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Good. Morning, we, are, on, our way to casa, mila and, bar here, last, night we just rested in the b.o.b, and, went. To bed so not a lot of talking, then but. Now we kind of overslept, because the alarm didn't go off for no reason, I can't tell why I said well how, about you I said. Pretty well except I was so itchy three, different times so I need to go get medicine, because some, people message me and told me good things device, I needed. She's. Taking selfies. Tomi. Oh. This. Is a elevator, we. Didn't realize it was an elevator earlier I. Literally. Walked. Up. Four. Floors, thank you at five because, they can know the first word zero with all of our bags know our luggage because we didn't realize now there was a lift right here, let's see where it was oh. My. Gosh right here. Now. We do it's. Past, midnight and we're about to go to bed it's. Kind of hot in this B&B because, there's very poor air circulation but. This is our BMV for the next two nights here in Valencia. Tomorrow. Is our only full day because the next day we, are leaving. Very, early morning, and the only thing we wanted to do was visit. Oceanographic. Which is the aquarium. Okay. We're. All done with the aquarium, and, we walked about 500. Meters you, can see it back there and. Now. We're headed to a mall. Specifically. Carefully very. Excited, hurts, a good thing and, it, is quite hot, bitch, I'm saying. Or to that either. We. It. Is quite hot so this is our. Fan. Again we. Are going. To bed now with. A very early start, in the morning. The. Only very fulfilled, with, all. The chocolate be streets I've been happy lately they, put so much chocolate in these two which is amazing, because at home and you're like. Super. Skip out this. Is our cafe latte and. My mom loved their freshly squeezed, orange juice. Our. Train is in about 40, minutes. We. Just drop, off our luggages in Madrid. The. BMV owner was nice enough to let. Us come, in early, get the keys and there now we're going to go to them by law Sonia neighborhood because I asked for some suggestions, and so, many people almost, everybody, said, that so, we're going to go there because they have good cafes, and, vintage, shops and when, it's peaking, to be 90, degrees today we'll go to Prado Museum and. Then, maybe the park after if we don't make it back tonight tomorrow, morning, early lift I just don't want to die from the heatwave. Clean, and ready to go to bed we, came, home around 6:30. Today, quite early because our. Dinner that was also, very yummy but small that. Was around 4:30, and. We. Took, a bath with. Lush bath bombs even though we went shopping and. We walked around my lasagna for five. Hours neither. Of us really bought anything but. It was really nice checking out the neighborhood because, that, was the most recommended. Excuse. Me list so, we're, gonna. Wrap it up go. To bed soon get. Everything, ready. For the morn mean. They. Cats today cuz we're out in the park we're, getting to the edge of El Retiro and we. Took the subway mom, almost got pickpocketed and, she was like hell nah, that's. Why her bag it's tightly, tightly. And. I. Can't wait to go, to the water because the weather is still really nice right now it's early so we want to go on the boat hopefully. Also meet some of our viewer friends, there who messaged, me and, we'll see. Now. That's push. Hi, this. Is Silvia, she's, actually visiting, from Poland, and we're thinking love and, boyfriend. Or, all your hanging out at El Retiro thank you so much for babysitting. Yeah. Nice. Guy. Her, parents they're here. Being here with her parents from Malaysia things, are going. Some, more friends here at some other children, it's out this is Marie on the hip out of it because. It's a lot of fun. Rest, of my. Leave. It to the train station, at our dinner. Junk. Making. Our way down to, the train platform and, we're basically trying to expect, the worst gonna, be an overnight to, live in so, we're not sure what to expect. But. It should be pretty fun experience I. Really like taking trains in Europe I'm just hoping and she, especially hopes that we, get to fly down. As. You know we've spent the night on the. Train and. Right now we're at a hotel, when we were supposed to go to a B&B but, we have to turn our phone off because there is no way to charge our phone or anything there were no plugs, so. The, B&B host, contacted. Us many times throughout the night to tell us that they, had to fly to Brazil for. A family. Emergency so, they're not even there and then we had to go, find that neighbor and basically. It's just really complicated and, my mom and it's really tired from last night so.

