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Аялалын влог | The Mongolian Family

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Yo. Examines. Our cheetah, DNA. Dream in degree. No. My. Second row and Santa Barbara. Man. At, the net. Bennigan's. Technical. To your journey explaining, after. I, did, the octave Arizona, Thor Arizona. To avoid bad. Dictated. A barrage to team secretary, oh that was just the. Google Turkish woman level. Of poster. Concern. In. Total, sorry here. Both variety, little. Possibility, that, time. Zone messages, to. Your, duty, hitch, do with what, America, wanted us to ask each other. Oh Joe. Getting. Some quick drone shots in LA or. We. Go oh my god. Have. An audience already, it's. Great all, right say been to Los, Angeles latest, batch. Per. Building. We say a car, garage Montreux the droves not amongst rural China. Then. B&W. Mashita. Signature. Naboombu. Talks. Or. Apoptosis, -, lets. Go. Like. This. Then. We say Vegas. 15. A your trend or the big scene. In other words the valley, of fire youth and. The resistant, bad. James. You. Know. Fire. You. Scared. It. Go. Go go. All, right we're doing it for the drone shot oh. That's. A long way down. Then. We save a life Irish, but. The in this cigar at the. Henry Warren Saget, Hanukkah, traction, the. No, design gesture J. 6:30. Tomorrow oh. Yeah. You, guys have to go to LA huh. You. Gonna go - Kira's, house yes. Are, you gonna play. Sabenpe. Recent. Aggressive member. Siruni, are. Watching, tapas gently with. The youth that greatest, ambition. Mauro. Zucca oh boy better. A high kick generated, with. The campground, destination beside. Her accent. Collison, to hospitai. Did. A. Little, hint on how she together. She. Went. And. Got a five-star, hotel. Wow. Kyle. Good. Morning, guys. Oh God don't give you our camera right. Very. Cool, okay, oh hi. Guys. Jenna. Mr., J machine that, auto-generate. Doesn't. Psychotic. Don't promise they. Will clear see that you've been a disaster. He, charged a fortune. AHA dearest, honey, tell me God where what's a, woman, I didn't, know, what, December, but not the you turbojet, hooded Istanbul, ah the. Unitarian, chair. At. The breakfast educated. Now, boy. Angels. Landing, epic, at the hiking him machine Dave didn't. We. Wouldn't we won't fit in the car like it really, like. Yeah. For, sure which did America the sound that will appear at the hotel. Paseo. From China aren't these. Hammocks. Every delegate, action vortex. Octopod. You wish, to. Control. Playoffs. Doing balloon. All right let's, start our day. Today. Turkey. Sausage. Papa. Taro. Taro indygraf just indigo, cool thn. Big, man where's. That Manhattan, Murad boring, and not. Motto, but. I sure do. Man is a horrible smell, I guess. The ad do. All right breakfast, is Toyota. Other. Edge. Stability. It's. A. Diet. After which the team. That tiltrotor. A bit. Nearer in. A. Sanitary. Tacitly that, Earnhardt you Jo they didn't have to taste that. Have. Died and. That's t3. Technique. And gives a a particular definitely. Cure, IDT. Maybe. One. And adds Tiffany, the. Sense then mystic. Hear. This Aymara. Hit there I. Hate. I see why not. Valia. Bear. Now. Opposite, audacity. Doing. And. Any. Lingering.

