A Walk Across Europe III: Switzerland [Thru-Hike, Hiking Adventure, Long Walk, Wild Camping]

A Walk Across Europe III: Switzerland [Thru-Hike, Hiking Adventure, Long Walk, Wild Camping]

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Hi. My, name's Ashley and in. 2017. I went for a walk, a. 2,800. Mile walk across, Western, Europe from. Baking, hot Spain, to, the icy mountain passes of the Alps this, is my adventure. Wanna, reiterate, how stupid, it was. After. Spain and France this, would be the third stage, of my walk across Europe. My. Route across Switzerland would link free of the Alps most iconic Peaks Mont. Blanc the Matterhorn, and the Eiger before, heading north to Lake Constance or, bodensee, as is also known. I'd. Left Tarifa on the southern tip of Spain five. And a half months, ago and had, spent all that time walking, and camping, across, Spain and France alone. But. Now my friend Ian had come to walk with me for a few weeks the, only time between Sarita, and Vienna I would have company. Together. We made our way along the Shama Neve alley across, the windy colder bomb and over, the border into Switzerland. Today. Walking. In. The world. Heading. Up to. Grocery. I dig which. Is the pass and. Kind. Of North out with during the world. Talking. 900 meter climb but the pass itself has think. Less than 2,000, meters so. Should. Be okay and. Being. Left on the on, the train. Heading. Back to England been walking, for a month so. Now I'm back on my own yeah. It. Was a bit strange at Mont, it's. A. It's. Beautiful day very. Cloudy but. Balls, peaks would be Uyghur in the wetter whore, with. Snow on looks. Looks. Amazing. And. The Warsaw. Yeah. This, is all, sleep in a dream, where nothing's. Wrong. Believe, in something. But the writings, um. Research. So. Ah yeah. An orientation, save, our lovelies. Wet. Horn the Eiger. It. Was yesterday, let's have a look. So. I'm a bit of a groovy. After to me well, yeah, late afternoon. Basically. Stopped, at blacking. Up on. The, way up to this pass sort sir n so. N n pass I've probably pronounced that wrong sorry Switzerland. And. The contours, weren't looking too good on, the map so stopped, blacking up and I said met. The girl, where nurses are is, there anywhere to camp here and. She says oh no but, but. There's a house further. Up an, hour an hour up the hill and no. One's in it and you can sleep in it I can. Use to me it's not marked, there's nothing marked on the map so, for all right great that'll, do me there's. A lot of low cloud around and, it's, brittle, over the past now, so I was like well I don't really want to camp if. I can help it but anyway as. I was leaving she saw do you want anything to eat or drink I. Says oh no I, love a tea so, I bought two big. Big bowl of tea it was so. I had that and. And. Then I, was about to leave and she saw I. Do. You want some cheese this is all right. Really, want to spend anything else which, is oh just one minute so she goes. Into. The, farmhouse and brings me this big. Wedge of cheese look at that. If. She's not it's a present from, me to you so great. So I've got big, big slab of cheese and, took. Him to that later and, I. Made it up to this Hut but, just pretty, much right in the path and. It's like two thousand. Two. Thousand, two hundred and, ninety one metres. So. I'm going to crash out on the floor. Have. A little of, something. To eat, and. Feast, on this cheese. Yeah. Pretty. Good going. Thank. You locking, up. Hmm. No, I feel really nice. It's. Kind of expecting it to be like, keep, breathing ly hard but it's really soft. This. Is a class, you. Know I was going to eat some now eat. Some tomorrow, and, but I think what's. Gonna be difficult to not eat it. I gave, the help. We'll. Say Swiss, Alps today are particularly, stunning. Lovely. Shade of grey. Bleep. You don't a, P. An. On-demand, servile, Anton. Jumeirah, VM to, us partly. To. D tell me. Rihanna. Stupidly. Undersupply. To. Settle, for mobility. Collie. Danny Morrison. A little. Song. But. You have never been. I. Suffered. Leopard. Jelly. Calderon. Suited, for. Is. It dirty. Then, wash your easy, normal. Teeth. That. Moves us if cities. -. Satoshi, um. Don't. Talk on Facebook. It. Did put face. You. Know super. That's. My tent, in. A tent as. You can see I'm in a nicer big marquee. Just. Quite nice with me so don't have to worry about packing away a wet tent and.

