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Hi! This introduction is about our book that sadly is available only in Polish. For the actual film please skip to 0:38 and enjoy it in English! yeah i'm ready all right so uh it's not yeah it's  not easy me to to see the finger pocket alone   i have to have friends like two enough two  friends one stays on in front of the guy   the second one stand beside it depends which  pocket i'm going if it's the right pocket   or the left prophet the the in front guy is just  you know guiding him not go in front and if i go   to the right pocket so my friend has to say on the  left side it's like it's like they're pushing him   back so if he goes back i'm on this side it's easy  to me to take it otherwise he or she going to find   out because if you like pushing him normally as a  human being will be like this watching the guy who   puts you so if you look at the guy i'm done and  you have to be very quick like you're done so it's   easy it's very easy and it's nice sometimes you  know when you need money you have to do anything   but uh that was you know mind of you know bad  minds you know but uh that's the way it is give me respect my name is jafarma bubjuma i was  born in zanzibar i'm 30 years old i'm just a recovering addict now i used to drink i used to take pills tablets  sometime i used to smoke marijuana sometimes   i use it into small carrowing and everything but  uh and after that i've been a bad boy i've been   like robberies i steal i do all the bad shits  you know all the things that the world doesn't   allow even the government doesn't allow i  normally used to do those things when i'm high   you know everyone here yeah you wanna wait let's  let's let's check this walk around this other side if you close the door again  the life here in zanzibar   if you grow in hands of a family to  parents mother and father you will be lucky   otherwise you you choose your own path but  they'll raise you very good they'll send you   to school they'll send you to college  and they'll find you a nice job to do   unless you choose your own path maybe you engage  yourself on another staff that's another issue   but there are some others like me who never  get any opportunity so we grew up on streets   i mean for street boys i means we'll do anything   you don't give a f to nobody so that's the way it  is on the street we steal we lie we use drugs you   know we do robberies sometimes just to get money  to afford our life that's the way it is on streets   before this house was built it was a big place we  used to chill and smoke weed over here and drink   and also where this picture we draw it by  ourselves that picture it looks like a place   where we normally see the lot of kids here we see  it with cheese and smoke this is the guy with the   weed and his eyes totally red like it's full of  weed and on hand he has a weed like then broly what neighbors were saying when you were painting  their walls they say nothing really they were just   like kids you know but they never be angry  and they were never angry because we were   we were good you know just smoking our weeds and  drinking that's it but we never hum on our street   we don't want to do harm on other streets but  when we are on our street we are good boys but   when going on on other streets we are bad boys i  started using alcohol when i find out myself like   i don't have nothing to do i have nothing to do  i grew up on the street as i told you so i used   to normally be on the street and see friends of  mine smoking weeds they enjoy i thought sometimes   there was enjoy so i thought i could use the same  things which they used to use so i can enjoy also she beats that girl even if she's  your fiance you don't have to beat her   that girl's supposed to be beaten you get a nice view yep you know i brought you  here why because up here was my first place where   i started with my first fix of drug the first  day which i tried for the first time the first   path was up here the first time it was very nice  you know if i remember those feelings you know   i felt like you were i was high you know i felt  like i'm in usa you know i was with beyonce   and rihanna on my left side i thought i had a big  big house you know i had all the fancy cars and   everything but after like couple of minutes  i started vomiting you know i vomit i vomit   but in the end it was a habit i  have to use in order to survive stretch   yeah you said you sell drugs to tourists  yeah i used to sell drugs insurance sometimes   they ask you that they do they do ask  but normally they they go for weed first   they asked for marijuana and they asked heroin  they asked for cocaine they asked for local beers   like gongo you know they asked for prostitutes  some others some ladies they asked for men   now they asked for like a sex group some others so they asked for some stuff like those like this buildings choose to come and see these  buildings because they were built with the first   president of zanzibar by his own hands when i  have no drugs i feel very painful which i cannot   even explain how the pain it is but it's a very  very very very sharp pain starting from the mind   to all of my body it's a pain which makes me  to do anything just to get money and to use   just to get money and to drink alcohol i  got the money by stealing robbing and lying   to people manipulate people where does i was to  get money from i remember one day i just