A Panicked George Soros Bashes “Mafioso” Trump in Davos, Gets Brutal Wake-Up Call- BreakingNews24

A Panicked George Soros Bashes “Mafioso” Trump in Davos, Gets Brutal Wake-Up Call- BreakingNews24

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Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You. A panicked. George Soros bashes, mafioso. Trump in Davos gets, brutal, wake-up call, it, seems globalist, George Soros, is feeling a bit panicked as indicated, by his recent, remarks to a roomful of Davos men at the World Economic Forum. And things, are only getting worse for the diabolical. Billionaire, after. Bashing president Donald, Trump in Davos Switzerland. Soros. Just got a brutal wake-up call somebody. Is going to need some ice for their bruised ego, after this George. Soros, left, President. Donald Trump, right, photo, credits, YouTube. Breaking, news today, Scott, Ben sack, according. To the Gateway pundit, Soros, recently, took some time off from destabilizing. Europe to meet up with a few of his friends in Davos Switzerland at. The World Economic Forum. In a, room full of global debutantes. Soros, reportedly, had a lot to say about our brilliant president, which included, the nasty rumor, that Trump would like to establish a mafia, State according. To Reuters associate, editor, Yoona Golani George. Soros, at Davos Trump would like to establish a mafia, State hashtag, with 18 hashtag, Davos 18. Unig. Aulani @u Golani January. 25th. 2018. Now. That's not very nice source. Could have employed a little imagination and, accused, Trump of trying to set up a dictatorship, Trump. Clearly, isn't getting enough credit from the billionaire, oligarch, in his, panic Soros. Is making a huge mistake that liberals, in America, made in 2016. They, underestimated. Trump he's. A big thinker not, a little thinker what's, really happening, here is a bit of projection, as Soros watched his own globalist, dreams for America, circle the drain thanks, to President Trump the. True irony, of Soros, accusation. Is that President, Donald Trump is tirelessly, working to undo eight years, of Barack Obama's. Mafia-like government, or in Trump's words drain, the swamp even, a glimpse at current news headlines, about Obama's FBI and DOJ corruption. Is plenty of proof Obama. Is a well-known Soros, lever and damaged America, with many social, policies, they have in common, sadly. Soros. Didn't stop at the misplaced, mafia dick he, continued, bashing, President Trump over the North Korea mess left by previous presidents for. Him to fix clearly. I considered. The Trump administration a, danger to the world but, I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon, that will disappear, in 2020. Or even, sooner Soros. Said I give. President, Trump credit, for motivating, his core supporters brilliantly. But, for every core supporter, he has created a greater number of core opponents, who are equally strongly, motivated that. Is why I expected, Emma Craddock landslide, in 2018. Soros. Continued, according. To Business Insider, not. Only the survival of open society but, the survival of our entire civilization, is, at stake he added the, rise of leadership such as Kim jong-un in North Korea and Donald, Trump in the United States have much to do with this not. Long after Soros, Trump hating rhetoric, hit Twitter he, received, an unexpected wake-up. Call considering. The narrative he tried to make his audience, believe as angry, viewers, started, brutalizing. Him with the truth calling. Out his warped sense of reality, Twitter. User Barbara tugga's wrote Soros. Is a pig on a power trip he, has more money than he knows what to do with he, wants to rule the world globalization. Guilty. On both counts, source. Is a proven, egomaniac. Who, equates himself, with God and it's a well-known fact that he's one of the richest men on the planet although. He hasn't acquired such wealth by noble means, Soros. Is a pig on a power trip he. Has more money than he knows what to do with he, wants to rule the world globalization. Barbara. Tugga's, at eat for health, January. 25th. 2018. Twitter. Use a rim of Linda - nailed it we, appreciate, hashtag, crooked Soros admitting, he's all about crime threats, extortion and. Violence, alas, being, Obama and Hillary are gone crime, does not pay we, go the fair decency. And lawful way hashtag. Boo by loser she, wrote. Not a green war and furthermore. Barack. Obama, and Hillary Clinton need, to be prosecuted for their crimes, we. Appreciate, hashtag, crooked Soros admitting, he's all about crime, threats, extortion, and. Violence, alas, being, Obama and Hillary are gone crime, does not pay. We go the fair decency. And lawful, way hashtag. Bubai loser em, alluded, to a tie Melinda, to January. 25th. 2018. Another. Pissed-off Twitter, user Jolla, said, the Clinton cartel and the Obama administration. Partially. Funded by Soros, is the, modern-day mafia, notice. How the left always accuses, others of their crimes corruption.