Instead. Of having. To figure that out with nowhere to put our luggages, we, have a tour coming up today my, mom just found a, Holiday Inn right. Next to the airport because tomorrow if I leave at, 5:30, in the morning but, for now I think that this is what is the most practical. And comfortable for my mom especially, because she keeps saying that now, she. Needs to be more comfortable, she's, older. And. Also. Everything. When, we try to save money now it's just flying out the window for her she, wants to take taxi, no more buses no more rain show. Us a cab everywhere, everywhere, my mother's a changed, woman but. Last night was only. Normal. For me because, I'm like really used to this. I don't. Feel comfortable you. Know definitely. Have. Coffees, who are not too tired especially. My mom I think, I suck maybe. Yesterday, which. Is decent much. Better because on a plane I sleep like one so. We. Made. It down here to downtown. Lisbon and. We. Are almost to, the office and what we're gonna have a Segway tour and my mom doesn't know what a Segway is which. Is fine because when we go, we'll have fun I'll be good this, way, she's not all stared and anxious gonna, be. A new experience. My god. You get up. With, your. Both, of our first times on the Segway so we're going quite, slowly, the. Distance. Really, looks like an excess with the bridge this, is the rest of our group only, five people so it's really nice and small. You, look side sous-chef. Okay. Black. Hole. Nadia. Shall see. Very. Fashionable. Fashionable. Never wish like let's say. Simple. Five. We're. Gonna leave for our. Airport. Shuttle soon. And. Luckily. It's just a five-minute ride over there we, only slept around, five, hours last, night and. Our. Flight is a short one this morning this is our last day before leaving tomorrow, it's, kind of just like a little taste of Portugal because we were doing this whole thing through Europe so then we might as well you. Know come here a little bit after. Spain, rather than just leaving so. That's, why we only have a couple of days here, but it's really what the intention, of coming back in the future so, we don't have too. Much. Time. I've changed, and we, kind. Of did a little bit of makeup there's no one here anymore we're. Gonna walk down to rent the car and. We're off. Now. Charging a cellulose, which. Is hands-on. Shoot. We're. At the top of this. Hill we drove all the way up and now we are inside. Yeah. There's a lot to look at so we're just walking around it's, really really, pretty and very, quiet so it's just a peace. Place to relax it's, a peaceful walk, big. Really big garden, what's the what. Was that oh yeah. Hi. Oh. And. Speaking, of which I, have a friend, that I wanted to meet it's, Theresa. Renney Thai, oh. My. God. It's. No fun we just hung out and walked around and they're like and. She's. So knowledgeable. About. The. Island about so much more so it was really great to get to hear your perspective and. Your, stories, no, yeah I'm. Talking about art - so. It was so fun thank. You for coming here. So. Continuing, with our day, it was so nice meeting goodies, that the part she recommended so many nice places for, us to just visit a little bit take photos on our way to the, hotel this afternoon this is the first place were visiting I, really want to see it even if we're not gonna buy and then, later on we'll have hopefully a, little bit of a snack. There. Are. So. Many here there. And, me with, her big weather, is basket. Unusual, items would haven't even gone to that side yet but it's. Just such an amazing place. After. A nice, scenic drive, we've, arrived at the hotel really. Early kind. Of just like right before the check-in time but that's kind of the whole point of today we just wanted to relax in, this resort, I don't want to go anywhere no. More shopping. Okay. Nice. Cabinet. Oh I love, ro you. Know I love ropes. For. Room service, and. It. Took maybe half an hour so she, fell asleep. Interesting. Oh. Wow. Okay so this is one order it's actually really big so I'm glad we just decided. To split one, this is chickens do with mushroom, and bacon with, vegetables. I rinse pot and we're gonna head to the spot, okay. Time for dinner my. Brows have survived, the. Pool sauna, hot, tub add some of the showers and in another, shower I didn't, like scrub it though but it, got a lot of water on it but look it's still mostly, here, I'm very, impressed. Just. Gas to fill the tank of the rental, and we're four minutes away from, returning. The car going, to the airport and. We. Are off on our way home it's. Been a good good trip. And. Now, we are at the.

Only, Room that's basically. In this area that's available because, all. Of the other passengers, basically. Booked out every, hotel room and. This. Is already a luxury that we get to even lay down tonight, because we, wanna I should just stay at the airport and, sit there a lot, of people are but, they. Just let us know that. The flight is delayed. Again until, tomorrow, 2:30. So. That means we would stay there for, another 1500, I can't. Do that so I'm, aiso gonna sleep. Just, really. After. 23 hours please, have, a plane. Obviously. The crash when you get home.

2018-09-15 21:35

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Loved the video :) Glad to see that you and your mom had a great trip

so many friendly faces along the way! this was such a lovely wind down vlog


the part where you said where your mom wanted to be more comfortable was so relatable! my family took a trip to japan last summer and we went around by walking and taking public transport and stayed in bnbs. towards the end my mom said she was v tired and it made me realize of the fact that she was getting older

i'm currently a fresh graduate and unemployed, it also stresses me out trying to look for a job which is kind of frustrating but thank you so much for the long euro trip vlogs with your mom (she's so adorable