Not. Yet. What, atanga. Step. It's not. Basic. Ii. Vanished today my good. Boy. Yeah, no. Muslim, gifted with Hernandez. Anymore. After. The support, machine. At Port Authority. Mercantile. Get in the Parker town after. Your, team but. It. Is both, Katra provider. In, Tommy silk patrol of the ichigan. Nick. Hi, Rodney do my son. Even. Town Fahrenheit. Hadn't, been, una. Adam went to build or avocado salsa. Mukunda, in. The camera. Arrangement, is in the Dementieva. Famous. Camera. We. Got like five six bottles of water and camera English I. Got. The funny we were the only ones that got off the bus here. We. Called a nice and empty. Dignity. Shaved. That. Darwin. Said under, moist. Exit. The. Restaurant slow. Chat. Budgetary, Connecticut. You. Know what they had me already time she went outside. Led, 50. Tiffany. Take out that, next. But. The mother is to get emptied little. Person. Nora, Justin, Jahan data which are. You. Guys remember her sound of Sanjana Tiffany. Then. They. Go by Marvin, midday Tiffany. Jochen you, got this. Who. In. But a Manhattan beaver thought cactus not. And. I hadn't, see. It other. Two disagreement. Doing. Don't think I would use about the. Mobile. She. Will move on without since, Mara polka. Dot. That is to change honey. Our, eyes, with it I'll. Need to dodge the big. Everything. Is hot okay Nara. Airbender. I'm, right there Jack taking. A water break. And. You. Go in the door at this demented oh I want that bitch out of it we're. Not even halfway right, no not even know we're like maybe a half mile yeah. It's. Very steep very, steep and hot. Its. A mix s tire. Quickly. Yeah. Doing, this for you. Oh. Bednarik. Odometer, as, directed. Natasha. And. All, the hot arid western. Syria, hama. Syria. The. Angels, landing in thought what. If. It's a you. Know stepped, on door knock. Jarrett and get postulate. First. A hundred. That. Thing which isn't. Toxic. Yeah. You. Know for me get in there. Like. This. There. You go now click this. Yep. Just, it all the way keep, talking. Okay. Don't put your hand down. And. Pick it up. All. Right, producer, today imma go. öktem. Jardin. Borda. Since. October. Immersed in authority. To. United. Sheeran. Barham, but. India. With Darius I walked. On hot master ha ha. Bombay to ask are wicked.

Wicked, Not. The number the. Borough resume - against both word. Capital. Area or teleport, untouchable collection I. Don't. Get washing is a terrorist. In. Angels. Landing. Edelman. Hypokinesia. Passengers. Who. Did you tell, Zion. National Park, at you. Static. You. Take immunity. Into. A short window would. Involve a trauma, that the unitary business or. Angels. Landing. What. Have you. Stopped. A voltage for, what. Be. Dr.. Newton. Jordan. Filtered into our, kitchen. Dr.. Haas. Talisman. Burger circuit now. It's. Also. Important. By. Alright. Take. A meat lettuce. Naked. Just go, and who do, you have just done it there Mansa. Ever. Done, best i wouldnít. There, boy. Back the victim's head over how much this is it again I'm. Not tired at all and I don't feel tired at all. Alright, my shoulders burning anymore, would I have out with the camera buried sit I'm. Not timid daughter. Who's a student with a machete. But. Often they say. About. Our hustle nipped there's. More, diligent. Man. What is this smell. Good. Yeah. It's not like something dead huh. You. Need a. Doctor. To understand. Dr.. Jensen as I was Canadian. Not. Our home but. You. Know can garnish it doctor. With so much Mowen, meat good. Meat. To cook meat food yeah that. Was what I thought I got Jerry does, that mean it. Means like. Don't know. Water. Break. Or. Rain bread. With. The say Indian. Unexpected. Rain. Today. I don't you do it that's nature though. For. Our hatred and. Acting while you. Enjoy. It. Yeah. No rainy. The. Bharatas a toast I. Got. A stowaway another. Finger. Finger. On telugu, tanuja, hostage. Market. Native. All. Right what. Are common did, yes. Did, the. Boy just spill Terrace, we're. Gonna go, parceling, gettin gettin gettin gettin gettin gettin gettin gettin gettin it. Good note persons about the point. You. See I've started a, spin. System. So, hostile whom just. No, good. Just, another second happy how are you great what can I help you with. Any. Life, away. A. Couple. Quick question. What's. On the lockscreen. Me. My, wife and daughter, I can do my PA finger oh yeah that works too. Yay. All, right yeah thank, you. Sir. Thank. You. Man how, good I think I'm gonna do Nate. Yeah, after, that, stuff. The. German chemist yet I will wipe our cut.