Lies, Fraud. Etc. At POTUS. Should prevent Soros, from re-entering our, country, I like, how Jolla gives us the four one one on Soros two favorite hitmen nice, touch the. Clinton, cartel and the Obama administration. Partially. Funded, by Soros, is the, modern-day mafia, notice. How the left always accuses, others of their crimes corruption. Lies, fraud. Etc. At POTUS. Should prevent Soros from rendering, our country, Jolla. At Joe, underscore, Lucia Luciano, January. 25th. 2018. My. Favorite, tweet was from the user hashtag, scrape head scam hashtag, mug who wrote Soros. Is afraid of losing his agenda for a one world order he, is the enemy he's. Sick, Nazi. Heart kills his own Jewish people has, scared, tribunal. Coming freeze. Dollar. Source. Is afraid of losing his agenda for a one world order he, is the enemy he's. Sick, Nazi. Heart kill. His own Jewish people has, scared, tribunal. Coming freeze. Dollar. Hashtags. Creep has scam hashtag, mug a trek jon-jerale. January, 25th. 2018. There. Are a countless, number of people worldwide, who despised Soros, for the evil he perpetuates, and the Twitter comments, captured, here represent, just a few of them George. Soros, wants, to, believe that for every core, supporter, Donald, Trump has created, a greater number of core opponents, but it's pretty apparent that this rhetoric which, is eerily similar to what we heard during the election, as the left claimed Trump could not win is just, as true as that was then, Americans. Were quick to let George Soros know his dreams of a Democratic landslide, this year are highly unlikely and the temporary phenomenon, that he says will disappear, in 2020. Or even sooner isn't, going anywhere. Dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank you obama, just lawyered up after learning he's being implicated, in biggest, scandal, in US history, sh. T is hitting the fan in washington and there, is no amount of bleach bit that is going to be able to clean it off this time Obama. Hillary, Comey. Ster sock and many, others are about to get the slack back to reality that they have sorely, needed for quite some time now, technical. Glitches in the form of the delete button and a hammer don't last too long in a world where everything that has ever been sent, through any device is never truly gone, buckle. Up swamp preps there, is a hurricane coming, and none of you have the know-how or the material, to save you from this storm we, the people know your, Pierce no and now it is all coming to a head according. To Intel yep, Washington. Intel, yob the Department, of Justice has started to recover five months worth of missing texts, from FBI officials. Peter sterzick, and Lisa page after it was learned a technical, glitch had caused their deletion, during a time when anti-trump, communications. In the ranks of the FBI, were at an all-time high. Fox. News reports. Federal. Law enforcement officials had notified congressional. Committees that a technical glitch affected, thousands, of FBI cellphones, between, December, 14. 2016. And May 17, 2007. Teen this, meant that five months worth of texts, would be missing from stroszek and Paige both of whom are under scrutiny after it was revealed that the former members of Special, Counsel Robert Mueller's team exchanged. Anti. Texts during the 2016. Presidential, campaign. Hannity. Said sources, at the DOJ told, him they have begun to recover some, of the texts from that time period, specific. Content, from those texts, has not been released. The, missing messages, have caused problems for the Justice Department inspector, general's office, Senate. Homeland Security, Committee Chairman, Ron Johnson, Republican. Wisconsin. And Senate, Judiciary Committee, Chairman. Chuck Grassley, Republican. Iowa have, sent a letter to Inspector. General Michael Horowitz, noting, that the acts office, said on December, 13th, that it had all the messages between sterzick. And page between November, 30th, 2016. And, July, 28th, 2017. Sean. Hannity went on-air Wednesday, to urge Congress to release, the memo which may shed further light on the matter, additionally. A source, fairly, close to the president, has indicated to Intel he up contact, that former President, Barack H Obama has, quietly retained, counsel over the matter, buckle-up.

