Зугаатай зун цаг | The Mongolian Family

Зугаатай зун цаг | The Mongolian Family

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Same. Pathology da. In. A dream until a man, is an abominable, Nordberg facility. We found apparently Bittner, new, parent, Naruto status in the latest. Sent Edwin Theriault homage, to Tilburg. Collaborative. Economy shot. Office. Not. Otsuka. Chair, the. Governor, has. But, clean of. Yoga. I. Repeat, of. The shore towards the hem start of, World War two instead. I still, ate em rotten permanently. Business. I'd better instead, better, to never see Varitek, you. Seen that the secret stairs or violated. Knowledge. Interrupted. Him. Poor. He. Is. Our second, big etiquette. Which. The. Integral. Symbol it. Is diligent, bitch, that I use as. The. Center director is dr. Burton, opportunity. This, is, Nikki did we agree so awkward and I, would mana artists that in this allocate an eternal, Divya, tournament, in the. Market. Mana. Artisan. You. Guys since you always do potato. And, John said state offices you organized a Y&R machine. Esse, you. Must be good at this John in, every step. The. Machine is a US general wake. Board. You to several companies then, if we would all most of us this. Year due dates the nutrient, that area to do register over. Skateboard, on some. Turquoi, did not. I read Aaron Gordon John, DiMaggio resistant, been setup, utility, nudity. To Pretoria Monica, does Australia show. Lucas, you would stay there with, the toast ahead my. Name is keyboard a was totally destitute a delegate, de. Llamada there. Are technical knowledge at the new Etrigan hurry. Having. The trowel. Kindergarten. Yahoo knocked out. The. Skateboard. Geneva. Geneva. Central. Table. Skateboarders. Much. Mom. Their. Genetic. Evolution. Ecology, human in us. Understand. Under, in. Skateboarding. In. You involve only math. With. No us hundred and Africa. Skateboarder. Anamorphic. D'Amato. Business. Culture and business cartel. And. Roma Jota. Under. 1 pound. Women. In person kappa rooster, electric. Skateboard. Dengue. Better stick, doubt. Fourth lesson donors and backhoe digger bottom jaw Dodgers, get. Better Tennyson. Are they negative, on duty. Got, on the plate. You. My. Name is Ben Richardson, berga say. Sano what. Santos Ana. The. Band of Armenian, ago is electric, skateboard and are not be seen. In tow should you integrate, Hey. After, you ride maybe you can let them know how you feel about this skateboard okay yeah yeah let's do it - a comprehensive, review yep. Damn. I'm. Scared, now we, didn't, dare you to see you invent the, low-speed. Bowtie of the quarterback, oh man yo, nigga da luta. Dude, it's, like so fast that, I can you show, them that one rather this day is there like beginner, mode no. This. Is just way too fast. One more shot. Man. Do. You wanna try this, yeah. Gotta. Be really careful okay pretty, quick - I put it on the on the fast mode that actually it, goes. Okay. Careful with that one.

As Fast man what, do you think it's dangerous, yeah isn't it. Extra. Pretty good. It. Doesn't stop like all of a sudden no it's good brakes okay really good it's just a little bit touchy. All. Right so - Mooji gave me the camera, and we're, gonna switch, it up a little bit he's on the. Extreme. Meepo, board I'm. A replay. So about. - about the sin of guys here, we go. I think. The only difference between these two boards from what I can see is, this little guy right here the throttle, throttle. On this one is a lot gentler. A little. Bit more beginner friendly that, one it's, really sad just touch it like this much here, Oh God. Just. Like that. He's. About to look at them take, off the boot shucks show on the speed. See. You see, what I mean that's exactly. Yeah. Go. Get. Your cane had a. Who's. In debt or not this. Goes. Offroad - you know America. Patera. Will not go slide to get me talking skateboarding. Wilmington, has taught him body Merrick - I'm. Gonna. Get, some cotton I think. One of the electron, can get to induce to deter her. Me. Fogging the one and get one strategy to her in your skin that didn't. Be scary imaginary. At the Emerson Lexington big dirty today I was a DJ. Matzo. Not only that you get be. Massaged are not. Watermelons. Ourselves the watermelon, hey. The TV's to be under let's go man, captain. Detonators you've all missed it. Apron. One. Is, on the wall instead of going. To just sit there is in their containers rosemary. Mother. Is. Not my teacher. Love. It. Because. Today. Meepo coordinate hospice, agency - clearly the, me report Nevada. The, hungies with Harrison, Tavern is a nipple, board, v2. With HTML. 32 international. Waters, thorough technical manual. Exterior, Gerald helped me not on what Rabinowitz, and total emissions has versa, Dylan. Derringer. In, power motel. With, trained gases, not era nigga having businesses, the heritage of the medium the, high speed during the church government in, digital, systems the trigonometric Oh hide. Investment. Which will heighten, the smart I wore to at work to 30. Of course, time or, day or 20 I dissented in that the joint attacked coisa at the, Lancaster, brutality need for me to massage that, held at a low.

