A Cool Winter Day At Volcano Bay; Fun, A Little Sun, Ride Reviews, Park Tour, Krakatau Drop Slides

A Cool Winter Day At Volcano Bay; Fun, A Little Sun, Ride Reviews, Park Tour, Krakatau Drop Slides

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Jima. And Jeep ha adventures, goes to volcano, Bay right. Lands volcano, Bay, okay, so just stay in the parking follow the blue signs with, the white lettering, prime. Parking, is $30, general, would have been 20 and after, 6:00 is free. And. That's, the only way to get to volcano Bay, you can't drive there directly, and park in there parking a lot you, park in the big parking lot by, City Walk and shuttle. Over donnas, crazy. Even though it's not that very this together so we're, here already it didn't take very long just, five or six minutes this shuttle over and they, do bag check right before you go in there's a walkway to volcano, Bay or you can take the escalator, the wat'ry, this, is the wat'ry culture, here, volcano. Bay, we. Made it during. The off-season, volcano, Bay is open from 10:00 to 5:00. There. You go your, tap of Tassili sir thank. You yes it really is called taboo taboo. Thank, you appreciate it, Stan's. Doing right now is. He is linking. His credit, card to his taboo, taboo which, is like the app or, volcano. Bay it. Kind of looks like Disney's, invention. Of the Magic Band. So. And, on it right now says this, isn't a ride, totem. To get a return time. So. I guess you go to the different rides and, then it. Gives you a time to return each one and, there's a set of lockers, to the right or left as, you come in we're. Going to the ones to the right because. Of the kind of day it is all of these say right now which, is good pretty. Much everything is a walk on today so that's the advantage of going during. The winter on, an off day where rain this morning and it's going to be overcast. That's. A pretty amazing sight and. Here. We found the restroom showers, and lockers, to. Rent one holder taboo taboo to, the tap point below. And. It says insert credit, card to make purchase, Locker 26, open in Davison, all-day rental so, when you come back to get your stuff out of your locker you're, gonna take your taboo taboo and touch the locker. There's. Crack a towel we're trying to figure out how to get to it and they said it makes a circle. Okay. So you just keep following the circle around like they said at the very beginning, of the park and then, probably look for the signs that say where to get on at. Okay. The Sun is trying to shine Dan's. Gonna be my guinea pig today because I don't do water slides, right Stan. Bracket. Style aqua, coaster. Here's. The backside of crack a towel with some of the water slides coming out of it oh yeah, oh no that's, fine. Yeah we wanted to try it all of them well he does okay, so he had to touch his taboo, taboo there. He is and then. He swam over here. Okay. So which one did you do Stan. The. Purple one and that was the six-foot what does it mean by six foot you, have a six foot drop from the edge of the slide to the water, okay what, do you think about it says this pool is ten foot deep so, you definitely have to be able to swim to get up out of it you go under pretty far when you man. So, now he's going to do the 4 foot 1. Okay, I think this is Tim coming because I could see a swim shirt and, there. He comes. And. That pool again is ten foot deep and he had a four foot drop on this one and then you swim over to the step. Why. Do you think. Now, what was the name of it that one Oh No and. This is the kala, Mui, few. More drops sides that come out of the volcano. And we're going out to the one that goes at the very beginning. Beside. You drop so, how did you actually get up into that volcano it's, a lot of stairs. Okay. So now he's going to do these two water slides and, they're. Called. Paola. And to Nui. What, you think about that one, it. Was fast, even. Faster than the. -, no I don't think that fast twists. And turns let. You go straight out you know Wow. So it's kind of shoot you out instead under, so. Go do - no II don't. See how you like it we're, making staying really burn off some calories today, hey, this is the one he's coming down now so - nuit. And, there's Danny, made. So. What did you think, did you like it I was. To nuit was, to nuit as, wine. D is call, up a. Little. Faster. There's, a hundred and ninety-one steps, going, up there wow that's. A lot. That's probably why your hearts beat hard yeah, yeah that one had. Big. More water in your face.

