A WEEK IN MY LIFE: Winter NYC Style | Roxette Arisa

A WEEK IN MY LIFE: Winter NYC Style | Roxette Arisa

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How are you guys getting, our, New York City. Coffee. Morning, we just took the red-eye hottest, and she's. Left for like three hours left, for three oh wow. Living. Ready, to go also. Have a full face of makeup on because. I, came for filming, and then. I wasn't, taken out the picture never did that because I would late today Airport so here. We are well, good morning hope this makeup. Wait. For this. Did you go to bed now. Mom. I forgot the words honestly, really it was very like. Beautiful. Gland Wow. My foundation stayed on pretty well it's gonna lie a good. Really. Delicate love it love it. Know. About. That most filling makeup name. I spilled makeup all over the floor in there. Day, one. She. Did and, then she was like scuse me but you already hit me girl. Okay. Um where, are we going right now we're gonna go have breakfast right, yeah. But I don't know if she far. She is, Nikki, found my way oh I forgot my vlog camera in there okay round two Wow not. Off to the best start. I love, my ball game from the founding. Oh. Wait. So are you filming, I've. Heard everywhere because it it's New York Fashion Week right now Oh. And. Then you aim at, my car. We're, checking out blue sidelines right. Here, blue, stone yes, honey I'm, gonna. Walk on, the wild side on the wild side always. Are. We going in and pulling out is that the, way we did. Seven. Our time seven out of ten seven. Really. Better because I kind of like like. My avocado chunky I do. Feel like my head's a little too green I need a little chunky like I need some chunks in there you know like. Very. Bundled up we're, on our way to. The rebecca minkoff store i believe, we're, going for a little fitting, because i'm going to their, show on Sunday, so, they. Wanted me to you know who, up in a little Rebecca. Minkoff, number. No. I really honestly really have to be do they ever. No, I'm. Okay. So I think we found the winner. With. The leather jacket but. I feel like with the pop of white it just like it makes it a look like we've got a look going on now. All. Right guys so we're, off to our next location, which. Is. Backstage. At this cushioning, show push, me that all the hard words say push, me show. First. Show that. We're going to. Here's, season, week you. Know what I'm saying her showbiz New York Fashion Week everybody, has their patients, hurt because, I fash enjoy the music people do like. Similar. To make it looks because that's like where the trends are going so. Here they have like a lot of PGA's. Bronzy. Glow he's not, too friendly. I'm. Feeling very short. Right. Now they have an espresso bar. My. Favorite you, know have a coffee honestly Nespresso. Starbucks. And espresso are both my favorite either, one of those. Wow. Hardcore, should. I drink it all at, once oh. My. God, you. Ready to see how hardcore coffee, lover I am. It's. Burning. Do. You finish it it's. Like really it's burning hot like literally boiling. All. Right guys that show amazing. The, music good vibes they, had a lot of like different textures. Like. Metallic. Leather, Melvin. About. The hair. What. Do you think about that hair hairstyle. Yeah. I'm. Really, nervous and, shy day, too. Girl. It's, a little overrated I'm not gonna lie. Yeah, so, this. Is one time out I had to wake up at 5:00 to, get ready, honestly, I fell asleep and had my makeup on so for the last two nights I fell, asleep with my makeup on. The. Pleasures of being a man. Natural. Also. Put my makeup on didn't even brush my teeth we literally stopped at the store to get toothpaste because, I forgot my toothpaste and I still didn't brush my teeth because I fell. Asleep right like, right. As I walked in the door I just like I'd, like 48 hours. Right. When I walk in the door I fell asleep on like I literally crash on the bed that's. Because, I. Didn't, get to post the photo I noticed. That I was about to and I fell asleep well this sounds really coming in strong today we're heading to a, backstage. Show. Not. The show itself but like the backstage part and we're, going with Bumble and Bumble today, so it's a little, hair brand, not. Little but you know what I mean it's a hair brand. To. Hide. In. The light. It's. All up out of the blue uninvited, but, I couldn't stay.