Speed And, a joy or to the north litigate, with division. Yeah eternity, okay skateboard, new hotels in, that I would have sir. Hotel. Narcotics. A meeting, to straighten. Our Homebase, Guttentag. We said Towanda. Bassinets have another gab it's not a, letter the homeopathy, enter Parisian, Elsa the, Parisian Jewish teaching about a war together. You know tell me I'm. Gonna die without a. Telepath. Let me. Poke a pizza people. Who must already be born there has disinherited, her Martin percent. Emerson a million-dollar. Car. Trailer hitch a messenger, dr.. Monica, was fortunate, will tell you not to on transgender. Or not I go by, adjacent. Not. A modern berroco. M600. Better, the, new, jaywalking. Temperature, bottom, table setup we, had permitted, in our description, box narrative, judicial. Forum. The. Entre, basin he'll betray. Me to endorse Campbell. Yeah. The river tab container chest touch, a website, owner term, or inherited. Mutations. And Roger. Minerals. In, invitation. A local plastic taken, cost. Of taking, with. The stratum which. Is not a what elected, a new human, alert. Inherently, low, medium. High speed internet. In Caracas, but will you're, just a to go to work you've just the cannot convert image, from. The camera sentiment. Resurrection. Dominic, Matei latent image simulated. Insertion. Method at the, whole semester. Until. He laid aside, the human past, resolved a weakness, to today go ensemble, salute. The horizontal. Handle with the moon, I would have the. Harvest, have the guilt mr. Tim. Guilt until, dinner, see also table, never, escape, or that interchange will change the. Topic, entirely personal. Chemistry would merit or comment. All right Nikki me too much. Less a nautical. Erectus, you didn'e. Dr.. Jared. Who, we Turkish Herman, James. Theater gosh keyaira yet. Not at the register. Who. Didn't. Kill himself just mm-hmm. So. The only thing she's gonna open it this so far not, a doctor, max Stephanie my, damn. Repeating. That. Does, not intercept it in this case you, noticed investigator, distance, such, a poplar you know the worst that, sorry. Woman. In. The industry, the monarch need to sit upon her Princess Daisy instruction. Here he does princess. You. To, to do session, details. Understands. Me. Better. There. Is high fashion director. George. Curious. George. -. Hey guys how you doing good. No. I'm talking, literally behind here assorted. The. Say that I'm Brittany a miracle. Yahoo. I hope they want to trick each orthodontist.

Original. Dos Santos, in other words the together. Hook. They wanted. Our. Two favorite indigenous. Art. Which, returned Morgan get us a, manifestly. Wouldn't, have occurred martial law, a. Billion. Dollar industry Beirut.

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hi 4oo yu bn.za bi gedeg xvn geriixniige bvgdiine blogond oruultsan chini ene gert yum xiix xvn alga xexe.internet orox yul bn bvgd Mongolian family vzeed.gert marlaa xezee turux bilee uu nara nvdee yaachwaa.gesen yaria tsuraitdal awjiina xexe.shine blog orson chini zalgajiishd bnuu ania shine blog ortson shvv aan mednee say vzchlee gex jisheenii xexe.

