A Summer Weekend in Friuli

A Summer Weekend in Friuli

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And so this weekend starts in the beautiful  Villa Manin in the flat land of Friuli. Today   we're going to a great concert: Bombino and  Adriano Viterbini. One of the two artists   is Italian from Rome and the other one he's  from North Africa. Both artists I know already,  

I've seen many concerts, but it's always great  to see them. Also the context... I'm here with my   sister and brother. The context is  amazing I'm gonna show you in a moment. Excuse me, can you tell me how beautiful this is? Also by the way just a little  detail: this is a public space.   Like this Villa is property of the Region  Friuli Venezia-Giulia so it's a public space.   It's a free entrance for  everyone every single day.

This is almost 10 o'clock and as you can see  it's still bright which I love. If you go more to   Southern latitudes you cannot see that. It's like  at nine o'clock in the evening it's already dark   in the summer, which is.. it's weird for me because  I grew up here so I love this bright summer nights.

It's so pretty, it's so pretty. This is like a gorgeous swimming pool! Good morning beautiful people! It is Sunday,  Sunday morning and I'm already halfway through my   path to... it is one of those many abandoned places  here, abandoned villages here in this area,   especially after the earthquake of 1976 many of  these villages were completely abandoned and since   quite a few years there is a party, festival,  how would you call it? Festa in Italian. So today  

I'm going there just for a couple of hours for  lunch. I know one of my childhood friends he   invited me because he was going there with other  friends so I'm gonna meet him, have lunch and then   go down again. It's one and a half hour hike to  get to this place. There is no road to get there,   so you have to walk or there is the  the helicopter for handicapped people. I just left the portion of the hike  that is along the river - or torrent, I   believe this is a torrent - and now I'm going.   It's going to be a little bit more steep so  I'm going to stop talking now and breathe. this part is very steep oh my god there's a whole village here  I swear we are in the middle of nothing  and this path is the only way to get here   outside of helicopter. You can  already hear voices and music

See, this was where people used to wash their  clothes. My grandma used to do the same. You scratch here and then you rinse. so I had to run away because... well I'm still  finishing my second wine but I have to run  

away because I didn't tell you that tonight I'm  going to go back to Codroipo to another concert,   so I'm in a rush.   okay this was crazy: this is Friulan hospitality.   This was a random home of random people that  i've never seen before. They just... I ask one  

question, I asked: do you live here or it's a  you know vacation, what what about this town   is it inhabited or not? And two glasses of  wine lots of chats and a huge plate of pasta later... This is my friend we were in elementary school together and in kindergarten together and middle school  together and he was the one who invited me   here. I found him for the last 10 minutes of me  staying here but now I have to go so... I must say: aside the fact that this  place is so incredibly beautiful   and peaceful and it just makes you feel good  really... my soul is healing so quickly   after one and a half year in New York here,  it's incredible. Also the people from here,   which by the way this place is inhabited in  uninhabited nobody lives here here all year around   but there are very active guests who have second  houses here, and they make you feel so welcomed.   I must say you have to be a bit careful with  Friulans because they are very aloof at the   beginning when they meet you first, but then  if you give them time to open up they become   so welcoming and so hospitable that it's really  hard to leave them. Now I'm going down I have  

to rush down because I have very very short  time to go back down to the flatlands and then   go to Villa Manin where I was yesterday evening,  because there is another amazing concert tonight. Hello again, it's Sunday night  and the concerts are over and I think we're gonna party at the osteria now.   So it's nine o'clock as you can see it's still  so bright which I already said I love and   yeah we're going to have some food and some more  drinks - because we drink a lot here in Friuli -   and we're going to just be together, party. The  message I want to spread with this video is Are you still gonna tell me that there is  nothing to do in a place in the country,   or in the mountains, or - you know - a place  that is not close to the big cities, like Friuli?   Because Friulans complain all the time about the  fact that here is so boring there's nothing to do   and they all want to go to the big cities  because here it's just not stimulating enough.   And I was one of them honestly I was  just influenced by everyone else, but   this was just a random, truly random  weekend during the summer in Friuli.  

And to be honest I rejected a couple  of more invitations for this weekend   for other events because I had too many  events to attend that I I could not, I   I literally didn't have half an hour to rest  this weekend. Please people reevaluate Friuli. Life can be fun in places out of big cities too.  It's usually even more fun if you want my honest   opinion. That's all from Villa Manin, Passariano,  Friuli. I'll see you in my next video. Bye.

2021-07-25 15:36

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