Away I couldn't fight, it I hope, to see my face and that you'd. Be reminded that, for me it, wasn't. Cute. Oh. Good. Time Saturday, morning, Saturday morning, Bob's you know I actually. Did you. Know I feel like. Five. So. You had what. Yeah. Well I honestly I truly, like walked, in the door didn't even take like change clothes like I fell asleep like, as I yeah, full. Makeup Wow. Like, I fell asleep. And. I never woke up I dream inside my alarm luckily, I woke up at 5:00 like automatically, your body yeah, which I don't know how because in LA it's like 2:00 a.m. there we, went in five years so I'm like how did I even wake up I don't know if it's like a miracle, I'm. A thank you to the Heavenly Father for making waking, me up honestly because there. I don't know how I did that yeah. It text you this morning getting reply and I was like oh man you, imagine. No. It's cuz I was like doing. My hair like try and finish up my hair site I had my phone charging, cuz, I didn't charge my phone last night because. I just fell asleep. Archer. Why, but I literally was like. Not, like ready for bed at all like I just fell asleep. Anyways. We'll, see you at this episode. All. Right this is where a lot of the shows are and you'll, see later when. We're, actually a little early which is crazy because. We're. Never early so, yes. Today but. Usually. When people are coming in like we're here for the back seat so we're even way before the show starts there's paparazzi like all over here taking such as the people's outfits like trying, to see what the new trends are for the new season and stuff, like that so you might see that later I don't know. No. Here. For with bum, bum bum bhole for the, back foot. Are. You model me. I wish oh yeah if I grew four inches I would love to be you. Where. Are we going I. Mean. That I've never was gonna make it inside like. Oh my god. Everyone's. Setting, up for this show, looks. Like it's a cool vibe if you guys can see there's like trees, there's. Lighting, and. It's getting all fancy over there. Did. You tell them about how long you had your contacts in yes, and that, my chronic temper almost to a nap Dean now. Hurts. Bad. Like, honestly really, good like it's bother. And, then me walking around like. Oh. My. God, don't. Need service. You. Ended it it popped up on your phone. Oh. My. God do you have serious dough no. You're. Right everybody, confirm this for Roxette because she, she, leaves you need service airdrop, you don't. You. Don't need data to airdrop you. Could do it in the middle of the desert from, phone to phone. It. Connects to your phone nope not. You don't need service you don't need service comment. Down below if, anybody wears it up off their enemy, texting my friend Hunter that works at Apple I mean hunter let's.

Obviously Text em right now I mean. My eyes though. Sir. Do, you need airdrop. Do. You need service to airdrop service. Sorry dude you need service to, air drop. You're about to get schooled right now. I'm. Just probably looking at sound like Roxanne, texted me I don't have service, so. I can't send the text way. So I guess that proves your point cuz I did get their job. And. They're you, know. How I feel like no hard feelings no hard feelings. It. Went slower than normal, there's. Normally airdrops pink so I kind of make you something work like that with them I can't walk I mean she's mad she's, mad. Mad. Okay, so we just got back from a team and we. Have another show in a couple hours but Maybelline is gonna send a makeup artist over and we're gonna do a little touch-up because, my. Makeup spoke a little Kristi I'm not gonna lie because I obviously got ready at like you. Know I woke up at 5:00 a.m. got, ready by 8:00 and we were out the door so we're gonna do a little touch-up maybe switch, up the look just a little bit because I am doing a change of outfit, that's, why. Nice. And cozy and comfy, so yeah. Oh. My. God yeah. You. Didn't with me you know they didn't tell me. Stop. Franko's. What happened and I was like okay. You. Know her parents. Know. I did okay so this. Will happen this what I made the face just in case no no. Well. First of all I didn't, know as you or, else I would have been more prepared but, I already, went to shows already this, morning so like I had to be ready at like 8:00 a.m. so. My, but my managers like you know let's just set it up and like whatever so I was like okay so I can take everything. Off and I can do whatever I want do. Your talent. No why don't we take what you have and just like you. Know put, some sprinkles on the gets, do know it's icing on cake we'll add some sprinkles my I have, to admit my face makeup is a little crusty now because I've been wearing since 8:00 okay, so don't miss I know down, I've missed you, our beauty blend you didn't like kind of take, off the top layer and then, we'll hook it up no you're good oh so. Excited. Dad's when I saw with you I was like wait does she does, she will she remember me yeah. No. I didn't they didn't tell me even a name really like, the, person setting up was just in contact with my manager okay so I didn't even know that she's just like oh Maybelline, like. It's doing a glam session, so. You. And, you look so beautiful. Wait. I just had a shower booth this moment you did yeah you know what that means right what that means like we're on the right track like life is happening exactly is it supposed to we're, just kind of like I don't know where I heard that I didn't. Make it up though or outside of the, salmon. No. I. Think. I like them yeah they're cool I've been playing with them. Okay. Guys make it fun. My. Favorite you're the best we. Did a little touch-up we turn into a halo eye with, that shimmer, shadow hey. Hey. Girl. But. Anyways, we're done I love her and we'll, see a tell. Me. I'm missing my partner, in crime this is usually what me and yes. All, right so back, in the car we're really running around today right. Now we're heading. Oh. My. God look how pretty it is you, can't even see probably, but it's like the, Sun is kind of setting in it's coming through the buildings anyways so, that is where we're heading or in the Texas there. So. See. If this vibe is different because every show has been like a little different. But. Similar but the pearls for the LAT wool never, really, the.

