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Hey, everyone, so. Today is, well, I'm sorry I don't know what today's date is today. Is May, 4th and it's 9:45, a.m. so. I'm gonna head over right now to Pasadena, Rose. Bowl for the BTS love yourself, speak, yourself, concert. Yeah I'm really really excited. To go and so. Yeah let's. Get. Goin I'm, gonna look for the directions. Do. You guys use Google Maps or do you guys use Apple, Maps or do you guys use Waze, because. For me whenever. I use like Google. Maps it always like takes me to the weirdest places and, no. One ever really had a great experience with. It okay. I wonder how, bad traffic is gonna be. It. Would be perfect, if there was no traffic. I'm. Probably gonna get in a sigh Bowl when, I get, there cuz I didn't have breakfast, so. I'm. Gonna look for some acai, bowl place I'm, so hungry I should have brought coffee. Yeah. 43, minutes not too bad, but. Let's. Get going. Which. Way do I get out. It. Says Rosebowl, up there. So. I just got here to Old Town Pasadena and. This lady just gave me her parking. Ticket that she bought and she said she still has like 40-something minutes left on it she's gave it to me so nice of her thank you to the lady who gave it to me and I'm about to go get myself in a Seibel right now and, yeah. Let's go eat. Okay. So I was actually eating, at Ritz. And rye and. Then so, the lady that gave me her parking, ticket was until 1116, and then I was eating and it was like 11 like. Heading towards like 11:05. So I was like okay I should just hurry. Up and go to the parking structure and just like eat in the car so. Right, now I'm I, parked, out, of a parking structure for, those of you who are trying to go to these, Stadium, tours parking. Prices. Are ridiculous. They're like, $40. For. The Rose Bowl and, you. Still have to park in the grass and everybody's telling me that like you won't be able to leave I don't know if any of you have been to Hollywood, Bowl but it's kind of like that kind of situation, where people are parked in front of you next to you behind you everywhere. So like you can't leave until the person in front of you leaves so, yeah. They said so not worth $40. So I was just looking for other parking, and I decided, to, look for a parking and, um like. Around, old Pasadena, and then I'm trying to take the shuttle to, the, Rose Bowl but, right. Now it, is. 1116. So, I'm just gonna finish my cycle, and then I still, have time they don't open until 1:00 so, I'm probably gonna walk over to Blue Bottle coffee because. All of y'all know how much I love coffee so I'm, gonna get coffee there, and just chill until it's, time and, I, don't know most likely I might just call over an uber cuz I don't know how the shuttle situation, is gonna be like so um. Yeah.

I'll See you guys soon bye, okay. So before, I go I'm just gonna double check make sure that I'm not like forgetting, anything um, I'm. Just kind of like nervous if I should take a blanket, or not cuz I don't want it to get cold and, mmm. I don't know what to do. So. Leave. My blanket, I think I'll be okay. That's. Pretty darn warm, out, there right, now so. Hopefully. I'll be okay. Ya think, I think I'll be fine, Danko. You're fine, so. No cameras, are allowed inside. The venue so I got to take a bite to this camera I'm gonna leave it here and then, everything. Else is gonna be shot on my phone so. So. Yeah I'm gonna head out now. Just. Constantly trying to look for this stupid, sound. Check lanyard I have nowhere to go finally. Found it I've been walking around like a crazy, person trying, to look for this place but I found. For. Yourself. Go, ahead so I guess. Toto. I'll. Be so I don't know. No. He. Was. You. Gotta change. A girl sir. Oh. Better. Help. At all with you today, oh you. Better hitter are you better to come tag in there I just, want to say that over time that's what takes Iron Man. They. All do. Yesterday. On purpose. Today. Component. Of their voice. Oh. God. Jeannie, sympathy the wounded, to do. Everything. Has been perfect no, less than perfect tonight as one say thank you. Where. We will. Start our study true, today. This. Place is too. Salty, County, it's, so so weird. Oh boy. Is. Possible. You're. Gonna get, this show started. Darling, let's enjoy this night together. Yesterday. I was, named. Good. Morning, our burners over. Sometimes. That's, what rehearsals I'm a lot of rehearsals, think. I was ready for this but you. Know something. Was wrong with my phone. Was. It that said something. Was wrong with my doctor, strange way. Well. This. Is most, important. Night in, my life I. Couldn't. Help but. She. Mentioned that. The. 2004. Something, that. You. Guys know our dream, our final. Dream was, to have our own show in, a. Staple, center. And. I you know I can't stop, help but I can't help I think maybe but you know as. Time. Passes by. Many. Moments and. Many, years later I. Definitely. Think about this night. So. Just, close. Your eyes and enjoy. The ride I feel this moment you know. Shivakashi. Oh it's, 11:44, yes. I have j-hope as my wallpaper its, 1144, and i'm gonna head back home so yeah, i hope you guys enjoyed, it as, much as I did I met, some great people. Yeah I just, had so much fun and, I'm, never gonna forget today I know, Suga. Said he. Was never gonna be able to forget tonight but I mean, likewise, likewise. And, yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog I hope you guys enjoy the concert, just, enjoy the music and, as, BTS. Always says love, yourself, and I. Will see you guys in my next video.

