A Weekend in West Jeju | cafes, beaches, and forests | Life in Korea VLOG

A Weekend in West Jeju | cafes, beaches, and forests | Life in Korea VLOG

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Good morning everyone from my neighborhood here  in Jeju. I'm staying near Hyeopjae beach which is where   we're going right now and the reason I'm in  Jeju is I was actually sent here by the Korea   Tourism Organization and I'm filming a video  for them but that video is part of a different   thing so that's gonna come out much later - maybe  in like a month or two - but part of my itinerary   they want me to go to specific places but there  are - I have time ,so I have other things I can do   and I just want to take you around. Yesterday was  gorgeous, today is much more of like a Carlsbad   beach day if you guys know what I mean. It is  quite gloomy today but still beautiful. We're   still going to walk around so I'm gonna head  to the beach first and then we can get a coffee   and then we're gonna move on so this isn't  gonna be like a full day, this is gonna be like the   bits that I couldn't film, but I'm so excited  to share it with you - let's go to beach!    Oh my God! Yesterday I was able to walk literally all  the way out to like there. The tide was back   so far. I am so shocked! Look at this  tiny little beach! It was seriously -  

wow, I thought that I was gonna go walk out on  the beach with you, like walk really far out there...   not the case. What?! Okay, well let's  still go put our feet in the water. Hi! So we are in Cafe  Comma for obvious reasons and   I wanted to get a little breakfast, I'm so hungry,  but they only had cake or a chocolate muffin.   What makes this more of a breakfast food just  because it's called a muffin? Like this is a   this is a slice of cake. I'm basically having cake  for breakfast, which is fine but... Literally I   was standing - I just can't get over - I'm so glad I  came here this morning because I would, I didn't   know that the tides were that drastic. So anyway  I'm gonna have my coffee and then I have to get to  

filming my other video, my Korea Tourism video.  And this is all taking place on west Jeju, which   i've never been to before, so this is all  brand new to me, really cool. So okay let's eat!   Yeah look at that difference! It's still rising. I'm amazed. Hi! Editing Cari here. So this part of  the video was supposed to go into my   Korea Tourism video but I realized after I filmed  it that I was definitely, maybe, kind of trespassing.  

And so I wasn't sure if that was gonna fly  for like a government sponsored video so   I'm gonna show you a little piece of it  but this is also - it's a very - it was -    I didn't, I wasn't able to capture it because  I was honestly scared. It was such a - I've never been that alone in nature before I guess or I haven't been in a very long time.   It was just so quiet and literally as  far as the eye could see, I couldn't see other   humans for a very long time and it was like an  open thing, like if it's a forest, I get it,   people can be hidden by trees, but I was in like  an open field and it was magical and all of a   sudden like right at the moment that I entered  the clearing, it was - that's when the storm   really picked up. Because it ended up then, as  you'll see, it will become very windy and rainy.  

But I just felt like I was being taken away  and it was beautiful so I'm only going   to show you a little bit of it but yeah  I definitely - you can go in there sometimes   because I've seen pictures of people but for some  reason I later saw that they had barb wired off   the place and I missed that somehow. So enjoy  me being terrified in a forest - roll the clip.   I also apologize for the wind that will  be present for the rest of the vlogs so apologies. Well I don't know if this is exactly legal but  it seems like the common path so here we go. All right don't forget where I came from  I guess. This is stunning, this is amazing. So I'm pretty sure that this is my  Spirited Away moment and I need to   get back on the trail. I need to go back to where I belong. Is that?.... Okay that's just a vine. I  

have myself convinced because the last place we  went had a sign that said beware of snakes, I'm   convinced that there are snakes here but it is far  too cold. Let's get back to the trail. Here we are. So I'm pretty sure that there's nothing in  a Korean forest that would eat me, I don't   think there are tigers anymore, but where I  grew up there were lots of things that could   eat you and so part of our like elementary  school education was learning how to scare away -   like how to look for rattlesnakes, where  would the snakes be, and then how to scare away   etc, mountain lions, all that stuff. So, you know, American education...   but it's good for one thing. So now find a taxi! Oh my god hello dear friends. It is much later  but now we are heading to another cafe because  

I need to rest decompress from that  and just enjoy the ocean so here we go. Hello, it started to sprinkle. Everyone fled. I got hit with a drop and I think everyone   got hit with a drop at the same time and  we all just looked at each other like 'what?'   and yeah everyone was like 'hell no' and they  ran to their cars...so I'm all alone with nowhere   to go. My bag is waterproof, I've got a hot coffee, I'll  sit outside. I was thinking - this is just gonna be   a weird chatty vlog - this cafe is kind of in a random  area. It is very much the only thing in this area.  