I appreciate your videos

It’s been such a pleasure to watch the vlogs of your travels with your mom. I used to travel places we could drive, my dad, mom, dog and I. This year was the first year my parents and I couldn’t go anywhere because I had a huge move and also I had to keep working through it. My dog sadly is no longer with us since last year. I am doing on the verge of okay, but I am still fighting to get my job recognized to the country I moved and it turned out a lot more troublesome and expensive than I anticipated so it has thrown me off quite a bit. The job I found, since I started so many people have gotten sick we are barely any left so it is stressful. It’s been hard to escape that general feeling of stress about the cost of living and moving, but also the cost of moving somewhere where you know no one. I was able to drive back home recently and see all my old friends which gave me a lot of energy. This vlog, too, gave me some inspiration to keep on going and not keep my head hanging too low, even if it’s not an easy time. Somehow we always imagine things to go smoother and easier than they do and I think it’s crucial to well-being that we learn to accept those bumps in the road. It is the journey, after all, that shapes you into who you are and teaches you lessons. I’ll try to cherish that, to be able to seek out and learn and relax. Even if it’s not easy at all. All my best wishes to you ♡

Just exactly what i needed on a Saturday

I didn't know you came to Valencia too! Oh my goshh *-* But what was that man doing in your b&b?? I mean, I guess he's the owner but ?? PRIVACY, THANKS. Anyway I hope you enjoyed Valencia, I wish you had more time to see around xx

+Ashpyxiating Yeah that was in the morning when he took pictures of her mother. But what was he doing there at night while they were making dinner? I mean, maybe they got along well and ate together, I can't know that, but at first it seems weird to me.

keroide 64 they participated in his documentary about travel. She mentioned that. He didn’t just randomly enter their b&b.

*30 mins video* .......i have reached the peak of my life

Such an amazing work on this video! I know how much time it takes ! This is incredibly relaxing to watch! Thanks Annabelle ! ❣️

the relationship you have with your mum is just beautiful

as always, an amazing and very beautifully edited video! next time you come to portugal come visit porto (my hometown!!) and sintra which is near lisbon (I've been trying to go there for years but haven't gotten around to, it's soooo beautiful tho)

Hello from Portugal!!! Hope you enjoyed your stay in my beautiful country!! If you ever come back here, you should definitely check out Porto! ;) Another lovely video, as usual. P.S. How did you like our "pasteis de nata"?


I love how you capture everything so beautifully in your vlogs ,it makes it so interesting to watch

i’m not sure why, maybe it’s the fact that i’m filled with a strange sense of nostalgia watching this, but this is one of my favourite vlogs you’ve ever done. spain is one of my favourite places and i love to see your wonderful relationship with your mum that’s similar to mine. thank you for always creating beautiful content no matter what and i can’t wait for your future creations. lots of love.

Your videos are like magical dreams...

A half-hour long vlog? WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED

the ending made me tear up a bit, I hope I can travel with my mum before it's too late

Your mom is adorable omg

Your mom is literally the most adorable person ever

Lovely! Next time come to the Canary Islands! ♥️♥️

It's my birthday today!! and you uploaded♡♡ thank you Annabelle, I hope you're doing well.

i didn't know that you were in my hometown Valencia!! omg i would have loved to see you...I hope you enjoyed it!

love it.

You're such a lovely person. I hope we meet one day. You are my role model. I want be friendly, pretty woman like you when i'm grown up

24:19 strong queen

i can't express how happy your vlogs make me. i was having such a rough week and hard time to stay positive but watching this vlog reminded me that there is still beauty and peace in this world. thank you annabelle for always making me smile

Your videos are always super calming and beautifully taken I'm so glad I found your channel


loved the vlog as always ♡

this video inspires me but also makes me feel like shit

i really want to your cats againnn

I'M TEARED UP! this is soo beautiful

heartwarming! I love it!

I also visited Spain recently and a bunch of memories just passed by while watching this✨ you made my day and I love your videos

Your beautiful videos destress me and make me feel so calm. Thank you

Omgggg ur mums soooo cute

Favourite part of the video was the aquarium bit, so calming.

I see how kind and positive your mom is! Such a beautiful woman!

your vlogs make me nostalgic of things ive never had but it feels good. thank you for your art

This change of pace is really amazing! I love watching your vlogs. And your mom seems to be a wonderful person

heart warming - wholesome - pure - just beautiful - thank you Annabelle.

Love you

omg im so happy that you met someone from Poland already ! Im from Poland too and I think that you should visit this country. Especially Wrocław, Trójmiasto, Poznań and Łódź

This video made me tear up. So heartwarming and beautiful.

The ending just made me miss my mom even more

I know I’m not the only person but i wanna see all the cat pictures ur mom took throughout the whole journey

miss annabelle, thank you for the beautiful vlog!

Your mom is adorable

Such a great vlog! Im having a very stressful day because im trying to fix my sewing machine and this calmed me immensely

Yes! Just what i need after a loooong study sesh

I cant be the only person that gets emotional while watching these video's. Sometimes I even get blue. Anyone else?