Huudee goy Нигүүн gedeg ner ugvul goy ym bolov uu Nara Niguun hoyr geed

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hi bichleg hezee dahin oroh we

awww ymar huurhun yumbe? Bi anh BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE hiideg vlog iig uzej baisan ter uyd uneheer ih taalagdad bur heleh ch uggui bolj bsn. Tged ternees hoish umnuh vlogudig bugdin uzdeg bolson

Ta 4 minii family-friendly

Sain bnuu bnga bayr baysal ogch bdag ta nariinhaa ger bvld sain saihniig hvsey...

амжилт хүсы та гуравтаа бас гэдсэн тотор бгаа хрхн жижкэн ммаг хурдан хархыг хүсы хртай шүү аз жаргал хүсы

Марлаа эгчтэй л зургаа авхуулмаар байна Хайртай шүү❤❤❤

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san francisco hotor zugalahar esul ajlar ywah uydee albany californiad Issin geed Japan hoolnii restraun baidag ymaa tend ochson tend hoololson vlog hiij blohuu??

Oird manai hamaatnuud bugd torood derees n bas Marla egch torhoor bolchihloo tiim baihaa urd shono baahan hulgana namaig toirood ergeldej baina gej zuudelsen ymaa ter hulganuudiin neg n Marla egch Temuujin ahin huuhed baijildee hehe

Hehe huugee turhuus umnu gdgiig sonsson chn huurhun bn

Super family

Love you guys ❤️

Ta nar maani uneheer saihan ger bul ym

Uuriig vlog hurdan hiigeerei

Nara tom bolchije

Ymr cameraar bichleg hiideg ve

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Би нээрээ та хэдийг зүүдэлсэн. Зүүдэнд та нар минь дөрөвүүлээ болчихсон байсан. Тэгээд гэр бүлийн зураг авахуулж байсан. Би харин зурагчин болчихсон. Та хэдийн зургийг дараад ёстой хөгжилтэй байсан. Бас тэр хүүхэд Тэмүжин ахыг дуурайх байх.

hi dears... Maralaagaas gants l yum asuumaar bnaa kk makeup bichleg hiihee bolij bgamu? er ni hezeenees hiih we? ydaj live hiij oir zuuriin budalt bolon archilgaa yu hereglej bgaga hiij bolohgui yu??? uneheer sanaj bnaaa

Mongold iruulex gsen mer ser xumuus ix baixiin maa. Goe xogjiltei bichleg uzeed. Negiig tungaaj bodj baigach Mongolchuud minee. Zaluu ger bul xezee irex irexguig oorsdoo mdej baiga shdee. Bichij BAIGAA POSTAA CHIXSEN BODJ BICHJ BAI.

Үзэх болгондоо гайхалтай мэдрэмж авдаг үзэх гэж байнга YouTube орно тэгээл хайгаал найзуудыг гайхтал яришд хха

hi bi neg ym ajiglalaaldaa kk marlaa bichleg dre edit hiiher bichleg angli garchigtai, temuujin edit hiiher mongoloor(kriler) bicheed bgd um shg sanagdsiishuu hehe az jargal husii

Тэмүүжин жин нэмээд байгаа юмуудаа. фитнессдээ явж байгаа юу?

ert untval ervvl mended sain shu. Kkk

Gadaa baij baigaad orod utsaa harsan chini tanai bichleg orood irsen baina Aygui goy vlog baina

Lagert garaal netgui bj bgal onoodor bsn buh negjeeree data avaal huuteigee hamtdaa youtube notification uzeel tmf ortson bnguut l shuud nara uzii gd l shuud naragaa uzej bgam chini kkkk hairtai shuu naradaa huu bid 2 ni udahgui shine duu garaad baby duu nara 2doo nugasgui blh bhoo kkkk