I was just thinking that that's how I really used  to travel and I've kind of gotten out of the habit   of it. I'm sorry if the wind is too much, I'm gonna  keep talking. The very first like vlog that I ever   did, I went to Koyasan in Japan. So ridiculously  difficult to get to and then I decided on my way   to Kyoto, I would stop at another totally random  place - like go an hour out of my way by train,   to this town that has nothing that I wanted to see  other than a cafe and I did it and it was just   nice. Like I enjoyed sitting on the train, I enjoyed  being in a very random place for no reason. It's  

actually really raining... But this is like another  one of those where it's like a very   random spot but I enjoyed the journey here  and I'm enjoying getting a cup of coffee and   then I'll enjoy the journey to the next place.  So yeah anyway as I'm speaking it's actually   raining quite hard if you can't, I don't think  you can tell but it's actually nice and it's   bright so it's probably gonna pass soon, I hope.  It's lovely so I'm just gonna sit it out,  

the weird foreigner sitting in the rain drinking  coffee as usual. I'm going to chill here for   a little bit longer and then we're going to go  to one last spot which is overlooking the ocean   and yeah it's another cafe. There may or may not  be a dog there. I don't know how this vlog is gonna   even pan out because it's been such a random  amount of time that I've been filming this one   but I hope you enjoy it anyway and  I will see you guys at the next stop.   Probably much more wet than I am currently  because it's coming down. So okay, see you! Howdy. What are we doing? We are  heading to the ocean because there is,  

we're near the airport because I do need  to catch my flight soon, but we're walking to   the ocean because right around here allegedly  there are these salt, salt traps? Is that what   they're called? Essentially it's kind of  like a salt field but it looks really cool   so I'm just gonna go sit there, look out over the  ocean for the last little bit before I go. Hi puppy. Okay bye. I can already feel like nervous  flying stomach nerves so I'm gonna get a   tea to calm me down, that's kind of the plan. It has  stopped raining but it is quite gloomy so   let's go to the ocean and say goodbye to Jeju. Oh my gosh, the last of the king cherry blossoms!!!   I can finally say that I saw cherry  blossoms in Jeju! Thank you tree. Looking lovely, looking lovely, great.

This entire neighborhood is just covered in garlic, I love it. Okay I'm not able to capture them that   well but there are these swallows, I think they  are, that are flying around. I saw so many of them   last night. They've got these really cool tails  and they just like swoop in and out everywhere.   They're so pretty, they're blue. I wish  I could like capture them but they're so  

fast - yeah see like you can't even see -   anyway, they're everywhere, they're beautiful.   Look for them next time you're in Jeju, that's all.  What is this place and why is it called Thelma   and Louise? This is so random, I don't know. Okay  well we're almost to our destination but cool. Saying goodbye to lovely Jeju! I'm  gonna head to the airport now unfortunately.   I was here for like exactly 36 hours. Anyway, I'm  excited to share my other video with you, sorry  

that this one is a mess, we'll see how editing  Cari salvages it. But yeah I'm going to head   to the airport, get on my plane, get back to Seoul. My taxi driver was kind of gossiping about   Seoul - he asked me like, you know, where are you  from, what do you do, blah blah blah and I said   I live in Seoul and then he was talking about Jeju  and he was like yeah the air is so good and so I   said yeah it's better than Seoul and immediately  he was like I could never live there and he just   started going off on Seoul. I was, I was kind of  like honestly you make good points. So anyway   Jeju, I love you, I hope to be back for longer  than 36 hours and let's head to the airport! Guys I'm so tired. I'm so sleepy!  I almost fell asleep in the taxi.  

Anyway I'm here early, I'm also very hungry. It  just got so noisy, I'm so sorry. But I'm going to   check in and maybe try to find food and fall  asleep until my flight which I will fall asleep   on as well. Thank you for joining me, what a mess  but it was so fun. I'm so full of caffeine so   I will catch you guys later - if you want  to, if you were interested in what else I   did during this trip, the video  should be out in June I think   and it will be a lot of fun, it's part of a really  cool event. So I will see you guys next time bye!

2021-05-03 23:50

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