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Today you will fall in love with one of Germany's most romantic and picturesque regions: The Black Forest! We simply love it there! And of course it involves Black Forest Gâteau and a little town that looks like a fairy tale. Hello from the beautiful Black Forest here in the South of Germany! Good morning! We are here now in the Vogtsbauernhöfe which is an open air museum which features, let's say, the houses of the Black Forest. Yeah, they restored stunning houses here and last time we came is now I think 32 years ago. Yes. Can you believe it? Yes. And the first time I was here i was probably eight years old. Yeah. Yeah. I think the same for me and

yeah, so it's your third time here - oh - as well? I can't - you can't count - how often I've been here. It's just wonderful - yes - and we think you will love it because I don't know the area, just the drive here is, it's just gorgeous. Yes and the houses are amazing - yeah - just amazing and it's very interesting to see them. We hope you will

love it but we think you will. Now this farmstead is from 1599 called 'Hippenseppenhof'. This is the chapel that belonged to the farmstead and it's really beautiful, small but so gorgeous. Have a look. So this used to be the 'Stube'. Yeah which is the kind of living room.

At least it was warm because of the oven. Yeah. Here you have the traditional uniforms of the Black Forest with the very famous so-called 'Bollenhut'. And the red one means that you're not married and the black one means you are married. This is the epitome of the Black Forest. Here you have the famous 'Kuckucksuhr', here's another one and here. This is the so-called Labourers' Cottage and it's from 1819. 1819 yes. Yeah. So 200 years

old. Hmm. This is the kitchen and this cupboard reminds me of my grandma. Yeah, my grandmother had one of these. Yes, our 'Oma' in Lübeck had one like that and I have such great memories because I loved it so much. We also, when I was little, we used to have pots like that.

Look at the beautiful hens. I love them. This house is called 'Schauinsland Haus'. Yes. And you said it's a rebuild. Yes, it's a rebuild. Hmm. And the way the roof is, well, planned is very very popular and common here in the area. Yes and it's build in a way because of the very harsh weather conditions in the winter. Yeah. Because you've got a lot of snow here - yes - so the roof has to withstand all the snow. Yeah. Beautiful. Yeah. This

is just Black Forest as you would imagine it. Yeah. This is such a cosy 'Stube'. Yeah. And in this area as well as in Bavaria you always have the so-called 'Herrgottswinkel'. Yeah which is where you had a cross or a figure of a saint - yeah - yeah, and where you can, let's say worship. Yes. You find it in old

houses but still even in new builds - yeah - like when they are built in this style. Yeah, it's a tradition. Yes, tradition. It's huge that house, it's huge. This little garden is gorgeous. Yeah. It's like a very small cottage garden. Wonderful.

And we have stunning weather now as well. This morning when we left it was 10 degrees Celsius. Unbelievable. But that's always the same when we go to the Swabian Alb. It can be so cold even in the middle of summer or towards the end of summer. But here, we are so lucky. Honestly, so grateful. And now look at this. This is a beautiful thatched cottage

in the Black Forest. Now as per usual Jörg and I are on a lunch break. Yeah. And well, we will share this. This is 'Currywurst' and chips. Yeah. Now this is basically a 'Bratwurst' with a curry sauce. And this is - a very special sausage yeah. Called 'Bauernbratwurst'. 'Bauernbratwurst',

yeah. And we will share. It's a regional style sausage. Yeah. So we will have that because we can't have it in the UK and yeah. Well, try. Mmhh. And we paid 13.50 Euros. And we are in a region that is very popular with tourists. Yeah. So we we expected it to be a lot more expensive. And for what we have here, it's actually quite cheap. It also includes water. And this is what - apple juice ' we really love here in Germany. 'Apfelschorle' which is apple juice combined with water, mineral water. Very good.

Is it good? Of course it is. It is. I'm just glad that we walk a lot today because we need it. You know what's funny? These are like typical German chips but I also love the ones we get in the UK. By the way: I wanted to ask you something Jörg. Yeah? Did you have to pay cash? No. They took a credit card? They took credit card. Wow. Because quite frankly, it's a real problem here in Germany. And we're no longer used to it. So many places, even

touristy places, don't accept credit cards. Yeah, so always carry some cash with you when travelling in Germany. Yeah. You're lost without cash - yeah - still to this day still. It's very surprising to be honest but yeah. So this here is the 'Vogstbauernhof' which was the farmstead of the district governor built in 1612. The museum's named after this house as it was the museum's first farm building. And it's truly stunning. It's an eye catcher.

