a day in my life in korea solo trip to a goat farm and cafe VLOG ~ a studio ghibli dream

a day in my life in korea solo trip to a goat farm and cafe VLOG ~ a studio ghibli dream

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Hello everyone! This is being recorded the day  before our big trip because I can already foresee   the future - I'm not gonna wanna talk in the morning  because I'm gonna have to be at the bus station   at seven, I think. I want to preface this  with a mini mini Korean lesson because   I just learned something that shocked  me and angered me and I want to share   it with you. As you can tell from the title of  this video I hope, we are going to a goat farm. And I don't know why I never came across the word  goat or I never really thought too deeply about   the word goat. There are two different words for  goat and the one that I saw, that this particular  

farm is using, they call them san-yang which,  if you break that down, san means mountain and   yang means sheep. So I came to Kurt and I was like  "hey man, why are they calling goats mountain sheep,   what is this?" Actually, they're most often called  yeom-so which, break it down, means salt cow. A goat   can't stand on its own four hooves. It has to either  be a cow or a sheep. Oh oh oh - so technically the   mountain sheep that is living in Korea,  they get domesticated and then we call that yeomso.

That was just a funny strange  thing that I learned and I will now never forget   either of those words. So we're going to Taebaek  which is a small mountain town. It is accessible   by train if you take the long slow train,  but we're gonna take a long slow bus instead   because why not. So I will see you guys bright  and early tomorrow. All right see you tomorrow! We have made it to a rest  stop. We are halfway there.   I'm feeling significantly more awake. Hoping  that the rain holds out - it's only a 50%   chance so that's okay but yeah  I'm excited to see the goats, let's go! All right ladies we made it to Taebaek!  There is a line of taxis waiting for me. I'm gonna hop in one. I already saw the farm on the way in. Let's go!

My dear friends, we have made it  all the way here. The taxi driver   had a really rough time. It didn't show up on  the gps but we figured it out, I made a new friend, it's all good and we're here, I think - I hope. This  is a solo trip and so as we're walking up there  - oh my god I think I see them already oh my god - this is a solo trip and I recently got a comment   I get this comment a lot but I got one recently  that was asking "how do you - "(oh those are giant   ducks oh my god) so they were asking "how do you  kind of have fun by yourself while solo traveling?" and I always say this but I bring a journal, I  bring a sketchbook, I bring a book and so you   kind of aren't traveling alone, you have some kind  of companion with you. That kind of ties into the  

sponsor of this video which is Skillshare again, I  talk about them all the time in regards to their   art classes. They have a wide range of classes -  it's an online learning community that I use for   a ridiculous amount of hobbies. I'm taking  a visual journaling class which is   actually ridiculously fun it's called "visual  journaling: drawing your feelings" I think. It's just   super cute and I brought my journal with me today  to just kind of sketch around and draw. Yeah so if   you're ever like nervous about traveling alone  or eating alone or doing anything by yourself   just bring a little companion and you won't really  be alone. So if you do want to try out Skillshare  

I highly recommend the visual journaling class  for people who are journal challenged like I am.   So if you want to try out Skillshare, there is a  link in my description box first 1000 people to   click that link will get one month of  the Skillshare free premium membership and then after that it's about ten dollars a month.  I'm going to draw my feelings because I know that   I can't draw goats so there should be a cafe  here - I don't know. We're just up so freaking  

high in the mountains and their instagram  literally calls themselves "Korean Switzerland"   I'm so happy to be here, it's so lovely  and there are ducks so anyway thank you   again to Skillshare - link in the description  box. Let's go say hi to what even are these!   Oh my god, there they are. We've still got a ways  to walk though so... You aren't even fenced in! Are you just really well behaved or did you escape? Should I stop this?! All right I'm just gonna let it go   do what a goat does. I don't know the  rules here so I'm gonna I'm gonna head up. We're here and the first  thing I see is a sheep dog.  

Or a goat dog, perhaps. Let's say hello! Oh you just woke up baby. Oh he's ready - you want scratches! You worked hard didn't you? You seem like a  hard working dog. I'll see you later I'll come  

back! I'll come back,Ii'm gonna go see your sanyang friends and then I'll be back. Hi baby. No food, no friends, right? a silent screamer   Is he okay? little goat, big world. I finally have food! Oh my god they're eating my fingers. No, that's my thumb!

thank you!! No more. Sorry, that's it! Thank you lady :) I've made friends but only for a  moment. Only while they think I still have food in my hand. You are determined to eat my ring. No!    These, this would be me. If I were a goat this would be my life. Yeah I'm talking about you.  Yeah I'm talking about you, yeah! How did you know I was gonna sit there   right before you laid down? You guys  are guarding it I see. I'll sit in the  

other shady seats, guarded by this one. Do you  need a password? Can I go sit in that chair? Oh wise goat? Oh my god. This goat is killing me. He is talking to his friends up there and they keep answering back but it's like - couldn't you just walk up there and have a quieter conversation? But who am I? What do I know? Let's try, let's try and go up. I don't know how but - make like the goats! Oh you're friendly. Hi! Please don't push me down this hill.