Im confused why your views are so low.... is it because many people just want the school vlogs?

i have been rewatching all of your videos these days and this new beautiful video is just what i needed! thank you for doing these amazing vlogs! love you!

So beautiful. this made me teary eyed because I don’t know if I’ll ever get to spend time like this with my mom but I appreciate you sharing the adventure with us.

How much the expenses

My heart is so full of love from watching how you love and enjoy your time with your Mum. I love my Mum so much and we would be like this, but sad to say that she is in a home now and it would be very difficult to go anywhere far. Hindsight is a useless thing, but if I knew what I know now, I would have spent more time vacationing with my Mum. I totally missed the point when I was younger. You are doing the right thing Annabelle! Your Mum and you enjoyed your holidays together. Your experiences with her are so precious xx

This is so beautiful

Omg where did your mom get her dress from it’s so cute!!!

This is a piece of art. Thank you for sharing ❤️

all the food looked amazing its making me hungry lol

I've binge watching your channel from days now.. and when i saw the situation of your grandpa.. it made me cry, because my grandpa suffered from the exact same situation and seeing him in the hospital and still happy and smiling

about a year ago you posted a what's in my backpack for college video with your sister - that was when I decided that I would finally jump over my shadow and apply for art school! this year in may my portfolio was accepted and I am finally starting school on the 24th of september, so in 9 days!! thank you for indirectly giving me strength and inspiration, annabelle; I'm forever grateful to you

Living my life vicariously through you


You and your mum is so cute!!! This whole vlog is cute !!

Do you have a link for the Orange dress you're wearing at 12.20?

Your videos are always an amazing piece of art and they NEVER fail to make me happy and feel warm inside! Thank you Annabelle for giving us these gifts! I love you and your videos sm

I am very happy that those videos allow you to live fairly well while studying. I hope your school year hasn't started too roughly, and that you're managing to find your balance again. Personally, having been struggling with very very strong anxiety issues for a while, I will be going for a small stay in an hospital soon, to help me try and untangle my brain. I hope to come out of there able to try and live again. Thank you for always giving me hope when it gets a little dark. As always, I love you, sincerely.

Good luck, Camille ♡

a 32 minute video, I've been needing this all day thanks Annabelle!!!!


i just keep tearing up every time you meet one of us "friends", its just so sweet and so full of love. i really wish i had seen you in france. my time will come!

Dear Annabelle, please come to my obscure hometown in Nowhere, USA. There’s not much here besides my undying love for you. Also I joined a printmaking class 100% inspired by the stuff you made in your old vlogs. I’m also participating in a fashion show (idk why, I have no fashion sense) and I want to make something inspired by your lovely aesthetic. Idk if you’ll see this, but I hope it gets to you... that’s all I guess. Thanks for making such amazing content. Love, Brianna

it's nice to be a part of your journey. you may not know me but I love you so much and I'll never get tired of your videos. This half an hour vlog is a blessing ❤ I don't even mind an hour long vlog ❤ hope your happy and healthy always

was just about to start my readings, but I think they can wait ily annabelle!

I went to Barcelona (my first time outside of canada) this summer and I absolutely loved it! this brought back great memories

I always enjoy your vlogs

Over 30 minutes of content!! I can't wait to watch. I read the description box and I'm here to tell u to take it easy and do things at your own pace

hello lovely! well this week has been the hardest yet, but watching your beautiful video and reading your description on this friday night inspires me to take the hardest times and try to make them the best

this is like seeing the little mermaid wandering land


thank you so much for ur hard work, annabelle! really appreciate the time n effort u put into ur content despite having hectic schedules. i admire the closeness u and ur mom have and also ur positive attitude towards the struggles u encountered during the trip, if that was me i couldve lost it LOL anyway i am SO excited for the school vlogssss !! ! goodluck with ur studies and have a wonderful day!

thank you for always sharing with us anna love you

annabelle! can i just say that I always love and appreciate the descriptions you put and thank you so much for that. I'm actually very! proud of myself! after an early class (i rarely wake up early on weekdays) and a three hour lecture, then coming home to do laundry, having a slightly very embarrassing moment including my fear of dogs-- i saw this video. and I said hey I'm really tired but I'm going to cook myself some pasta ( i just started learning how to cook so this makes me feel even more happy with myself

this makes barely any sense but it's because my bones are jelly I'm too relaxed right now haha my brain is also a lil too relaxed I guess

Your videos make me feel at peace ♥

30 minutes, what a BLESSING! thank you so much for all the hard work you put into these vlogs and videos, they are such a treat. i am doing pretty okay! i got rejected on sunday but we remain friends, i went to disneyland on monday (perfect timing lol) and have spent the rest of the week at work and in bed, relaxing. post grad is such a weird place in life to be and i don't quite like it much yet, but i'm hoping to find more things to fill my time and to find contentment with this part of life. that's the hard part.

also, i LOVE how much you love sweets. like seriously it warms my heart bc i know we would make such good friends. i would eat ice cream every meal if i could, and i love seeing all the sweets you get to enjoy on these trips. i just started invisalign last week and the hardest part so far has been having to avoid snacking on ice cream and candies in between meals or before bed :,( it's going to be a long 10 months!!