woke up   and i had this feelings like i have to use i had a  lot of pain in my body so i woke up i went outside   and it was almost around 2 p.m so and and it  was sunday and and as we know like sunday it's   it's a day which everybody's inside there's  no activities so i was very afraid of sunday   i had to do everything and saturday to get money  in order to wake up in sunday with money otherwise   i have to do anything to get money so i was  walking around some couple of street downtown   and i saw an old woman sitting down and begging  for money and she was a [ __ ] i cannot forget   that day so i went there slowly and i passed  through her and i saw he he had a cup which was   full of money it was full of money and i was like  if i had that money i can get everything i want so   i was passing through her like a couple of times i  was just finding for right moment to take the cup   so i was i i took a stone and i was pretending  like i'm putting money in the cup so when i took   my hand into the cup i grabbed all the money so  when i took the money she started screaming on me   she started screaming and screaming and  screaming people are starting come they come   they catch me they started beating me and  beating me and they want to cut my leg they   took a knife and they wanted to cut the vein but  thank god i was lucky they never got the vein   so i was injured and i took like eight stitches  on this leg it was 26 000 and i lost the money   and i had this injury so that was the things  which i cannot i cannot forget what i used to do normally to people who use drugs they end up   in jail or die they end up dying they end up  in jail because if you still you get beaten   get beaten you die if you're lucky you find  yourself in a jail for a couple of years they beat you up if they catch you red-handed  they beat you up maybe the police passes there   then you are lucky otherwise they beat  you up to death people have changed before   if they used to catch you they  just sent you to police but now   people are sick and tired of being stolen every  day so they beat you to death that's it even i   also had beaten and people recorded me and they  took my clip into the youtube the way i was beaten i saw it i realized that that was addiction when i went  to treatment center i had a friend of mine   he was also a tourist you know his name was  paul he's from holland so i met this guy and   he was also an addict so i used to i used to  buy for him cocaine and everything every day   i i used to go to his hotel and i i get money  from him and i go to buy some cocaine for him   so before he was going back to holland he asked  me if i'm ready to go for a treatment center   and i was like i'm ready so if he was  the one who sent me to a treatment center   then he paid for it and he paid  for me for six months straight   till now i'm clean for three years and i'm a  change man i don't do bad things i don't steal   i lie sometimes to get a small money downtown but  i don't steal no more i don't do robberies no more   i don't take pills no more all the bad shits now  i don't do it no more i'm a change man that's it all of my neighbors they like me but before they  used to hate me they used to be afraid of me if   i passed through their doors they they'd be like  okay the ghost is passing now so everybody is a   lot you know but did you steal from your neighbors  i used to do it but not sometimes when i'm thirsty   of my alcohol i used to do it but i was i felt  very sorry when i talked to them very very sorry   and i come back and i sometimes  i pay them back when i get money   because i don't want to believe in i love to live  in peace with my neighbors so i was like i i talk   to them sometime and i get money i buy the stuff  if it's a phone or something i buy the cent phone   i bring it back but maybe after six or seven  seven months understand yeah did they forgive   you yes they do they do forgive me that's why  they laugh with me now they enjoy with me now   they do everything with me now i work freely you  know freely doing everything freely with my life   now i work like a king you  know i'm happy with everything did you give him money i give 500.  he normally comes home and take the   the the rubbishes you know yeah so when i see him  i give 500. people in zanzibar are sharing a lot   when you have money you share a lot with other  people right you don't keep it to yourself i   mean not just you but all people right yeah that's  the way it is because uh it's not like every day   comes to you i understand today is you another  day somebody else so when you're broke you'll be   given money because you used to give yourself to  another friends your money you don't have to keep   it by yourself you try to share with everybody if  you have you don't have then fine but if you have   you can share with everyone everyone who ask  you if you have enough you share with him if   it's not enough you say it's not enough and no  one will be angry because you give him some time   so when you don't have he understands like now  he doesn't have it's the way it is in zanzibar   my living how i make a living how do i earn money  now it's just on the tourism that's it i'm not a   professional tour guide but i normally go to  stone town searching for the tourists try to   approach them because a lot of tourists now they  think like if anyone goes to them he needs money   and that's true but it's not like all the people  who