People, This may get interesting, hot. Air also mentions, Obama being implicated, as well as his name being ironically, scrubbed, from the investigations. But. It seems the DOJ, did turn over some additional texts, that are worth considering. One, involves, an early draft of the comi memo, clearing Hillary Clinton, originally. The draft pointed, out that Clinton, had exchanged, emails with President, Obama while she was on the territory, of a hostile, power eventually. Obama's. Name was scrubbed from the document, and finally, all referenced, to the incident, was removed, so, that's one more example, of the statement, being watered, down over, time then. There is the very well known fact that Obama used, a fake name to communicate. With Hillary Clinton over a long period, of time, the fake name was reported, on back in 2016. By conservative, firing, line Barack. Obama used a previously, unknown fake name to communicate, with Hillary Clinton on, her private email, server that. Report, however, flies. In the face of a 2015. New York Times article, that said Obama didn't know about the private server, according. To the post, top hillary aide Huma Abedin was shocked when she learned of it how. Is that not classified. Abidine. Exclaimed, to investigators, when shown a copy of the 2012. Exchange, between Clinton, and Obama according. To a trove of 189. Pages. Of FBI documents. Dumped Friday night into Clinton's use of the private server, Abidine. Asked her interrogators, if she could keep a copy of the email the. FBI documents, don't reveal, if they let her body and take a copy home with her this. Exchange strongly. Suggests, Clinton and the president knowingly. Discussed, classified, material, in an unclassified setting, and hands broke the law said Raj Shah the research, director, at the Republican, National Committee. Politico. Reported, on it as well the. State Department, has refused, to make public that and other emails, Clinton, exchanged, with Obama lawyers. Have cited the presidential, communications. Privilege a variation. Of executive, privilege in order, to withhold the messages, under the Freedom of Information Act, the. Report doesn't provide more details, on the contents, of that particular email. Exchange, but, says it took place on June 28, 2012. And had, the subject line re. Congratulations. It, may refer to the Supreme Court's, ruling the, day upholding, a key portion of the Obamacare, law a report. On the FBI's, June 7th, 2016. Interview. With gussa fir confirms, FBI, director, James Comey 'he's claimed that Lazar falsely. Asserted, that he'd surreptitiously. Accessed, Clinton's, server the. New York Times, however, falsely, reported, this on March 7th, 2015. President. Obama said Saturday that he had learned only last week that Hillary Rodham Clinton used, a private email system. For her official, correspondence while. She was Secretary, of State my. Emails the BlackBerry I carry around all, those records are available and archived, mr., Obama said according. To an excerpt, from the interview, released Saturday, evening, I'm glad. That Hillary's, instructed, that those emails about official, business need to be disclosed, in the, portion, of the interview, that was released, mr.. Obama did not address how he could have avoided noticing. That mrs. Clinton was sending emails from a Clinton mail.com, address. Throughout the years she served in his administration, mrs.. Clinton's, use of a private email system. Was first reported by the New York Times last week. Basically. The newly revealed info about Obama once again being implicated by the released text isn't actually, new information, just, a reiteration of, facts that were reported and then hidden to save Obama's, but he, can't run anymore he. Knew about the hidden server he, communicated, under a fake name on that server and now, he has been found to be involved with the anti-trump, texts, and he, blatantly lied about it all for two years now. We all are vindicated in believing, that the Russian collusion, witch-hunt has always been meant to cover the tracks of the true criminals, and DC. HT. Intelli, AB Fox, News hot, air conservative. Firing, line dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You trey. Gowdy just, dropped bombshell, about missing, FBI texts. Trey. Gowdy has never really had an issue with asking the hard questions and, throwing the rough punches, when it comes to pretty much anything happening, in DC, that is criminal, unethical.