Pearls For the last show was, on point so let's see if this one can top it okay it will see. Kind. Of different because they, the, models were kind of lined up like a presentation. All. Right so like I said we're, really just going all over the place I'm literally, so cold but, we're at Times Square because. I, need. To go to Sephora, surprise. Surprise, oh I. Forgot to do my outfit, like oh. Let's. Do it now. Like. It's probably. Tears. Of joy after. A long day the, only thing that really I mean you know DS service. Like. You know when you would get home and you want to like kiss the floor because you're so happy. Why. I. Feel. So betrayed right now. And. I probably, also when I watch this footage I'm gonna feel like I need Botox. At. The same time. II. Honestly could have just made that whole thing up no no wait, did I show them my new phone case I don't. Think I even showed but like yeah. And. That would totally work as a real license plate to like you should totally get I mean okay don't get any ideas out, there though cuz I'm probably gonna try to get that myself so none of you please don't get that I, mean, wow Nick really just exposing, me right now a. Whole, another outfit, a whole. Nother destination. We're, heading to the maybelline, event right now it's. Over at the public hotel. We'll. See what's in store, not. Really sure, pretty. Tired LM. Worried. Day. Three we're. Out here again I feel. Like we literally just been go-go-go this entire trip but, we are heading to the Rebecca Minkoff show and. I'm. Pretty excited we. Thought, so this is the designer that styled, us the, other day when we were in the store and I picked out this outfit the leather skirt, I mean it's under my jacket. But, you guys know what I'm talking about right it, was like a couple minutes ago on the blog you know it's like three days ago for me but just a couple of minutes for you so yeah, we'll.