2019-05-08 20:51

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한글 자막은 CC를 눌러주세요~

Thank you for the good video:) 은주누나 짱!

한글자막 감사합니다^^ ❤❤

정말 잊지못할 콘서트에 다녀 오셨네요ㅎㅎ잼있게 잘보고가요

정말 가까이서 보셨네요!!!!! 좋은 영상 감사합니다!

Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us but I have to admit I felt really tired watching BTS they performed for a long time

영상 잘봤어요 고마워요.

Hi Jessica! I love your vlog! Thank you for bringing me to the concert through your videos...Thank you so much for the experience!

(I) Love yourself-video!

Ahhhh I was really waiting for your video

넘 잘봤어요^^~


내심 그대는 부러움 100,000,000,000,000% 입니다.ㅋㅋㅋ

영상 잘보고가요 영상보고 입덕 했어요 방탄 최고네요 와우づ(^0^)~♪

재미있게 보내신 거 같아서 좋아요 감사합니다 영상 찍어주셔서

Omg we have the same wallpaper

That make up is fiiire

Thank you for sharing this! If you don’t mind me asking, what section, row, and seat were you in?

다녀오셧구나 ... 잼있었겠다

I went to the same concert but I was a bit far away but it was amazing each performance made me scream my heart out

I knew I recognized you from somewhere! I saw you at the concert! (not to sound weird or anything lol)

Yey, great vlog. Im going to the concert on Wembley and now I see this, I'm so excited. OMG.

apple navigation is the best for me... google confused me too from time to time=) wase is worse imo... really hard to use and screen like a mess =)

My cute girl :)))

yesss ahah this is the besttttt!!! you're so cutee!!

omgg i saw u at the concert!! i was too shy to say hi but we were both trying to get directions for the floor seating entrance and i ended up following behind u lol now i wish i had said hi~

+JESSICAEUNJOO asdfghasldf;la hello~ i hope i get the chance to meet u again one day! i enjoy watching your videos!! xx

omg! really?! you should've said hi! haha well hello anyways! ^^

잘 봤어요!!!

360p gang

너무 부러워요!!!@@

Aah super exciting !! I’ll be attending the Paris concerts. Can’t wait to see them again.

Thank for vidio sis't


did she actually get hit by the holy water??

U are the cause of my euphoria...

Is this ur first time going to bts concert...

아 ~ 이쁘다 사랑합니다

Thanks for sharing your experience,I felt like I'm there too.They're message to ARMYs makes me cry

So pretty

Love your vlog Jessica

how long was the concert?

What seats and block were u in?

마지막에 차에 타시고 이제 집에가야죠 할때 너무 사랑스럽습니다...그리고 방탄이들 가까이서 보시다니 부럽..


정말... 이대로 죽어도 여한이 없겠구나 느꼈습니다.. ㅋㅋㅋ

One of the best concert ever BTS did amazing

born as army, die as army!

I’m seeing my boys for the first time at Wembley and I’m so damn excited

Than you so much for sharing~

First vlog I've watched straight through without skipping. You are a cutie.