Or Outright, treasonous, the, only downside, is that he alone cannot, decide to charge under arrest all those he knows are dirty he, probably would, slap the cuffs on himself if he could however. He, is continuing, his fight against governmental, corruption against. The people and he isn't looking to stop anytime soon, recently. He, as well as representative, John Radcliffe, did an interview, on Fox and they both explained, that many of the texts, they have recently recovered, from the stress or communications. Are extremely, concerning, in what they implicate, these. Texts, even reveal, the need to not keep texts, which should in and of itself tell those in charge that the texts were not in fact lost due to a supposed technical, glitch but, instead were deleted, purposely, to try and cover the tracks of those involved, in the witch-hunt, against, our president, according. To independent journal, review if anyone. Should be considered, in spurred on hunting, down missing, emails it's representative. Trey Gowdy RFC. The, former prosecutor tirelessly. Dug through thousands, of pages of emails belonging, to former Secretary, of State Hillary, Clinton, and doggedly, questioned, her about the ones that were missing or deleted so. It should come as no surprise that Gowdy, as a member, of the House Judiciary Committee. Would, find himself in the middle of the investigation, into the five months, worth of texts, missing from the preserved conversations. Between the FBI agent, Peter Strahm and attorney Lisa Paige, during. A brief interview, with Fox News host Martha McCallum Gowdy, and representative. John Radcliffe, Republican. Texas, said, that the FBI's, initial, explanation for the missing texts, technical. Difficulties, was, at, best suspect. Gaudí. Said lay. Aside this glaring five-month, gap in text that the world's premier law enforcement. Agency, somehow, missed lay. That aside what. Johnny and I saw today was a text, about not keeping texts. We, saw more manifest bias, against, President, Trump all the way through the election into the transition, Gowdy, who, has called the bias revealed, in the texts he has seen stunning, appeared, to be suggesting, that the missing texts, could have been intentionally, deleted. Radcliffe. Agreed knowing, that the more strange coincidences. There were the, harder they were to believe it's. Possible that these these messages, that are missing perhaps, they really were lost perhaps, it is another strange coincidence. The, problem, Martha. Is it, makes, it harder and harder for us to explain away one really strange coincidence. After another, watch.

The Segment below via, Fox News, keep. In mind that Gowdy also, recently discussed, the texts that began a whole other issue with this secret society that was intended, to fix the damage they inadvertently caused, to the Clinton, campaign, none. Of that is something that can be easily brushed, off and like, Gowdy explains, what, is not there is concerning, for sure but what is there is just as concerning, which, leaves the question open as to why would they delete some but not these specific, texts, can, it be sumed that someone, may be playing both sides and wanted, those texts, found in order for the truth to be found via, breadcrumbs. Either. By ignorant, oversight. Or on purpose those texts, that were left to be found have, only given the Bulldog Gowdy more meat to chew and chew it he will until. Every last bit dug up and exposed for what it all really is the, one common, factor that we are all smart enough to see is that all of this Intel being found surrounding. More than one investigation. All goes right back to one thing which is Hillary and Obama's, many acts of treason and crime from uranium 1 to, Benghazi 2, arming our enemies, none. Of this is separate and it is just more proof that they are scared of Trump being president because, they know he will find it and he cannot be bought off to remain silent about it like so many have before him the, jig is up in the swamp and the plug is slowly being pulled up day by day, HT. Independent. Journal review dear. Patriots please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You, CNN's. Jim Acosta tax Trump in Davos embarrasses. Himself at International, Conference. CNN's. Senior, White House correspondent took. His anti Trump road show to Davos, Switzerland, where. President, Donald Trump is attending, the World Economic Forum. Jim. Acosta who, routinely embarrasses. Himself in the White House press room was, humiliated. On the international. Stage on Thursday. President. Donald, Trump gestures, as he arrives on day three of the World Economic Forum. WEF in. Davos, Switzerland, left. World, leaders, influential. Executives, bankers, and policy. Makers attend, the 48th, annual meeting. Of the web Center. CNN's. Senior, White House correspondent Jim. Acosta right, photo, credit, Jason, Alden / Bloomberg, / Getty, Images, screen, capture, a Costa. Followed Trump all the way to Europe this week to harass him over his America first agenda of course he. Could have stayed home and done this from the comfort of his own living room but instead, CNN's. Biggest, amassed directed, all the way to Switzerland to attack the president Trump. Spoke at the World Economic Forum. In Davos this week touting, his America first agenda while speaking with foreign leaders and business, executives, from the world's largest corporations. We're. Very happy to be here, Trump said as he arrived the, United, States is doing very well and will continue to do well and this will be a very exciting two, days the. President, is set to address the forum Friday he. Is expected, to showcase, the booming US economy, and measures like his recent, tax overhaul, claiming. That a thriving America, benefits, the world a vocal. Critic of trade deals he sees as unfair, to the United States Trump. Will also stress the need for what he sees as fair competition, the, president, has criticized, global, PACs withdrawing. From the trans-pacific partnership on. Trade demanding. Changes to the North American, Free Trade Agreement and announcing, his intent to exit the Paris climate Accord, source. Daily. Mail we. Want great prosperity, and we, want great peace and that, really is the message, Trump, said after holding back-to-back. Meetings with, British prime minister Theresa, May and Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a, lot, of people are coming back to the United States for, jobs we're, seeing tremendous investment. And today's been a very exciting day added. The US president, as Trump. Made a few brief remarks to, reporters, in between, meetings on Thursday CNN's. Jim Acosta pounced, within seconds, nonsensically. Asking, how the president, can possibly, be America, first while speaking with foreign, leaders mr..