Yesterday, Under, person. There nothing like the killing of a, trial but this, is good, nigga, demo the universe the world yeah that's right in. The demo. Nice. To. Meet ya Garrick. Romney. Camp nothing, okay. Job and get the plate when, I've got, a stereo, Jimmy. Here, was not a fight. Are, you happy, yeah. With 15 10. Little. Ballad in digital. Standing. It generated. Too. Much is. It good, yeah. You. Guys look so silly. Alright. So beating mr. Hardy gently makes the card it said to, get what. The Utah Suikoden. Peregrine. Textured man Arizona Arizona, Mirage, in, order to turn out another, had a big demand on its, nitrogen tera. Hum but the, mothership. Dairies are not. Possible. Under. The bell could beat the, book. Significant. Memory card as a bit. The convulsion. Taking. That you drank all right. Let's. Go. Hey. Good. Morning guys. Oops tournament. Big, nerd Austin. Aries are a true judgment on, a nut I would, of. That I have the network's. But. Okay. Dude watch Passat. CC. Java, does the. Michigan. Person, imagine, that. I. Could. Not. Endure. Hardship. And say. Sir. Pester. Pester. Yes. -. Mr. Austin - dad I would way friend. Fresh. Hamas judge who. Is the feels good to. Get, higher. Gamma British minister, wasn't. Nagahama. Gigaton Optima license under stable where they. Were beaten. Other. In. Agent. 212. Practice, over the product. During. Practice. About, the. Antelope. Came into the water his. Bimba, we're. Gonna be a photography. Tour artists. A dancer, into it our, anniversary with. Lauren, Musa. Dagh, Dartmouth Moscow received a word with. Mr. Tumnus. Cultivator. Doin, sightseeing, tour, booster. Hunt dr., Bhutta. Alright. Webster. Coated. Antelope. Came in for. Women. Dehumidifier. Was singing, but I watched over Saladin, boy. To. Whisk. Symbol. To. Get. Mr.. Fun yattaman. In trouble, when. I would, dare. To deliver. Two days ago aha. Avoid, Ostrom. 43. But yeah, check that out such, a feature. That would, be terrible. Doors, 15. Positivity. Chara. Aesthetic. Parsa. Mr., Damon, -. Bharatha. In, wheelchair. You. Have, dinner at, La. Sidewalk. Or second, to get Windows. Vista. Hazard. To. Con us man poor you, said he, crafting a symbol. Fanta. Refugees. Into, digital support without, reportage. An, annuity. Stuff. Tonight will have a solution not only not I will. What, do you think. Very. Dark, and. Now it's very bright yeah, it's. My insight just, happened. It. Was very cold and that's very hot yeah. Never. Seen things like that before it's beautiful. Wigner. Liberty, senators. Brad. Came in with scared when, when. Candidates get rebates. And at last check. Something. Indian, community. Partners. To help us. Did. I show it. Damn. That said. Before. You. Did, you I. Didn't. Know colorada cotton. Goes gentleman. A bit. Near to. The. Grand. Canyon, agenda. Me, Joe Sarah -, Sarah you. Tom. Poor. - that sort what building inspectors. It's. Nigam cell 20. You're. Back, on the road, the. Band. Members. During. A, mission about a. Hundred. A boxer, why you dirty. Patera. Grand. Canyon, National Park. Knee, South. Rain. Get at. The end purchased. Sample. We're taking a petition. Its members. In. Start render homily, boy, heretic. Deterioration. Architecture. Aspirin. Achieve read jihad. Jihad. A literary, distance jongseo combustion. Grand. We. Even bought all right. The. U.s. between Verity, here with Joshua, English chamber. Perfection. Or suitable, also hidden zones hydrogen. So. Say Dorota. Youch Mahajan. Una. Lenteja you get what Jay King Ghidorah. Barack's. Instead, Barajas a little magnet. Said sue. Do you know Nikki I go back I wanted, to distinguish, in. The day after day.

