a weekend in my life in seoul, korea vlog (and busan) | lil mental health check in

a weekend in my life in seoul, korea vlog (and busan) | lil mental health check in

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Good morning everyone, good afternoon! So, have you  ever had - do you get those days where you like   wake up and you don't feel actually awake and  you're just doing everything by muscle memory?   That is what I'm doing today. I knew that I was  gonna start filming and so I just like grabbed   all my stuff and I left the house and I don't  know what I'm doing. So I'm in the Insadong area   and we're gonna get lunch to hopefully wake me  up and make me feel alive again. I don't know. It's  

like slightly raining, I took a wrong turn,  this is a dead end. Welcome to the vlog. Feeling a little bit more alive. So I occasionally  will get messages from you guys telling me like   'you should go to this place' 'you should go to that  place' but it's usually not as many people as I got for this place. There is a content creator  who lives in Korea named Agata, she's super nice.  

She made this video, an instagram reel,  about this new cafe that opened in Insadong   and I have never in my life had so many people  send this to me. Like, 'you gotta go, you gotta go,   have you seen this? you gotta go!' So for you, for  Agata, I'm gonna go. And there's a giant truck   coming so hold on. Okay so this is called the  Temple of... The Temple of Ungnyeo I think and it is meant   to look like a cave. It is based off of a, what's it  called, a folk folk tale. So yeah we're gonna go in   and personally, I mean, it's not my  style. I wasn't gonna go because   to be honest it kind of freaks me out, but you  know, might as well. For you guys. So here we go!

Okay so you know that was actually pretty good.  I really love mugwort so I gave it a pass. It   was definitely weird to be feeling like you were  sitting in a cave. I felt very sleepy, I felt very   disoriented, but a cool idea nonetheless. So our  last stop before I kind of head towards home, I   think is we are going to just check out  Jogyesa, the temple over here. It is almost  

Buddha's birthday so all of the lanterns are up  and then I might be meeting up with a friend   later and in a completely different part  of Seoul so I think I'm gonna head home   and get situated and do all that  stuff. So let's head to the temple! So you can actually buy a little, I don't know  what you would actually call it, but a piece of   paper that you can hang on one of the lanterns.  You see? Everybody has them so all these like   papers that are flowing in the wind, they are - they  all belonging to someone which is so cool so yeah.   And this does - I don't know if actually are these,  did these light up? I know at Bongeunsa, which we   will go to, they light it up like crazy but I'm  not sure if these do. But either way it's beautiful. And as I'm heading home I want to show you one thing  that boggles my mind that this is even happening.  

They are completely redoing Gwanghwamun or the street in front of Gwanghwamun.   So how it is set up currently is that there  are lanes of traffic and then there's a big   like island in the middle that has the  Sejong statue and everything, but they decided that   they want to move it and so instead of having a  center aisle, they're going to move it to the side   and have - I don't - anyway. It's a big, it's  a big thing that they're doing. There's a   lot of construction, confusing, but  so if you have come to Seoul before   and you come back by like the end of this year, it's gonna look really different.  It's kind of a good thing that nobody's   traveling right now because that  central area is sort of a mess but   I'm gonna catch my bus over there so I will show  you what on earth is going on, so let's go see! Hello friends we are back home and I am  temporarily in my pajama pants because I'm going   to read a little bit before I head out to see  Anne. My mom sent me this, it is the new Murakami  

and you guys know how I feel about Murakami, I  really love him. This is I believe a collection   of short stories and I really love, yes it is, okay,  and I actually really love his short stories more   than his novels so I'm very excited to read this.  But Kurt, I swear he thought he had a stroke this   morning. Because he has this book - it's much  easier to translate Japanese to Korean like very   quickly so he has had this book, he's already  read it I think it was like last year. He has it   it's actually like on our bedside table for some  reason and he woke up and was like getting ready   he was like staring at the coffee table and I  was like 'are you okay?' and he's like 'is that yours?' because he thought that his book had like  magically changed into English overnight   or something or like he was suddenly so good in  English that his book - I don't know, so he lost   his mind but this is my copy. I cannot read Korean  well enough nor can I read Japanese well enough.  

So I had to wait for the English version so thank  you mom. I bought, I stopped and got some grapes so   I'm just gonna sit with the windows open, eat these  grapes, they are delicious. So I will see you guys later. Okay :) Happy Friday from an unexpected location.  So Kurt is actually - has like a business   trip thingy down here in Busan so I came  along and I'm going to just head to Gwanganri - so let's do that!  Okay hi everyone. Happy Sunday. Coming at you from  a very bad mental health day.

I woke up feeling   wretched and I don't really know what to  do. It's just one of those things where you just   gotta ride it out. I'm gonna do that by the river.  So as I mentioned earlier, I got the new Haruki   Murakami stories, short stories collection. You  know I'm a sucker for short stories. The air   is absolutely beautiful today, it was rainy last  night. So I'm gonna go down to the river and read   which is something that you have seen many times  before so sorry about that but that's just what   I've got to do. I have a lot of work piling up as  well which I think is a contributing factor to my ugh-ness today but I know that - the major  part of me wants to just sit down and knock   out all this work but I know that it in the long  run, that won't be good for me. Like if I just,  

it's Sunday, if I just take my weekend and  I give myself some time to just disconnect   and read, I know that it will be better  so I'm gonna do that. Anything else to say?   Not really. I hope you guys are doing, doing  okay. One thing that I got - I feel like I talk   about Taylor Swift in every single video  but I recently watched her folklore   documentary I guess it is, where she plays all of  her songs and then in between each song she talks   about the songwriting process and whatever. When  she talks about the song 'this is me trying' I think   she said something that was really important, I  think for all of us. And she was basically talking   about how every single day, like no matter what  you're doing - if you're an alcoholic, if you're   you know you have some kind of addiction, if you're  struggling with mental health, whatever it is.