See What the new collection is like. Okay. I'm off to great start first, just. Fill up spilled coffee all before. You. Know what we need to change the day around though because sometimes if you have a negative. Wow. This new eternal day not, to do gonna, be a great day mind. Over matter. With. A coffee. Stand. It's. Okay that's okay though turning it around turning around and be positive energy. Love. That we love, a little spill. In the morning you know. That. Was amazing. Like best show I've seen the loire super. Wearable, clothes, but just like styled so nicely I loved I forgot to vlog I love that so much luckily, Nick was getting footage but, I was just like so in the mold it was all good so. Good. Quick. Change of outfit we're on our way to Puma Maybelline but want, to give you guys some outfit deeds because, you. Know what honestly nobody, got time to look all done of all the time we need a casual, outfit up in here okay. Why. Did I do that no, no it just happened, I didn't mean it I mean that wasn't for you guys I don't know I just have it I'm cool. We're. Going to the factory, at 5:47. West 26th, Street. Yes. Thank. You so much. How. Does a how does New York compared to Australia. Australia. Australia. If. I was from Australia would sound a little more like. Here. From Down Under. I'm, here, from down and brought some little, pies with, me, I brought. Some shrimp, on the barbie. Stuff. With me. Stupid. Was. It called tomatoes, see you're not from Australia from Sussex. Yes, that's why I took like this I don't, talk like an Australian. I. Was. Not Baby Spice I was baby Baby Spice so they didn't put me in the movie you know but, I was on say I was a baby baby I was baby's baby actually. Adopted. But I. Am. Baby baby. Baby. Baby. My. Father my, birth father at least you know I was adopted but my father was Austin Powers well, that's what they call him my last names actually powers but I had to change it to baby when, I took at the name baby baby. Back. To my story my. Birth, name is, actually baby powers. Baby. Powers. My. Mother was assemble. Well. I'm so perfect, I mean people, ask me all the time have, you gotten worked on have you got a nose job and. You got on Botox, and, I'm like no I'm half, mbot you little. Little. Crazies, it's a little bit offensive, because you don't understand, my kind you know like just. The, fembot nature, is to look like that when people get Botox. When people get no. Plastic. Surgeries, they're actually taking a picture and they're like can I be, like a fembot kris, kardashian. Is. A, full firm bar and so is kim kardashian, she's a fembot like, some people don't know that but that's what she's so perfect, I just. I don't know. Taxicab. Confessions. It's. Similar to carpool, karaoke a little bit more on the depressive, side I, would love to. Be on carpool karaoke, it's James, Corden, wants to reach out he's actually my. Father's. Father's. Best friend's son's sisters. Cousins, so we're kind of related, in a way if, you, about. It that way um. But. You know what, now mr. Corden. I. Would, love to be on carpool karaoke if you have me as, baby, baby or baby powers if you want little bit more of a story. My. Stomach hurts. Enemy. Oh my, god I just realized that one of my favorite albums is called lady lady, from. Masago so. That. Must have been secretly. Based off of me, baby baby cause, now I'm grown up into a lady lady. Alright, guys Monday. Over, here day. Three. Day four, it's. Been such a world I don't it feels like I've been here for 11 days because we've done so much stuff but, Nick unfortunately, had to leave because he had to work. Today. On Monday so. I'm, out here by myself but, we. Got some. Footage. Of the. Outfits yesterday. So. I'll. Play play. You guys a little outfit montage. We. Did some polls to get that footage like he, was about sleep for the airport last night and I changed.

Into, What I was gonna wear for today last. Night just. So I can get. Some. Footage for you guys to show you guys the outfit and do like you know the lookbook segment. So, anyways. Now it, is, Monday it's a new day and. I'm heading over to the, Allison. Libya show, I'm really really, excited because I, love this designer, her. Dresses, and gowns are amazing, I don't know why it's so bright, one. Second. Obviously, got my coffee with me and. I just went to this store called the vintage twin to. Check, out like some of their clothes actually. Went to a vintage store the other day but. I. Was. Gonna do a haul but I totally forgot to even, do that now my luggage back because I'm one in the air for tonight so. Maybe, I'll do that once I get back to LA or. Maybe I'll just do like a main channel haul, like all, the vintage clothing I've gotten recently because I've been doing a little vintage shopping so. Fashion. Was amazing not, gonna lie it was just like a little, fantasy. In there loved. It stopped. My whole food fiend, inside, and taught much I know I've been doing a little walking around and. Now I'm gonna head, over to cinnamon sow my favorite place in the whole world and. Then go, back to airport I mean go back to the hotel to get my stuff then, it's Airport wow really. Really. Fun day and on top of that I've just been like exploring, the city a little bit walking around like Lafayette, and Broadway. Like her out the little shops because, I have had some time to kill. I think. Thought I just heard my phone ring but my phone definitely, died right after I call so. Let's. Hope I do home.

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