Just look at this house. It's beautiful! It's truly amazing and from 1612. So it's 400 years old. It's unbelievable. Yeah. And I'm so in love with this beautiful cottage garden as well. Yeah. The flowers in here are so dreamy. Yeah. And now we go to the oldest building. Yeah. It's from 1407. And it's called 'Schlösschen' - 'Schlössle' - 'Schlössle from Effringen'.

Yeah. it's such a lovely word - yeah - 'Schlössle'. I love it. It's like small manor house. Yeah but - a very small one - yeah, very small. And you said earlier this place is not only wonderful for adults but - yeah - for children. No, children will love it. Yeah. We loved it. Yeah and - I remember when I was seven/eight years old we came here and I loved it. Yeah me too. Never forgot it so it just it stuck with me - yeah - and, yeah coming here today brings back so many wonderful memories. Yes. We can really recommend it. It's not a museum

in the sense of an old style museum. No, it's wonderful. Imagine here, visiting a Christmas market. Oh yes. That would be fun. Oh yeah it'd be great. Let's put it on the list. Maybe. This is it. So basically a house. But 'Schlössle' is so charming. The 'Schlössle' or 'Little Castle from Effringen'. Yeah. And it used to have a little tower. Yeah. It's gone, isn't

it? Yeah. Yeah, that looked beautiful. Jörg is looking forward to having another highlight here in the Black Forest which is Black Forest Gâteau. We are now in Schiltach. Yes and Schiltach has got a historic old town. It looks beautiful. And it's just a 15-minute drive from Vogtsbauernhof - yeah - so that's really great. Yes and I want to get some Black Forest Gâteau. Yes. You have to do it. So we have 'Kaffee & Kuchen

hier' if we're lucky. Jörg and I were lucky and found a cafe right away. It's called 'Café Bachbeck'. Yeah. Look what he's got. A really really really big slice of Black Forest Gâteau. This is huge.

I bet it's so good. Smells good. And this is for me: Cheesecake. How long ago is your last Black Forest Gâteau slice? I can't remember. Huh? To be honest I can't remember. You don't know? No. Is it good? It's excellent. Oh yeah. Black Forest Gâteau in the Black Forest. Exactly. What do you want more? Exactly. This is how it should be. Drunk from all the 'Kirschwasser'? Yes I am. Is there that much in it? Really? Yes. Oh it's a lot. It's a lot. My dad always

says that. I mean the Black Forest Gâteau is - yeah - his favourite. And he says he loves the 'Kirschwasser' in it. It tastes so good. Part of the Black Forest experience I would say. Mmhh. So this is the café. Café/Konditorei Bachbeck. Let's see if we can spot some of

the cakes. Oh God, I had to catch my breath for a second because I thought the woman didn't want to be filmed but she was fine. Look at this. So amazing. This is a wonderful old town. We just love it. I mean just look at the houses. They are stunning. Jörg, what do you think? It's gorgeous, isn't - yeah - it? Yeah. Absolutely gorgeous. That's a - a gem.

We are in love with these two houses. Yeah and they're really old. They are. Yeah. I can't see your finger. Yeah. This one - yeah - was built 1718. Yeah. 'Cause that's what it says on the roof. Yeah. Really beautiful. Yes. And the thing is we love houses like like these ones but we also love houses in the UK. Yeah. We love them all. Yeah. You

find nice houses everywhere. Yeah, that's so true. Look at the houses behind me. And I just googled and saw that Schiltach is recommended. And it's so close to Vogtsbauernhof that we said we have to come here. It's so worth it, it's so worth it. Absolutely. It's charming, picturesque. Everything. We end this video in beautiful Schiltach. Yeah, we enjoyed the day very much. Yes so so much. It was so worth coming here. And yeah, we hope you will enjoy the video and

the footage, the houses. Yeah. Let us know what you think. And yeah, we'll see you again very soon. Yeah we'll see you back in the UK. Yes. So take care and until next time. Bye bye. Bye.

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