goes to them they need money so i normally   approach the tourists try to talk to them try at  least to get to know to each other and sometimes   they end up need something they end up to want  to know something so that's the way it is to me   i took them to places i show them things which the  professional tour guides doesn't show them i show   them those stuff that's where that's how i get my  money but i'm afraid of the season when the season   comes down i don't know where we get money so  i'm trying harder to find another job so at least   i could get some money on another way but for  now i'm just say to a guy who is not profession coming eight eight point seven it's big no tv no  nothing only lights so if they can survive   with eight units for a week who built  this house this was my grandmama's house   then my dad inherit this  and now it's me and samiras now it belongs to me and my young brother samir i  don't like to take people inside my house because   what what what is in my house remains into my  house it's not supposed to be taken outside   nobody has to see how we live how we survive  because it's our privacy that's why there's houses   people when they live in the house they have their  own secrets in the house so that's why i normally   don't bring everybody into my house do you know  that many people will see that in video yeah it's   it's okay it's okay but i meant the localis the  locals and it's like you're lucky i can say you're   lucky you understand it's lucky so you're welcome  anytime because it's you like a family to me now   so you're welcome anytime anytime this is your  home you want to sleep here you come you sleep what do you do when it's rain here i have  to be honest they just shift i used to shift   from here to here there is too many huh  too many holes so we used to shift just yet   at the school you know it was  at least here i can't sleep he sleeps in the bed as well anyway he sleeps  anywhere anywhere even when you're in downtown   you walk with him maybe he tells you like i have  to have a seat and if you let him sit he sleeps   that's a good skill if you wake him up  he's or then he takes a walk normally   like a normal person he wants to cook right now i  gave him that two i gave him like two thousand so   i don't know what he wants he wants to cook he  cooks himself that age he cook himself everything   and his food is very delicious i normally  eat his food rather than my mama's food in zanzibar when the head of family is gone   the big brother is taking care of everything and  i'm the big brother so this is my responsibility   like my my father has gone and i'm the and i'm the  small lion now so i have to take care of my family   and who else if i decide to go my  way where would my mama get food   where would my young brother get food so whether i  like it or not i have to i have to and they depend   on me and i'm happy for that i'm happy because  before they were to me i was nothing to them   i was nothing i was just an alcoholic i was  just a stupid guy you understand but now   if they don't see me for one day they will be like  where's where's jafar where's jeff what's happened   to him so i'm happy for that and i'm happy  like i'm coming home with a bunch of you know   a lot of stuff you know to keep in the kitchen  like okay now i see my young brother is eating   my energy i'm happy for that you understand  and because i know what i do he sees   he sees what i do and at the  end he will do the same to me   days change you understand it might come a day i  might get sick i don't know my my tomorrow's here   because this is today so i have to get busy for  today yesterday is gone i don't even to think of   yesterday but today is here so i have to get busy  for today okay i have last question right now okay can you tell me honestly why  did you agree for this video i agree because i know there's a lot of people  outside suffering just like me i believe it's   not only me we have this kind of situation tough  situations critical situation it's not only me   there's a lot of people struggling out there and  they might be losing hope you understand so uh   i'm trying to tell them like they don't have  to lose hope their life is there they don't   have to lose hope before the five minutes miracle  happens to me there was a miracle happens to me   and there is another life they don't have to  to quit they don't have to lose hope no more   they just have to stand up and accept the life  as it is if you're an if you're an addict accept   yourself like you're an addict but being an  addict is not like the the world has end to you   no you can change and it can be a changeman and  do different things and people would forgot all of   the bad things that you have done and you will be  a good man or a good woman and get started a new   life it's that fresh life you open a new chapter  and you do your things like normally people does   so i believe like if you really want to change  you can change yourself and nobody else nobody   will tell you to stop doing those things i used to  being told all the time every day but just one day   i woke up and i said like okay it's enough and  until today i never touch anything so i believe   they can also so homeboy whatever you i don't  have to lose hope no more the time is there   you have to do just relax and change and you  can i believe if i can why not you that's it you

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