A Bitcoin pump day for the ages! Upbit is a Korean altcoin pumping machine! BTC medical tourism

A Bitcoin pump day for the ages! Upbit is a Korean altcoin pumping machine! BTC medical tourism

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Hello. Everyone. This, is, adam. Meister the, bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To, tonight, in, Bitcoin. Today. Is, December. 6. 2017. Buy-and-hold. Strong, hand, people. Long. Term thinking if you had long term thinking I think you were very happy today. Hey. I just got the heck 2 hours ago from my trip across, the Pacific, I am in Baltimore, now this. Day the. 6th of December, has lasted, like over, 30 hours for me because, of all the time zone changes, everything but it's, nice to be back I'm very tired I'm gonna get this show off quick we'll probably have a an afternoon. Show tomorrow, anyway. I, want. To say thank you to cryptography, T he. Got, he sent this honey badger bitcoins. Shirt you guys can get this at the, links below please, check out the links section below, cryptography. T used the Meister. Discount. Code you can get 10% off, on. All sorts of t-shirts, he's got oh okay, so it's a funny t-shirt man that's the honey badger Bitcoin. And. Also. You can get your Tresor ledger nano at crypto hwy live.com. Email. Me at Adam at trace or help calm, but, don't email me today or tomorrow because I have a lot of emails to catch up on I'm. Not gonna catch up on for a while but emergency. Type of things okay. If, you need to email me now I and. I do have a question for everyone I'm, really happy to be back because I've got to go to an important, bat mitzvah on Saturday, of a, relative. And. That. Should be fun but after that I don't know where I'm going and I, am oute I am time zones act out I have, it planned my next trip so here's a little challenge to the audience if, you. Want me to come to your town if you think you've got a good country, I don't care where you are on this planet tell, me about your town tell me about your country, tell, me why I should visit why I should stay there for two months. Maybe. You can for me something maybe you'll be like a Adam I'll take you around in the Bitcoin places, I can put you up in a nice place. Whatever. You don't you don't have to offer me anything but you said give me some ideas here I have some places I've been thinking about going I obviously. Want to go to Australia again. But, maybe. Something new a Uruguay, I've, been there before so anywhere, in the world that you are and I'm serious, you, email me at Adam actress or help calm and I will consider going. There any point, during this month of December, and staying, for as long as two to three months okay. So, I'm great I'm ready to get out of Baltimore after, the bottom mitzvah maybe. Yes I gotta get back to a normal sleep, pattern and then we'll see but I'm really. Serious about taking up any place on earth so. You can email me and it can be in the United States it's got to be warm let's, let's try to keep it warm during these next few months it got really cold in Seoul okay sorry. So we had to get that out of the way people I'm, not sorry but you. Know down, that like button people pound that like button, I'm. Being polite when I say something like that fur for taking up your time alright, so. Yeah, I was interviewed by that Korean newspaper lady she was very nice I mentioned. That the other day and apparently I appeared in the Korean newspaper, and they, mention crypt of dividends, I will link to that tomorrow, Thursday, show I'm gonna elaborate, on a lot of things on tomorrow's, show I just don't have time today. To elaborate, on everything but I wanted to tell you that now the the. Koreans know about the crypto dividends they know about the term thanks, to that. And. Thanks. To that great reporter, and thanks. To my great host in Seoul who was so generous, and great and sends, me all sorts of information. Including. That link and I'll translate, that in tomorrow's show Friday. I think this weekend Bitcoin will be at 10:30, a.m. Eastern. Time. I think. Relate. Gratification. Strong hand, I just want to yell right now okay. Okay. So, yeah today I mean, I start off today in Busan. And. What. Is it like bitcoins hitting 12,000, I get on the plane in Tokyo, it's. 12,500. I get, off the plane in Chicago, go it's. 13,500. I get, back home I talk talk, to us my mother she said he's 14th that I mean what I day, even.