Here's. A pretty wild, places. I've, got. Table. And chairs over there. Electricity. And light, and, which is quite neat to plug my phone and not have to worry about it. Best. Of all as a as. I over, here. Got. A little. Kiddies. Slide. Which. Yeah is pretty good I'll be on that later and. Yeah. Not bad my last night in Switzerland, and this. Oh. That's, all. That's whistlin done. 369, and a half miles from. Germany. To here over, Swiss Alps two. Thousand, two, hundred and, sixty-five, miles, from. Tarifa, to, here Lake, Constance, or. Thinks, for bodensee in Switzerland, I had. Made it for him highest, toughest, section, of a walk the, Swiss Alps but, I was still a long way from Vienna, ahead. Of me was the Austrian Alps the. First iron marvel at the palaces, of King Ludwig, struggle. With painful shoes, and face, illness, in the Bavarian, Alps of Germany. You.

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which idiot has disliked?

I have really enjoyed watching your videos today on a cold and rainy Saturday. You are/were out there doing it whereas most of us just think about it! You really should write a book about your journey!

Thank you Paul... Not too sure about the book idea though, I think videos might be more my speed :)

A daring walk.. fab!!


Loving these videos Ashley. Stuck at work in Melbourne until April, when I’ll be hitting Cornwall and then the Continent for six weeks of relaxation and walking - although nothing to match your amazing journey! Out of interest - do you have a list online anywhere of the gear you’re carrying - clothes, tent, sleeping mat and bag, etc? Always curious to see what others are using. Best of luck

Still thinking about where to head - Plan A was to have 9 days of "Pete time" between hiking in Cornwall & Wales with my Dad, and meeting a friend for a road trip around Spain, but that's up in the air at the moment as he's just started a new job and may not be able to get time off work. So - I may have up to 3 weeks of "Pete time", which won't disappoint me at all. Outside of walking in the UK, my current two areas of interest are Spain (hence finding your videos) and the Alps. I'd originally planned on spending the 9 days in the Alps, based around Interlaken somewhere and doing day walks - but I'm slightly concerned at what the weather might be like in May. I'm not a wimp, and don't mind the cold, but I'm used to a slightly warmer climate here in Oz as far as outdoor activities go - and don't want to be travelling too heavy as far as gear goes. What time of year were you in the Alps? As far as Spain goes - I've been toying with the idea of doing 'the' Camino at some point - but do enjoy a bit of solitude, and wonder whether the number of people doing the Camino these days might do my head in ;) Looks like the GR7 is a lot quieter! A question - of your journey, if you were to recommend one section of it that might take around 2-3 weeks to complete - what would you choose? If you had to pick a favourite segment (possibly a hard question!), which would it be? Feel free to broaden my horizons and recommend somewhere outside of Spain and the Alps!

Many thanks Peter. Where on the continent are you planning to go? I haven't written/made anything about my gear yet, but I'm planning on making a video on gear after the Austria episode (no.5). But if you have any specific questions I'll be happy to answer them

I was in the Alps from late July through to late November. I think my favourite sections of the walk (outside of the Alps) were probably the Vercors in France. There's a couple of routes that traverse them (The GR9 and GR91) which both take around a week I think. Also Bulgaria might be nice in May. The E3 and E4 routes both cross Bulgaria and offer some of the best mountain walking I've done. The E4 section south of Sofia to the Greek border over the Rila and Pirin Mountains is great, with high mountains around 3000m, good trails and maps, regular huts and cheap prices. The E4 on Crete also has some nice trail options and a warmer climate. Hope this helps

Hi Asley. I'm a kdenlive user too. I've got some hiking videos in Spain.

Really inspiring content!

Thank you very much :)

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