The, Blue one and he's been wearing goggles which, they allow right, yeah so I can see better, that way I don't have to worry about my contacts, but all those big ones are. Thrill. Rides you know but, a lot of steps. So. You to work out. And. So. Stan how much did the cup, costs, for the where, you get the you get a free refills in all. Babies. $14.99. And he works in the. Okay. Santosha coke refreshing. It somewhere some, people use machines. Freestyle. That. Have over a hundred different sodas. Or, drinks, there's the refillable, mug. Really. At the club you can use it here it's free, refills, on the day you buy it. Then you can use it in all the parts - you, can use it anytime I, guess you get like cheaper, refill. That's a good souvenir right that's big. Cheers. Mr.. Beautiful, volcano it looks like a real volcano we've, seen ok, nose in Hawaii and this looks like an actual real volcano. There, are several restaurants in volcano Bay this, is the Kohala. Reef, it's. Just straight out from the volcano from bracket town and, it says it's a restaurant and social club taste. Of the islands, coconut. Curry chicken mango, barbecue pulled. Pork sandwich. A brownie pizza, looks, good has. A little bit everything, plenty. Of souvenirs, and, gift shops that's Krakatoa, Cadiz. Get. Sunscreen, and t-shirts and hats. Beach. Towels, water. Shirts. Rash. Guard and there's this guy. He. Kind of runs the place yeah, I think it looks good this is really a good time to go I mean it's a decent weather really it's in the mid-70s the water is heated to 80 degrees, and. There, are no crowds. It's. Really hard work you, have a hard job it's. Not busy today so we're, not needing, our taboo tapper to reserve, a place in line but. If we did when. Our ride time came up we, would be alerted, on. Our taboo taboo and. You can reserve your place in line using your taboo taboo by walking up to the ride kiosk, and. Holding. It up to it we've, been here a couple hours and all the rides are still ride now dancing. Dragons, is an outdoor bar it. Gives you a good view of Krakatau, in the wave pool so it's gonna give you I think a photo of you in front of Krakatau, okay. So use it on the reverse side of the totem to start taking photos. So. I think we're gonna get a photo of us in front of the volcano, Donna user taboo, taboo so, it's blinking, the, better you're ready to pose then. You put in an email address and. It activates your photo account so. I'm sure you can buy those. For the volcanoes going on there, it is. The waves are about to start and, the way fool. I. Don't. Know. He. Must meet her she's, the young white. We're. Gonna check out the ice cream Kona. Rotary. Beats, blend, ice, cream served in a cop, waffle. Cone, toppings. And. So Ituri fusion. With. Banana blue raspberry to the strawberry.

We. All share that to. Sarah but we're. Gonna get one with chocolate banana, and. This, is our lunch this, combo watch you're a beach blend, you can have up to four, choices flavors. Of your ice cream. For. You and, so and then it just swirl. The flavors up so goes how. How. 85. Top. Right here I make him stand take the first bite, this. Is a blend it's like chocolate coconut, banana and I chocolate coconut banana. What. Do you think about it Donna. It's. Really good, do. Not get it back hey there's, several beach areas, with real sand, you can sit in and, relax and, get some Sun, you. Can see crack, itaú from about anywhere, these, are the two-story, cabanas. This is offseason. Was. $250. But, it's. A higher price for the higher Cabana it's, just a beautiful area around, here and, coming. In the winter it's just so not. Busy. But. It's still a lot of fun if you pick the right day. This. Is the bamboo jungle. It's. A restaurant rainforest, flavors. Island. Chicken salad. Very. Good chicken sandwich chicken, tenders you. Can get a quinoa. Edamame. Burger, belly. Burger different, burgers bamboo, burger this is the Mong ku foodies, ride. Entrance looks, like a family raft slide. Couple, of slides here. Like, they told us at the front the park just makes a circle you. Just keep walking around either direction you'll see, everything, here's, part of the fast lazy river. Know if you'd really called a lazy river but. It keeps you moving, this. One has Rapids, and, waves. So. Not your average lazy, river but they do have a lazy. Lazy, river, this just isn't it and, you have to wear a life preserver. There. Are no tubes. On this one. Seems. Gonna go on it and then, at the end of this we're gonna interview him and, see what he thought about the not so lazy river it's, called the TI wah. Fearless. River so. When they do have a handicap, sure we're handicapped kids could get down in it. A pretty, good sweat. So, what did you think you just got off of it and I told them you were gonna ride it so. What do you think that's. Fun, really. Strong jets and push do it so should you not do it unless you're a strong swimmer, oh no. I'm it doesn't matter because you have the best. Along. One place where. By, the wallet, she got a big wave. Of water big, gusts of water you could get it in front of a necklace. It's. Pretty fast okay. This. Is walk away way eats and, it features tastes. Of the river Hawaiian, pizza jerk shrimp mac and cheese I'm footlong hot dogs and.

