A Walk Across Europe V: Austria [E4 Trail: Thru-Hike, Hiking Adventure, Wild Camping]

A Walk Across Europe V: Austria [E4 Trail: Thru-Hike, Hiking Adventure, Wild Camping]

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Hi. My, name's Ashley and in. 2017. I went for a walk at. 2,800. Mile walk across, Western, Europe from. Baking, hot Spain, to, the icy, mountain passes of the Alps this, is my adventure. What a reiterate, how stupid, it was. I'd. Spent. 2017. Walking. Across Europe, and Austria. Would be the seventh, and the final, country, on my journey I. Would. Start on a high mountain pass, near BER to start where. The Alps would get smaller and smaller before I would reach Vienna the, capital, city of Austria, and the endpoint of this year's war I. Had. Already encountered, some, light snow so far on my journey across the Alps. But. Standing at 1,700, meters on a chilly, October day, I knew I would be racing, the first snow, of winter before, the mountain passes, finally, froze over. Eager. To get started I left Germany behind, and began the descent into Austria. You. Can hear some music. Come. Eat. Well. Okay. Holy way there. To, 2000. Meter pass there's. Like loads of smoke. Everywhere. The, landscapes, really rocky as well so sometimes, we can walk over the rocks and get round the snow all, the times got to go through the snow but yeah no idea what's underneath. The. Other side's got. Less snow. If. Not it's gonna be. Two. Days away from the nearest village or what, with food that's got no food left, just. A few crisps and biscuits so. I, really, want to make over here. Note. To self this was a terrible, idea I. Just. Want to reiterate how, stupid, it was to come up here. Yesterday. God. That. Was definitely, the sketchiest, day of this walk so. Far. It. Was just I think, was just a bad idea to, go that high in the first place, essentially. The. Best part of the day walk. Across snow field after, snow field after, snow field. And. It wasn't like it was even flat love it was up, slopes, down slopes for the worst. Postholes. Like up to me waste several, times, which. Is quite, a. Shock. When it happens you. Know I made a cross like and another, put at the end of it. Which. Was open map, shows it as a summer only hope that's mid-october now, so. Surprised it was still open but. The, yeah stop there tonight and treated myself to, to. A meal and. A beer. Today. The, plan is there's, a village probably. In over two. Or three miles away now I'm, called in to stow dur. And I'm, hoping as a cheap hotel or, hostel or something, there. Where. I can stay. And have a short. Day really. One. Hour it says on sign one hour to interst order and.

So, Yeah I'm, gonna hope to do cuz. I didn't walk and fly out now for a week and. When. I hadn't been doing fifty miles I've been doing like you, know 1700, meters of ascent or cross and like, stupid, bloody. 2000. Meter snow fields. And. The legs are aching. Really. Fancy. Just. Gonna, rest for mid-afternoon on and. Pressing on tomorrow. So. That is, the plan. Right. Out of my window there's a peak the. 1850. Meter peak this, has been under on the rain probably, snow now for two days, so, really I'm having to look at. My. Options for, the route ahead it's. Still going to be raining tomorrow and. I'm. Gonna have this out. The, main difficulty, is that. I've. Got to go over be called whore Schwab which, is like. 2200. Meters they. Give my experience. Over. By him to Stowe der a few days ago I don't, particularly want to be going that high again and, especially. Not after. All the snow that's being dumped on it right. Now according, to the forecast. So. Yeah I'm consulting, the maps to, see how I can go around it. On. Studying, the maps I found a road I could use to bypass Hawks web and rejoin. The trail further east. The. Only problem was I would need to cross one last 1,500. Meter pass to reach it. With. No other options this, would be the plan. Let's. Go. Suspended. Up in space, by invisible please, there's. No problem, these. Roots are. Deep. Down into the ground. I kept low. But I could see. Everybody. Scream. Freedom of my boss my man. I. Mutter. In. Andreas and, I have reached the, snow. We call, back. Head towards, back see fire, marker. This. Is what 1500, meters looks like. You. Wait. A wave. Away. You. Give, it. Yeah. I'm gonna be in Vienna. This. Time tomorrow probably, and, not be no, more walking and, then what. A few days a. Few. Days in Vienna, and. Then this time next week I'll probably. Back, in the UK. Which. I've. Got mixed feelings about really. On. The one hand I'm really looking forward to going back seeing the family, play.