It can be hour to hour, the difference in how  difficult it is to get through the day. And so just   remembering that you never know where someone  is in their journey - like how much they're trying   their best, like in their journey, you know? Somebody  could finally be pulling themselves out of a hole   and then it just drops them right back down  and so it that's why it's so difficult to   pick yourself out of something. I thought that it  was really important, just remembering that   in most cases, everyone around you is fighting  some kind of silent battle and you never know   like they're just about to pull their way out  or they're just about to go the other direction   and you know, yeah.

I just wanted to bring that up  as, as someone who like today I was kind of pulling   myself out of, out of a bad place and like it took  one thing to just kind of knock me down again. It's   really really really hard and so, you know, if  any of you guys are, as I've said before, dealing   with anxiety or depression or anything like that, you will get knocked down by the tiniest of   things but I do hope that you just continue  to push forward and you know that you have   at least one person here who is cheering you on. So yeah I obviously, I'm having a bad day. But we're   gonna try and turn it around and we're gonna go  to the river and we're gonna breathe fresh air and   I'm gonna make decaffeinated tea and I'm gonna sit  in my really comfy chair and I'm gonna read Haruki   Murakami and it's all gonna be okay. Sorry that  this vlog is a mess, I'm sorry that i'm a mess but  

it is what it is. And I will see you guys at the  river bye. Cut to tea time! What was I gonna say?   Oh so this just reminded me - since this vlog is  just going nowhere we're just gonna talk about   weird things. I was on a flight, I suppose I was  just going to - I had to have just been going home   so I was flying probably to San Francisco and then  transferring to San Diego - anyway. So it was like   a 10 or 11 hour flight. And I sat next to - we had the  middle seat empty - but I sat next to this man  

from South Africa and for some weird reason he had  also lived in San Diego - like he knew everywhere   that I knew and stuff. And we just hit it off, like  he was elderly and those are the people I usually   vibe with - so we talked for probably like six hours  of the flight until finally I was like, you know   I got, I have to sleep or I'm gonna just die in San  Francisco because in San Francisco - I was talking   Anne about this when I met up with her on  Thursday - my transfer time in San Francisco is   usually like 30 minutes which is not, should not be  legal. But I always did it so. I digress. He was   telling me just all these crazy stories about his  life and I remember he was talking about living in   I guess it was in South Africa, his wife had  made a cup of tea and she was drinking it and   she was like 'you know, this tastes funny' and  he looked in the electric kettle and   a lizard had gotten in there. So she was  drinking like boiled lizard water with her tea.   And so now every time, like every single time  I make tea, I think about that and I always   open it and check. Yeah I don't know why that  memory just like hit me so strongly today but   yeah great talks. I miss like obviously I miss  flying, I'm so hit or miss - sometimes I   really like talking to the people next to me,  sometimes I don't, he was a jolly good one.

We talked for a really long time, that was great. But anyway, the tea has been made, I am drinking   my favorite it's the 달빛...oh this is 달빛섬  but usually I believe it's the same tea   this one is 달빛걷기 which is moon, moonlight  walk. This is technically moonlight island   but I think they're - I can't open this, this is  a gift that I've been meaning to give to my   friend Olivia back home for over a year but miss  corona does not allow me to send it to her. B   it actually has Korean pear in it, has a little bit  of 배 and normally I'm not a fruity tea person -   yeah its tasting notes are sweet pear and honey  which is totally not my style but for some reason   I love this tea so much. I'm addicted to it. It's  so good so if you're looking for something, you're  

going to Osolluc, it's an Osolluc tea, if  you're looking for something, that's a great one. Highly recommend and it comes recommended from  Olivia as well. I'm sending it to her because   I gave her some a couple years ago and  she demands more - worldwide favorite. But yeah we're going to go. I ended up sitting  around the house for two hours doing nothing. So hopefully the river isn't too  crowded - let's go get my spot! Yay! And we're home! So I annoyed Kurt at work for a  few hours and that made me feel better. The book - 

I have two more stories left, it's pretty good.  There is one particular story where he talks about   a very strange event that happened to him  in a semi-abandoned hotel in a hot spring   town and I had a very weird experience in a  semi-abandoned hotel in a hot spring town in Japan.   [Keep checking my social media make sure that I keep updating it so I'm not like dead or something] So that was fun to read. I am going to wash my face,  watch Netflix. I just started watching How to Get   Away with Murder. I know I'm super late on that but  a friend recommended it to me here I am. Tomorrow's  

monday? Yeah tomorrow's Monday so I have to,  I have a lot of work to do. I have many things,   too many things. I'm a little freaked out. But  we're gonna make it happen, we're gonna make   it work. And so thank you for sticking with  me, sorry that the last half of this vlog was   very dull and not happy but tomorrow is a new day  and we'll see what happens then. So yeah I will   I will see you guys later. I have - yeah I'm not  even going to make promises I don't know what   my content is going to be. Everything's  a mess but I am along for the ride and I

promise so hold on through it. So yeah I will see  you guys later, thank you so much for joining me   and I hope you enjoyed the little clips of Busan -  always love that city. And yeah hope you're well, bye!

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