Hamgiin suulchiin bichlegiig ni uzeed untsan chini shono ta 4tei yuvj bna gej zuudelj sereed odriig goy ongorooson

snu 4 oo anh manai nz ohin TMF gd vlog hiidin vz gd helj bsn tgd vzd vneheer ih taalagdsan yg ger bvl shig mine sangdsan tgd huuchin videonuudaas n ehlvvleed vzd vneheer ih taalagdaad bvr vzehiig vneheer ih hvsdeg bolson haaya neg videog 2-3 dahin vzeed hhe tgd bvvr svvldee nz ohintoigoo ta 3iig yriad l hoyulaa ene 3 shig az jargaltai edr gl heheh Ta 4doo az jargal hvsii

Neg iim yumtai bolhiinsaan vne n her bdiin bol medeelel awya

hi nadad zugeer l ayguu adilhan sanagdaad Marla egchtei tgd ene n mongoliin volumeplus gdd tv bdiin tednii hamt olon volfamily volife gdd vlog hiideg tgd trn deer gardag tsatsa gdd egch tantai ayguu adilhan shuu orood uzeerei❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hi bi jimmy and Nikki ger bvliin vlogiig vzdeg baij baigaad tanariig vzdeg blood irsen yaltachgvv mongol ger bvl bolhoor vnheer saihan bainshvv . Za ta hedde amjilt .

Zogsohdoo uhaantai zogsdog gejishu hahahaahah

7:14 дээр 'Ээж ээ' гэдэг зурагтай их төстэй scene гарсан байна шд. 21-р зууны 'Ээж ээ' video scene ххэ :P

Ta hed mingoldoo irhiimuu

Сайн уу? Хэхэ танай бичлэг улам чанаржсаар л байна аа кк

Hii, Marla uuriihuu jiremsnii essentials video hj uguuuuuch plsss

Temuujin zavi av.Daraagiinhaa bichlegiig zavind deer hii


Temuujin ahiin sharsan mah Marla egchiinhee pastag ideh yumsan daa

Сайн байцгаана уу TMF? Бичлэг чинь үзэх бүрт улам чанартай гоё болоод байна аа хэхэ. Кино үзэж байгаа юм шиг л гоё хийх юм аа бас найруулга нь сайхан зохицуулаад ер нь яааааг кинооо кинооо кккк. Би өөр хэдэн влог үздэг бас влогуудыг харж байсан ч TMF шиг олон сайхан камер ашиглаж тал бүрээс нь харуулахыг хичээдэг влог миний эргэн тойронд лав байгаагүй зүгээр л нэг камер эсвэл утасаа бариад л хэдэн юм яриад л болчихдог юм шиг санагддаг шүү. Влогийг хийвэл хийсэн шиг хийж чаддагт баяр хүргэе амжилт хүсэе Нэгэндээ урам хайрлах сайхан биз дээ тийм ээ Цаашдаа HOLLYWOOD кино зураглаач ч болчих юм билүүү бас яааж мэдэхэв дээ

Oird shalgalt shuuleg ajil geed zavguu guij baigaad buur shono bolson hoino horgogchoo tseverleed neg garaaraa utsaa bariad vlogoo uzeed nogoo garaaraa ymaa archaad baij baisan chin eej yaanaa huuyee ene ohiniig hardaa ovchin baigaadaa chi chin genee durtai ym chin tegeed nugaraad ch boltugai uziishdee gesen chin shoolood l bn ingen baij uzsen vlog deer maani minii comment top comment bolchijee booon jargal

nneg sanaa bnaa. Ta hed americ hunte yrihar zarim ugiig ni oilghgu asuudal bgd bn l da! Tgd door ni subtitleta bolgd oilghd amr boloh ym shig sangdlaa. Ta 4to az jargal husey! ❤

hairtai humuustaigaa ingiin az jargaltai amidarah hamgiin shn

Hi. Ta 2 n shud ih goy haragdah yumaa. Yaaj iim goy tsagaan bailgaj chadaj bga talaaraa zovloj ogoorei thanks

Өндөр байх ашигтай юм бна би их өндөрлтөө манай найзууд намайг гон гэдэг. Сайхан гэр бүл шүү аз жаргал хүсье

brag buh vlog dugarudin uzsen sholtei hool hiij idej bgag harsangui

Yoooo top comment d oroh medremj

Сайн байна уу? Камер хөл юу вэ роннин уу

tanai bichlegiig vzheer kino vzej bgm shig snagdah yma camer bichleg vnheer sain awah ymaa amjilt.:)

Марлаа хэдэн сартай вэ

Маруужинтай болмоор байнаа

Сайн ббйна уу? та нарт аз жаргал хүсий Болорчимэг

Hezee mongoldoo ireh ve

"BABY DUU" I want for me гэдэг дуу байна шд

i am the 1k th liked person. LOL best family, best energy and best happiness. best wishes for your family!

