[VLOG] Day Trip to Daegu during Seollal | Korean New Year

[VLOG] Day Trip to Daegu during Seollal | Korean New Year

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What is this? We're in Daegu! We've made it to Daeguuuuu this place is insane a whole theme park on top of a building, crazy let's have a look like oh my god cute, cutie cute They're so annoying. No ways bra, today in no ways Look at that nonsense, LOL. Yeah? It was so short. Yeah like it just started and ended. Listen, when you go right up and you can see the city and then it drops? URGH.

My heart URRH. Almost came out my butt. That was so much fun though. You can do it! I'm gonna fall down Huh? I'm gonna fall down.

You're not gonna fall I believe in you! I KNOW I'm gonna fall but it's gonna be a good video so... Do it for me! I'm doing it for the views right now pikachu You know what's funny? I can't jump on this. Are you ready? Good? Yeah yeah.

one more time Go Letitia! Whoooo! It's ok, that was fun. Good job That guy was like, this girl is crazy. He just looked at me like disappointed.

That's me, here to disappoint. That's what we do best. Booty! Jump like Rocky! Is that how Rocky jumped? WOW. Wow.

What am I doing? Amazing. Jump like Rocky. Jump like Rocky? Yeah.

And she's running now. I don't know who's Rocky. Omg. Balboa? Yes. How does he run? Amazing. Wow okay such grace. Such- Like that? Yeah yeah that's exactly what Rocky did yes, OK.

Oh where am I? Where am I? Oh she's hiding there. It's cause Melissa is so skinny she can hide behind poles apparently. She's so annoying Urgh, imagine if. We should have come at night. And this is Daegu. Amazing. I like this.

I am ATOM. One on this side? I don't understand. She's the smallest. Yeah, I think you need to go on that side I think we're even Duacha. Yeah. So what am I supposed to hold on to? Are you scared? First time in a ferris wheel for meeeee.

wow Is it just...how many times do you go around? One time? I have never been on one so I have no idea. I should take a video, okay.

I should take one of you being like scared sh*tless Shut up. I'm not scared. Right... I want to move um do it very slowly no no, let's not move I just did it slowly Melissa wants to kill us.

Bra stop talking about that please (I'm superstitious about speaking negative thoughts out LOL) Oh sorry sorry sorry, I take it back @ G God Touch wood This is insane. You can't smoke while you're on board, that should be just always Letz... That switch from absolute terror to like oh, smize.

Oof, hello double chin. Oh my God. Can you delete that part? Noooo that's gonna go in the bloopers oh geez but I've got one too so We're all in this together [really terrible singing] "I can almost see it, that dream I'm dreaming" there's a voice inside my head saying you'll never reach it (thank you Miley) Hi. Hi. So hey. You can see my boogers My feet look huge bruh Oh this side is cute. Omgosh you guys look! It's a pool in a Where, where, where? Are you sure that's a pool? Oh wait it is. It is. Where are we looking? By the umbrellas.

Umbrellas. IT'S A POOL! WooooooW Let's go swimming Guys, I miss the beach. Me too. Let's go next week? Next week? Oh we are going to Gwangalli. Next weekend.

Oh really? Who's we? Oh wait I keep thinking we're next week already. You're going to Gwangalli? You're going too! You are too! What's happening? She agreed to it. Yeah she did. You agreed to it. Bomi's thing? To Gwangalli? goodbye Oh, I thought it was Seomyeon.

Yeah Gwangalli is It's basically the same thing What? it's not the same thing but it's the same area yeah yeah I wanna go camera duels wait which one? s'mores? Or should I try nutella raised? try the s'mores one S'mores? yeah Or should I get Oreo raised? Oreo raised? No I think one of the plain-ish ones Oh we all went for premium donuts I got this one okay let's go I wanna try one that can't really get anywhere else S'mores? Letz which one did you get? The maple long john cream okay i'm getting the s'mores one it looks cute and blueberry filled and I am getting do you want me to record you? no it's ok I'm getting the maple syrup and what was the other one? Long john? and one m&m and one nutella let's find a cafe i like this We're in the elevator it's so small (so big) look up oh that's cool I can't cute guys i really like this room there's some h*es on the streets not meee though shut up dude tell what? no no no no I'm okay say what you need to say it's so pretty at night yeah super pretty we have to say something for the vlog um cause you're gonna be like 80% of it so live fast die young okay don't do that no live long Car! live long and prosper and live okay and also hoes don't get cold *crickets* I have nothing to do with that mom no no I don't know what to say don't put this in the vlog

2021-02-24 10:53

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