Best concerts ever!!! My dream came true....after following you guys on YouTube for couple of years..I had the best time of my life...hope y'all had a awesome time too.. Funny how RM and V started their speech out the same..

역사의 현장에 가셨네요 정말 부럽습니다. 방탄의 역사적인 순간이였다고 생각해요. 정말.

thanks! perhaps i'll do a tutorial on it if y'all want me to!

Thank you!

i was in section B3 row 5!

deng lunlala I’m going to Wembley too! Which day are you going to?

+esthixchan thank youu ! My english is bad too dont worry

J- HOOOPE moi aussiiiiii

J- HOOOPE my french is so bad but I assume you are also attending SY in Paris

J- HOOOPE moi aussiii

esthixchan Je vais aussi au stade de France omondieu-

+E.H Um 한국사람같쥬??? 제가관상은 볼줄아는데... 한국어가 어색안한거보니 억양이랑 순간적 내밭는 단어로 뚜렷해보이네요

+NB1432 32:31 부분에서 한숨 크게 쉬면서 하..이제 집에 가야죠. 하면서 한국말 하는거보니 뭐..

외모보니 한국계혈통같아요.

아.. 분명 누구 닮았는데 생각이 나지 않는다! 누구더라....??

찾았다!!!!!!!! https://youtu.be/rQoBoKnTA4E

제시카 은주님은 어떻게 티켓팅 하셨길래 표를 구했대요? 정말 구하기 힘들던데 대단하십니다 이번 로즈볼 공연 정말 너무너무 가고싶었는데 아쉽네요 그나마 제시카님의 영상으로 조금이라도 볼수있어서 행복하네요^^ 생생한 공연현장 영상 정말 감사합니다 이쁜미모 만큼이나 아름다운 마음씨를가진 제시카님 좋은영상 감사들며 늘 건강하시고 행복하세요^^♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

OMG.. Girl u r so close... I only can wish

상세한 설명까지 써 주신 한글자막... 고맙습니다 ㅎㅎ

Thank You for recording and sharing with those of us who couldn't be there ... great job! ~xoxo

haha yes RM's water hit me with full force lol (i can see why he always breaks everything lol)

no~ i went last year to their love yourself concert at the staples center!

감사합니다 ^^

You look like Nayoung from Pristin

i'm excited FOR you!! it's gonna be so much fun!!

thank you so much! ^^

RM was kinda teasing V with his English. it was SO CUTEEEE


twinsies! ^^

NB1432 한국사람 맞아요^^ 재미교포 2세입니다 ^^

I got chills

I think I saw you at the concert, and now I see your video

제가 현장에 있는 듯한 느낌이었어요 영상감사합니다. 호석님과는 반대라인에 계셨네요? 그래도 정말 행복해 보여서 저도 좋아요~

If I was there When the concert finished I will start cry


Same I’m going on the 2nd day

+Kayleigh _x ahh I'm day 2! What section are you?


Holy shit.캐이쁨. 인기 터지실듯~^^b

Your pretty. I need a partner like you to go to with.

I’ll be attending the two concerts in London

me too!!

43분거리? 댁은 어디세요 ㅎㅎ?

I'm going to the Metlife concert, I really want to wear makeup and look nice, but I'm afraid I'm gunna cry or something

How much was your ticket?

저도 제이홉 진짜 좋아요ㅠㅜ


@E.H Um 한국사람같쥬??? 제가관상은 볼줄아는데... 한국어가 어색안한거보니 억양이랑 순간적 내밭는 단어로 뚜렷해보이네요

@NB1432 32:31 부분에서 한숨 크게 쉬면서 하..이제 집에 가야죠. 하면서 한국말 하는거보니 뭐..

@Kayleigh _x ahh I'm day 2! What section are you?

@JESSICAEUNJOO asdfghasldf;la hello~ i hope i get the chance to meet u again one day! i enjoy watching your videos!! xx

@esthixchan thank youu ! My english is bad too dont worry

@Kayleigh Sloan ahh I'm day 2! What section are you?

ARMYs r lit

@Singularitae_ ahh I'm day 2! What section are you?

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