Өнөөдөр юм харах гэж датагаа асаасан чинь THE MONGOLIAN FAMILY зун цаг зугаатай гээд влог гарцан байсан.Тэгтэл удалгүй эгч залгаад шинэ влог гарцан байна гээд....Гэртээ хариад аниатайгаа шууд WI-FA асаагаад үзсээн.Бас хичээлрүүгээ та нарын влогийг үзээд явж байсан чинь TMFгэсэн цамц өмссөн гэр бүл явж байсан.Манай найз нар -Нарагийн төрсөн өдөр дээр peppa pig авж өгөөд гоё байхгүй юу гээд ярьж байсан ккк

hezee "baby duu torloo" gdg vlog uzhim bolooo

Tnai vlogiig bi bainga uzdiin mnai hamaatni duu mni hajud duug n sonsool bj bdg bsiin tgd say hdn dugarig uzeegu bj bgad unuudrin vlogiig n uzej bsn chn poooh ohin n held orood aimaar lag yridag bltson shd. Nadaas ilu 2heleer yridag bltson bgadaa mundag yma gnee. Vlogiig n bugdere uzdeg shuu. Amjilt az jargaltai bhig husie 4oo

bi tanai bichleg vlogond ih durtai uzeegui hesgee 2 duuteigee bur bulaatsaldaj uzdeg nara maralaa temka 3 ba tednii negen byatshan zochind bid bugd hairtai

Та 3 бичлэгээ хийхдээ Youtube-д captions хэсгийг нээхэд Монгол хэл гарч ирэхээр Монгол хэлний орчуулгы оруулж өгөөрэй.

Moluna Zugerde jaaxn xel suraxd Zuger shdee. Nza xeltei bol xoltei. Iluu ix ym shaardax xerrgui.

nara bid nariig harna gnee

Үзэх тоолгонгондоо Амьдарлын хамгийн сайхан мэдрэмжийг бас мэдрэх юмаа. Нөхөр охин бид 3 ч ингээд хамтдаа байх цаг удахгүй ирнээ гэж Влог болгоноос хараад итгэдэг. Та 3асаа үргэлж суралцаж байдаг шүү

Ask me if you have question about Meepo Board in the video.

Hey Temuujin, best wishes to your lovely family! Ride safe. I love the video!

нара ямар хөөрхөн эгдүүтэй юм бэ нөл эгдүү

Ochigdor oroi ta4 iigoo zuudelsen ayguu goy bsn hun sanasan hunee zuudeldeg gsn unen bololtoi

Sain baina u? Anh skateboard unaj surah gj baigaa hun aliig n avbal zugeer ve?

Odriin mend TMF

Naragiin vsnii nairiig hezee hiih we ? :>>

HI The Mongolian Family Marla egch Temuujin ah 2 hamtdaa vlogoo ehluuleh bilgond blog ni gereltee l yvdag shuu.Marlaa egch uneheer hugjiltei baih yumaa

Yag namaig untaj bhad vlog orhiin maa

Ta hediigee uzeh uneheer durtai shuu.

Марлаа эгч хэдэн сард төрөхөөр бна?

Тэмүүжин ахаа энэ board нь 11.9$ мөн юм болуу?? тэгээд board унаж үзээгүй чаддаггүй хүн унавал хэр бол???