My Mom knows it was 14,000 in that great. This. Was a day that we have long. Predicted. That there being two thousand dollar updates, but they'll be $2,000, down days also we've had that before so. This is just a day you have a strong hand it's a day to be happy obviously but it's a day for. The people who've been in this you. Know we remember before it was even 2000 dollars now it goes up to thousand dollars in a day and you know it's being fueled by Korea, s being feel you know why even wonder people want Bitcoin, it's mainstream I've. Got people from my past contacting. Me about it I got, people for my future contacting. Me about it. 12500. I wrote this down when I'm at the airport. 12500. Is one eighth of a hundred thousand, now. That doesn't mean anything because we already got off to fourteen thousand. It. Is surreal, it is surreal, I. Mean. I. What. Else can I say just be happy all right I mean. What's, tomorrow going to bring I mean that's that's that's the only question I mean, you're not alive, if you're not if. This, isn't kind. Of invigorating I mean. And. Maybe you're, just someone that doesn't have any Bitcoin if you have Bitcoin, this, is these are exciting, times that. Can't be denied but, the. Best times are still ahead of us 20/20 having, is still ahead of us think, of it that way um but. I mean again don't go too crazy and obviously have a strong hand don't don't, like try to sell because all you know it's definitely gonna go down I can buy back for cheaper no, you don't, want to do that because it might not go back down and you don't want to trigger tax. Taxes. In the United States if you're in the United States. Especially. Now, you know if you, sold now it's. If. For some desperate, reason you have to sell and you shouldn't. Have to just, wait till after January first so it goes on the next next, tax year but. Don't anyway, I'm not a tax advisor okay. So let's talk about steam. Back dollars, you how I'd like to go on about how like why, it's supposed to be $1 but it was $3 now it's $5. I got to end this video so I could go sell some my steam back dollars, for, fuck and for five bucks remember, I earned. Steam, back dollars, for posting on Steam it I would, never, buy. This stuff, but, you know who is buying this stuff and this, really, ties, it all together, it, is, the up bit. Effect, yes, if you watch the show from. Two days ago and you should watch yesterday's, show and you should watch the show for two days ago when, I explained, about my, meetings, in Korea when I talked. To real people and they told me about this up bit, exchange, which is like it's not even that one of the top three exchanges but. It is an exchange that, is affiliated, with, Kakao, it. Which is a a. Social. Media platform in. South. Korea I linked to this some of this stuff below maybe not all of it, but. But but the, point is this Kakao. Makes it easy for anyone, to. Get onto this update exchange, and when I mean anyone, there, are people who are just buying steam. Back, dollars, there yes, yes. This, is fueling, it I found, they steam it post about this also a rare. Run one and I. Got it I gotta tell you I don't know all the coins that are listed at the update exchange they don't live if you were an English speaker, you, can't see all the ones they have listed there they have all sorts of third and fifth tier, all coins listed, there apparently and this, is where it starts, this is where it starts because if you remember from the other days, video I talked, about how may in Korea do not understand.

That You. Don't have to buy a whole, old coin you can buy a fraction, of a coin so, they don't want to buy a whole Bitcoin, so they buy a whole other coins, for. Let there like one dollar two dollars fifty cents whatever it is and they. Buy a lot of them because they know they, think that those ones can pump up easier, there's a whole logic behind it, but, it's not right they can buy a fraction, of a Bitcoin if they wanted to so. They, don't know what steam back dollars are I seriously, doubt they know what steam back dollars are, you know something that I have to do that I forgot to do before I gotta check out if up it has a steam, it page. Because. They should have a steam it account actually if people, are, selling their steam anyway, I'm not gonna be getting to all the technicalities, behind that aspect, of it but. On crypto. Coin on coin on. Coin. Market cap. Which. I link to below. I wish which keeps track yeah. Which keeps track of all the exchanges in the world they, don't even list. Up. It there they don't list up it so anything that goes on on up it they, don't even factor, that into their total numbers and stuff okay. But, up it is fueling, a lot of what is going on in Korea and then, and then in turn what goes on here in, terms of these third and fifth tier alt coins so, here's a little tip for you people who are gamblers, and I'm not saying to do this if you, can find out what. Coin is about to be listed on up it. It's. Gonna pump if it's one of these mean little. Little. Fit, tier all coins if you're, a person, who makes who, produces, 50, ralt coins get, it listed on there you're going to get a pump if you're, a crypto, dividend, a, producer. You, know one of these would be. Platinum be whatever especially if you're in Asia you better get it listed on this thing and on. Up, it and again. This is going to be a trend, I think in the, future social. Media platforms. Making. It easier, to get on exchanges. Okay. So again let's clarify if, the social media platform, is Kakao and they make it easier for the 50 million users to. Get on to up it and just. About so, there's a lot of naive, people, who know very little, about cryptocurrency, who, happened to be on the social media platform who. Wanna gamble who, don't want to be in the stock market over there anymore who get onto this, up. It and buy anything and when I mean anything, I mean steam back dollars, and they, are making people like me.