President, Can you be America, first but also be rubbing elbows with all these bigwigs, shouted. Cos'è Acosta's. Boneheaded, question, was so absurd that Trump did not even dignify it with a response the. President, simply turned and walked away headed. Into another high-level. Meeting, after. Trump says of Davos it's been really successful I asked. Him how he can be America, first if he's rubbing elbows with bigwigs, he, did not respond, video. From at leas Landers picked twitter.com, weblink. Jim Acosta Aero Costa, January. 25th. 2018. Of course. A commander-in-chief. Cannot, possibly, be effective, at his job without having strong, diplomatic, relationships. With foreign leaders how. Does a cosa expect, Trump to negotiate, on behalf of the United States without speaking to his counterparts. Across the globe this, guy is a total hack frankly. He does not deserve the title of journalist only. At CNN, can you ask a question this tumin still have a job the next day a Costa. Was promptly savaged, on Twitter by social, media users, who have more common, sense in their little finger than he does in his entire being so. You went all the way to Switzerland just, so you could post a video on Twitter asking, a stupid question Daniel. Thomas asked, sarcastically. So. You went all the way to Switzerland just, so you could post a video on Twitter, asking, a stupid question. Daniel. Thomas at underscore. Daniel, Thomas underscore. January. 25th. 2018. Wth. Are you talking, about Pence. And Trump are promoting, the USA, it's, Obama, who wouldn't overseas, on his apology, tour bashing, America, our president. And American, policy, you're, out of line but, tweeted. Doris Day's. Wth. Are you talking, about Pence and Trump are promoting, the USA, it's, Obama who wouldn't overseas, on his apology, tour bashing, America, our president. And American, policy, you're. Out of line but. Doris. Day's at Doris, Day's 2016. January. 26. 2018. Apparently. He didn't actually listen to the conversation. At POTUS head with those bigwigs about the business they plan to bring to the US someone.

From Hashtag fake news media should fill him in wrote. Mrs. amo. Apparently. He didn't actually listen, to the conversation. At POTUS head with those bigwigs about the business they plan to bring to the US someone. From hashtag, fake news media, should fill him in mrs.. Amo at one, three two three one amo January. 26. 2018. Others. Simply let their memes, do the talking, according. To the Guardian Treasury. Secretary, Stephen mutton who arrived in Davos ahead of Trump explained. That his boss is fully capable of, working with other countries even as he prioritizes. His own America. First does mean working with the rest of the world said, Knutson who is leading the largest US, delegation ever, to attend the exclusive, gathering it. Just means that President, Trump is looking out for American, workers and American interests, no, different, than he expects, other leaders would look out for their own added nuttin. Truthfully. It's a bit absurd that this even requires an explanation why. Would anyone expect, the President of the United States to, put the interests, of foreigners, ahead of the well-being and prosperity, of the people in his own country that, makes no sense you'd. Have to be a fool or Barack. Obama. Dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You, Investigator. Blows lid off Comey scandal, saying it's too big to believe, former. FBI director, James Comey is a despicable, person over. The past several, months we. Have seen Comey, appear in the news numerous, times after it was discovered he was lying under oath and intentionally. Trying to sabotage, President, Trump into failing, thanks. To Comey Hillary, Clinton, was able to walk away after he predetermined. The outcome of the investigation into. Her private emails, by not even bothering to investigate, her now, once. Again Comey. Is back in the spotlight after, he was busted, for being involved in another major crime things. Aren't looking good for the disgraced, former FBI, director, with. All of the information coming, out about the FBI in the major amount of corruption taking, place within the department there. Is no doubt James Comey, was a major player during his time as director of the FBI, Comey. Has been close to all of trumps enemies, and is an Obama follower, through and through the, FBI was once a well respected and effective, institution. But now that is no longer the case and all, signs are pointing to Comey and Obama