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A Walk In The Snow | London Photowalk | Street Photography and more

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Oh I'm so happy it's snowing! First snow of the year! Yeah! I'm gonna go somewhere central to enjoy these  next hours... It's so... So nice   All right, let's take a bit of slow motion here... And let's head to central London. OK so I'm off the bus now. I'm gonna see if there's   anything interesting to shoot here otherwise I will find a different place Yeah, classic London photo here. All tourists actually come here  okay I think I'm gonna go to the park now: there's  not much snow settling on the road so I'm gonna go   where I can find more snow... And the lens I'm  using today is the 23mm f2 attached  

to my Fujifilm X-T4. And I suppose the settings  will stay the same throughout the day because   the light is pretty consistent. Right now I am on ISO 640 f/4 and 1/250s shutter speed. I think I'm also going to try different  film simulations because I'm on Astia at   the moment but I know that Bleach Bypass may  produce some very dramatic images in the snow   almost like black and white. So yeah, we'll see, OK so I'm in St James's Park now, one of  my favourite parks in London. I don't know if  I'm gonna get good photos here but  I will sure have a nice time. I love it. Look at this, this is really really nice.

I'm filming on the GoPro Hero9 at the moment with  the Media Mod attached so hopefully the audio   will be decent. And I also have the Lens Mode so  the horizon should stay level during the whole video.   If it works of course so let's hope this works. Now, one thing I love about the snow  in the park is that you have a very...  

How can I say... Not too contrasted scene but with  patches of light brown colour from the trees. I don't know maybe maybe it's  just me but I really like it. Aargh! Not again! There's one snowflake over the  viewfinder and the screen has gone blank!   I hate when it does it. It was not happening in any  of my previous Fujifilm cameras!   That's really poor weather sealing. It should  not happen. It's just one snowflake, same with the  

rain: one drop... it's not good! And I did  send the camera to repairs! Anyway, let's move on... Oh hello there! Nice yellow jacket! Finally some colour. That's nice. I don't come too often to this  end of the par but it's actually pretty nice here.

And now behind behind these bushes there  should be one spot with plenty of ducks and   and swans so maybe I can take some photos there... Right, this one maybe... If only I can  adjust the settings with these gloves... A-ha! A coloured umbrella,0 finally! People should be  more respectful of the photographer's job and   wear more colour in the snow so we can take photos!  Always be mindful there's a photographer somewhere   so wear colours! Well, let me see if i can get a good  one now because it's actually pretty busy here There's too many people. No I don't like this one. I think I should  have gone much lower, like on my knees.

Alright, there you are. Stay  put while I take the photo. Oh wow! Look at that! Look at all the pigeons together! OK let's just go out of the park  for a second... I'm gonna take a photo   of Buckingham Palace from here... hopefully  there's no cars so I can take a clean shot

I like this sort of vanishing point perspective shots   I used to take a lot of them in the London Tube! There you are! See? That's what I meant: be  respectful of photographers and wear some colour! Now, I'm joking of course  but it's nice when I can have   this contrast with colour in the snow. Maybe not the  best photos but the point here is having a good   time not to go back home with an award-winning  shot. I mean... wouldn't harm, but I just want to enjoy the day. Hello lady! Oh again, wow! Look at all the black ducks together! It's almost scary how they're all here together, like they're plotting something! [like the Madagascar movie penguins] And now they're fighting as well! Right, I think I'm going to head out...  The snow stopped a while ago already and  

I know from the forecast that it won't be back. But I might still get some more shots before  I end this tour of the park so let's see. Oh it's frozen here! Nice! Really really nice. More ducks here, it's pretty noisy here. Now, I know this this was not the  usual Street Photography stuff but   I really enjoyed walking in the park! I don't know... I guess it's been more of a  

photowalk than a cinematic vlog  like in previous videos with the fog and the   heavy rain... which you should definitely watch  if you haven't already! A bit of self-promotion ;) Yeah go watch the other videos! Right, look at that! Looking  at how wet it is here I think   it was the right call not to stay in the street, good! Cool, let's leave now.

2021-02-09 14:12

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