Watching your vlogs always puts a smile on my face. I love seeing the world through you, Annabelle. Love you and have a great day!

i would love to do a trip like this with my mom

Your mom is so cute! love the vlog!

Your notification made me so happy! I'm especially happy because I plan on visiting Madrid next summer, so this gave me some ideas for the trip! Thank you!

“grateful for this life with you, mom" aww I miss my mom

I cried

I am currently working a night shift after not being able to sleep all day. I have some serious heart palpitations lol but this videos calms me right now. Such good timing! I was seriously having an anxious day.

Just gorgeous!

Beautiful as always!

i just woke up annabelle omg im blessedDdt +++ very long vlog AAAAA ok time to watch now

i'm currently watching this in bed, wrapped up in blankets, with a face mask on. this is my friday night routine, something to unwind and treat myself after a long week. your trip made me realize how precious time is with our family and how we should do things like this with them. this has motivated me to work hard in school so i can treat my mom to a trip like this! i want to give back to her and experience moments like these with her! thank you for this beautiful memory, annabelle. we appreciate it so much and i hope all is well

This is so nice to read, I love how soft it is it makes me heart fuzzy and warm

THIS! ps. I had tea too ;)

It's beautiful trip with your mom and i really enjoy it! ❤

Time to _chillax_ :~) this is just a reminder to take a break and relax, working all the time can be unhealthy for yourself so always remember to have some time to unwind and de-stress

honestly the length doesnt even bother me ill watch all your videos til the end

I have enjoyed this video a lot

i never knew such magic would exist in just one video. your videos are just a breath of fresh air ❤️

OMG i am from valencia and i was so exited watching the video,i loved it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

jo i'm actually from valencia i wish i had known earlier :c

your music choice is phenomenal!! i have to know the name of the song at 3:30, it's so beautiful and matches your editing so well

Your videos are so relaxing and make me feel so calm and at ease! Your fashion sense goes without saying, but your mums is also

Precious and beautiful.

Thank you for uploading! :’) You bring joy to me every time you make a video and your videos are so lovely and peaceful. Thank you so so much for putting your hard work and dedication in everything you do just for us :)

this is super relaxing and I watch it to study every time

Could you please make a video how you planned for everything and all the things you have visitied in Barcelona and everywhere else I would be so grateful and I've seen a lot or requests for this type of video

I love you and your vlogs so much and your mom is amazing!,,hugs from Italy

Can I have your mum's wardrobe please, they are all v pretty!

hahaha 臭美


STOP CUTTING ONIONS !! on a more serious note, it has been extremely hard trying to stay positive lately but your videos always manage to make me feel good about life and about myself so thank you for that anabelle !

Annabelle, thanks for sharing your trip with us. The video was lovely to watch, as always. I was wondering if you'd ever do an international travelling FAQ/guide video? You seem to know a lot about getting AirBnbs in foreign countries, renting cars, using public transportation, etc. As someone who does not travel internationally often, I'd love to learn more about how to plan such extensive trips. Thanks and lots of love from the DMV

I love your channel so much, brightens up my crappy and boring day.

I love how you film every cat you come across

Hi I’m doing greater than my last weeks in school! It’s been very busy and you guys help in motivating meeee. I’m so thankful to have bumped into your vlogs. AgHHHH I’m inspired by you guys. Hope to meet you in person

i want really expecting crying after this vid, but i did :((((

妈妈真的好可爱啊!!!羡慕这种相处模式。 听到国语很亲切。

She reminds me of audrey hepburn a lil bit. the gracefulness.

just want to leave a comment saying how much i appreciate your video descriptions with a sweet lengthy message and links to things in the videos...if only every youtuber could do that!

I live in malasaña ❤️

you would not believe the cheer i let out upon seeing that this vlog was half an hour long ohmygod

Please film a video on how you plan your trips for international travel!

YES my baby's in Lisbon I live. yes come back. yes yes

Go to Sintra next time its magical !

God I was so happily surprised when you said 臭美 hahaha. Love that you're travelling with your mom cuz that's something I've always wanted to do. Watching you guys just gives me warm feelings. Love your vlogs as always!

im a filmmaking student and am currently experiencing one of the most demoralising shoots of my life. to come home after wrap and unwind to this and all your other videos keeps me sane. thank you for all your hard work and consoling content, anabelle.

another vlog another evening at peace... i love you and your mom! beautiful ladies

Wowwwww those aquarium shots are awesome!!

