A Christian Quarter And Greek Musician (Jaffa Israel Tour Part 1)

A Christian Quarter And Greek Musician (Jaffa Israel Tour Part 1)

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- Hi guys. My name is Peace. I'm from the UK and I'm traveling around the world to show you the beautiful and most magnificent places everywhere. And right now, I'm currently in Israel visiting quite for a while. And I want to show you this beautiful ancient city, where I am right now in Jaffa, called Jaffa.

It's an ancient port city where I am right now. I've been here a few weeks ago and I have returned again to show you some parts which I have some unfinished business over here. So let's peace out and go.

(Peace chuckles) As always, if you would like to see more travel tips and about traveling around the world and seeing different cultures, this is your place to be. Now, if you're new here, please support me and subscribe to my channel, and press the bell notification button. Likewise, please leave a like and comment in the comment section.

So you'll become part of this community and enjoy more informative videos just like this. With that said, let's peace out and go. (upbeat house music) All right, guys. Welcome back.

My name is Peace. And I'm right now in the ancient City of Jaffa in Tel Aviv-Yafo. I want to show you how beautiful it is. Here are the ships, right in front. And there's some markets. It's a great fish markets here too.

(wind whooshing) So, now I'm getting to the fish market right here at the port of Jaffa. Let's see what they have here. Oh, the smell is terrible. (Peace grunting) All right, what do they have here? All kinds of fish and some, uh, crabs.

Salaam alaykum. What's this? What's that? - Tamnun. - Huh? - Tamnun. - Tamnun, oh. This is an octopus. Oh my God. Octopus.

Whoa, gross. (Peace chuckles) If you like octopus, maybe it's for you but not for me. What else do we have here? Sardines. What's this? This is a big one. What fish is this? - This is ayala. - Huh? - Belamun.

Belamun. - Belamun? - Yeah. - How much is such a fish? - One Kilo? about 75 shekel. - 75. - Yes. - Very nice. Very nice.

- It's fresh fish, my friend. - Is this from this sea from Jaffa? - The sea, yes. - Wow. - They're fresh fish. - Fresh fish, very nice. - Plus some of them there's a discount today. - Huh? - Discount today.

- Yeah, I don't need today fish. I just want to see. I don't need. I just check. - Well. Come tomorrow take.

- No problem. Thank you. - Have a nice day. - You too.

All right, he wanted me to buy fish but I don't really need fish and I don't eat fish by the way, because I don't like it. What should I do? I don't like fish. I don't like the smell. I actually don't like anything that goes behind the water.

I don't know why, but that's the fact. Here we got some more fish and some more... Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know what's funny, many people are asking me, "Peace, Why are you wearing the hat with the Scottish flag if you are from the UK. So let me tell you a secret guys.

As a Brit, but don't tell anybody else, yeah. I wish I was born in Scotland. Lads, I'm sorry, but I didn't.

(Peace chuckles) What can I say? I love Scotland much more than my hometown in London. But all the Brits, no offense. No offense. Here, we have some restaurants.

People are sitting out and eating and enjoying the Friday midday or afternoon. What is it now? No, it's afternoon. What am I talking about? Eh. Now look at that.

Look at that. These guys have a beautiful meal on the ship. With a nice dog on the ship.

And it's quite hectic here. By the way, if you wanna see, I have beautiful videos I made in Scotland and you can check them out right here in my channel, or up here, wherever YouTube is gonna put it. (bright music) As I told you many times before, if you watch my videos from a few weeks ago which I made about Israel. Israel is the only country which has actually gotten out from the period of COVID from the entire world. Okay. I mean most citizens in Israel have vaccinated themselves.

And, let's say half of the country or less have recovered from COVID even without the vaccination. So, they have set free from this crazy period. And this week, last Sunday, this week, last Sunday, masks, which was mandatory by law to wear and people were punished here, and gotten tickets for not wearing them on the streets too, are now off. And you don't have to wear a mask anymore here because people have, as I said, set free from this crazy period.

It's so amazing to see. Just want to give a shout out to a great friend of mine, a fellow creator and the great YouTuber, his name is Bryce from Doing For Life. All right, check out his channel. I'll tell you why I'm saying that. Because today he just sent me an email, he's from Canada.

A very good guy. And he sent me an email today with a photo of his COVID test. And there he shows me that he has become positive for COVID. And I was like, "What the hell? What the heck? How could that be?" I feel like I'm on a different planet.

I mean, here in Israel, since I'm visiting here for quite a few weeks. And everybody's like having a good life. So I want to give him a shout out and hope he's doing well.

He will recovered soon. Go check out his channel. It's a motivation channel which will give you great advice, how to conquer your fears and everything else. And right now, I have to conquer the sun here which is very bright and it's a little windy by the water, but it's hot. It's Middle-East, don't you forget.

All right, so here you go. Let's go back to business. This is the beautiful City of Jaffa right at the border. And it's a very ancient city, few thousand years old, where they say that even King Solomon who built the temple in Jerusalem, in the Holy land, in Israel has brought the doors that he built of the temple, he brought through here, through this port from the Mediterranean sea.

And uh. It's a biblical city actually, you can check it out, if you know a little about the Bible, you can check it out. And today, mostly... It's a mixed city of Arabs and Jews but mostly Arabs live here for many, many years.