Oh, aren't you handsome? I've got company. What's up? Sorry! I'm sorry. You can come to me if you want to. I don't have anything, so you're going to be disappointed. At least don't be scared. There are crickets the size of goats on  this hill which was alarming to see   but this seems like the place where  they can do their like rock climbing,   chillingm self-care. I really enjoy this but  I think now it is time to go into the cafe.   It's a little little toasty, I'm a little sticky but  they're so cute! So let's, let's go, I've got to get   out of this photographer's way - I'm messing up all  his pictures. I guess if they want to get away  

from people they can climb through that hole. Once  again I'm just very concerned about escaping goats. I don't know if I'm like witnessing something I should be telling them about, but I'm sure that   they've thought of this so I'm gonna try not  to roll down this hill and let's get a coffee. These two are a little comedic  duo. They are always together.   This guy has so much character to his face. I  love them, I love you two. I'll be back, peace. Greetings! Do I have blueberry on my teeth? No. Maybe?  Okay. Greetings from the cafe. This is just so  

lovely. If I understand correctly, I think they  only opened this month actually and the taxi   driver had no idea what I was talking about. So it does seem like it's a new place. It's   huge, like it's a perfect amount of space. They  have only a part of it that you are allowed to   walk around. They own like the whole mountain  and so like a quarter of the mountain is for  

people to enjoy and then the rest is for the  goats and you can rent a little picnic basket,   you can rent a little camping basket, it's like  in the middle of the gorgeous mountains - I mean   I really couldn't ask for more. I'm just gonna sit  here and take in the view and journal and doodle   and go back out and see the goats again. I don't  think I'm gonna buy food but you can buy a   huge cup of food if you want to. That lady was just  really nice and shared with me. I'm gonna finish my   yogurt which is actually really nice. It's not  sugary - like Korean yogurts tend to be   all sugar. This is not. It's delicious. I will  catch you when I do round two of the goats.

It's hot, isn't it? Oh I'm coming, I'm coming, don't  worry. You're quite dirty, to be honest.   There are only a few places I  feel comfortable petting you. Don't jump, don't jump! Oh you're very close to me. 

They all approach so politely   and then when they realize you don't have any food they're kind of like "screw you." Oh but you aren't! Oh you're sweet. He's also the dirtiest  one. Oh my god you're big.   Your horns are big. You're a little scary my friend. It's not me, it's him. He has - he has it. Over there. You - over there.

Over there! I'm honored, everyone. Yes, thank  you. Yes, thank you. Yes, thank you.   But um - I don't have anything. Bye goats! Oh they're trying to come into the cafe... Silly! Oh so there was a path I could have  climbed. I didn't have to scale it as if I  

was a goat myself. Well, live and learn.  goodbye my friends goodbye sweet dog   Goodbye my friends, goodbye sweet dog. Goodbye, oh he speaks to me! I'm gonna get a  little bread to take home for Kurt and head on home. Okay, as I head back to the entrance where I can  hopefully get a taxi to the bus terminal - if not   I think I can walk it. I'm not sure. I highly  recommend honestly, like that was so cute.  

The cafe has like sandwiches as well so if  you want to come here for a full meal,   they also had like pizza and stuff, I'm pretty  sure. What can I say? That was just a really nice,  lovely experience and because goats are kind  of ridiculous like everybody was able to    laugh with each other and be like "what the hell is  going on" and stuff so it was like you could bond a   bit with strangers, my favorite activity. My hands  are raw because I sanitized them so many times   but I'm happy, I'm in my element and catch  you at the bus terminal. Bye my friend, thanks for guarding the sheep.

I might be the only person on my bus. When  I was picking my seats I thought they were   all sold out because they were all the same  color but they were all empty so we'll see. Oh my gosh I am back. I don't know if you guys  are like me but when you travel all day, the first  

thing you want to do is change so I'm in my  pajamas, I'm about to get dinner actually with Kurt but I'm so hungry, I underestimated how  hungry I would get, that I took a big old slice   of this. So I bought the milk loaf of bread. This is really common to have like uyubang like   it's just like a very fluffy white bread made with  milk. And in this case it's made from goat milk. I got a huge slice for myself right now.  And I was going to buy the - they sell the milk and   the yogurt. I wasn't super sure - I'm like iffy about  dairy in general. This is like my most dairy-filled   vlog. I don't like lattes, I normally  don't get yogurt drink stuff like that.  

I'm very scared of dairy going bad especially,  so a three to potentially four hour bus ride   with milk - I was just kind of like no. So  I brought this back for Kurt. Is that all   I want to say? Yeah that was super fun, like I  said about a billion times, it was really chill   and pretty and beautiful and I don't know I  went to (pro tip) I went to a sheep farm   two years ago in Pyeongchang so in like  a relatively similar, kind of similar area, out in   the mountains. And I went in September and let  me tell you, that was the most beautiful time   to go. It was so windy but it was so beautiful, so if you want to go in the summer I'm   sure it's nice but it's also hot and raining  a lot. If you can hold off till September,   September and October are my favorite months  in Korea by far. But anyway it was very nice. God, I just, all I did all day today was sit  on a bus but I feel so tired. It is raining  

here in Seoul, I got home just before it started  downpouring so yay for that. And is that it?   This is - I was just about to lie to you, I was going to say this was my last trip   outside of Seoul before I head to America for a  little bit but no, we still have another trip. So yeah we're go- we're leaving Seoul again  before I get on my airplane so yay.  

Anyway thank you for joining me, thank  you to Skillshare for sponsoring this.   My link in the description box is there for  you first 1000 people to click the link get   one month free Skillshare premium  membership and again just even,   just look at the preview of the class that  I mentioned - the visual journaling class. It's got interesting ideas and it's been fun  to watch and openly doodle badly as you know I like to do. So yeah I'm going to eat - ah let me  try this for you on camera, in case it's poisoned. It just tastes like good white  bread which is what I wanted so   okay I will see you guys next time.  Thank you so much for joining me.   I hope you enjoyed all the goat  footage and yeah catch you later bye!

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