Coca-cola, Freestyle. Machines, so. I interviewed, the lady at the counter and, she said they're more known here for, having hot dogs and, mac and cheese, the other places more than we last went to was Mel were known for their workers and, then the very first place we went to she said they have the biggest variety, of food, on the entire. And, so that's the only place you can get their famous barbecue, no. Here. We have Tana wah tubes. And. It's nice because you don't have to carry your tubes up to the top they. Have a conveyor belt and. Of course the tubes are free don't pay extra to get tubes. There's this nice and tall so there's a lot of steps to get up there but that's. About any waterpark, the ride is worth the climb. I mean it's 73, degrees right now but the wind is blowing which, makes it feel like 63. So. Yeah. It's. Feel really hot, there. He comes. Why, do you think these, are really good on. This side were the more intense ones Baxter. I guess, that. Blue one is supposed to have never written one like that that's. Really tight turns, actually. Kind of feel, you. Should say g-forces, you know pushing around. Wow. Don't scare me to death it's totally, enclosed. Green. When it's open here part of it they're. Fun oh and it takes your picture on there right - oh that's cool look, at the front, of the park jiya Santa. It. Says remember to smile on Danny wah so. It reminds, you if there's going to be a photo, taken. On that ride so you'll remember to smile. So. This is the actual real lazy river, ride right, there okay. Watch this thing. Sprayed. People. That. Was happen on the other one I didn't know what they were doing didn't. Make it do that with her it's a fruit a food that's cool. That you could spray people. Once. So nice way, for some people to go so there's what you press your tapo tapo on it. Shows like people are coming by in the inner tube and you're spraying, out get this kid down there I think he wants it yeah I. Think. You do not happen but he was happy, where you going next and really see Cole. Pico. Why. The. Winding, river so, we're gonna see what he thinks about it I think you can wear a life jacket or you can get on a tube so, what do you think I like that he. Said it's only about a quarter of a mile yeah it's nice and wide, relaxing. Relaxing. But there's there's no way. Get wet on that. To be like sprayed on. Okay, it's different fountains and there's a it's. A Medicaid yeah, cave is really cool, it's. Darker in there and there's some mist and music and whites and, cool. Come. Out of it then there's a big waterfall that. You have to go through they're gonna get wet yeah I like. All the waterfalls, the. Theming. And stuff, yeah this, is a little kid section okay. This is the, TAT. Tiki, Reef and run amok a reef, and swim. Diapers required, for diaper aged children so. We're gonna go over the top Tiki, first, so. I'll see you need tops here but this would be days where it would be toddler, so soon as they could walk so. Like three or four he, said. There's. A little fish that spray the water and they can run in between the lights if, they do it makes the fountains. Go higher so that's, a really cool area and there's a training waterslide, for them to come down a, little, pool at the end of it and. Then looks like stairs up here where they can actually. Just go up and do a couple water slides up there super kids. There's, some of them playing over here today. Ah. Cool it's like a big rock that's not water like they're training a tiny little volcano. Right. Up there in tubs water. So, here's their little waterslide area. Cabana. Guests only. So. There's the refrigerator. Back. Here. Checkerboard. This. Would be a long couch. So. They could sit with their kids and take a nap that's really can be a little tiny beach chairs and. Then the taboo taboo thing is over there that they could actually order, food and they bring it to their Cabana so. That's really cool, gonna. Wanna, wrap, slice that's. Probably, not right. We. Know that we got that part right yeah we're, gonna see if you can do single line rider because I am not getting in the water today. Will. They when they put them with some water.

Okay, So they're gonna put him with some other riders cuz yeah you can't ride by yourself. He's. Gonna do this boy and. So. Now he's busy climbing the stairs again, again, plus. It's hard. Well, he's coming down smiling, so must have been fun was. It fun I was. Like wonder how much height they're gonna make on that first, really, big one right there but you only went maybe half way out yeah it feels like you're going really high yeah, there's, a lot of fun and there's two of them like that Wow. How many fives are in the volcano well. There's three is there only the one now, there's three drop slides. You. Know where you just get in the two kind, of and they shut the door and you. Cross your arms cross your ankles, and then the floor drops out and you. Know the one you go just straight, down and, it's only about ten seconds, and then there's two other slides. It they crisscross and, turn but. The. Entrances, to those are more or less towards. The front of the volcano. Which would be, on. This side. The. End the entrance side of the park so, if. You have problem doing stairs would you not want to do it no there's. No elevators, you, can rent a towel for the whole day and then. You would put it right back here and. Then, for the cabanas, as soon as it includes a lockbox a, refrigerator, upgraded, furniture limit amount a water bottle small sacks towel service and a server. We're gonna do our photos. To the taproom chapter there it shows the ones we took at the kiosk, and some, of the right photos, pretty. Cool that it does those automatically. Catches. Your right as you coming off a slide, okay. This is the end of our day at. Volcano Bay it's fun this just goes to show you can do a waterpark in the winter in Florida just. Pick the right day in the right weather and it's not that bad a little cool maybe when you're not in the water but it's, still fine when. You leave you turn them in right here to someone, like this nice little happy. Family return, thank, you Paul, thank you have a good day bye I had. A great time. Slides. Were fun. So, if. You're in this area at Universal, or even Disney, try. Out the waterpark find. A good day and, come and enjoy it.

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that was a fun day even though it was pretty cool !!!

Yeah, it was a blast!

Hey, very cool video and review of Volcano Bay. I am curious about something, what do you think of this park compared to the Disney Water Parks? Let me know if you have an opinion. Thanks again!

We’ve been to both Disney water parks, and they are a lot of fun. But I’d have to say that Volcano Bay is my favorite at this point. The theming is incredible and they have some really great water slides. But we will still go to the Disney water parks too - we’ve always had good times at them.

Thanks for the detailed walkthrough of things! Such friendly workers everywhere!

Yeah, we really thought that all of the workers there were great - really friendly and helpful! The staff can make a big difference in the guest's overall experience at a theme/amusement park, and they definitely made a good impression on us at Volcano Bay. We will be going back, and hopefully on a warmer day! Thanks for watching!

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