, Art? (Koh has just finished performing on beach stage). KOH : My band members want to play 'Just Once' (original song by James Ingram). ART : Now, the show is over? KOH : It's ok. You can sing with me on the other stage. I will play saxophone for you.

KOH : Please follow us! Good evening! I'm Art. I'm delighted to be here and would like to thank P'Koh for this opportunity. I'm a big fan of Hua Hin Jazz Festival. Today is really a special day (5 December, King Bhumibol's Birthday). Every year, the festival is mid-year, but this year, it is December.

Especially today is so special, so we want to sing a special song to commemorate the birthday of King Bhumibol who composed the song we're going to perform. Ladies and gentlemen, The next song I'm going to sing is a classic song written back in 1965 by King Bhumibol of Thailand This is one of the 48 songs composed by King Bhumibol. And we're going to share with you this song tonight.

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