Annabelle, where do you find the background music for your videos? Each song suits what is happening in the video and sets the right mood. I love the songs you choose for your vlogs

I love you soo much honesty. I could cry

"there is so much going on in life, we must first take care of ourselves in order to not lose ourselves in it" is my favorite line from the description for this video. thank you for sharing your life with us and for those powerful words.

Aww I loved this! And it really made me miss my mum (we live in different countries) and I don't get to see her too much.

Your mum is so fashionable!

BEAUTIFUL as always.

Oh man I rarely ever comment on YouTube but your letter in the description box was too inviting

Oh cool! I'm from Lisbon, glad you liked!

The sweetest mom and daughter duo!!

I love your long vlogss :)

annabelle!!!! this video is so beautiful ♡ i also went to spain this summer! we went to the picasso museum!! i really hope you get the chance to go one day as it’s such a funny feeling to see his work right in front of you

Okay, so I say we should start a petition to make Annabelle have a travel show- All in favor, say I

You seem to know a lot when it comes to travelling like this. It looks so fun ❤️ pls share your tips with us!

Today I have witnessed some unpleasant situations which made me feel really down and think about people and humanity... it was a person close to me beating his dog and I had to stand up for the one’s who can’t themselfes. In these situations I try to stay as calm as possible and handle everything with kindness. You will be my biggest rolemodel forever. The way you act and handle situations it’s in a way angelic. You will be my rolemodel forever, stay the way you are. Big thank you for making difference.

I was wondering if you could do a video on how you plan your trips. Or maybe you’ve mentioned it before? I’m 22 and never traveled outside the US but I would like to plan something for me, my mom and sisters soon.

You guys are the cutest! Enjoy every moment ^^

Your videos are so inspiring and calming!

Just finished and read the description. I am doing good, but like you, i want to get the "stress" work done and i haven't really been taking care of myself and you saying it was like a reminder to do so. Thank you, i hope that you get on pace again and don't forget to take care of yourself too. Take it day by day like you said.

The songs you use in this video are so beautiful

Wow thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful memory. It's so nice that you travelled with your mom! I am currently in art school, and I miss my mom dearly! But watching you and your mom, simply being together, enjoying each other's presence reminds me of my own relationship with my mom, and I feel even more appreciative of her. Thank you, always, for being who you are, showing us what it is to live at your own pace, by your own story, while still caring for others. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

i couldn't even finish the video lol i had to comment . This has been one of the best footage you have ever done in my opinion. Especially the aquarium footage with the music in the background it made me emotional, it was amazing. Once again, your mummy is so cute. I love how you accommodate to the language of the country you travel too, it's cool. This vlog is dear to me because it has little things that remind me of my home, Dominican Republic. For example, when you visited the mall, Carefour. It remind me of my childhood because there is one around were i used to live in DR and i would always go shopping there with my mom and i have the best ice cream in the world. Again, thank you for sharing your memories with us , i one day want to travel with my mom too and Spain is on the list. Now back to the video!

Feels so different seeing the city where i go to study in someone elses eye! Your blogs are SO nice to watch!! Lot of love for you and your mom ❤️❤️❤️

老腰闪了一下 哈哈好妈妈太可爱啦!注意腰

Always love watching your vlogs, they are so soothing. So glad you enjoyed your trip with your mom and got to travel and have your own journey with someone you love and cherish, as I have gotten older I cherish every little moment I can get with my parents whether it's traveling or at home. The small memories we get make such a big and comforting impact in our lives as we grow. Continue your vlogs all your subscribers I know love it! :)

You and your mom have such a good taste in fashion. Love all of your vlogs ❤️

Hello Annabelle, I am simultaneously dreading and looking forward to next week as I'm moving into my first house for my second year of University! I definitely feel very overwhelmed and anxious but I've been trying to adopt your incredible frame of mind - this is is a big step in my life, a grand achievment, and instead of being terrified of this new chapter in my life, I must look at the positives and embrace the adulthood I'm plunging straight into. I'm excited to reunite with all of my friends and study literature which makes my heart so happy. Thank you, for all of your hard work, your patience, kindness & support. Hope you are doing well, can't wait for more amazing content

I love your vids! Such inspiring, artistic content

im so emotional right now. i'm going to work so hard to go on a holiday with my precious Mom in the future. this vlog was so beautiful and the ending made me tear up. thank you so much! ❤️

found you through amy and LOVE all of your content. Thanks for the sweet note in your caption - I identify as a law student w the struggles of taking care of yourself and the freaking hustle. Sending love


your mom is so adorable, such sweet memories to cherish. Thanks for sharing, xx

I hope that one day I can take my mom to beautiful places like these.

I would have loved to meet you but I'm glad you enjoyed Barcelona!!

I just laughed with you elevator confusion. Like... You don't have that kind of elevator doors in the USA? I'm from near BCN and my elevator looks just like that!!