The. Unit the same start Mirage, is. Ana Barbara. We. Did a 13. Church into northern children. The. United. Organization heartily. Never ever. Did. It you. Sure about that. With. Nearly challenger. Mystical. Gentled, power. In gujarat again getting it, creating. New jobs to sample our. Characters. I'm, making up such as. Makarova. Sister, their. Heart at all -, deputy de santa. Bárbara so - so you didn't boss Tamela I just, like to make a mention that that is without a doubt. Or. Take. It to a bag. Toughest. Part about, that. Thank. You. Also. Bender, so does it Joey message, at a tomatillo, salsa. Since, I was J there. Are. Some sort of we're still gonna be a competitive, are. Dead. Tired, of time janitor, login, ghetto say that, opportunity, that, I have. Oops, ournament, attitude I returned in. Agreement. With. The rose to Nestor Santa Marta I wore. Out. Shinji. Goes to embarrass, you dead children. Barolo good job. Arash you dead new, Garth Nix new gardening successor. What, does the head porch 15, which, I hesitated on John. Time-lapse, II, wanna. Observe. Passat. Normal. Take granny, Kundera sorry they. Don't allow. Each what Jason touch, okay. I, will the. Bharatas not the data. But. Sir. New, video-test hanna-barbera. Get away on. And. We sue to drive demon Samara. Para. Horrify, Guatemala. Order. A traitor bizarre just which. Is beta J and. I could justice, miss. Newt had. That the the Trini limited. Sandwiches. Joe. Nodded. Suraj. Thought what vamanos, I will behave in the most German. Harvested. The. Enjoy. It quite. Horrendous. Experience, at work there's. Little. To enjoy, I am getting irritated. Tamara. Show, it off the trio status, how, much resistor, the, tomorrow show salad, Mossad. Sheikh. Hamad. Legal, term negative camber, rocker the. Incoming, whole hipster. Tinder. Enigmatic. He. Threw Johnson to me now oh. My. What. Right all right good good job. All. Right I just hit and cheese lesson right now huh, they got your throwdown yeah I got my. Gran. Kanuni extruder. Busca de courten. BAM, you know. That. Border. Or not. Thank. You thank you. Does. Not support. In. Order. To get to it. Vegeta. Toggle. Or SW select, encrypt do. It at. Home we, just went. To. Dairy adjacent, in 700, the. Dream machines are. Impossible. What, I. Was. Looking. A. 3d. Sketch of, the dream devastate, our server, even. Get Tom, Green's. Giving. As. A periodic. State chair of the Boosters and divergent, about exporting, or alter your parenting, interaction that, I determine. Over. Than Germany. Research tomorrow. It's. An apartment of. 2020. Shivers. Terrorists. Initially.

Given Gravity, champion, what. Ideas are always changing. You. Think. The city she started. Session at the Nick question, need. Mentoring zone part of my, machine. That I started.

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wow Temujin vlogiig muuhan kinonoos deer hiih yumaa Amjilt 3+1=4

woow! Ben i like u

thank you so much

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Very very very nice. I want to travel

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Grand Canyon uzhed shuud ochood uzej bolno. Orohdoo entrance fee toldog yum bnale.

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Warm energy! Maybe that's why people watch the vlogs

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So cool

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Marlaa vneheerr hoorhon emegtei shuu.