things. Are just starting to heat up and soon Komi will hopefully be locked up for history's in his actions, against, our president, and our country, according. To the Gateway pundit, the. Latest scandal to Rock the FBI, pertains, to missing, text, messages, between counterintelligence. Agent. Peter Strasser and bureau lawyer Lisa page the, texts that we know of having. Come to light over the past few days quickly. Developed, into its own scandal, of sorts, in an. Incisive ly written column, for the New York Post, Michael, Goodwin's headline, warns evidence, suggests a massive, scandal is brewing at the FBI. Sure. Goodwin's, title, suggests the, bureau hasn't already been embroiled, in massive scandal, for months but as the political commentator. Writes a number of paragraphs, in commis, role in the bureau's rampant, corrupt is the real scandal. Goodwin. Writes, during. The financial crisis. The federal government, bailed out banks it declare too big to fail fearing. Their bankruptcy, might trigger economic. Armageddon the, feds propped them up with taxpayer, cash. Something. Similar is happening now, at the FBI, with, a Washington, waggon circling, the agency, to protect it from charges, of corruption. This, time the appropriate, tagline is too big to believe yet. Each day brings credible, reports, suggesting. There is a massive scandal involving, the top ranks of America's premier law enforcement. Agency, the, reports, which, feature talk among agents of a secret society and, suddenly, missing, text messages, point, to the existence both of a cabal dedicated, to defeating Donald Trump in 2016. And of a plan to let Hillary Clinton, skate free in the classified, email probe, more. Support, for this view involves, the FBI's, use of the Russian dossier, on Trump that was paid for by the Clinton, campaign and the Democratic, National Committee it is, almost certain that the FBI, used the dossier, to get FISA Court warrants to spy on Trump, associates, meaning, it used the opposition, research of the party in power to, convince a court to let its spy on the candidate, of the other party, likely, without telling, the court of the dossiers, political.

Link All roads. In the explosive, developments, lead to James Comey whose, Boy Scout, image. A sinister, belief, that he liked his infamous predecessor. J Edgar Hoover was. Above the law it. Was in the office of commies, top deputy, Andrew, McCabe we're, agents discussed, an insurance, policy in the events that Trump won reports. Indicated, that the Russia collusion, probe was that insurance policy. Goodwin's. Assertion, bodes well with the latest developments, surrounding the former FBI, director. According. To reports the fired, Bureau head is pulling what the Federalist Shawn Davis believes his amazingly, dirty, claiming. Attorney-client. Privilege, after leaking, stolen documents to. Friend Daniel Richmond who he now says is his lawyer a title, commie did not reveal Richmond, had during his sworn testimony before. Senate, investigators. Last, July the. Person, to whom Comey leaked stolen, FBI documents. And who later leaked them to Ned now claims, to be commis attorney Comey. Described, him only as a friend and sworn testimony before. Congress added. Davis. BuzzFeed. Reports, the. New York Times also reported, Tuesday, that Mueller's, team interviewed, former FBI director, James Comey last, year asked. About The Times report Columbia. Law School professor Daniel. Richmond said in an email to BuzzFeed news that he is one of commis lawyers and that they would decline to comment Richmond. Was responsible, for sharing, the contents, of one of commis memos, about his communications. With trump with a reporter, at commis, request, Comey. Told the Senate Intel committee in July of last year that he asked, friend Daniel Richmond to leak to the press a memo regarding conversations. He shared with President Trump, New. York Times has referred, to Richmond as a longtime confidant, and, friend of, mr. commies and his, Columbia, University. Biography, states he, is an advisor to FBI, director, James b Comey this. Scandal, is huge and it's only a matter of time until the American, people know the truth Comey. Muller, Obama, and Clinton, all deserve to be locked away they, turned a well-respected, FBI. Into, a corrupt useless, organization. Who doesn't, have our best interests, at heart it's. Time for Trump to move in for the kill and drain, the swamp once and. HT. Gateway pungent. You.

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