I wish we could have met in Lisbon :(

beautiful as always (your mom is the most adorable btw)

Love you Annabelle


I really love your travel vlogs

I have a dream to earn enough money to take my mom and dad on a trip to Europe. And everyday I work hard to make that dream come true

your videos always make me feel warm. thank you for sharing your light. sending you love & happy prayers from my home to yours!

I've been a silent viewer for a long while watching all your vlogs and videos, but I couldn't help it and just wanted to let you know how I loved this looooong vlog (and the entire travel vlog series!) where I got to see more of the relationship you have with your mum. Thank you so much for sharing with us such beautiful moments, even the simple little things that you experience in your travels, it really felt like I travelled there and back in these 30 minutes! I caught myself smiling at your conversations with your mum and her cute selfie moments, all the beautiful shots of food and scenery, the feels is real!! "there is so much going on in life, we must first take care of ourselves in order to not lose ourselves in it." Thank you for reminding me to love myself no matter what and reigniting this spark to life ♡

thank you daisy, for your lovely message. it means so much that you've stuck with me, even if you don't usually comment! i am glad i can bring you a piece of enjoyment and positivity through sharing my content, and i hope to continue doing so. feeling so blessed to be in a community with people like you. sending you love, take care of yourself and i hope to hear from you soon :-)

i love your vlogs probably more than anything right now. the editing is insanely good idk how u do it honestly + the list of clothes you were wearing? you’re so thoughtful ❤️

This was so beautiful. Such a delight to wind down and watch this. So excited for the school vlogs though! I find them very motivational❤️

I, like everyone else who is subscribed to you, genuinely enjoy all the content you put out. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your channel. Your videos make me feel calm and your words always remind me to keep pushing forward, so thank you. I finished my assigned book today and took the opportunity to watch this video for my break. I have been so focused on my school work that I forget to watch the content those who I'm subscribed to put out. Although school work has become very overwhelming, I am proud of myself for being setting aside more time for all the work I get. I've always been one to do everything last minute and I have definitely made progress to leave that bad habit behind. Once again, thank you for simply being you.

Hey! I’m sorry if this is a personal question, but I was wondering if you have any tips for travel money and time wise. I really want to explore and experience new things, however, money is a concern for a student and of course managing school, etc. thank you!!!

why do people clap after a plane lands hahahaha

i really wish i'd knew you were coming to portugal! i would've loved to meet you and im so sad i couldn't. but still great vlog and i love you!

ur mom is so adorable! these vlogs were wonderful, the love you have for each other radiates throughout these videos. i hope i get to do something like this with my mom one day

Your mom looks like the nicest person on planet❤

your mom is so cute and funny, i cant!! beautiful beautiful vlog

I COULD HAVE MET YOU (U n U) I live in barcelona!

my heart is full

Always love your traveling vlogs. They’re always so relaxing and gentle. Though life has been rough for me lately, I’m struggling trying to balance school and work at the same time. I get home really late and have to wake up extremely early which makes me sleep so much less than I used to. Hopefully things will spread out soon enough

this makes me miss my mom.

pls dont go to zoos or aquariums.

30 minutes of catcreature???? i must be in a dream. oh, annabelle. you never fail to capture the most beautiful moments. you have been a big inspiration for me to vlog my own life too. the last few seconds of the vlog devoting to your mom got me a lil teary eyed but im fine! thank you for sharing these precious moments with us

Yass 30 minute video time to grab my tea ^^

A lot of people are missing out on Annabelle’s content, I don’t understand why she doesn’t get more views but honestly the more I thought about it..it’s really nice to have this own little community where there’s not millions of people watching. It makes you appreciate it more, like she’s your own little secret and it’s heart-warming to see as it makes you realise quality over quantity. Annabelle, you truly are a beautiful character and I think a lot of people can say the same, please take care of yourself and thank you for letting us live vicariously through you

Your mom is so adorable omg!

The last few vlogs of you travelling to Scotland and your Europe vacation with your mum have been so amazing!! watching your vlogs makes me feel like I was apart of your journey in a way and I just want to thank you so much for these videos that have such an uplifting and heartwarming quality to them. I love how much effort you put into this!! the ending of this vlog just about made me cry. and your holiday with your mum seems like it was a such a good time, your relationship with your mum reminds me of how close I am to my mum. thank you so much Annabelle

These should be retitled: "Travel Europe with Annabelle's Mom" ❤️❤️❤️❤️

There’s always a cat appearance on your videos.