Wealthier. Basically, because I'm getting it for free they're paying five dollars for it for some reason if then. There so all these times I've been screaming about the 80% do the 80% are buying this why the 80%, buying it well I've connected it now I figured, it out this, is part of it the these, third, and 50 raw coins it. Starts on this up big thing we got everyone out there and so, it's all in Korean there, you go over, there you, don't know what the heck's going on a lot, of these Korean exchanges, if you know Korean, if you, have a friend who knows Korean. You. Can sign up for these exchanges, you, can you, can't trade. Fiat on there but you can trade in the Bitcoin and. There's. Opportunity, there's arbitrage, here, for people who know Korean, I do not I don't mess with all coins anyway, I tell, you guys not to I still, say you should only buy Bitcoin, but. It again, I know there are plenty of people out there who. Do this altcoin insanity. And this, is the ultimate insanity, like learning a new language to, trade 50 or all coins on up, it but hey you. Know what this might be the future in, other countries, in in the United States and english-speaking countries, maybe Facebook will, partner with an exchange one day who knows I mean this is what we're talking about the equivalent hearing in Korea. So. Pound. That like button if you like this unique type, of stuff I see people are saying bitcoinmeister in, the chat I actually, can't see what you're saying you have to do is super chat for me to pay attention you, got it you got to pay to play on here man I gotta go to sleep soon man I it's. It's not it's not easy traveling, 17, hours in a plane or whatever it was three. Different trips combined it. Was lovely to be a no hair today, hey. Man it's good to be back in Baltimore found, that like button. There's. A lot of people up here late at night that's that's cool thank you um. Can I say everything about update that I wanted to say. Um. Like, I said it's the richest naive, market, out there the. Wealthiest, yeah. Korea is a wealthy. Market, with many naive, people, my, new. And there's nothing wrong with being a newbie but there is something wrong when the first thing you do is start your start buying steam back dollars, I mean that's like. I mean, it's. Been pumped they pumped at the five books congratulations. If. You bought it at two dollars then hey I guess he could be flipped because again they're all short there are a lot of them there are short-term thinkers they want to get in they want to get out and I guess some of them got in that dream of the last five days or so and. I'm, gonna get my five bucks for free. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I mentioned offbeat as the main is a big bumper thirty raw coins and again this all flows into Bitcoin - they're buying the Bitcoin the, people who do understand you can buy some Bitcoin, there. They're buying it by the handfuls, in South. Korea and other places - obviously. Yeah. So good luck to find a neck if you've got insider, information on which one's gonna appear there next you're gonna do well I guess, I. Noticed. With this iota pump that is still going on that. On coin market cap when they list the number the. Listing it whatever it is now five bucks that, they don't factor, in the coin one, number in coin one is in exchange that I met with in South Korea and as, you can see in coin one it's, eight dollars there, so. Even, though they're not factoring, in that number that number plays, a role then, that number they're, fueling, it coin one is fueling, this iota thing the people there are going crazy for some reason into iota, they heard some rumor they bought it all up so. Then, people who I guess own diode, in other countries, are gonna go to sell it there for eight bucks instead, of five bucks but it's, affecting the prices all over the world it's, clearly if. The volume, there is huge, it's one of I think, it's so it's the second biggest trading, there so they're not factoring, it into the coin market price, the. Coin market cap price but, it's still the second biggest trader of it it's obviously, affecting the price and it's one of the at coin one I think that's their number two traded cryptocurrency now I'll. Try to link to that below you can go to coin market, Capcom. And look it up for yourself iota coin one. Again. Arbitrage, opportunities. There - if you mess with iota, I advise. Not to do something like that but, hey I again, I know I. Know. Some of you uh, care. About that stuff, and so when I met recalling. One people a little, tip when. You're meeting with Koreans, the, first thing in a business atmosphere the, friend by the way coined one was laid-back they weren't dressed up there I was wearing a tie there, they were laid-back like Silicon Valley which was kind of cool um but.

