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Can. I get one more sir poverty. How. Do you feel about it stumbles cats. She's. Even, been to court. She's. She's. More local, than us why. She be deported, I, really. Like the boss. Good. Morning, everyone. What's up welcome. To my channel today marks. The first day of me, filming. A video in English in. My home town I know I told you guys that it, was feared for me last time making, a video fully, in English but, this time it's even weird because, I'm in Turkey so. Today, we're gonna be meeting a Taiwanese. Friend of mine and a. Turkish friend of mine he. Did I know her from high school so she's gonna be picking me up right now we're gonna be going to bitch - and then hopefully, to, cut okay so, see, you guys there bye. Hello. You know what's, up. Stuck. In the traffic yeah, welcome, to my channel are we excited for today's video, we're. Currently on the road and, we're. Gonna be there and the demon. Oh. My. God Burt super. Late right now so sorry y'all if you're, watching this. We. Got, stuck in the traffic because. That's. What is some beliefs do on a Saturday morning cuz, it's super crowded, Vulcan. And Bishop -, aka. Our, hometown. Because we. Went to high school in here hey. I'm. From Taiwan. I went, to girls for exchange that's how I came to Istanbul, and now. Like, two years. So. Today. All three of us abhi and yo it is by the way my friends from high school from. Coach from coach also today we're gonna be even sick places in Istanbul, but before, that let. Me talk, about this, video sponsored camp. Camp Lee is an application that allows you to speak to so many native, speakers from all around the world and, practice English but that's, why when they reached out to me I immediately accepted, to partner with them because I believe that it's going to be beneficial, for everyone, to improve themselves up until now I've visited around 18 countries and I can definitely tell, you that cultural, exchange is something I value a lot and, family. Allows you to talk to so. Many people from different cultures, and it, lets you to connect with them even, without having to leave your house that's, why I love it yesterday, I was trying it out and there. Was this guy who's from England UK but living in Vietnam so, he was basically, showing, me around we at Nam and today, we're gonna be talking to another teacher, from, cambly and, we're gonna be showing him around. Canada, what's your name. It's. Really nice with the water. You. Can try any application, for free for ten minutes I definitely, think that you should make it a priority to, improve your English before the end of 2019. You might think that it's a little bit expensive but considering. The other alternatives, I can assure you that it's a lot cheaper but. You can also still access a lot of free English lecturers, I was thinking their YouTube, channel. We. Are currently in, a car at night for, walking, to a place that serves bubble, tea because that's. One of the most famous beverages. Of time. That's. How it works. You, got to stop and say like okay we, got it. Can. I get one monster bubble tea, 30%. Sugar, 50 percent access Larkin. 30. Percent sugar 50 percent ice. We. Are in the bubble tea place, we. Came here because apparently. Is a very famous, Taiwanese, beverage. Right. So. Like you can have all kinds of. He drinks. And you put bubbles, as for other stuff like two things or, like. Redness. Inside, but. The classic, one is like. Yeah. We all have this yeah and it was really nice we enjoyed it she did. How. Do you feel about is, tumbles, cats. Very. Quick. Every. Day so much like everyone. I. Just think that. I. Like them too the, cats. Yeah. That's. The new name. Right. Now we're walking to the ferry station to cross, to the Asian side because. We're gonna be going to pedicure. From bishop dice oh my god it's packed. Thank. You. Thank. You, it's. So crowded. But. That's how Istanbul, is like because. It's always so crowded my. Transportation. It's, always. But. You like it. Do. You like the smell. Up. Until, now it's, been like 2 years right, of you living, in Turkey. How, has it been. It's. Really nice I still. Find up there interesting, like. People, every. Very, nice. How, do you like. 23. Years of living, at me, I, find it I, don't like the. Like. Whatever you go if it's big. What. Happens. You. Didn't, I, did. But it's nice we. Can go top up to tower and then you're, given the long season.