I hope you had fun in Spain,I hope I'll be able to meet you in the future

I love the close relationship between you and your mum, it reminds me of the realtionship I have with my mum and every time I see a video of you guys together it reminds me how grateful I am for her ❤

your mom has a beautiful smile and energy !

the clips in the aquarium were all so beautiful!!

this is so beautiful and it makes me want to travel again! I absolutely loved every single second of this video omg. you are so kind and wise and you make me appreciate the little things more and be grateful for what i have! thank you annabelle for letting us enjoy this beautiful trip with you :)

everytime i see you eat i get SHOOKETH again that u r not vegan

Thank u Emma :-) it means a lot to be able to share these special memories with you. So grateful that you are able to take a piece of positivity and enjoyment from content I make. I hope you are doing well too! I am already a little tired only in the second week of school...but I have a good grasp on all that I ought to do! Take care of yourself and talk soon ❤️ x.

Yessss right

Thank you, it was lovely! And I hope so, too :'-)

Thank you !!

Thank you so much for being here and telling me all about how things have been. It brought me a big smile to read that you were proud of all of your hard work, it's so empowering. Thank u for making time to be here when you could've spent it anywhere else. So thankful for this community and it's members, like you. I need that push oftentimes too when things get so overwhelming, and it is really uplifting to come back to this place and share our thoughts and feelings. Take care, I am sending u love

We were trapped in the airport for 20 something hours, some passengers actually 3 days ! The day of our rescheduled flight, it was actually delayed AGAIN another three hours. We were just so glad to be home

yeah i understand but it´s nice to know you plan on coming back! ily and keep up with the great vlogs!

I wasn't there nearly long enough! Will be coming back someday to admire its beauty

I thought I'm the only Sylwia from Poland that is watching you, guess I was wrong :')

Where do you get all of those beautiful dresses??

awe you and you're mom are so sweet

i love your videos. This video reminded me to appreciate my mom more. life is short , and moments with your familiy is priceless. thank you for being a inspire person with such amazing videos

You are really one of my favourite youtubers I absolutely love your videos!!❤️, I was just wondering where you stand in the matter of aquariums and zoos? Do you really want to support organisations that keep magnificent animals confined to so small spaces when they are meant to swim in the endless oceans or, run free in the jungle ?

loooooved the aquarium bit so so much, love that you travel with your mom & that you guys get along so well. and i also love that this vlog was half an hour long :D

Ayah Mahmoud I

I love your mom's outfits

I've loved this trip with your mom. My mum and I have a close relationship too and it makes me happy to see yours ❤️

Hi there! May I ask if you use a fitness app? I heard something like a timer sound

thanks for this loooonnggg vlog! love it !! especially when you asked your mum to be careful (too cute i kennot

You and your mom are so cute and have the best vacation outfits! Loving your vlogs as always Annabelle ❤️

i love how when you met the viewers you said you met some "friends" such a lovely way of putting it (-':

I went to the glass palace this year also , in February and it you help your hand out with a bit of food sparrows would land on your hand

You have such a sweet mom

This was so lovely, and made me so happy!

loved watching this

It looks like you and your mom have such a lovely relationship! It must be nice to get time to travel with her. I know I like spending time away with my mom.

what a trip!! so fun

oh my god the musical scoring in this video just melts my heart it's sooo good

what a very nice trip you had with your mom!!!

I love these kind of vlogs sm ♥️

Your so good at handling with things haha!!!! I would be like your mom hahaha I am uncomfortable lol

ur mom is cute! hope y/all enjoyed ur trip

everything about and your videos is so pure and full of light! Thank you for sharing your adventures!! Very inspiring

The color grading is beautiful... but also not too distracting! Great job!

Does anyone know the song from 0:58 to 2:22 it's so pretty and i can't find it anywhere!

I hope you enjoyed your time in Portugal even though you had some unforeseen events. It feels great seeing you wander around and visiting my country!!

your videos always uplift me :)

omg I might just cry. That ending

I've said this a million times but I really love your vlogs

I really love your vlogs. Thank you so much for creating

Madrid is my hometown but i'm studying away from home, and this video made me so nostalgic. You are such and inspiration


a 32 minute long video? I AM BLESSED

I can't believe you were in Valencia!! I would've loved to have a chance to run into you and say hello and thank you for all the amazing content you create! So happy to see these kinds of trips, it's so heart warming and relaxing. You inspire me to go traveling more often even if I'm afraid to do it all alone haha

Beautiful & your lovely dresses

It’s so nice to see your vlogs. And you visited Portugal! Next time you come by you should visit Porto it has a very nice feeling to it and I think you would love it!

The relationship between you and your mum is honestly so lovely

I feel so happy, peaceful and motivated whenever I watch your videos! It is hard to describe but it's all positive! I would love to treat you if you ever come to my city:)


this vlog will always be one of my favourites

the description!!! I didn't fail because I tried. I'm going to write that down. Thank you


very calm vlog I love your content sm

Such a lovely video and a great trip! Thank you for the tour around Europe. Your mom is so funny and sweet.

I rly wish u would make a video explaining ur recommendations for travel and how you book and plan ur vacations

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