a (very) long and quite boring bilingual vlog

a (very) long and quite boring bilingual vlog

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Rosenburg, atashi, restaurant, a under a okay. Daniel. Available. To. Me. To pass on it. It's. A. Low. Murmur, Cody, Jameson, all the TP j. / como si me gusta cuando. Le. Amis able, to. Say. Yeah occupy como se. Come. On. Hello. Miss ravillious. Kiss. Across. Canada, it won't be. Sit. Back down the schwa. No. Monument. A Spanish you sir. May. We sit oh. Come. On Scotty zoom Saavik. Looking. Hi. Guys it's Ruby, I'm. Canadian, I, speak. English and, a little bit of French. We're. Gonna do a tour of the garden wow, it's. Beautiful Wow. Look at cactus. Definitely. Pokey so, here's the garden we're, walking with, you. Wow, it's sunny okay nature, at its finest. Wow. Yep, definitely nature. Right there here's. A natural pile of rocks, and cement in its, natural habitat give. Some more cement, stuff I'm not really sure Wow, hey. Guys it's Ruby so I'm on my nature walk and it's a little bit of a dilemma I ran into a little fence here, I can't I, can't. Proceed I think that's gonna have to conclude our nature walk so, have, a good day y'all peace, out Girl Scouts oh god there's some sort of flower wow, I've, never seen one of these in my life. Canada. We don't have flowers, it's a lie guys we actually do just, some sort of fallen tree or something. Have. Some weird trees here in France. Interesting. Back. Home in Canada we would call this lovely. Pile. Of branches of Beaver dome except, for it's not in water and I don't see no beavers. Garden. Holy. Man, what, is she doing Wow and. Here. Is a garbage can, I don't. Know I'm not French I was empty Wow I didn't know they had those in gardens around here beautiful. Garden. Wait what's that oh my. God it's kosong hey. How. You doing there girl well, that concludes our garden tour set for today fellas. Sandals. We're. Doing some braids. Slippers. Very, nice Wow, there there comes some sort of sister. Clothes beautiful. The. Face of King I'll keep you updated on the braids fellas look at this crazy technology, there's a switch. For. The blinds and the blinds are metal. What. The heck watch. Oh my god Wow. Wait. I think I can stop it oh. Why. Did here, let me just use this fancy technology. They, have in France oh we, wanted, to stop it okay Wow. English. In, English I don't understand, French, I. Don't, speak bigoted, I'm. Gonna speak bigoted, yep. It's. A book it's a joke. Cuz. Are French I don't speak bigoted I don't speak French. Guys. Guess. He has a nice little ponytail, you. Could, use this put your makeup on and the. Slippers never fail excuse, me I'm trying to make a vlog. So. How happy are you really. That's. Like 10% yes. Thanks. I. Don't. Know French but I know mad they, want me to do an apartment, to it but this isn't even my apartment. Let's. Do it anyways. First. The, things. The. Braids. You. Solve a bit more motion I. Don't. Think they like the Canadian. No. They, think I. Did not put my bathing suit. Did. I put my birthing suit yes. What. I'm, doing digital. Festival. Tutorial. Going. To take this. Well. With. This. One. She. Could. Lose. It shows a joke. Oh my god it's happening again. See. You eighty four I. Don't. Know this might be some sort of French code first see you later but. I'm. Not exactly sure but, in Canada we don't usually have that above doors. Interesting. I'm really learning about the culture here okay. So there's, this, three thing and I was quite intrigued so I looked at it looks. Like some sort of technology. Gold thingamabob. Area with some adhesive. Material, on, the back I'm not too sure yeah. So I asked, a Moline how to how.