It's Definitely, nice it's nicer, than girl it's a tower by the way. You. Haven't, she. Sweeps she's, even, been to cars put, margin and Lardon, and hatta and all these places but she's never been to the maiden's tower and. Neither. Of them but. You've been to you've been to so many places in Turkey radio how, did you like them, it's. Very nice and like every, cities, is very different, soil, I don't like every city is very interesting, like, very very different, from Istanbul, which which cities your favorites I. Really. Like, marching. And contact I think, it's good for traveling. But, you know like during, the summer when you want summer. Holidays, I, think like this. Agency. And. And. Also my tea would be like 40 degrees in summer yeah, yeah you. Can up there, that's. Way too hot, yeah. My. Favorite would be. I. Haven't, been to these places in circulation I think for summer. It's. Bodrum then. For just traveling, around I also haven't been admitted, but I open in Mardin 90, - oh really. Yeah I want, to go again then. The, next log is coming from. So, wait. More questions, with y'all hey. What's. The thing that you like the most about, living. In Turkey a lot of things to see people, are nice and culture history stuff are like there's a lot I really like the boss first like, marry I. Like beautiful things. What. Do you like the most, as a local. You're. Also, local, by the way I. Think you're a local match probably, she's more local she's more local, enough she's been too hot Thai what's your favorite thing it, is not a, virus, stumble, in Turkey, food. As. A local, mine to the, food food. I, spent, the entire summer, in the United States and the food was the thing that I missed. The most because, I was going to McDonald's, every single day. We. Passed phosphorus, and we are in cut the charts. We're walking on the streets of the chameleon-like. Grabbing, some food because burbot. Hungry so for. That we're going to Chia a place that serves traditional. Turkish. So. We are. Like. An open buffet. We. Came to Kiev. Up right now because. Because. That's what the guide recommended, us, yo, is working, as an editor at the magazine guide, by the way. So. It's a like. An English magazine. Introducing. Like Istanbul, in Turkey stuff. And so. She is like. The restaurant that we. They, want some, traditional. Turkish coat, and. I mean the chef is like on Netflix. The chef's table so, this. Is the place. What. Are we eating right now. I've. Tried this before and, I, can tell you that it's pretty delicious but let. Me show you this. Is stop. Stop. Cabbage. Just. Imagine, some, lama-june. A. Mix. Of everything. Also. It's. The company I don't know how to translate, this. We. Got into a building and we're, going upstairs to get into this secret. Coffee shop that's cold mom talk that's. Hidden in the upstairs of a building, and, here. We are going, inside. I. Think. There's there is some fees we. Can sit here. In. The menu there is this thing called me alone, and it says Taiwan.

So. You're, saying that this thing right on the menu is not, actually, Taiwanese. Are. They, lying. By. The way we were talking about the fact that she. Studied, abroad for, one semester in. Taiwan. And. Apparently. She's. From say. And. Apparently. There were wild animals. And. They steal, our food but, they can sleep in our. And. She was showing us a bunch of videos of monkeys, that. Are being seen from oh my, god it's, just in. Front of my window, really. Cute. It's. A, really smart and, they were actually waiting in front of the supermarket, you, know. One day I had. True. Story. Mouth you know what it's priceless getting, in touch with different, cultures, as. We're doing today. Thank. You guys so much for. Being a part of today's video, this. Was a bit again and yo I think. We're gonna be finishing, tonight's video before. I finish I would, like to again emphasize with, Kembla, as. We do here you get to make. A lot of cultural, exchange you, don't have the chance to go abroad and visit so many different, countries but. Still want to hear from those people you. Can open the app connect. With those people all. Around and. Learn from their experiences. I think it's very valuable and, that was the reason why I accepted, to partner, with them, again. I'm saying if. You want to try out kamilly, by. Using the code and on connect you can have 10 minutes of free trials, I think you should give it a fraction so see, you guys again in. The next video goodbye. Take, care. Because. The key Sevilla. Venom. You, took the key taki. Yeah. Oh. My. God. From. Turkey. You. Say it was simple, our children.

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