One Traditional, thing that they did is they immediately, hand you their business card. I've. Got these all I'm, like oh my god I got a hand in my business card and I've got these old business, cards for what I had. A political. Blog in, Baltimore, and. I mean this is some old stuff and luckily it has an email, address that still works so I like hat and they're like tattered, cards, they're handling these crisp cards, I'm. Handing. These tattered, cards. So. If you ever meet with some Koreans in Korea or probably eight it's, probably true in Japan also have some good cards with you and yeah, I had no excuse for not having good cards I could. Purchase good, cards if I wanted to I, didn't. Think about it so. Next, time next time but, they were, happy it was a great meeting I don't think they cared. They got tattered, cards. And I, can we had a translator, most of the time with us so I don't, think they cared that much was said on my card either I'm in terms of what company appeared. That I worked for that I don't even you. Know I don't, come not even a political blogger and in Baltimore anymore all right, lightning. BTC. Crypto, dividend, I'm. Not gonna get into this but I was in contact, with them they claimed, that an IOU. Or. I guess a futures, market is listed. Somewhere, in Asia I I. Didn't, even bother looking for it maybe you guys don't want to find out where lightning, BTC. Is is being, listed before it comes out I will, I asked them maybe they'll email me back okay. I'm. Not gonna I'll. Cover these tweets another day. Be. Cash duffle to talk about that okay Bri cash is below uh ten. Percent again uh oh but. Either last time it fell below ten percent then all of a sudden it got back up again so go pump it up again a king, of the trolls will get the Koreans. To do it. Again. Refer I'm referring to Monday's show, please check out Monday's show it was very popular check out yesterday's show, also where I talk about cry I'll be talking about Korea for a while I mean I got some unique experiences there I love, this channel is the channel for, the 20% baby for, the people who like to think and the people who like to get unique stories, and hey. Hey. Man, we don't have 50,000. People here because we're. Not an altcoin trading channel, we don't we don't appeal to the 80% we. Appeal to the elites baby and I appreciate. That we got a lot of elite, here pound that like button if you're part of the elite and I know not all of you are part of the 20% yeah, I know some of you want me to talk about ludicrous, things I'm trying to get you into that 20% mentality. All, right so, plastic, surgery is pretty cute is pretty big in Korea, many. Men get plastic, surgery many. Women get plastic surgery and they do a good job of it I noticed, on Billboard's. Any old. Big. TVs, in it in the train, station that had their movie stars you can tell the men had plastic sort of anyway my point bring of bringing this up is that, Bitcoin is great for medical tourism I started, thinking about it I'm like wait a second, people, should come in the United States where you know dealing with doctors is horrible. It, is probably cheaper to. Go to, South. Korea and use. Some cryptocurrency, it doesn't have to be Bitcoin, it can be be cash because, remember you've got to assume that some of these doctors, out there their, wives are already trading, the cryptocurrency for, them or maybe they are and they're, willing to pay a premium for cryptocurrency, look, at all the prices, they pay more, in in, South Korea we've, gone over the reasons why but.

So, If you this creates, a whole new. There's. An industry, out there you, could you could be a travel. Agent slash a crypto. Currency, trader who, figures. Out great, deals, okay, so if you've got B cash in United States we've got a plastic surgery, guy who's gonna do your plastic surgery, for a good deal because he needs B cash okay. And also, again. You don't have to for. Medical tourism, you. For, American, citizens youyou want to go to places where it's it's gonna be these. Are gonna do a great job it's, clean, and we're you're gonna get a good deal and Korea. Already I think, is a good deal but this will even get you a better deal because they're gonna want to give you a special deal for, your cryptocurrency. It's, going to. It'll. Help you opt out the United States medical system also which is great you won't, have to pay I know a lot of people aren't paying medical, insurance anymore because you don't have to in United States you pay a fine well, this will make it even if you get used to traveling to other countries for. Whenever you need something and, you can get discounts, with cryptocurrency, that's. Great that, great that's great it's gonna save you this could save you thousands of years and if thousands of dollars a year in insurance. Again. There could be brokers. Who help get you good deals this is I'm just giving you some ideas, and I thought of I mean. You. Know this could be a complete a complete new industry, here and what. Else do there was something else I want to say oh. Yeah. Another. Thing is if you're getting procedures. Done a lot. Of at. Least in the old days they would keep track of things that you've gotten done and that could, make. You have higher insurance I don't know if they can discriminate against, you anymore in United States. But, like let's say you needed a triple bypass or, something like that you didn't want your doctors to find out a they don't go over there where they do it better I'm not just talking about you. Know uh cosmetic. Surgery we're talking about your, necessary circuit, hopefully, you never need a cut you don't need a triple bypass if you're, like me you don't smoke you don't drink you you live, healthy then you don't have to worry about that but some people it's too late for okay so there you go there's, my RAM, my end of the day thought for you medical, tourism and, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, this. Is something to think about if you're an entrepreneur if you're a doctor in another country. Found. Out like one I'm Adam I should become I should disrupt meister members, subscribe this channel like this video share this video do, check out the notes section below honey. Badger I'll talk, to you guys later plane.

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