To Turn these on and, she. Said, right. There. She. Said odds watt which means right cuz I know French so, I went to you she said I go so I went to you she, said the odds what and so I went to you again and then, she said oh media, and I said oh right, here look. At that oh my. God, it's. A string of Lights, it's. Like rope but, that, lights up, Wow. You can move it if we're gonna do a tour of the fridge here, we have Merry. Christmas bitches. I, was. I was there with a song when she bought this for her sister I said ok no questions asked sounds good yeah we have a tittie. She, doesn't know who it is. She. Must really love this person if it's on the fridge I know the sheep wait, here is the awareness. Let, me just focus on that oh wow. About. Learn, D I, can't, read this writing it's for that long. To decide you take the trash out Oh. Some. Sort of sister and countering, right here I don't know exactly you know French. Sisters work but I'm. Not cultural, oh it's from the light oh. Wow. The favorite, food of, kizomba. We, also have some ice cubes in the shape of penguins, oh my. God in. Canada we just have real penguins, just. Kidding that's a lie don't don't. Believe me, we. Have some vegan pesto spinach. And. I. Think that's repeating, the backward yeah, okay, now for the fridge the, amount of selection, some. Margarine, we. Have whatever, this is I don't really know we, have mucho de diesel we, have whatever is in here I don't know what is this. It's. Her drugs. Okay. Guys in the fridge, cocaine's, vegan everyone, here. We have soy sauce, one. Mandir ketchup. We have some sort of milk. That's not actually milk. What. Song do you see you here, we have oh I had this stuff this morning it's pretty good actually I won't recommend, set, it to be George I've one Kelsey. Yoga. With, some Tomatoes too. Actually it's a pretty precise I don't, exactly know what that vegetable, is oh those, are some very. Light too few minutes, they're. Beautiful, I love you to Venus welcome. And, we have some. Some. Leafs just, kidding I think it's lettuce I don't really know here we have a lot of potatoes, make. A lot whose. My hand for reference it's really a lot of potatoes that looks, like either plain. Dirt or wardrobe. Two, apples. Half. A lemon. More. Drugs I think and. Margarine. There's. Some. Yoga. Veggie. Oh they're, connected, oh, my. God I don't know what this is for but it looks pretty cool oh. It's. Four eggs but she doesn't need egg so why do you have them Rose because, it came with the fridge it came with this I wish, I got egg things with my. Friends. Too cool we're. Not focused. Okay. We can't hear but yeah she's she's substituting. Oh there she is that. Was cutting. The. Sibling. Of coos tea or. As I like to call crusty. Just. Kidding I don't come I was thinking a new, lens. With a zoom let's try it. How. It's working oh wait focus, I'm. Really learning this whole camera thing I hope. You know how assume did I ask oh. My. God here's the world in her apartment. Look. At this oh let's, find where I live it's Canada right here in case you guys didn't know I live, right there don't, stalk me guys but that's, right there's. A mini garbage can oh my god everything, is small here she, has returned. We. Have a nice running, tank top yes. A sweater, just in case some leggings and. And some running shoes. Since, American silver blog vlog yeah, we. Alcoholic, for simple cycle only to perfect. I can't, tell if she's a cheetah or a human. Hashtag, comment, below what your favorite color is. Okay. Use me picking, up the q-tip I. Did. It so there are bears here in France I feel, so bad I'm just, kidding guys it's just a poster there's.

No Berries in the garden mother. Magic, now. How. Cute, Wow. Here. We have the final product Wow. Really. Gets it okay wow. They really love, the camera here I'm on some stairs hope, I don't die or trip on these books. Zoom. In on your mouth Wow. Clean, teeth thank. You it's, me. Wow. Technology. I just. Have normal deodorant, oh my god is happening, I guess what. She. Just told me that was a tree like, I didn't know. No. We have no trees in Canada know about almost all of Canada's trees. Love. You Ben. You.

2019-04-09 17:29

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j'ai arrêté "mes études" en 4ème au collège; alors l'anglais je pratique pas des masses. Reste les images sympa et la bonne humeur contagieuse.

Best vlog ever ( je suis trop contente de revoir Cassandre dans les vlogs )


sympa sympa mais ça manque quand même encore un peu de doggos, je dis ça je dis rien. . . :o)

ahah je ferai mieux la prochaine fois!

super vlog !


J'adore tes vlogs vraiment je suis in love de ta personnalité

merci c'est adorable ♡

À 6:15 elle dit "I don't speak baguette", c'est comme ça que les anglo-saxons appellent les français :P

bigot* du coup... toute ma crédibilité de bilinguisme partie en fumée

Remi BLANC mmmdrr omg merci je croyais elle disait « biggot » je me disais c’est un peu insultant quand même

Cette pote est hilarante !

Des plans digne du cinéma français indépendant ;)

ahahah merci

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