With My nieces and my nephew. And. They're. Just generally, having. A break from all this walking that I do every day all day every, day I. Do. Handle bad like eight months of just. Constant. Travel really. Somewhere. New every day. Just. Finding a, hotel. It's. Gonna be quite strange going back to kind of work and. Thinking. That, right. Thing. That I remember is I'll be back out here in my performance. Yeah. By. Now four high peaks of the Alps at shrunken, to the low forested. Hills of the Vienna, Woods. Although. Snow would no longer be a problem dark. Clouds rain. And the cold were ever-present I. Was. Still in Austria but the weather now felt very British. So. Today is the, last day of, the. Walk. In. 2017. Yes. Oh God, dues get. Up. And walk. Thorin. Meet is down early to Vienna, they're. Like, awesome. Cold, wet. They're nice and warm here and we sleep on tuck. Get. Over. After. Eight and a half months, of. 2784. Miles, of walking I made, it to the enemy. I started. Out on a Mediterranean, Beach. Had to deal with blisters. Overcome. Obstacles. Being self-reliant, in the mountains. In town to the local wildlife. Walked, in the shadow of mob block. The. Matterhorn. And the idea. Any purchases. And. Good choices. Be nil and, seem. To Silman Europe's whimpers but. It wasn't quite over yet I would, be back for another walk a. 2500. Mile walk, Katya, Eastern. Europe. You.

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Great adventure!

Hats off, what a feat! I know a thing or two about wild camping and hiking in the alps. And filming and editing. You really pulled it off! Well done, its become a great serie.

great stuff! thanks. What's your next challenge?

Watched them all well done, how much faster could you have done it without the hassle of filming?

Loving the series so far! Me & my friend are setting off from Tarifa to Budapest next month and watching your videos has helped motivate us and keep us sane for the last year of prep. How did you cope with the long periods of isolation?

Well done Ashley! Looking forward to the next video.

Thank you very much and thanks for watching!

Dear Ashley! Congratulations on the tour and thank you for the video from the road! I'm looking forward to your next movie! Sincerely, Peter from Hungary

Thank you very much Peter. My next video will be on the Kektura in Hungary!

Thanks very much, I'm glad you're enjoying it :D

+Ashley Dean I trekked in Nepal carrying both video and stills cameras it certainly slowed me down but not a bad thing at altitude.

Thanks for watching! Hard to say if I would have done it any faster as I probably still would have done the same daily mileage most of the time... The filming also gave me something else to think about and "someone" to talk to lol

Thanks very much! The next video will be about the Blue Trail in Hungary! The isolation doesn't tend to bother me all that much as I'm pretty comfortable on my own. Though it did help to have a camera to talk to sometimes :) Good luck out on the trail, it's a cracking journey!

Thanks Paul. No idea what's next yet, too many places in the world left to explore!

I've really enjoyed watching your videos. Looks like an amazing trip.

Thanks very much for watching. It was an incredible adventure!

great Adventure thank you for sharing well done

Thank you very much, and thanks for watching the series :)

A superb effort and a magnificent achievement. Hearty congratulations. You are a great inspiration and I wish every person, young and old, could learn about what you have done as part of their education. I remember my own first high mountain border crossings in Europe many years ago. A border is only an 'imaginary' line but the threshold moment is very real, one of many on such a walk of great passes and watersheds, crossings and revelations and it is a transformed walker who emerges from them with a unique mixture of pride and humility. These days, we may see many professional productions by 'thru-hikers' in the US, from whom we might perhaps learn something about lightweight hiking. I would certainly take no pleasure in belittling them but they aren't in the Pyrenees or the Alps and...I cannot help but wonder, it seems your pack is bigger, your tent is bigger, your whole load is way bigger, that does not look like some ultralight cuben fibre kit you are toting, even your camp shoes were full 'trainers' not pared down flip-flops - and a good job, too, as we saw! (I am looking for your kit lists..). We never hear you complain once about these disadvantages; you are never the 'bad workman who blames his tools' but modest and self-deprecating in fine British tradition and, despite a little understandably colourful expletive on piercing a horrifying blister with your leatherman (yet another piece of heavy kit) you are back on the trail without a grumble and meeting the next challenge and the next. I am amazed that you carry such a load over such climbs with such unfailing persistence, (and film gear) when it seems your only really lightweight gear is your footwear (which still did not stop you yomping through the snow!) Having carried a big Bergen for many years, I know just how remarkable is your achievement over such a very long walk. Thank you, for your example. May you be blessed and empowered for all the trails ahead. Very best wishes. PBH

Thank you very much for your kind words. It's true that my load was much larger then many US hikers carry... Since my Europe walk I've been looking into lightening my load, but as that can be an expensive endeavour it's an ongoing project :) I will upload a video on my gear sometime soon. Thanks again for your comment and for watching the series

@Ashley Dean I trekked in Nepal carrying both video and stills cameras it certainly slowed me down but not a bad thing at altitude.

amazing ,

Thank you :D

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