Shuud avaad unmaar setgegdel turluu ynztai goy setgegdel turluu

тэмүүжин ахаа энэ board нь 11.9$ юм уу? Би зөв харсан юм бол уу?? тэгээд board унаж үзээгүй унаж чаддаггүй хүн унавал хэр бол??

temuujin agaa ene board ni 11.9$ ym uu??? tegeed board unaj chaddaggui yr ni unaj uzeegui hun unawal ymarhuu bol???


TMF mandtugai

Temujin yuun lag gangan tsamtstai yum be

Ta 4iin vlogiig vzheer neeh goy setgel sergeed l ywchidiin. Ene vlogiig omnoh vlogoosoo 5 minut ilvv bichtsen bsn bolhoor aimar bayrlaad bnaa. Zondoo urt vlog hiij bgaigaarai. Hairtai shvv ta 4too.

volumeplus iin volife uzerei marla egchtei aygu adilhan ohin bga

hi Би 9 настай та 3н влогийг алгасалгүи бүгдийг үздэг. Марлаа эгч мундаг ээж, Тэмүүжин ах халамжтай аав, Нара сайн хүүхэд. Удахгүй төрөх бяцхан ханхүүгээ тэсэн ядан хүлээж байна.Олон мянган хүний үлгэр жишээ болж, монголийн гэр бүлүүдийн манлай болж яваа та 3таа баярлалаа. Хайртай шүү

Bi ta nariiin bichlegiig ogt alagsahguigeer uzdeg bi Nara d uneheer hairtai

Тэмүүжин ах сайн унах юм марла эгч биеэ сайн бодоорой

nadad mash ih taalagdlaa uulana hoyulang n sain undag bolchvol high mode deer n ch gesen adilhan zugeer unaj chaddag boloh baih.Ingeed bodson chin neeh aimar yamar negen yumnii taniltsuulag uzeed baigaa yum shig sanagdchihlaa kkk.TMF dee tsaashdiin ajil amidraldana AZ Jargal hamgiin sain saihan buhniig husen yuruuy

Turuun tmf gsn tsamtstai hun yvjin gej zuudled zuudndee araasn gvij bas zurgiin darj ta heddee uzuleh geed bga yma bas hhe uneheer goy zuud bsaan tgel sercen bolhos bsh

skate iin une zahialah link ogooch?

Bi hed honog zuslan garaad datagui orchind baisan bolohoor ta hediigee uzej chadalgui suyldee bur sanaad eej duu nartaigaa tmf bolj jujiglesen sh dee bur hhe bi ta 3(4) too mash ih hairtai shuu az jargal eruul enhiig husie

Vlogooo xuleeeegl bnshu

Oyko Ganaa

Би үзэж амжаагүй харин 3 хоногын дараа үзэж байна

Hed gedim be

Skateboardniih ni ter naadag ym ni skateboard chin haltsarwal naah ym bish uu

Huuyee yagaad uunees hoish bichleg hiihee bolichihwoo Maralaa egch toroh geed bnuu

Vlog yawaaa

Sanaj uhleeee

ягд шинэ влог оруулку бгаан? Марлаа эгч төрөх болцымү? юу тохиолдсын?

ta nar zugeer uu yagaad bichleg hiihgui baigaa yum be

Za boliyooooo boliyo eruusuu l. 3-iin 3-n maamuugaa udur gantsaaraa haraad ger oron hool und geed aimar zawgui deerees ni nohoi muuraa harah geed zunduu busy baijiij l shunu orondoo orood amarhiin orond ta 3n vlogiig uhaj vzseer bgal vvr tsailgajiishdee Yaajaaagaan bee enechodooo

Yadjiihad ta 3 bvr vzeel bmaar sanagdtal vlog hiihiimaa. Teheer chini bi ingeed guliiguud vzeed bna shdeee yaahiiin beeeee

gehdee vlognii hugatsaa arai l boginohon bolood bh shig.uzuuleh ,haruulah yum ni baga sanagdaad bgaa


i subd :3

ene holoos awdag hesgude yaj awdg ym bolo gj ix bdlo kk

cool and naci video

hairtai shuu!

Naad sket iich ni solongosoos awch bolohuu todorhoi medeelel ogooch bas neriin guuy plis yadaj neriin

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