And right behind my back you can see Tel Aviv, which is really gorgeous. (bright music) (waves gushing) So again, back in the days, back in the days when there were no airplanes, there were no airports, there was no COVID, and there was no shit going on in the world, they used to come from here to Israel. They used to, the main port where everything used to come to the country, including people, used to arrive right here in Jaffa, the ancient port city.

(bright music) So I'm here now in the Square of Jaffa where you enter the City of Jaffa, very beautiful place. As you see right in front of me is the famous Clock Tower entering the City of Jaffa, which was built at 1847. (cars hooting) And I'm now going to get close to the Harbor or to the port should I say. So right here in this spot, where I'm standing right now where you see what's left over from the building where the official Port of Jaffa was for many, many years. I'm talking about hundreds and thousands of years where people used to come here from the sea to the land of Israel. This was the actual port where people used to come to the Holy land.

So here you could see still a part of the floor or whatever you would call it, the platform where the ships used to stop. And people used to come up from the ships when they arrive to the Holy land, and came to Jaffa first. So, I found some musicians here sitting right at the port. Some nice guys. They're gonna tell me a little bit about Jaffa and let's talk to them. Uh, you're fishermen.

- Yes. - Yes, yes, yes. - Samir is big fisherman. And... - [Peace] Not only musicians. - Excuse me. - Yeah. - [Peace] Not only musicians, fishermen. - Not only, yeah.

I musician. I play bouzouki. - [Peace] Can you play a little bit? - He's a musician and a fisherman. - Yeah. This is Greek instrument from Greek, the name bouzouki. - [Peace] Bouzouki. (upbeat acoustic music) Beautiful.

- Beautiful, the bouzouki. (bright acoustic music) (men singing) - I'm right now in front, going in. (dog barks) (Peace chuckles) Okay. I'm about now to go in into the old alleys of the Christian Quarter in Jaffa which is beautiful to see. But before this, let me just tell you that from the mid 19s, until the first world war, many, many countries were clustered here in the Christian Quarters of Jaffa, like German, Britain, the United States, France.

Iran I think too, and even Spain, they all came here and they were having consulates here. And they were trying to protect the rights of the foreign citizens in Jaffa. And you know, it's the Holy land after all so all the countries wanted to have a hand on this place. So, we'll go now into the alleys and we'll show you how beautiful it is.

Welcome to Old Jaffa. There we go. Let's go. (bright music) Here's my guide. His name is Doron.

Doron, say hi. - Hi everybody. - Still the same old stones, of course. But it's unbelievably magnificent. Here used to be a shop. And unfortunately it closed down 'cause it's very, very expensive here.

As you might assume, it's very expensive to keep a shop here and to pay rent. Even a house or a room to rent, nevertheless buy in this place is millions of dollars. So, it closed down. Here also, you can see it says, for sale. And I guess also because of the COVID situation, this is why it's closed. And let's go further.

Okay, right behind me you can see this is already some newer buildings of Jaffa but we are here at the Christian Quarters, which is beautiful. And I'm going to continue right there. Let's see what's going on there. (birds chirping) Here you can see how it looks from the inside. This is a typical old house in Jaffa.

(birds chirping) All right. Here we have some stores of souvenirs. Right there is the sea. Here's another gallery store. There's a lot of art shops here. (birds chirping) And here used to be a very ancient synagogue in this place.

Right here. It was the first synagogue built in Jaffa City, mostly for Jews who came from Libya. And they used to live here in Jaffa. Here it says it was built in 1740.

The first Jewish hostel in Jaffa was established here. And also, of course, the synagogue. It's gorgeous, very beautiful and unique boutique shop of jewelry. And look at this terrace right here, how beautiful it is.

Amazing. Wow. So unique. So nice - I love Jaffa and this is my hometown. This is the best place all over the world. I've been in New York, in Berlin, in Barcelona and a lot of places but this is the most beautiful place ever. (bright music) - [Peace] So now we're going to see a view of the port from the top.

An aerial view. Let's see. Let's go.

Wow, beautiful, yeah. Yeah. (bright music) All right. Hope you liked that view. I'm right now in front of St. Peter's Church, which was built at 1888.

Show you the building from far. So this is St. Peter's Church, which was built at 1888, and then rebuilt again at 1889. And as you see now, the building is much nicer because it's, of course, went through some renovation. And I guess it's the first church in Jaffa if I'm not wrong. And they are celebrating now 800 years of pilgrims who came here to Israel together with Pope Franciscus from the year 1219, when they came here as pilgrims of peace to the Holy land.

(bright music) All right, let's go. So I'm prowling the streets of Jaffa, the Old City of Jaffa. It's magnificent and nice, and gorgeous too.

Old fashioned, historical, whatever else you want to add to it? (bright music) Oh, look at that. Look what I found here, a chicken on a tree. Unbelievable. Oh my God. (bright music) This is not a cat.

This is a chicken on a tree. (bright music) Unbelievable. Have you ever seen a chicken rooster on a tree? I guess in Jaffa everything is possible. (bright music) All right. So this sums up this video and if you liked it, please leave a like and don't forget to subscribe or press the bell notification button so you'll be notified for new upcoming videos.

Thank you for watching. Peace. (bright music)

2021-05-03 19:09

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