OMG Nara is so cute that way she speaks with the camera in the car! she is gonna become a vlogger for sure:))

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respect this park

Woaa yostoi cool

mongol evree 2 iin road trip

Nara yamar xoorxon yumbe udku oro vlogoo xotlox tom ania boljee

TMF(Temuujin Marlaa Family)

Tani thumbnail drh zurgud ulam l saijrad bhimaa ^_^ Amjilt

ymar goy gazraar aylav aaa iim gazruudaar aylah mash ih durtai neeh shan medremj avlaa bayarlalaa. Tanai ger buld az jargal husie. Vlogiin ih huleedeg shuu. Nara tom ania boljee huurhunshdee

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temuujen ahiin yriad baigaa har had nar ( huchtei gol ursaj baihad roloor tom chuzuunar hadiig shurgej yvsaar iim har boldog

Hello guys. Nmg bas Marla gdg bas canadad amidardag yma. Eej aawdaa ta 3 iin vlogiig uzuulsen chin eej huuy ene Marla geed bga emegtei ni chmta ymr adilhan yumbe ner chin tsarai amidarag gazr chn bagdaa yg yrij baigaa chin inewj baigaa ni hurtel aimar adilhan yumaa geed baisan bi yg uzej ehelsneesee hoish yg marla egch shig bolno gj boddog blson shd Good luck Mongolian Family Love you Nara❤

Uzeed shuud ayalmaar sanagdaj bnshuu



Анх удаа сэтгэгдэл бичиж байна. Бүх влогуудыг нь үзсэн үнэхээр таалагдаж байгаа шүү. Бусдад үлгэр дуурайлал болсон сайхан гэр бүл бас би ангил хэл сурж байгаа болохоор зарим зүйлсийг сурахад маш их тус болж байгаа баярласнаа илэрхийлэе. Мөн манай дүү Нарааг харах маш их дуртай манай найз байна гээд аймар хөөрхөн үзээд байдгийн хххэ. Бас дараагийн влогоо маш удаан хүлээсэн шүү хххэ. За та 4төө аз жаргал эрүүл энхийг хүсэе. Эерэг хандлагыг бий болгосон сайхан гэр бүл шүү

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өөөө вааав nof ирэхгүй байснааа ирснээ 52мин гэсэн чинь бүр гайхах баярлах цэрэгцээд балмагдлаашт ккккк love you guys

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52 min thank u

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Woooowww When i saw it I said it again and again because of minutes of vlog. 52 minutes is big suprise for fans who watch it joyfully. I wanna say thank you for kindness TMF. I love you so much because of these amazing capture, designs and positive thoughts. Thank you for every shot that you showing us. Temuujin and his friend did it no matter of dangerous risks when they’re climbing. Thank you and wish you all the bests to TMF. Ohh I forgot about Nara vlogging. She was so funny

Hi Ben Hi Tiffany


гоё юмѳѳ


Yoo yasan shan urt vlog wee bayrlalaa

Neeree bayn huuriig angliar yu gdim boloo? Meddeg ni heleed uguuch thuu?

the coolest vlog i've ever seen

Энэ хаднаас нь уначих гээд байгаа юм шиг эвгүй юм аа

Ямар сайхан юм бэ ?

Uzsen buh vlognuudaas hamgiin ih aidas turuulsen vlog bla . Dooshoo harah bolgond unachih vii de gej ailaa kkk gehdee aylal best bailaa

hamgiin urt vlog

Bayrlalaa... neeh goy medremj, goy energytei ger bul shoo. Uzuushtei vlog bolson bn dahiad bayrlalaa. Nara so cute

Дөрөв тав тасалж үзлээшд кк


Yaa kino shg l bolje hajuuda amni zugaatai uzwel bur ch goy

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Marlaa neeh huurhun ineegeed nuhruu ugtaj bgaa ni neeh huurhun heseg

ene yagaad sub nemegdehguu bn boliochee icheechee taanuus subaa daraachee xD

Yostoi goy baigaliin uzesgelentei gazar bainaa.Zaaval ochij uzeed Delhiigeer aylagchid group deer post hiinee

goi goi gazarluu yavjee ayalllin VLoG hiigerei amjilt husii

Яг л өөрийн биеэр үзчихсэн юм шиг л боллоо. Баярлалаа

Looks like Ben is very good friend!

maralaagiin huleegeed baij bgaa ni ystoi huurhun sanagdlaa gj bro ;)

Nara’s camera

Ter Angel landingiih ni zam ymar dangerous yumbe

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